InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Uke ❯ A Little A** Can be a Lot of Fun ( Chapter 16 )

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Chapter 16- A Little Ass Can be a Lot of Fun
Inuyasha wanted to howl in outrage. That fucking asshole had just carried him off like some…some fucking GIRL, in front of EVERYONE! And Inuyasha couldn't fucking break free! He'd tried biting the bastard's back, as well as twisting his trapped hands so at least he could claw at Sesshoumaru's shoulders, but every time he managed to break the skin Sesshoumaru put a little bob to his walk that tossed Inuyasha a few inches into the air. It never failed to dislodge his fangs and claws, as well as giving him a rather painful landing when his stomach hit Sesshoumaru's shoulder on the way back down. Inuyasha had tried to bite, been tossed, and landed painfully so many times by this point that he was pretty sure he was going to puke if it happened again soon. He really needed to take a break.
Actually, maybe he should go for it…see how pristine these stupid clothes would be with vomit all over them. Ha.
Maybe it would kill any lecherous thoughts the fucking asshole had at the same time. Because they were there, he could damn well feel them. And if Sesshoumaru thought Inuyasha was going to sit still and let himself be raped, he better think about getting his head examined for damage. The bastard said he wasn't going after Inuyasha's friends and he STILL thought he could get away with this? It was simply not gonna fucking happen.
Setting up to take another mouthful of Sesshoumaru and clamp down with his teeth, Inuyasha wasn't prepared for Sesshoumaru leaning forward and propping him back on his feet again. His brother sat down on a large fallen tree beside them, trapping Inuyasha between his legs as Inuyasha swayed at the sudden loss of blood from his head. Before he could completely regain his equilibrium, the damn moko piece of shit yanked him forward and he fell over Sesshoumaru's leg, yelling as his head almost hit the ground.
Inuyasha swore, finding himself head down over Sesshoumaru's leg, his own legs held immobile between his brother's, and the stupid moko crap pulling down on him constantly so he couldn't rear back up.
“What the fuck is your problem, asshole! Let go!” What the hell was he doing? He couldn't fucking rape him from this position, so what did Sesshoumaru think he was doing?
“I told you there would be consequences for rudeness and disobedience,” Sesshoumaru said in the same cold, sneering voice he always used. Inuyasha tried desperately to figure out what the hell he could be up to, however. His head…Sesshoumaru wasn't damn well cold in his head. He wasn't angry. He wasn't even all that irritated. He WAS aroused, although Inuyasha could have figured that out from the huge hard on pressing against the side of his thigh. And otherwise, he just seemed a little amused, a little excited or determined or something that was kind of firm and edgy at the same time.
What the hell was he planning to do?
“If you hurt Kagome or the others, I'll…”
Sesshoumaru sighed. “I will not touch your precious ningen if they do not interfere. The punishment for your disobedience is much closer to home than your odd emotional attachments, hanyou.”
What the hell did THAT mean?
“Let go or I swear I'll - I'll beat the shit out of you! You won't be able to walk for a week once I'm through with you!” Inuyasha felt like a complete idiot even making threats like that. But what the fuck was he supposed to say? Go ahead, do what you want, asshole?
Sesshoumaru chuckled as if he could hear Inuyasha's inner dialogue. “I believe the line is `you won't be able to sit down for a week.' And you took the words from within my own mouth.”
“Huh? What the hell are you…Woah, stop it! Leave that the hell alone, bastard!” Inuyasha kicked wildly, trying to get a purchase on the ground with his toes to give himself some leverage, straining against the damn whip securing his arms and upper body. Because the damn pervert was messing with his pants again! “You fucking grope me again and I'll fucking kill you! I will!”
“You know as well as I that such a thing is not possible among mates, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru continued rather calmly ignoring Inuyasha's struggles as he worked slowly at the ties to his hakama. “We should both cease with such threats. It is rather ill becoming. Truly.”
