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Chapter 18 - The Battle Royale
Sesshoumaru watched Inuyasha's ass as he walked and he silently blew out his breath. In the normal course of things, he would be leading. Following was not something befitting a daiyoukai. But leading denied him the opportunity to ogle, and he couldn't seem to stop tormenting himself. He continued to focus on the cloth clinging wetly to Inuyasha's body, swallowing hard. This was starting to get quite uncomfortable, he thought, adjusting himself covertly. Considering he was still planning to leave as soon as Inuyasha returned to camp, it wasn't exactly the best moment for extra stimulation. Not that he needed it in the first place. Now that he'd seen and felt his brother's ass, seeing it covered up was no barrier at all to his imagination. And his imagination had some very detailed, very perverted fantasies it was coming up with as quickly as it could. Honestly, the situation did nothing for his comfort and ongoing good mood.
Although truly, not even his perpetual erection could keep him from enjoying himself, just as he'd been doing since the moment Inuyasha had awakened. Holding his brother throughout the night had been an odd experience, but having the slightly smaller, warm body completely limp against him had been…pleasant. He'd liked the weight of him. He'd liked the heat of his body. He'd even liked the way Inuyasha smelled since he'd come of age, not that he'd tell him that. His scent was tantalizing and sultry and a little reminiscent of green plants, ripe and awaiting incipient spring rains. In the end, he was surprised to find that he also liked the look on Inuyasha's face when he slept. It was curious that having Inuyasha's eyes closed could give his face a completely different appearance: young, innocent, rather sweet. The sight of him had made Sesshoumaru remember things he hadn't thought of in years, like the one lullaby from his youth that he could just barely recall after all these centuries.
Considering where his thoughts were, dwelling on youth and fragile beginnings, he shouldn't have been surprised that he found Inuyasha's reaction this morning so damn amusing. During the night and early dawn, he'd been thinking of exactly how Inuyasha might react. Letting the soft, sleeping features of his brother wipe his memory of Inuyasha's typical behavior, he'd thought up some completely unrealistic scenarios. He'd wondered if Inuyasha might be too embarrassed to speak, and the thought of his little brother blushing and stammering had been quite appealing. Another possibility that had occurred to him was that Inuyasha's punishment and subsequent climax at Sesshoumaru's hands might have set him on the path to accepting his status as uke. He could have woken up with more of the proper submissive attitude that was expected of him.
And then, after watching that sweet, pouty-lipped face for so many hours, to have Inuyasha wake up and start cursing violently, attacking him? It should make him angry, furious even, but instead…it was funny. It was honestly funny. Baby brother had been over his lap, he'd been given a spanking, he'd been touched quite intimately without being able to fight against it, and now he was trying to act tough and vicious? The contrast between the two images, bare-assed Inuyasha and bare-clawed Inuyasha, was such a paradox that it was challenging not to laugh out loud. It took even more concentrated effort not to chortle at Inuyasha's red cheeks as he was reminded about his response to Sesshoumaru's caresses.
He'd never realized that amusement was such an enjoyable emotion.
Of course, on top of everything else, Inuyasha's blushes had Sesshoumaru thinking about the rosy tones to Inuyasha's bottom and that got his mind headed in a completely different direction. Such an odd morning. Sesshoumaru felt like laughing; he felt aroused; and he felt a curious sort of relief, because he was pretty sure his ploy had worked: a good sexual experience had significantly lessened Inuyasha's fear.
Inuyasha was being mouthy and disrespectful and obnoxious and trying his ineffective best to damage Sesshoumaru. But he wasn't frightened, not with the terror from before. His body was most definitely nervous, and there had been a moment of deep fear when the Tessaiga had failed him, but for the first time since Sesshoumaru had come back from the well, Inuyasha didn't seem on the edge of self- consuming, pervasive fear. His nerves were smoother and less jagged, even his heart rate didn't seem as rapid. And Sesshoumaru realized something else that managed to surprise him. Since Sesshoumaru had marked him, Inuyasha had been rude and verbally aggressive, but it wasn't until this moment, with Inuyasha coming after him, that it struck Sesshoumaru just how little Inuyasha had attacked him since his marking. He'd yelled at him, yes, but most of his physical attacks had been limited to responding when Sesshoumaru attacked Inuyasha first.
Sesshoumaru frowned a moment as he wondered how much that same statement might be applied to their past history, before he shook the thought away. He'd have plenty of time to examine it when he left to fetch Rin.
