InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Uke ❯ Pillow Talk and the Morning After ( Chapter 17 )

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Chapter 17 - Pillow Talk and the Morning After
Inuyasha smiled in his sleep, rubbing his cheek against silky warmth. Relaxed and comfortable, he let himself drift, listening to the poignant melody that someone was humming nearby. The wordless notes were so terribly sad that it made his chest ache a little, but the voice was absolutely beautiful. He could listen to that voice forever. He sighed, concentrating on the soothing sounds, the gentle heat of the sun on his face, and the cushiony softness of the tree underneath him. The music stopped the moment he made a sound and he sighed again at the loss.
This was just so nice. Even without the humming, lingering in the half-world between awareness and oblivion made him feel soft and cozy. It was such a lovely sensation, lying limply as his body slowly came to full consciousness, and so new. He couldn't remember the last time he hadn't simply opened his eyes and been awake and alert in moments.
He frowned.
Really, he couldn't. Had he EVER had this soft, sleepy feeling before? He must have at one time; it was just barely familiar. In the back of his mind, where he rarely ventured, he recognized this. Feeling warm and safe-- and there had been humming then, too. Feminine humming.
Oh yeah. Mother. He could remember feeling like this when his mother had still been alive. He smiled softly. This soft, relaxed feeling on waking—how could he have forgotten it? And why had he stopped doing this? It was wonderful, being able to simply lean back, his head fuzzy with sleep, and not have to worry about youkai or ningen or food or enemies. And besides, Goshinboku was really comfy this morning, he thought, rubbing his cheek against the soft bark again. Had to be the comfiest tree ever made.
The tree moved and he froze, the lingering sleepy feeling instantly gone.
Wait, why WASN'T he worrying about youkai and ningen? They could be about to kick his ass any moment, and he was sitting here mooning about his mother with his eyes closed? What the hell was wrong with him? And what the fuck was he leaning against? He opened his eyes to mere slits, inhaling to try and catch the scents around him, worried that he was already in danger from being such a dumbass. Well, from the grass and trees, he was probably in his forest, but not at the Goshinboku. He tried to remember where he was and how he'd gotten there. He- he'd been in camp with the others, and then…
Sesshoumaru's scent hit his nose and memory overwhelmed him. The bastard had fucking kidnapped him and then…
Inuyasha opened his eyes wide, leaping off the comfortable spot to crash to the ground, swearing. He pushed himself up, frantic as he turned to face the tree and see what the hell he'd been sleeping on. It had better not be…
SHIT! Sesshoumaru! He'd been leaning against the fucking biggest asshole of the world, Sesshoumaru! Inuyasha looked at Sesshoumaru's body sitting on the deadfall, the daiyoukai's facial markings almost shining in the early morning sunlight. Wait, Inuyasha had just fallen off. He hadn't been on the ground, which meant…
Fucking son of a bitch! “I was on your fucking lap? The whole damn night?! You fucking, slimy, sneaky…”
“Good morning to you as well, Inuyasha.”
“Fuck you! There's nothing good about this morning! You… you… you did shit to me, you bastard!” Inuyasha flushed, trying to get the memory out of his head. Getting spanked and mocked. Whining like a bitch in heat while Sesshoumaru touched him. While the bastard made him actually come! It was a fucking nightmare!
“Did `shit' to you?” Sesshoumaru voice was cool rather than icy, but he was practically laughing inside Inuyasha's head, and Inuyasha growled in response and leapt at him, claws out.
He toppled in an ungainly flop over the damn log as the bastard moved just as fast as usual and got out of his way.
“You fucking molesting asshole! I'm gonna rip off your arms and shove them down your throat!” Inuyasha charged him again and was met with empty air for the second time. Snarling, he swung out on his right arm at Sesshoumaru as he leapt past, missing by inches again, and he swore.
“Hold still, fucking coward!”
“That would be monumentally stupid.” Sesshoumaru slid gracefully out of the way of another attack, then moved a bit quicker as Inuyasha slashed his own palms and flung out his hand, scattering crimson blades of blood in Sesshoumaru's direction. One blade at the very edge just caught the daiyoukai's sleeve, leaving a small rent in the fabric.
“Cease this is ridiculous behavior, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru looked from his sleeve to his mate. “There is no point to this. You have been punished and rewarded. It is over.”
Inuyasha started choking on his rage. “Rewarded?! Oh you had better not fucking mean touching me, you perverted ass!”
“Pleasuring you. Even a sexual neophyte such as yourself should be able to recognize his own climax.”
Inuyasha's body shook with crimson humiliation and the need to see Sesshoumaru in a blood drenched heap on the ground. “That's not the fucking point! You fucking TOUCHED ME!”
“Yes.” Sesshoumaru smiled slowly. “You were very sensitive…Uke.”