“Fuck you! I'll threaten anything I damn well want to!! Don't you dare pull on that, you freakin' hentai!” Head pounding from the blood rushing into it in his upside down position, Inuyasha felt his pants being pulled below the cheeks of his ass and he struggled harder, his face flaming as he felt the cool night air ghost up under the bottom edge of his under-kimono and chill his ass. And yet again, he didn't even have a damn fundoshi because he'd been so impatient he'd ripped his only one to hell and back when he'd touched himself. Which meant that all Sesshoumaru had to do was… “Let go!!”
“When I'm finished,” Sesshoumaru said, and Inuyasha snarled as his brother laid his only hand on top of Inuyasha's ass. He could feel the almost unnatural heat of it immediately through the white cloth.
“If you wish. You may not like what comes next, however.” Sesshoumaru's head filled with anticipation and some kind of condescending laughter crap and Inuyasha stiffened, worried about whatever was coming. “I think for this first time, I will allow you the kimono. It is thin enough not to interfere.”
“You had better…ow!” A slap rang through their area of the forest and Inuyasha started cursing wildly as pain bloomed across one cheek of his bottom. “Did you just fucking hit my ass!? You fucking son of a—ow! What the fuck do you think you're doing? OW!”
“Don't you recognize a spanking when you experience it? Or perhaps not…from your behavior, I somehow doubt you ever received one in your youth.”
Inuyasha growled and tried to free himself again. “Stop hitting me, damn you! You fucking—ow!”
“I did stop hitting you. That is the sole reason you are being punished this way instead of a true beating, Inuyasha. I would expect a little gratitude for my restraint.”
“You asshole!”
“Stop it, you cocksucker!”
“Fucking rat bastard, egg sucking—“
“Limp dicked coward!”
“You Jaken fucking—“
“OW! Stop it! You don't stop this right now, I really will fucking kill you, you bastard! You want gratitude? You let me up and I'll show you gratitude, asshole! Gratitude, my ass! OW!”
“You did say `your ass.' It felt rather appropriate to use the opportunity for another stroke.” Inuyasha not only felt Sesshoumaru laugh in his head, he heard him chuckle out loud and he wanted to claw his damn eyes out.
The fucking bastard had him trapped over his lap, completely humiliating him, and he was LAUGHING about it. Laughing at the stupid half-breed and how ridiculous he must look with his ass in the air. Snickering at how easy it was to fuck with the abomination, to take away his pride and his freedom and his woman and every fucking thing that he'd ever accomplished in his whole damn life.
“Don't you laugh at me, you bastard! Don't you fucking laugh at me!!” His face burning, his ass burning, Inuyasha breathed in harsh gasps as he struggled not to scream. He hated Sesshoumaru. He fucking HATED him.
Flinching, Inuyasha felt Sesshoumaru's hand on his ass again, and it took him a moment to realize that the jackass wasn't hitting him but merely placing his hand there.
“Had your fucking fun now, ass wipe? Got to humiliate the fucking hanyou again and get your sick jollies out of it?” Inuyasha hated the fact that his voice was choked almost as much as he hated the bastard who had him still trapped over his lap. “Just fucking let me go and leave me the fuck alone, jackass.”
Sesshoumaru looked down at Inuyasha's body splayed over his lap, frowning. His chest felt unpleasantly tight, and he cleared his throat of the lump that seemed to be forming there. Inuyasha was punished. His ass was stinging but not permanently damaged. He'd been taught that a little pain and a lot of humiliation awaited disobedience. It should be a good thing. It HAD been a good thing. Sesshoumaru had even been enjoying himself…well, enjoying the feel of Inuyasha's bottom quivering under his hand, if he were honest. But somehow, it wasn't enjoyable anymore.
He didn't like how Inuyasha's body felt right now. There was a gripping, almost agonizing pressure spreading from the little whelp's head and chest. On top of that, the heat and prickling that had crawled across Inuyasha's skin when he was embarrassed had increased to painful proportions. Sesshoumaru had wanted him punished in a way that kept his physical body safe from too much abuse if Sesshoumaru lost his temper, but right now…he almost preferred the way Inuyasha had felt when he'd been beaten.