Whatever the reason for Inuyasha's change in attitude, with the comforting knowledge that their mating bond prevented lethal damage during an attack, Sesshoumaru was actually finding Inuyasha's ranting rather, well, rather cute. He shouldn't. Based on how much he had been able to injure Inuyasha when he was enraged before, the bond obviously had a very distinct line between lethality and merely beaten to within an inch of one's life. Inuyasha could do some serious damage before his own body stopped him, if Sesshoumaru didn't stop him first. But still, Inuyasha was wildly frustrated, nervous and embarrassed about his recent sexual experience, and he hadn't yet figured out how to attack and ensure it stayed under lethal levels. He reminded Sesshoumaru of a large, clumsy, confused puppy.
Albeit one with an extremely fine ass, especially when thin cloth was plastered against it and making Sesshoumaru want to reach out and squeeze. He'd given into the urge a couple of times that morning already and restraining himself at the moment was making his palms itch. However, after seeing Inuyasha's ass essentially bared again while he cleaned up, Sesshoumaru was fairly sure that if he gave into his urge to grab a handful, he wasn't going to let go any time soon. And he really couldn't delay returning for Rin much longer.
Sesshoumaru's lips firmed as he thought about the fact that he needed to leave as soon as Inuyasha was back in the village. He'd have to assure himself that the others would be properly alert while Sesshoumaru was gone. Looking at Inuyasha's bottom again, he wondered at the shape of his legs that were looking quite nice with the fabric clinging to them, and grew annoyed at having left Jaken and Rin instead of taking them with him when he'd…
Oh yes, rushed out in a murderous fury.
So, perhaps their company wouldn't have been advisable. But looking at Inuyasha's body, Sesshoumaru resolved that once he found Rin, he was simply going to inform Jaken where the village was, how to get there, and then he was returning as fast as physically possible. He wanted Inuyasha, and he wanted him badly. The frustrated feeling of unappeased arousal was becoming far too familiar lately. And as surprising as it was for him to accept, coming to terms with the fact that he found Inuyasha physically attractive seemed to have embedded the reality deep inside. All he could think about was touching Inuyasha's young body, watching Inuyasha moan under him, feeling Inuyasha's tight heat surround him…
And every time he started to think about it, it only made his arousal worse. He had an erection the size of a camphor tree.
What he wouldn't have given to have Rin and Jaken already there so he could have Inuyasha to himself by nightfall. Or mid-afternoon. Or even right this minute, Sesshoumaru thought, his eyes unable to leave the thin fabric cupping Inuyasha as he walked.
Sesshoumaru blew out his breath again. It hardly seemed fair: first the hanyou got Sesshoumaru's temper up every time he thought of him, and now the brat did the same thing to his cock. He wasn't sure how long it was going to be before he was comfortable with that; he'd had almost 200 years and he'd never managed to control his urge to throttle his brother. What if he had the same difficulty with wanting to embed himself inside his body? What if he never stopped wanting to take Inuyasha whenever he saw him?
He'd have to ensure that Inuyasha grew used to idea quickly. It shouldn't be that hard, should it? Yes, Inuyasha had lashed out this morning, but his body had responded very well to being touched, and that was after it had just been punished. It couldn't take much more to get Inuyasha aroused enough to have him begging to be taken, Sesshoumaru thought. He smirked slightly as Inuyasha suddenly walked even faster ahead of him, his ears flattening.
Inuyasha growled under his breath. “Perverted asshole.”
The brat's nose was better than he'd thought if he could smell his lust this quickly from that many feet away. And feeling the smallest hint of arousal swelling Inuyasha's member, presumably at the knowledge that Sesshoumaru was watching him and turned on, Sesshoumaru grew even harder. Enough so that it was quite noticeable through his clothing. He sighed, slowing to let Inuyasha draw away from him a bit more. He refused to humiliate himself by showing up in front of those annoying ningen, visibly aroused. He waited for Inuyasha to move from sight and listened carefully until he could hear him start to berate his comrades. Good, he was relatively safe and preoccupied. Walking back towards the brook he'd watched Inuyasha wash his clothes in, Sesshoumaru started to think about exactly how long it was going to take to relieve his little problem. He had the feeling he should be making estimates based on seconds as opposed to minutes.
Inuyasha snarled to himself as he entered the camp, angry at his stupid body, at Sesshoumaru, at Tessaiga, at youkai mating practices, at…
“Why the fuck are you idiots still stuck outta the village?” he snapped, glaring at everyone in turn. He gave the camp a second glance. “And where the hell is the runt? And Kirara?”
Kagome watched him carefully. “We sent them back to Kaede's.”
“What the fuck for?”
Kagome blushed slightly, looking a moment at Kouga hovering near her before she answered. “We—uh—we weren't sure…”
“We thought he might be getting sick,” Miroku said so quickly that Inuyasha was instantly suspicious.
