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Chapter 19 - Anger and Fear
Kagome crossed her arms over her chest, making a stern face.
“Miroku doesn't have youkai strength like you! You shouldn't be acting like such bullies when he…”
“Bullies?” Inuyasha's voice was outraged. “He needs a beating, bitch!”
“Bitch?” Kagome's eyes flared and Kouga and Inuyasha took a step back. Kagome opened her mouth and got out a `Si-` before her eyes noticed Inuyasha's neck and its lack of beads. She snapped her teeth shut with a click and glared at Inuyasha.
Sesshoumaru ignored the irrelevant byplay and took another step towards the monk.
“No more fighting,” Kagome ground out after staring at Inuyasha impotently for a moment.
“Didn't you hear what he said about me!?” Kouga demanded.
“Didn't you hear what he asked Sesshoumaru to DO to me?!” Inuyasha demanded.
“I said, NO. MORE. FIGHTING.” Kouga and Inuyasha took another step back.
“Your wishes are irrelevant, miko.” Sesshoumaru reached out to pick up Miroku by his kesa only to pause in annoyance as his mate and the wolf prince starting whispering to each other behind him.
“Shit, did he just talk back to Kagome when she's already pissed?!” Kouga asked, and Sesshoumaru could just imagine the dolt's eyes going wide. He sneered inside his head. Of course Sesshoumaru had responded to the miko's presumptuous words. He wasn't a spineless coward like the wolf youkai seemed to be. At least Inuyasha had the excuse of a conditioned fear response after essential slavery to the female.
“Yeah, he did. Damn. He's a bastard, but I never thought he was an idiot,” Inuyasha murmured.
Sesshoumaru grit his teeth and grabbed the cloth of the monk's robes, freezing with angry shock as the bitch put her hand on his arm.
She'd touched him. The damn miko bitch was touching him, as though he wouldn't rip off the offending appendage. He waited a moment, senses alert as he waited for Inuyasha to come forward and try to protect the wench again now that she was in mortal danger from her ill-conceived attempt to stop him.
“Poor fucking bastard. She's pissed and she's touching him? Fuck,” The ookami whispered quietly behind him.
“Crap, he's gonna lose his other fucking arm if he's not careful,” Inuyasha returned and Sesshoumaru dropped his hold on the monk, yanking his arm away from the female as he confronted his newly irritating mate. “Are you implying that I am unable to defend myself against this insignificant miko bitch?! The same miko you so recently tried to spare from my claws?!”
“Well hell, that was different,” Inuyasha said, his voice serious.
“And why would that be?” Did Inuyasha have no inkling of Sesshoumaru's true power? Was that why he felt able to mouth off to him all the time? Not because he was brave, or too angry or flustered to care, but simply because he was ignorant?!
“It's different `cause she wasn't angry then.” Sesshoumaru watched him, waiting for a punch line. After more honest stares from the whelp, he snorted. This was ridiculous. Obviously, this female's control over him had inspired a completely inaccurate sense of awe in the puppy.
“Anger, from a pathetic ningen woman, should be enough to make this Sesshoumaru cower in fear over her displeasure.” Sarcasm coated his words like bitter honey as he attempted to make Inuyasha see how foolish he was acting.
“Not fear, exactly.” Inuyasha looked past Sesshoumaru to Kagome. “You just…only an idiot messes with a pissed off Kagome.”
Kouga nodded. “I've seen what those arrows can do when she's really angry. They'd take out anything.”
“I can hear you, you know!” Kagome said irritably, stepping over Miroku's prone body and around Sesshoumaru to confront Inuyasha and Kouga.
Kouga stepped away from the wench as though he was facing an actual threat… like Sesshoumaru in the mood he was in right at this moment. Inuyasha had the same reaction, backing steadily away from the female as she reproached them both with childish rantings about manners and other such idiocy. Sesshoumaru sighed in disgust. Unbelievable.
He heard a rustling behind him and turned away from his mate and the two morons. Time to finish interrogating the monk. It was probably for the best that the urge to kill the man was fading, now that the first flush of…well, jealousy induced rage…was ebbing. Miroku's poorly chosen words had given Sesshoumaru one clear image of Miroku tutoring Inuyasha in pursuits of the flesh, and the picture had felt like being stabbed in the stomach. Which had given him the urge to do something equally painful to the lecherous human. But now that he'd had a few moments to think, he could admit that the scenario was rather unlikely. The monk's scent had never once given an indication of sexual arousal when associated with Inuyasha, after all. Inuyasha had denied any interaction of that nature between them before, as well.