Sesshoumaru let his hand cup Inuyasha's bottom through the almost sheer white cloth of his kimono.
“I'm not doing this for fun, Inuyasha,” he finally managed to say, frowning as Inuyasha laughed harshly.
“Of course not.” Inuyasha's voice was hoarse, his entire body stiff and brittle. “You're just laughing because I got what I deserve, right? I deserve it for being fucking born and daring to insult your perfect self and your perfect clothes and your perfect fucking hair, is that it?”
Well, Inuyasha did deserve it, of course. Sesshoumaru knew he did. He was insulting and disrespectful and he had to learn how he should be acting as the uke, especially as Sesshoumaru was now considering keeping Inuyasha close at hand. So why did it sound so petty when Inuyasha said it? In fact, the way he boiled down Sesshoumaru's reasoning made Sesshoumaru seem almost…irrational. Unreasonable.
Which was ridiculous of course. Sesshoumaru hadn't done anything wrong and he was NEVER irrational. He had every right to punish his own mate in any manner he pleased, and he'd been more than gentle in his choice of methods. He had. So why was Inuyasha like this? It was very unpleasant and it made Sesshoumaru's chest ache oddly. He didn't want Inuyasha to keep feeling this way. It couldn't be allowed.
“You will stop feeling like this. Immediately,” Sesshoumaru finally said, not moving his hand.
“What the fuck are you spouting off about now.” Inuyasha didn't even bother to raise his voice. “You do whatever you're gonna fucking do, prick, but I can feel however I fucking want to.”
This was not acceptable! Sesshoumaru scowled and tried to figure out what was going on in Inuyasha's head, inhaling carefully of his scent, focusing intently on his young body's response, and he was immensely frustrated that he couldn't determine exactly what his mate was thinking or feeling at the moment. He only knew that it was causing the whelp actual, physical pain.
Why couldn't he figure out what it was? He'd done it before, why not now? After all, he knew Inuyasha wasn't injured. He knew that, but Inuyasha's body still felt…bad. It felt truly awful in a way that Sesshoumaru wanted to be immediately rid of, but he couldn't determine what to do if he couldn't tell why it was happening. Dammit. Spanking Inuyasha was not turning out how he had expected, and he was starting to hate this pained feeling in Inuyasha's gut that simply wouldn't go away.
Holding his own body still, Sesshoumaru thought carefully about what had seemed to set off Inuyasha's malady. After that last slap, when Sesshoumaru had found the brat's ironic choice of words so amusing. The laughing. Inuyasha had focused completely on being laughed at. Was….was that it? It couldn't be, could it? Something so trivial would never affect his brother so greatly.
Would it?
“I was laughing at your choice of words, Inuyasha. That was all,” Sesshoumaru said, testing. The pain in Inuyasha's body wavered.
He'd responded to comments about the laughing. So…was that really the issue causing all this pain in Inuyasha's body? Was it really something as simple as being laughed at? A little mockery could do this? He'd never realized Inuyasha had a weakness that was so easily taken advantage of. He'd always used insults to get under Inuyasha's skin, yes, but he'd never known they were so effective a weapon. HAD they had more affect than he'd realized? Had the little one always reacted to derision and being mocked so dramatically inside?
And if he had, how much had Sesshoumaru's words been able to crush Inuyasha over the years?
Sesshoumaru scowled. Why the hell was it bothering him this much? This was idiocy. It was Inuyasha, for the love of the Gods. He was not worth all this…worry. He might be worth protecting, simply because it was Sesshoumaru's duty as a mate, but concern? The little hanyou that had been such an irritant from the moment he was born…
Looking at Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru's hand unconsciously moving in small circles over the now squirming bottom over his knee, Sesshoumaru bit the inside of his cheek. What Inuyasha's body was feeling, and what Sesshoumaru's own, obviously confused, body was feeling…it was odd and uncomfortable and pulled at his insides unpleasantly. It made him feel weak and off balance and Sesshoumaru was not weak. No one had made the mistake of thinking that since he'd first killed a rather insulting cat youkai as a youth. And he was anything but uncertain. He always knew what he wanted with unwavering decisiveness. There was never any question, as long as he kept his temper under control. And right now, what he wanted was…
It was….