“Don't baby him, monk,” Kouga snorted. “We sent the squirt away in case you freaked out and we had to fight, mutt. We didn't want the brat to get hurt.”
“First, I don't `freak out' over jack shit,” Inuyasha sneered at him. “Second, Shippou's been with us when we fought fuckin' Narku, so why the hell should he leave if I'm about to kick Kouga's ass? That's just stupid. And third…what the hell did you do that I'm gonna have to kick your ass for, you stupid wolf?!”
Kagome looked flustered and upset, almost wringing her hands. “He didn't do anything, Inuyasha. It's just that this is…different than normal. I didn't think Shippou should hear… I mean… Miroku told us, but we weren't really sure if we could believe him or not. Sesshoumaru was so violent before. But now…you don't look like he hurt you, so I guess Miroku didn't lie? You're not hurt, are you?”
“I'm fucking fine, and what the hell are you babbling about?!”
“Y-your punishment,” Kagome said softly. “We thought you might like some privacy afterwards, to talk maybe? So we decided to send Shippou away after we found out how you were going to be punished…”
Inuyasha's face paled, although not quite as much as Miroku's.
“What?” Inuyasha's hoarse voice was barely audible, his heart thudding hard in his chest. “Wh-what …how did you…”
“Kagome just told ya, the monk told us all about it,” Kouga said dismissively, waving his hand at the retreating monk's body.
Inuyasha turned, ominous growling growing in volume as he faced his soon-to-be-dead-and-dismembered friend. “You know what Sesshoumaru did…and you TOLD everyone?” He cracked his knuckled, trying to ignore his burning face and the humiliated knot in his stomach as he stalked Miroku. He might not be able to hurt Sesshoumaru at the moment, but Miroku? He was FUCKING DEAD!
He tripped on his own feet a moment as Sesshoumaru's emotions suddenly hit him like a sledgehammer. Fucking great, now Sesshoumaru was fucking climaxing in his head, too! Dammit all! Every fucking male he knew was a damned lecher!! “Miroku, you damn back stabbing, slime-sucking…”
“I didn't tell them anything!” Miroku yelled, waving his hands frantically as he continued to backpedal away from everyone.
“Aw, don't wuss out now, monk.” Kouga snorted again, standing with his arms crossed as he watched Inuyasha continue his menacing approach. “As soon as we asked you, you were talking your ass off about what Sesshoumaru was doing.”
Inuyasha bared his fangs and Miroku had to leap out of the way as the hanyou slashed at him.
“It's not true!” Miroku yelled, dodging again.
“You can't lie your way out of this when everyone's still here, you bastard!” Inuyasha snarled.
“No! I…AH!” Miroku ducked and rolled, grunting as Inuyasha followed and landed on him, knocking him onto his back. Inuyasha raised a fist and slammed it down, scowling as Miroku managed to move his head to the side and avoid the blow.
“I lied!” Miroku yelled again.
“Hold still!” Inuyasha punched down again, catching Miroku a glancing blow on the jaw as the monk thrashed frantically to avoid him.
“Inuyasha, stop! You don't understand! I lied to THEM!!” Inuyasha's fist hovered.
“Lied to them?”
“To Kouga, and everyone else! I lied! Kouga, tell him what I told you! Please!” His jaw starting to swell, Miroku looked frantically over to Kouga only to freeze at the look on Kouga's face. “Uh…Kouga?”
“You lied to me, monk?” Kouga started walking over to where Inuyasha still had Miroku trapped on his back.
“Uh…did I say that?” Miroku wiggled, trying to move out from underneath Inuyasha.
“ I mean…I simply…” Miroku started looking from Kouga's angry face to Inuyasha's still furious one. “I—let me up, Inuyasha!”
“Why don't you tell me what you said to Kouga, first,” Inuyasha said darkly.
“Yeah, Monk, tell `im what you told me. I wanna find out who you're lying to right now…him or me. Who has dibs on kicking your ass, huh?”
Miroku looked back and forth between them and started babbling.
“I told Kouga that your punishment was having to let Kouga be alone with K-Kagome while Sesshoumaru kept you away…and …and carrying you off the way he did was to humiliate you on top of that, in front of your old rival. That's all! So… let me up!” Miroku struggled as Inuyasha's grip tightened.
“So, that what happened, mutt, or did the monk con me?” Kouga growled.
Inuyasha glared at Kouga with furious eyes, shaking his head as he directed his attention back to Miroku.
“Inuyasha, what are you doing?! Release me! I didn't tell them anything! Why are you still holding me down?!” Miroku squirmed frantically as he watched Kouga's scowl grow dark.
“You little fucking liar. You were just messing with me? Oh, there's gonna be some pain now, monk.” Kouga started towards them.