Inuyasha drew the Tessaiga, holding it in front of him as he snarled. “I am gonna make you bleed until you…”
“Bleed?” Sesshoumaru felt amused. Again. Inuyasha ground his teeth together until he thought they might crack from the pressure. “So far, puppy, you have only managed to injure my clothing, and not even my haori is in awe of your prowess over such a minor wound.”
Sesshoumaru's eyes looked Inuyasha up and down and he started to smile slightly again. “I was much more impressed with your bottom's reaction being penetrated. A tight, smooth, responsive little ass: now that is something that is almost worthy of praise. How surprising that you have some redeeming qualities after all, little brother.”
Inuyasha's face flamed, his bottom tightened up defensively, and his cock twitched.
Gods, he hated Sesshoumaru so fucking much!! “You're making fun of me now?! After the crap you did…. After you laughed… You—you-- WIND SCAR!!“
Inuyasha stood, staring at Tessaiga in shock. Just as he'd swung on the down stroke that would wipe his fucking brother from the face of the fucking earth, the damn thing's transformation had ended! Sesshoumaru looked at him calmly, not even having moved, and Inuyasha growled. He lifted up Tessaiga again, straining to force it to transform back to its larger size, and nothing happened. He couldn't complete the Wind Scar! What the hell was wrong with him!?
What had Sesshoumaru done to him?
His brother sighed, shaking his head. “Calm yourself, puppy. I had assumed you had at least rudimentary knowledge, but I suppose even that was too much to expect. You cannot kill your own mate, Inuyasha.”
“I know that!” Inuyasha spat, his arms finally dropping on their own as he stopped working on finishing the wind scar.
“Then why the surprise over your failure, whelp? There is the possibility that the wind scar could result in fatal injuries, as faint as that possibility might be, so your body will not allow the attack. If you know, why did you attempt it?”
Inuyasha wasn't about to say that he'd been so pissed that he'd forgotten, so he sheathed his sword and continued glaring at his brother. “I could attack you with the blades of blood, couldn't I? That could have killed you, and I was still able to do it, so it didn't hurt to try this!”
Sesshoumaru's mouth twitched, his hand fingering his moko moko-sama suggestively. “Killed me? Those pitiful little blades? I think not. And as for hurting to try…well now, that depends on whether I decide it's something you should be punished for or not, doesn't it?”
Inuyasha's sword was out of its sheath again in moments as Inuyasha backed up a step, holding the transformed blade in front of him. “Don't you even fucking think about it, asshole! You are NEVER touching my ass again, and you sure as hell aren't…eeep!”
Inuyasha held onto the sword with one hand as he clamped the other over his ass, whipping around to find Sesshoumaru already behind him, practically grinning in his head.
The bastard had just fucking sped over and pinched his ass!
Inuyasha swung Tessaiga only to have it transform back into its rusty state just before it hit Sesshoumaru in the side. His brother raised one eyebrow at him as Sesshoumaru was dinked harmlessly with the dull blade and Inuyasha leapt backwards, flustered and furious.
“You stay the hell away from me, you hentai bastard! You try to touch me again and I swear you're gonna draw back a bloody stump!” Inuyasha snarled, working desperately to figure out how the fuck he was going to keep the asshole away if his own body kept deciding something was gonna be too `lethal' and screwed over his attacks. He tried to rear back as he saw his brother begin to move, blinking in shock as he felt fingers fondle his ass. He whipped around again, looking in frustrated rage at his brother's smiling face.
“I seem to be remarkably unbloodied.” Sesshoumaru murmured.
“That was … I wasn't ready! You try that again and…hey, it wasn't an invitation! Back off!”
Inuyasha waved his small, dull sword in front of him as Sesshoumaru took a step in his direction and he wanted to howl at what he could feel from inside Sesshoumaru's head. If his outside was matching his inside, Inuyasha was pretty sure Sesshoumaru would be on the ground, rolling as he laughed so hard he almost cried.
And the bastard was so aroused he had to have a raging hard on.
“I. Fucking. Hate. You.” Inuyasha's eyes were slits as he glared.
“Hn, yes, I believe you said as much last night. While you were face down over my lap. Just before you came.”
Inuyasha's face flamed. He wanted to leap at Sesshoumaru claw at him until he collapsed in a comatose heap. He wanted tear off handfuls of his long hair and tie him up and strangle him with it. He wanted him to fucking suffer, and he hadn't even managed to bruise him yet! “Shut up!”
Sesshoumaru looked at him a moment. “We really do need to do something about that language of yours,” he murmured, and Inuyasha backed away from him another step, retaining his death grip on his useless sword as he watched his brother's body frantically. If that fucker moved so much as a millimeter, Inuyasha was going to rip his head off.