He closed his eyes, trying to sort through his jumbled thoughts. What the hell did he want right now? He wanted to live his life without ever having to interact with Inuyasha's frustrating ningen again. He wanted Inuyasha to learn his place as the uke. He wanted his left arm back and he wanted to forget that he'd ever been given a beating, by anyone. He wanted to know what made Inuyasha tick. He wanted…
He opened his eyes and looked at his hand on Inuyasha's ass, his mind suddenly calm. There it was. There was what he wanted.
He wanted to touch Inuyasha's ass until the brat was so hot and bothered that this painful feeling that still lingered in his head was completely and utterly washed away.
Sesshoumaru carefully fisted his hand in the material of Inuyasha's short kimono and pulled up, exposing his mate's now rosy ass to the moonlight. Inuyasha, who had been laying rather limply, suddenly tried to rear up again.
And the aching pain in the brat's chest faded as his scent spiked suddenly with anger and a little fear. Much better. That was how he should be feeling, not that strange, vague physical pain.
“What the fuck are you doing, asshole!?”
“Showing you that a figure of fun is not your role as the uke. You have an entirely different purpose in this…relationship.”
“What?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Sesshoumaru moved his hand very slowly as he laid it carefully across the width of Inuyasha's muscular ass, sliding it along his skin slowly, trying to determine what touch felt best to Inuyasha. He was tempted to hurry, considering that Inuyasha was rapidly approaching panic, but…he didn't want to risk that strange response again.
“This won't hurt you, Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru said, smiling suddenly as Inuyasha's body responded to the brush of fingers against the crease marking the lower edge of his bottom. There, that was a good place to start, he thought, rubbing carefully over the spot as Inuyasha squirmed.
“Liar! And fucking get your hand off my ass, you pervert!” Sesshoumaru could just see Inuyasha's eyes as he tried to look up at him from his upside down position, the whelp's childish face flushed from the extra blood pooling there.
It was quite sexy. Almost as interesting as the bare bottom framed by cloth and struggling limbs. But Inuyasha was still more frightened than he should be.
“I won't take you tonight.”
“Wha- Y-you won't take me or my body tonight or fucking ever! Now move your fucking hand or I'm gonna rip it off!” Inuyasha snarled. Sesshoumaru almost snickered at the toothless threat.
“I'm afraid my hand is quite comfortable where it is. But I will not let things progress too far. For tonight, Inuyasha.”
“Then quit fucking with me and LEAVE ME ALONE! You're done laughing at me, j-just fucking back off!” Inuyasha squirmed violently again as Sesshoumaru moved his hand across the firm flesh beneath it.
“I'm not laughing at you. I simply wish to witness what I was able to feel last night.”
“What the fuck are you talking about, you asshole?! Let me up!”
Sesshoumaru's voice dropped to a whisper. “I'm going to watch you come, brat.” Sesshoumaru smiled as Inuyasha's body responded: aroused and scared at the same time.
But arousal seemed to be winning.
Sesshoumaru grasped one cheek of Inuyasha's bottom, squeezing, and enjoyed feeling the flesh in his hand as much as Inuyasha's unwilling pleasure at the touch. He ignored Inuyasha's continued cursing except to snort at a rather descriptive piece involving Sesshoumaru and his sexual use of various farm animals. Rubbing his hand below the middle of Inuyasha's bottom, he let his fingers trail over the delicate skin behind the hanyou's balls, moving backwards and up the shadowed cleft behind it until he reached the small, soft entrance to his mate's body.
“Get your hand away from there!” Inuyasha bucked uselessly as his body, and his dick, responded to the feel of Sesshoumaru's hand.