Miroku almost didn't hear Kouga as Inuyasha snarled at the same time. “You said Kouga could have his way with Kagome while I was gone? You freakin' disgusting, lecherous bastard.”
“No! You don't understand! I didn't…Kagome wasn't alone! She's fine! Nothing happened.” Miroku looked back to Kouga, who had almost reached them, and he grew frantic. “Kouga, it wasn't…I didn't…” Miroku's brain failed him for once and he looked back to Inuyasha, trying to break free again. “DAMMIT Inuyasha, let go! For Gods' sake, I didn't tell them about the spanking, so just let me up!!”
Kouga stopped, Inuyasha froze, and everyone else held their breath, including Miroku, who's life flashed before his eyes. “Oh, Buddha save me…” Miroku whimpered, closing his eyes.
There was an odd sound, muffled and choked. Inuyasha turned to look at Kouga, his claws digging into Miroku's arms in furious panic.
“Spanking? Did you just say…spanking? THAT'S what Sesshoumaru did to Inuyasha?” Kouga started to grin maniacally as Inuyasha's face slowly flushed. “He spanked your sorry hanyou ass???! BUAHAHAHAHA-”
“Shut up!”
“Stop laughing!!”
“-HAHAHAHA-” Kouga tried to inhale desperately as Inuyasha pushed himself off of Miroku to confront him. “—HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SPANKED! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Kouga hunched over and held his stomach while Inuyasha stood, quivering. “Shit, I can't breathe! Fuck!”
His fists clenched, Inuyasha completely ignored Miroku's retreat behind him. He could catch the idiot houshi any time. Right now… Inuyasha dug his claws into his palms and fought the urge to kill Kouga. Kagome wouldn't like it. She always kept him from killing the bastard. She wouldn't like it, and he didn't want her to hate him. His eyes narrowed. Except…she wasn't gonna be his mate anymore, was she? He still cared about her, but a friend's opinion could be a little lower than a potential mate's, couldn't it? And he could always see just how badly he could maim the bastard WITHOUT killing him.
“Oh, now I gotta know.” Kouga's voice was hoarse with laughter. “How'd he do it? C'mon, how'd your mate blister your ass, mutt?” Inuyasha glared furiously at him, getting set to take out that damn mouth first. “What, did he turn you over his knee like the obnoxious little brat you are?”
On the verge of leaping at him, Inuyasha stumbled and turned so red with humiliation that he practically glowed. Kouga started laughing again. “He did! Oh fucking Gods, he did, didn't he??! BUAHAHAHA -wheeze - HAHAHAHAHA—glaaagh.” Kouga stopped laughing as Inuyasha's fist caught him in the nose and knocked him to the ground.
“Shut the fuck up, you filthy mongrel wolf!” That was just IT! It was just too damn bad if Kagome didn't like this, Kouga was gonna fucking DIE!
Kouga reached up, pressed on his nose to push the broken item back into its proper alignment, and grinned as he got to his feet. “You better be careful, Inuyasha. I might get mad and have to put you over my knee.” He kept grinning and Inuyasha snarled and leapt at him again, meeting empty air as Kouga leapt straight up, landing a few feet away.
“Don't you EVEN fucking joke about this, you ass!”
“Ass? I guess you'd know all about tha-“ Inuyasha slammed into Kouga's body and they both hit the ground, rolling as Inuyasha grappled with Kouga. They ended with Inuyasha on top, claws straining for Kouga's neck as Kouga held him off by the wrists.
“What, don't you like the truth, mongrel?” Kouga taunted, his voice strained as he worked to keep Inuyasha away from his throat. “Don't all uke know all about…” Kouga paused, inhaling, and his grin came back. “Well ain't that interesting. Ya got spanked, and from the smell, ya got off on it. I never knew you liked that sort of thing, mutt.”
“I'm gonna kill you, you asshole!” Inuyasha's claws edged closer to Kouga as Inuyasha pushed down furiously.
Kouga grunted and pushed back, barely managing to keep his neck puncture free. “Hey, how about you just give up now? I wouldn't wanna kick your ass so badly when it's already nice and sore.” Kouga grit his teeth, trying to keep grinning.
“You could barely kick the ass of a 2 month old cub, you pathetic wolf.” Inuyasha ground out.
“Then I guess, “ grunt, strain, “I'm plenty strong enough,” strain, “ to stomp YOU!” Kouga scissored his legs on the last word and knocked Inuyasha off, rolling to his feet. He and Inuyasha faced each other, snarling, surrounded by the group.
“So, mutt, did you enjoy getting your butt dominated?” Kouga teased in a low voice.