Of course, there was always the slim possibility that the monk was fooling him again, so questions would need to be asked.
The monk was regaining consciousness as Sesshoumaru watched, the female slayer kneeling next to him as he groaned. Sesshoumaru opened his mouth to demand an explanation, and a promise never to come near Inuyasha's body, ever, when the pervert palmed the slayer's bottom. With what Sesshoumaru had to admit was almost demonic speed, the female pounded the monk back into oblivion.
Resisting the urge to smack himself in the head to avoid being a part of what was quickly devolving into a farce, Sesshoumaru took a deep breath.
Now he'd have to confront Inuyasha over the subject. Just lovely. Turning from the couple, Sesshoumaru walked over to Inuyasha, ignoring the wolf and his bitch.
“Has he ever touched you intimately?” Sesshoumaru asked brusquely. Everyone fell silent, Inuyasha blinking at him as though trying to figure out what in the world Sesshoumaru was talking about.
“The monk. Did he touch you?” Sesshoumaru felt like growling from sheer frustration. He'd been in such a good mood earlier, too. And now these idiots that Inuyasha stayed with were ruining it completely.
“The monk? Wha- Oh, that.” Inuyasha shook his head dismissively, already starting to focus on the miko and wolf again. “Bastard doesn't like that kinda stuff. It's women or celibacy for him…I think. Maybe a really girly man…”
“Then he may live.” Sesshoumaru stared at Inuyasha and cursed to himself, realizing just how much time this entire fiasco had taken up. He needed to leave. Naraku had been far too bold lately, and while Sesshoumaru didn't feel like Rin was in any immediate danger, he was feeling…edgy…about returning. Naraku was planning something, he was sure of it.
It was why he'd wanted Inuyasha to stay in the village; things didn't feel safe lately. Although…
Sesshoumaru thought a moment. Perhaps the previous night would make that restriction unnecessary. If Inuyasha's fear had dissipated, which seemed to be the case, then there was no reason Sesshoumaru couldn't take him along, was there? He might be a bit upset at being forced from his friends, but that could be overcome. Thinking about it, even fear wasn't going to be as much of an obstacle as he'd once thought. It certainly hadn't prevented him from making the puppy come last night. If he used a little patience…
He nodded to himself, decided. He would take Inuyasha with him, reach Rin, and have Inuyasha's body underneath his by nightfall. He flicked his moko moko-sama quickly, capturing Inuyasha's arms as he'd done the day before, following his whip so closely that he had Inuyasha ass up over his shoulder in a moment. Inuyasha started fighting instantly.
“Hey! What the fuck…?! You fucker!! Don't you pull this shit again! Dammit! Get this fucking thing off me, you pervert! You're not doing this again!!” Sesshoumaru smiled to himself. It was surprising how the thought of the upcoming night was already improving his mood.
“We are leaving,” Sesshoumaru returned calmly, letting his cloud slowly coalesce underneath him. Inuyasha struggled wildly, yelling. “I will return for my armor, ningen. Do not lose it.”
“Let go, you fucker!” When Inuyasha got no response, he kicked even more furiously, “You can't do this to me anymore, you asshole! Fucking let go!” Sesshoumaru felt Inuyasha start to grow tight and frantic with fear and he frowned at the feeling in his head. It was…unpleasant again. He shook himself. It would be all right. After all, once he'd taken Inuyasha completely, the puppy would understand there was nothing to be frightened of and the feeling would disappear.
The scent of fear grew stronger as Sesshoumaru's small cloud was almost completed. “I swear, I'll fucking cut your damn dick off if you don't let me go RIGHT NOW! I- I'm gonna hurt you so bad you're gonna beg for mercy!!” Sesshoumaru's lips tightened as the fear and anger grew stronger in his head. Maybe the brat needed to be reminded of how pleasurable the previous night had been.
“Mercy? When we are alone later tonight, I'm not the one who'll be begging, Inuyasha. And mercy will certainly not be what you will be begging for,” Sesshoumaru rumbled quietly, and he shifted his hand over Inuyasha's legs so he could curl his fingers around one thigh, rubbing it suggestively through the cloth. There, that should make Inuyasha think about the pleasure he'd experience more than the loss of his unworthy humans and whatever else frightened him.