Touching the opening briefly, so gently that he could barely feel it, Sesshoumaru stilled his hand as Inuyasha's body reacted violently. The hanyou grunted, muscles tightening against Sesshoumaru even as Inuyasha's cock hardened and his scent screamed of arousal. HIS mate's arousal. It smelled amazing. At least he knew now that Inuyasha was extremely sensitive there. But his mate was also panicking again, and he didn't find that arousing at all at the moment.
“I won't hurt you, Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru said quietly, rubbing his finger in small, soft circles. “I couldn't very well cause you pain and make you come at the same time, now could I?” Not yet, anyway.
“S-stop! I mean it!” Inuyasha's voice was a bit higher than normal and Sesshoumaru used the moment to pull his hand back and slick his fingers up with a bit of saliva before returning to the spot that Inuyasha reacted so strongly to. “And you are never gonna make me feel…aaaah…a-anything b-but disgust…aaaaaaah!”
Sesshoumaru's finger pressed in, the tip of it just entering Inuyasha, and Inuyasha's body shuddered as his muscles clamped down on Sesshoumaru.
“Trying to keep me out?” Sesshoumaru murmured, pressing in as slowly as he could, swallowing at how tight Inuyasha's body was around his hand. “It's all right. See? It doesn't hurt, now does it?” Gods, Sesshoumaru almost panted, one finger was being gripped almost painfully, what was it going to feel like when his cock was inside him? Dear Gods. He continued sliding his slim finger into Inuyasha in small pushes, enjoying watching his mate's body start to twitch slightly with every centimeter deeper he went.
“Aaaah… I hate… I hate… Aaaaah!” Sesshoumaru curled his finger slightly and smiled at Inuyasha's reaction. His mate's body had liked that one.
“I know, I know. You hate me,” Sesshoumaru couldn't help but keep his voice the same soothing murmur, for some reason. “But I don't think you hate this, Inuyasha.” He twisted his finger slightly one more time and then straightened it out and penetrated Inuyasha's body a little deeper.
“I- I- What the fuck…nnnnnnng.” Inuyasha's body jumped as Sesshoumaru found the small bump inside and rubbed against it. Inuyasha grew harder almost instantly and Sesshoumaru was immensely pleased at the implications. It wasn't very common to find a male who was so sensitive that he could come simply from being penetrated: they usually needed some sort of manual stimulation of their cock as well. Considering Sesshoumaru's manual dexterity was down by one, he'd been looking forward to a somewhat awkward time of trying to get access to Inuyasha's member. But if Inuyasha could climax this way…
Sesshoumaru withdrew just enough to allow him to rub the erotic point again with a small thrust of his hand and Inuyasha moaned, his hips pushing down and grinding his erection against Sesshoumaru's leg.
“N-no. I- nnnnn. Aaah.”
“That's it.” Sesshoumaru withdrew again and slid his finger back in. And he was extremely satisfied to feel Inuyasha's fear finally fade to almost nothing as the aroused hanyou's body focused on the new sensations. “You like this?” He thrust his finger in a bit harder and Inuyasha moaned again, trying to move his trapped hips back into Sesshoumaru's hand. Watching the hanyou's muscles flex under smooth skin, Sesshoumaru's hand buried in between the swells of Inuyasha's bottom, Sesshoumaru failed utterly to keep his own body under control and his own hips twitched.
Now he wished he hadn't told Inuyasha that he wouldn't take him.
He withdrew his hand completely to lick one of his other fingers, spreading the fluid around Inuyasha's entrance again before easing two fingers in. He swallowed. Inuyasha was bent almost double over his leg, his ass presented at just the right angle for Sesshoumaru's fingers to play with, and he started to work in and out of him again. Seeing his fingers disappear in Inuyasha's body turned Sesshoumaru on so much he wondered if he was going to simply come in his own hakama. He watched Inuyasha's hips start to push back against his hand as his fingers slid into him and he let out a small moan of his own.