Inuyasha flushed, growling, and Kouga laughed. “Aw, your face is all red. Trying to match both sets of cheeks?”
“Shut the fuck UP!” Inuyasha yelled, and dug his claws into the healing wound he'd made that morning. “Blades of Blood!”
Much less aroused, Sesshoumaru headed towards camp, a frown on his face. He would have thought Inuyasha's anger would dissipate once he was away from Sesshoumaru, but that didn't seem to be the case. Inuyasha's blood was pumping furiously, his head was pounding, and he was even starting to have that sick, painfully embarrassed feeling all over his body. Something was wrong…
Sesshoumaru sprinted, gliding rapidly between the trees and emerging into camp in time to see Inuyasha hit Kouga with a horde of neon red sickles. It knocked the ookami flat onto his back, bleeding from numerous cuts.
Sesshoumaru stopped dead, his heart rate dropping as he saw his mate take down the annoying wolf demon. Well, that explained quite a bit. And what a nice sight to be greeted with. He whole-heartedly approved.
He watched, his face calm and his body calming as Inuyasha leapt onto Kouga, straddling his legs and slamming his fist into Kouga's stomach. Sesshoumaru frowned. Not that he disapproved of seeing the wolf youkai get a beating, he just wasn't certain Inuyasha needed to be touching him to do so.
Kouga gagged and Inuyasha used the opportunity to start pounding on his head and face as well. His mate ignored the wolf's fists, the miko's yelling, the monk's wary stance in the sidelines, and the taijiya's orders to calm down as he continued to swing his fists down, over and over. While Sesshoumaru was still not very happy about Inuyasha's body touching Kouga's, he certainly wasn't about to stop this. Especially not when all the ningen wanted it to end. The beating damaged the ookami AND frustrated all of Inuyasha's human friends: it was almost too perfect. On top of that, increased enmity between his mate and this particular male was all for the better. He would allow Inuyasha his outlet for a short time, but not too long. He truly did not like seeing the filthy wolf's body touching what belonged to him.
Kouga's nose and mouth were streaming blood and his eye was swollen shut when he managed to catch Inuyasha in the jaw with an elbow and knock him off. The idiot got to his feet, rubbing his palm across his mouth and smearing the blood in a garish stripe across his chin. Smiling inside, Sesshoumaru waited to enjoy Inuyasha's continued attempt to destroy Kouga. Especially now that he wasn't on top of him any longer.
“Going too far, mutt.” Kouga growled, spitting blood onto the ground. His scent was rapidly filling with angry fury. “You know what…I WILL turn you over my knee. Fightin' you is giving you more respect than you deserve. Bare assed and bent over is about all a hanyou like you is good for. Although considerin' that it doesn't smell like your mate has taken you yet, you're probably not even good for that, eh?”
Concentrating on Inuyasha in front of him, Kouga missed the suddenly rigid posture and glowing hand of Sesshoumaru as the Daiyoukai's eyes narrowed dangerously. That he even dared THINK of Inuyasha that way was worth bleeding over, but to threaten Sesshoumaru's mate in such a manner? Sesshoumaru took a moment to decide which body part to take off first as Inuyasha drew Tessaiga, the hanyou too incoherent with embarrassed fury to even speak. Inuyasha hesitated, obviously concerned about how to use Tessaiga without hitting the two ningen female behind the wolf.
Although why he bothered, Sesshoumaru had no idea; the only thing the females were doing at the moment was yelling at him to stop. They were obviously mentally challenged.
“I'm going to kick you so hard your legs stop working, you disgusting wolf. You're dead.” Inuyasha lifted Tessaiga and Sesshoumaru stopped himself from interfering. Perhaps he'd been wrong. It was possible that Inuyasha was so furious that he had forgotten about the women, and Sesshoumaru certainly wasn't going to interfere in that.
“SIT, BOY!” Sesshoumaru stared in surprise as the crude necklace around Inuyasha's neck glowed brightly and Inuyasha slammed to the ground, his sword vibrating in his hand as it smacked into the hard dirt. Sesshoumaru stared at the miko bitch who'd yelled such a thing and his hackles rose. She'd done this to Inuyasha.
For the last time, as far as he was concerned.
Spitting dirt, Inuyasha pulled himself off the ground. “Bitch, I wasn't going to kill him! I'm just teaching him some respect! What the fuck did you—“ Inuyasha blinked in shock as he finally focused on Kagome and saw Sesshoumaru holding her off the ground by the throat as he snarled at her.
“Sesshoumaru, no!” Inuyasha yelled, finally realizing that Kouga was already bellowing at the top of his lungs.
“Let go of my woman!”