Sesshoumaru winced as Inuyasha's fear shot up so high that it was physically painful to experience.
“LET GO! Bastard! Asshole! Fucking Jackass!” Inuyasha yelled one curse after another as he struggled frantically. Almost losing his grip, Sesshoumaru scowled. This was not how it was supposed to be. Inuyasha should not be even more frightened by something that he now knew was enjoyable. What was wrong with him?! He shouldn't be this upset. Inuyasha shouldn't feel so panicked and terrorized, simply from leaving his odd little pack and coming with Sesshoumaru. Why was he reacting this way? Was there something Sesshoumaru was missing? Was there something that frightened Inuyasha that he didn't know about? He couldn't imagine what it might be.
Especially when he could hardly think, not with how Inuyasha's reaction was affecting him.
It felt truly awful. Sesshoumaru's stomach was rolling, his chest hurt, and his head pounded with the strength of Inuyasha's fear. He couldn't travel this way. He wanted Inuyasha's body. He wanted him soon, too, but he couldn't go for an entire day with Inuyasha's terror beating against him. He didn't want to experience this.
He didn't want Inuyasha to experience this.
Sesshoumaru swallowed, thinking about it. He really didn't. He didn't like thinking about Inuyasha being this upset. It was…
It was…
It was… wrong, somehow.
As strange as it was, having Inuyasha this frantic felt wrong. It must be some odd reaction on Sesshoumaru's part to the mating bond. That was the only thing that made sense. It couldn't be anything else, could it? Of course not. Because if it were, that would imply that there might be something more between them than a simple mating bond and that would simply be ridiculous.
He flinched as he stomach churned again and growled slightly. He wasn't going to be able to take Inuyasha with him.
Sesshoumaru let his cloud dissipate.
“Cocksucker! Fucker! Ass wipe!”
He stood on the ground as Inuyasha's fear assaulted his mind.
“Ball licking pervert! Bitch!”
Damn. He'd been looking forward to tonight.
“Mother fucker…”
And that was just about enough of that. “BE QUIET!” Sesshoumaru bellowed. And everyone, from nearby birds to Inuyasha, fell silent. Sesshoumaru took a deep breath. He did not like this fear, but he might have to use it for a moment if he was to ensure that Inuyasha actually did what he was told and stayed in the village.
“You wish to be released?” Sesshoumaru kept his voice cool.
“Yes!” Inuyasha stopped bucking and struggling for a moment, his body tense, his fear dropping just slightly.
Sesshoumaru moved his hand up from Inuyasha's thighs to cup his ass. He couldn't leave Inuyasha here without touching that beautiful bottom one last time. And besides, perhaps it would calm him…
Inuyasha let out a strangled yell, struggling so wildly that Sesshoumaru had to release the lovely handful he was playing with and clamp his arm over the back of the hanyou's thighs again. Inuyasha's fear skyrocketed back to previous levels, and Sesshoumaru winced. Sesshoumaru truly didn't understand it. A sexual touch was scaring him? After what Sesshoumaru had done for his body, he was still frightened? It just didn't make sense.
And he didn't have time to figure it out or he'd never leave, he thought, frustrated. He'd actually have to leave Inuyasha here for now, no matter how much it would disrupt his plans for the hanyou.
“If you stay in the village until I return, I will allow you to remain here.”
Inuyasha bristled angrily, but the fear waned again. “F-fuck you.”
“You will stay here, or you will come with me. Choose which it will be.”
“Option three…I'll do whatever the hell I want to!”
Sesshoumaru let his fingers play along Inuyasha's thigh again, feeling rather unhappy as Inuyasha stayed frightened at the touch.
“All right then, since you cannot be trusted to stay here, you will accompany me.” Sesshoumaru returned with completely false calm.
Inuyasha paused, and then spat out, “Fine! I'll fucking stay here! Now…now put me down!” Sesshoumaru nodded and let Inuyasha slide down the front of his body, enjoying the intimacy of it while he could.
Inuyasha glared up at him as soon as his feet hit the ground, the fear almost to tolerable levels. Sesshoumaru could see Inuyasha's red cheeks and regretted again that he wouldn't be seeing them for a few days yet. He couldn't help but remember that Inuyasha had looked just as flushed when Sesshoumaru had him over his knee. And that got him thinking about Inuyasha's naked ass and writhing body and he wondered again if Inuyasha would have the same flushed cheeks when he was naked and mindless with need on the ground.