“Ah. Ah. Ah.” Inuyasha's voice was reduced to small pants in time with Sesshoumaru's thrusting fingers.
“Almost there, now,” Sesshoumaru said, slowing his hand slightly to feel the pull created by Inuyasha's inner muscles with each withdrawal. Then he slickly, carefully penetrated him, and the sensation was even better as Inuyasha continued to press back, his body opening for him.
Holy Hell.
“You can't believe how sexy your ass is this way, all pink and heated. And mine.” He pushed in with a quick thrust of his hand and Inuyasha keened sharply, quivering.
“Every movement, every whimper, every bit of pleasure…it's all mine now, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru started to thrust his hand more quickly, feeling Inuyasha's body tighten with each movement over the erotic point inside him. Inuyasha started keening constantly, his voice rising as Sesshoumaru continued penetrating him rapidly, pushing in deeper. Inuyasha's body was desperate, the urge to thrust pushing him against Sesshoumaru's leg, and he was close. So close to coming that Sesshoumaru felt his own balls draw up in anticipation. Almost. Almost.
Inuyasha came with a sobbing cry, and Sesshoumaru continued rubbing his mate's inner passage in short thrusts until all the small aftershocks finished rocking the lithe body and Inuyasha went limp over his legs.
Sesshoumaru tilted his head to look at Inuyasha's red face hanging to the side, smiling at the sated, exhausted look to it. He withdrew his hand, wincing a bit at how painfully hard he felt versus how inviting Inuyasha's ass seemed at the moment. He grit his teeth as he smoothed Inuyasha's kimono back over his bottom, hiding the temptation. He'd made a promise, after all.
A ridiculous, ill-conceived promise, but he HAD given his word.
Sesshoumaru spread his legs a bit, releasing the tight grip he'd kept on Inuyasha's thighs, and then patted his mate's bottom affectionately.
“There. There now, you did very well,” Sesshoumaru said softly, and Inuyasha stirred.
“Fucking condescending bastard…” Inuyasha slurred a bit drunkenly, still bonelessly lying over Sesshoumaru's lap. “I still hate you.”
“Mmmmm. Of course you do,” Sesshoumaru murmured. He loosened his moko moko-sama, tugged Inuyasha's pants up, and reached down around Inuyasha's waist, grasping him around his chest and stomach until he was upright. Sesshoumaru settled him on his other leg, pulling him close against his chest. Inuyasha's body wobbled and his head fell against Sesshoumaru's shoulder as a dizzy spell hit the hanyou.
“D-don't touch me,” Inuyasha muttered, peering up at Sesshoumaru, his arms at his sides as though he hadn't yet realized that their bindings were no longer there.
“I wouldn't dream of it,” Sesshoumaru said, looking at Inuyasha's eyes curiously. The hanyou went a bit cross-eyed trying to glare at him and Sesshoumaru looked away to keep from smiling. It was so strange how often that unfamiliar urge to grin had been happening lately.
“I hated every minute of that…” Inuyasha muttered again, closing his eyes in exhaustion and ignoring the large damp spot across the front of his hakama.
“I could tell.”
“Fuck you.” Inuyasha's voice was faint and Sesshoumaru waited a moment, watching as Inuyasha's breathing grew even and he passed out against Sesshoumaru's chest.
“Thank you for the offer, but I'm afraid I'll have to wait until later.” Sesshoumaru smiled to himself. He stared down at Inuyasha, watching puppy ears twitch and swivel in the hanyou's sleep. “What a curious thing you are, Inuyasha,” he murmured, and continued to watch his mate. He wasn't sure if the sex had actually tired him out that much, or if it was lack of sleep and a stressful day that had done Inuyasha in. But he was sure he'd find out how Inuyasha reacted to sexual release soon.
Very soon.
He had the feeling that he might break his own record for speed when he retrieved Rin and Jaken, actually. Because he wanted know if Inuyasha always fell asleep after he climaxed.