“YOUR woman?” Sesshoumaru's hand trembled a moment with rage as Kagome choked in his hand. “If she is really yours, cur, then control your female. Only the most pathetic sort of male allows his woman to protect him in such a dishonorable manner.”
“She's not protecting me!!” Kouga snarled, charging him.
“Leave her alone!” Inuyasha yelled frantically at the same time, running towards Sesshoumaru as well.
Sesshoumaru tossed Kagome away from him to free his arm and she flew at Sango. The slayer broke her fall clumsily and they both tumbled to the ground. Inuyasha saw him sidestep as Kouga reached him first, clipping the wolf's leg with his own to send the wolf into a headlong sprawl. Inuyasha tried to stop his own attack, worried he'd be met with the same treatment. Before he could gain complete control and halt, Sesshoumaru stepped forward and slapped Tessaiga out of his hand. Inuyasha growled, opened his mouth to yell at the bastard some more, and was forced to swallow his words as Sesshoumaru buried his hand in Inuyasha's hair and yanked him close to kiss him roughly.
After one shocked moment, Inuyasha struggled madly, finally clawing free and pulling backwards. He stared at Sesshoumaru, completely off balance.
“Why the hell did you do that, you fucker!?” What the hell was his problem?! He had no right almost killing Kagome and then pulling shit like this!
“Because you're mine, Inuyasha. Not the miko's. Remember that.” Sesshoumaru snarled. He turned from Inuyasha as Kouga charged from behind and slammed his fist into Kouga's head as he passed. The wolf demon was knocked to the ground.
Inuyasha took the opportunity to retrieve the Tessaiga and growled as Kouga picked himself up only to be knocked to the ground again by Sesshoumaru's foot.
“Stop doing that!” Inuyasha yelled fiercely, and he froze as Sesshoumaru snarled. What the…it felt like he was jealous again…what the hell was up with him?
“Why?” Sesshoumaru hissed, “You wish me to spare his life as well?”
Ow, that was just a nasty feeling in his head. “No, you jack ass, I just don't want you to keep hitting him, `cause then I never get a chance to! It was my fight, dammit! Back the fuck off! And leave Kagome the hell out of this!”
“This is not over your dispute with the ookami. This concerns the miko bitch and her interference! She will not be--”
“Leave her alone, Sesshoumaru!” Inuyasha snarled. He could see Kagome being helped up by Sango and wished he was already in front of her so he could keep the bastard away. “She's got nothin' to do with any of this shit! You leave her alone or I swear I'll fucking kill you even if I have to freaking hire other demons to do it!” He would! It didn't matter that the idea of Sesshoumaru dying made him cold; if he hurt Kagome, Inuyasha would fucking kill him!
“She will not be spared, hanyou! She uses her powers to subjugate you, the mate of this Sesshoumaru. She damages you in favor of this Kouga and humiliates you in front of your enemy. She puts you in danger of attack by rendering you helpless in the midst of battle! She is a threat and she will be dealt with accordingly!”
“Stay away from her! So what if the damn beads fuck me over! It's not any of your damn business what she does! It's between me an' Kagome!” Inuyasha was so busy bellowing at Sesshoumaru that he missed Kagome's pained flinch at his lack of defense of her actions.
“The miko will not have this power over you! And if she must be disposed of to end it, then so be it.” Sesshoumaru took a moment to stomp on Kouga's head as he tried to get up again.
“You said you wouldn't hurt her! Or anyone! You leave her the fuck alone, you damn liar!” Inuyasha started to circle around Sesshoumaru, trying to get in a position where he might be able to intercept Sesshoumaru if he went after Kagome.
Kagome's soft voice interrupted both of them. “Do you really think that, Inuyasha?”
Inuyasha edged closer to her, nodding. “Of course I do! This is just between you and me, no one else.”
“I don't mean that, I mean, you agree with Lord Sesshoumaru? You think that I…humiliate you, and put you in danger? When I sit you?”
“Uh…well…” Inuyasha wasn't exactly sure what the say. Yeah, he did think that, but there was no way he was gonna agree with Lord Molesting Bastard. But…well, what did she THINK it made him feel when she sat him? Happy?
“You do, don't you?” Kagome said, her face sad. “You have to know that's not what I'm trying to do, don't you? I- I just, I mean, I never meant to…”
Inuyasha pressed his lips together and didn't say anything. As much as he cared about her, as much as the beads made him feel connected to her, it was still very painful sometimes that she never trusted him enough to take them off.
“Don't delude yourself, Miko. I have seen you employ this power over Inuyasha for nothing more than irritation at his words. You enjoy keeping the hanyou on a leash.” Sesshoumaru's eyes were narrowed and Inuyasha tried not to panic out how furious his brother was. He was going to kill Kagome if Inuyasha didn't stop it.