Sesshoumaru shook his head. “Perhaps I will address that problem when I return. Come, we have wasted enough time already. You need to return to the village.” Sesshoumaru turned from him and started walking.
“Screw you! You just…just… get out of here and don't come back!”
Sesshoumaru stopped and looked behind him. “Do not presume to give me orders, Inuyasha. You will come back to your irritating little village …although perhaps you should wash yourself first. Your clothing seems to have become a bit soiled.”
Inuyasha stared at Sesshoumaru, wondering what the fuck he was talking about while he wished for terrible, flesh-eating diseases to ravage the bastard's body. When Sesshoumaru's eyes stared pointedly at his crotch, he looked down and realized that it was soaked through with his semen from the night before. The entire area was now stiff with his dried seed.
“Oh GROSS! Son of a bitch…” Inuyasha glared once at his brother, slammed Tessaiga back into its sheathe, and turned the opposite direction to find someplace to wash off. “This is all his fucking fault, the freakin' asshole, I should…” he continued muttering to himself as he came to the nearest stream and waded in, fully clothed. Untying his hakama, he lowered it down past his hips so he could reach inside, scrubbing at it furiously. He scowled and let it float around his knees as he realized his under kimono was dirty as well and he worked on that with just as much anger.
“Hentai bastard…thinks he can fucking do whatever he wants….kick his ass if he even THINKS about…” Inuyasha continued his furious monologue until he thought his hakama and kimono looked clean and he put his soggy clothing back into place, tying his hakama closed as tightly as he could with the saturated ties. “Ha. Like to see him try to get this open with one hand now, fucker.”
“I have no problem slicing through the ties if they prove too cumbersome.” Sesshoumaru's quiet voice came from the bank behind him and Inuyasha jumped and spun in the air.
“Son of a bitch!” Wait, had he been there the whole damn time? While Inuyasha washed…had he been watching him? “Fucking Peeping Tom!”
Sesshoumaru raised one eyebrow and Inuyasha glared at it. Damn eyebrow. Just as supercilious as the rest of the asshole…and he was laughing inside his head again! Why couldn't he fucking stop mocking him inside his head!?
“I have every right to look at what I wish. And besides, I saw nothing I have not already examined quite thoroughly,” Sesshoumaru said, smirking slightly as Inuyasha practically flinched at the reminder.
“Fucking prick,” Inuyasha snarled. His hand clenched uselessly around Tessaiga's haft. He'd grown so used to his sword, it felt like the worst sort of betrayal that he couldn't use it against Sesshoumaru. Not even when the bastard had touched him so intimately…
…and probably would again unless he could find some way to stop him.
Inuyasha shivered, blamed it on the cold water, and snarled to himself. He'd find a way to stop Sesshoumaru and keep his fucking molesting ass away from himself. And he'd make Sesshoumaru sorry for all the shit he did. He'd make the jackass sorry he kept trying to fuck Inuyasha over.
Perverted bastard.
Wading out from the deep part of the stream, Inuyasha stayed in the water as he walked the length of the stream, avoiding Sesshoumaru except for a warning growl and the baring of his teeth as he passed him. When the fucker followed him, chuckling inside his head again, Inuyasha wanted to turn around and slash at him until Inuyasha's muscles gave out. Except he was fucking tired of being laughed at, and damn tired of using up his energy attacking Sesshoumaru when the bastard evaded him so easily. He clenched his fists, vowing to hold onto his temper until he had a better chance of causing his brother some serious pain.
He was also a little worried that if he used up all his energy trying to attack Sesshoumaru, and failed, the freakin' hentai might use it to his advantage. What if that was the fucker's plan? To deliberately taunt Inuyasha into attacking him until Inuyasha was so tired that Sesshoumaru could do things to him. Perverted, twisted things like he'd done last night.
Inuyasha growled to himself again as his body responded to the memory of what had been done to him. And his damn, treacherous libido fucking LIKED thinking about it; it was deeply disturbing how much his cock liked thinking about it. If his body was this confused and idiotic, Inuyasha couldn't let Sesshoumaru get near him again, ever. If that meant Inuyasha had to put up with a few lecherous insults without retaliating for a while, until the right moment, he could do it. It would be worth it.
Feeling Sesshoumaru grow aroused in his head, he looked back at him quickly, worried. Was he was planning on jumping him again? He caught Sesshoumaru staring at his hips and he glanced down himself. His sodden hakama clung to his lower body, its usually billowing folds slicked closely to his skin. On seeing where his brother's eyes had been aimed, Inuyasha realized that Sesshoumaru had been watching his ass and he had to resist the urge to cover himself with his hands… or fling himself at Sesshoumaru again and try to gut the hentai freak. Growling again, Inuyasha hesitated and finally turned around, stalking back to camp. Fucking asshole.
Just wait, he'd find a way to get even with him.