Sesshoumaru swallowed heavily. As much as he knew this was going to be necessary, it was going to be very, very difficult to leave Inuyasha behind.
“If you do not keep your word, next time there will be no choice offered.” Sesshoumaru said, not yet releasing him from his bonds.
“I said I'd stay, you fucking asshole!”
“Insulting me is not likely to speed your release,” Sesshoumaru responded, pausing, until Inuyasha started to jerk against the moko-moko, still glaring and upset. “Do you still wish to have it removed?”
Sesshoumaru noted the frustration in Inuyasha's voice. At least Sesshoumaru wasn't the only one suffering, he thought, and ignored the strange desire to soothe that crept in. He was doing this for his own convenience, nothing more. So perhaps Inuyasha's fear was wrong, but Sesshoumaru's concern over it had nothing to do with Inuyasha himself. He was simply… cognizant of his duties as the seme, that was all. With a small flick, Sesshoumaru loosened the white fur from Inuyasha's body, tossing it back over his shoulder as he looked down at Inuyasha's face. He grasped one of Inuyasha's hands as his mate would have pulled away, his thumb rubbing slightly against Inuyasha's pulse as he stared at him as if evaluating one last time if he could trust him to keep to his word.
“You will stay here, and care for my armor while I am gone, as well,” Sesshoumaru said quietly. Inuyasha's scent was still strong with anger and fear, but anger was finally starting to take precedence. On top of that, Sesshoumaru could feel Inuyasha react to Sesshoumaru's fingers against his skin, and he tried to concentrate on that more pleasing sensation.
“I said fine, didn't I?!” Inuyasha finally said, yanking his hand free. The hanyou stepped away from him, crossing his arms and tucking them into his sleeves, mitigating a bit more of Sesshoumaru's upset as his mate took a pose that reminded him of a pouting toddler.
“I will return in four days,“ Sesshoumaru said, his cloud forming once again. Actually, he was fairly certain he could do it in two. He thought Inuyasha was intimidated enough for that long, at least, and it wouldn't hurt to check on him earlier than he expected. “If you are not here, I will be very, very unhappy, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru floated up before allowing Inuyasha to respond, laughing under his breath as he heard Inuyasha finally get his voice back.
“Like I fucking care!” Inuyasha yelled after Sesshoumaru. Fucking stupid, smug, irritating bastard! He shivered, his mind finally accepting that he wasn't, in fact, going to be raped later in the day. Thank the fucking gods.
And he couldn't believe that bastard had bound him again! He shouldn't be able to move that fucking fast! And if he could… Inuyasha shivered again. He didn't know how he was going to stop the bastard next time. Part of him had been so relieved when Sesshoumaru had said he wasn't using Inuyasha's friends as insurance against Inuyasha's good behavior, but what good was that if the ass could move so fast he could tie up him like a present before Inuyasha could prevent it?
He kicked at the ground, upset and worried, before finally turning back to the others. He stared at them, humiliation sinking in as he really thought about the fact that they'd all just witnessed Sesshoumaru's treatment of him. Son of a bitch. They'd seen him bound, and held, and…aw fuck, groped. Shit.
He examined their faces as his mind searched frantically for how to respond, other than running the fuck away and never seeing them ever again. The girls looked worried and concerned, pitying. He grit his teeth. Kouga stood next to Kagome, smirking.
Fucking bastard, if he said one damn word...
Ginta and Hakkaku were on the far edge of the camp, peeking around a tree. They'd keep their damn mouths shut. They were too fucking frightened of him not to.
And… son of a bitch….damn fucking Miroku was awake again and standing near Sango, practically sniggering.
Of course, that could be a good thing, as it reminded him that Miroku still had a beating coming his way. And Inuyasha could really use something to pound on right now, anyway.
“You wanna laugh about somethin', monk? Laugh about this!” Inuyasha leapt over to Miroku, missing as the bastard fell to the ground and he flew over him. Miroku got to his feet and dodged behind Sango, hiding shamelessly while he tried to defend his `facial twitch' that wasn't in any way laughing at Inuyasha. Kagome came running over and tried to threaten Inuyasha into calming down while Kouga wondered whether Miroku would be able to walk after this or not.
No one noticed the small Saimyosho that flew out from behind one of the nearby bushes and quickly left the area.