“No. No, I don't…” Kagome's eyes were dark and stricken. “I would never—“
“You keep another adult in servitude to you, miko, and you treat him as nothing more than some recalcitrant simpleton whenever it suits you.”
“No! I don't think of him that way. I love--”
“Shut the fuck up, Sesshoumaru! Kagome, you don't have to listen to a damn thing this bastard says!“
Sesshoumaru ignored him. “You will release Inuyasha from this slave collar. Now.”
“Leave her alone, jackass! Kagome, —“
Kagome interrupted him. “No. It's okay, Inuyasha.” She said, her voice wavering a moment. “I didn't… I guess, I didn't think of it like that.” She stared down at her hands. The silence built in Inuyasha's head as she continued to stand with bent head until he heard her whisper. “I still think of you as mine.”
She finally looked up at him with teary eyes. “But you're not anymore, are you?”
Inuyasha looked back, his chest aching. “Kagome…”
“He's right. You shouldn't have my beads around your neck anymore. You belong to someone else now.”
“That's not true! I don't belong to…OW!” Inuyasha stumbled forward towards Kagome as a hand smacked him in the back of the head. Feeling Sesshoumaru's smug satisfaction swirling in his head, he growled under his breath. “Kagome, really, I don't…”
Kagome reached him and touched one slim finger to his lips. “It's not right that I keep you bound like this,” she said softly. Sesshoumaru lifted his foot off of Kouga's head, letting the ookami sit up woozily as Kagome carefully grasped the beads in her hands. She lifted them off his head, holding them a moment, and suddenly smiled. “There.”
“Kagome…” Inuyasha whispered, his hand creeping up to touch his chest hesitantly. “You didn't have to…”
“Yes, I did. And… I'm sorry. You have enough to deal with now without worrying about this as well.” She kept smiling and patted his shoulder. “Forgive me?”
“Of course.” Inuyasha's voice was rough as he looked at her. She'd taken them off. She'd actually taken the beads off. He could feel himself vacillate between joy at their removal and sorrow over having their last connection finally severed.
Kagome continued to smile as she stepped back. “Still friends?”
“Always.” Inuyasha took a bit of pleasure at the anger that swirled around in Sesshoumaru's mind at his answer. He didn't really understand why the bastard didn't like him remaining friends with Kagome, but managing to piss off his brother definitely made him feel a bit better.
“Maybe I should give these to Sango to use.” Kagome murmured and surprised a laugh out of him.
“I think it'd take more than that to control the hentai bastard.” Yeah, speaking of…where was Miroku? They hadn't finished `talking' yet…
Kagome chuckled slightly. “In any case, at least now YOU don't have to worry about someone slamming you into the ground anymore.”
Inuyasha started to smile until his ears caught the Miroku's mumble from behind Sesshoumaru. “At least not unless it's Sesshoumaru trying to have his way with him.”
Inuyasha turned towards the monk immediately.
“What the fuck did you just say, monk?” Miroku looked back with a gulp, his clothing still rumpled and streaked with dirt from their previous tussle. “ `Cause don't think I've forgotten about you and your damn big mouth, Miroku.”
“I didn't say anything!” Miroku took a few steps back from the camp as the hanyou started in his direction.
“That was really stupid, monk. Don't say it if you don't wanna be heard,” Kouga said, wiping blood and dirt from his face as he got to his feet and tried to move away from Sesshoumaru without being too obvious about it. “Fuck, you have a punch like a damn dragon, Sesshouru.”
“Remember that the next time you try to insult my mate,” Sesshoumaru growled softly, watching him as Inuyasha continued to stalk Miroku. “If you ever say such words again…”
“I know, I know. I was a little outta line with that last one, threatening to punish him like that. Sorry. Temper got the best of me,” Kouga said in a casual undertone to Sesshoumaru.
“Next time I will not let you live to regret it,” Sesshoumaru whispered back harshly, and Kouga looked at him a moment, his casual pose gone as his hair stood on end from the look in Sesshoumaru's eyes. He nodded quickly, trying to avoid his eyes by watching Inuyasha get in range of the monk who couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut.
Miroku had started to sweat as Inuyasha closed in on him and was trying rather frantically to apologize. “I was, uh, rude and inconsiderate! I'm so terribly sorry!”
“You will be.”
“What're you gonna do, spank him?” Kouga mocked, and winced at the warning growl next to him.
“Hey, I've done it before…” Inuyasha said, still glaring. Kouga choked while Kagome and Sango held their hands to their mouths.
“You spanked Miroku's ass?! Fuck, both of you have been…. “ Another warning growl. “Eh, I mean… uh…” Kouga stuttered to a stop, and then looked over as a giggle escaped Sango.
“Sango!” Miroku's pained wail cut across the camp and Sango giggled harder, Kagome joining her as Kouga and the two wolf demons hiding behind Kagome tried not to snicker.
Inuyasha ignored them all. Eyes narrowed, he drew closer to Miroku, who had backed almost all the way out of the camp. “You know somethin', monk? There's one thing I'm a bit fuzzy on about this whole fucking thing. One thing doesn't make any sense about this at all. Just how come Sesshoumaru said he'd `discussed' what he was gonna do to me with you? Huh? How'd you know what he was gonna do, houshi?” Inuyasha's suspicions were raised even higher as Miroku's eyes grew round and innocence took over his face like it was painted on.
Ohhh, the bastard had done something.
“I can't imagine why Sesshoumaru, eh, confided in me…”
“Because you suggested the punishment in question,” Sesshoumaru said in an annoyed voice.
Visions of Miroku strapped down and screaming as he was tortured ran through Inuyasha's head in a flash “Say that again?”
“I didn't! I mean, I may have mentioned the word spanking, once, but I never…” Miroku scrambled backwards, yelping as he ran into a bush and tried to free himself frantically as Inuyasha stomped forward.
“YOU suggested it?” Kouga said, his one unswollen eye bright. “Man, monk, remind me to get you a present for this someday or something!”
“You are…you're dead, Monk. D-E-A-D. I am going to rip out that fucking, lying tongue of yours and toss it to the fish! I can't believe you would…”
“I didn't!” Miroku's voice was steadily rising in pitch. “Sesshoumaru just misinterpreted some random comment and…”
“Oh, yeah, just like he misinterpreted you tellin' him me and Kouga were together? Right. Like I believe that!”
Kouga's grin died. “What do you mean, he told your mate that we were together?”
“Together. Like, fucking each other or something.” Inuyasha snarled, advancing on Miroku.
“What? YOU'RE the reason Inuyasha's mate tossed me into a house when he first saw me? Why you little rat…” Kouga growled and he started walking angrily towards the monk as well.
“Wait! You don't understand!” Miroku finally got free of the bush and started backing away into the tree line, holding his staff in front of him defensively. “It wasn't like that! I was just trying to help out Inuyasha…”
“Help me?” Inuyasha snarled. “Help me how? Last time you helped me it was with touching myself, you lecher! And how did that turn out? Publicly humiliated in front of EVERYONE! I had to fucking yell it loud enough for the whole fucking village to hear!!”
“He touched you?!” Sesshoumaru was suddenly glaring at Miroku as well.
“NO!” Miroku yelled frantically, suddenly trying to back away from three youkai at once. “Oh Gods no! I was just showing, I mean telling! `Telling' him HOW a person could…touch…him. That is, uh…”
“You were teaching MY mate about sex? While you watched?!” Sesshoumaru growled, stalking next to Kouga.
“No! For the love of…Inuyasha, will you please tell him what happened!”
“Fuck, no. You fucking talk to him about fucking `punishment' you can damn well talk to him about sex, you jerk.” Inuyasha had almost reached Miroku at this point and the monk hit a tree and changed course, keeping away by fleeing backwards along the circumference of their clearing.
“But… Lord Sesshoumaru, it was totally innocent!” Miroku cried out, watching with panicked eyes as Sesshoumaru bared his teeth.
“You wouldn't know the meaning of the word innocent if it bit you in the ass and held on!” Kouga growled, reaching Inuyasha's position as he sped up to reach the monk first. “You sicked Inuyasha's mate on me!”
Miroku's gaze switched to Kouga's furious, bloody face as he tried to defend himself. “No, that's not what I was trying to -“
“You told the jack ass to fucking punish me like a fucking kid!” Inuyasha was close enough now to see beads of sweat pouring down Miroku's face.
“No! You don't understa—“
“You sexually molested Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru snarled.
“NO! For the love of… I wasn't doing anything wrong! I swear! I just…” As all three males reached him, Miroku yelped, trying to dodge and suddenly jerked and dropped to the ground like a stone, unconscious.
Inuyasha, Kouga, and Sesshoumaru looked where Miroku had been standing to see Sango putting her hiraikotsu back over her shoulder on the back swing as Kagome stood next to her.
They both looked at Kouga, Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru over Miroku's prone body. Inuyasha and Kouga leaned away from the glares while Sesshoumaru stared back icily.
“I think…there's been enough fighting today,” Kagome said quietly, Sango nodding by her side. The men across from them exchanged glances before looking down at Miroku.
“Aw, but Kagome…!”
“Wench, he NEEDS to be beaten!”