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Chapter 20 - A Lack of Trust
Inuyasha cursed, scrubbing furiously at his wet hair. Every time he stopped, the memory of his body's disgusting smell assaulted him and he had to plop on another handful of Kagome's bubbly stuff to start over again. If only he could tell whether he was scent free yet, he could stop. But he couldn't. He couldn't figure out if he still stunk like meat that had spoiled two months back, because his lame nose had been so overwhelmed with the first, rank whiff that it had almost knocked him out. It was driving him crazy! How the hell was he supposed to know when to stop cleaning if he couldn't tell what he smelled like?!
He grimaced at the thought of just how much he likely reeked and poured out more of Kagome's syrupy soap, scrubbing again at his hair and naked skin. He shoved his head under the water, rinsed off the slick bubbles, and stood up, shivering. Being naked in a freezing pool of water sucked. And with all the crap happening with Sesshoumaru, he was feeling a bit vulnerable without his clothes, too. Not that it mattered. He'd had to take them off. Shit, he couldn't clean himself while wearing them, not with the amount of powdered shit that had been dumped on him. His fire rat robes had been coated in the stuff. So now, his clothes were anchored at the bottom of the pool with a few large rocks until he was done with his body. If he was lucky, they'd be easier to clean after their soaking, and he'd be able to reach all the little crevices in his body at the same time.
Although the way things were going today, he wasn't counting on it.
The only thing that had turned out right the whole day was that he'd been able to snitch Kagome's damn future soap without anyone seeing him. Although that might be due to everyone's attention being distracted by the kids who'd doused him with the stuff in the first place. After they'd set their stupid little trap to dump the noxious cloud onto his head, he'd chased them down and pounded a few manners into them. Wailing, they'd babbled about the pretty, dark haired man who had asked them to play the trick on him. They'd all thought it would be funny.
Yeah, he was laughing up a fucking storm.
At least the little bastards had all run back to Kaede's to rat on him, so when Kagome and everyone left to see what the problem was, he'd snuck in and grabbed the soap. And now here he was, hiding on the edge of the stupid woods in some lame pool of water, hoping no one would come along and see what had been done to him.
Because there was no way he was giving Kouga another reason to laugh at him.
“I am gonna fucking KILL YOU, monk.” Inuyasha muttered darkly as he poured more thick liquid on his hands and tried again to rid himself of the horrific smell. Gods, he hoped it was actually working or he was gonna be really, really pissed. More pissed than he already was, anyway.
“Some `dark haired man', ha! Dark haired man my ass, Miroku!”
Miroku had been snippy and whining for two days now, walking around with a limp and a sore ass…
Inuyasha grinned a moment as he remembered blistering Miroku's butt again, in front of everyone this time. Sometimes, revenge was very, very sweet.
He sneezed as bubbles went up his nose. “Shit,” he muttered, rubbing at his face. Yeah, sometimes revenge was good, but not when it was the damn monk trying to get revenge back at him, dammit. He knew the `unknown' man was Miroku. Dumbass had been grumbling about paying Inuyasha back since Sesshoumaru had left. But if he thought that this squared things up, the sneaky bastard was in for a surprise, as well as some serious, serious pain. The monk thought Inuyasha had whupped his ass before? He was gonna WISH it was his butt hurting by the time Inuyasha was done with him!
Inhaling, Inuyasha growled as his nose still scented a sum total of dick. How long was it gonna take the stupid, useless thing to recover?! Sometimes he hated being a half- dog demon, fuck. What good was a great sense of smell if it shut down like a fucking baby over a bad smell? Stupid nose.
Inuyasha tried to pour out more soap and swore as nothing came out of the bottle. He crumpled it in his hand and threw it over the nearest tree. Searching for an alternative, he finally reached down for a handful of sand under the water, rubbing it against his skin.
He was fucking cleaning himself until his nose worked, soap or no. He just couldn't stand the thought that the smell might still be on him.
He grabbed another handful, rubbing it against his legs and butt. He shivered as the feeling of something touching him in such a private place automatically reminded him of Sesshoumaru doing just that. Damn pervert.
He'd had to put up with two whole days where his friends were making fun of him almost as much as they were teasing Miroku, and Inuyasha was thoroughly sick of it. He wasn't sure which was worse, the smirks and taunts about being the submissive from Kouga, or the teasing about his upcoming `wedding night' from the monk. At least the girls tried to get out of hearing range before they started giggling. They failed, but at least they fucking tried.
He could understand Kouga enjoying Inuyasha's humiliation, but he couldn't understand why people he'd thought were his friends were laughing at him about something that…well, it just wasn't funny. He'd heard the girls and Miroku whispering the night before. They all thought it was `sweet,' that Sesshoumaru was groping his ass and picking him up like his own little fuck toy. They thought the fact that Sesshoumaru wasn't beating the shit out of him, or raping him, meant the bastard was changing.
Considering the bruises around Kagome's and Kouga's throats, Inuyasha had to wonder at their sanity.
Why didn't they understand? Sesshoumaru was going to fucking rape him. He would have already raped him if Sesshoumaru had taken Inuyasha with him. He wasn't sure why he hadn't. Probably wanted to make Inuyasha suffer until he took him or something. Playing with him. That seemed Sesshoumaru's style. After all, the jack ass had said `rape' was beneath him, but he was a fucking liar. He'd said he'd make Inuyasha beg, hadn't he? And Inuyasha knew exactly what that meant.
He didn't care. No matter what that bastard did, Inuyasha wasn't going to plead for anything from the asshole.
Inuyasha did NOT beg. Not to anyone. Not even to the fucker who'd raped him.
He could still remember the slimy ningen. He could still see his heavy face, looking down at him after hours of pain and humiliation. Inuyasha had been so dazed he could barely tell what was going on. But he could still remember when the sadistic little fucker had twisted Inuyasha's dick until he'd screamed, telling him he'd stop hurting him when Inuyasha begged to be fucked again.
Inuyasha hadn't begged then, and he wasn't going to beg Sesshoumaru now.
As long as Sesshoumaru wasn't lying about leaving Inuyasha's friends alone, Inuyasha could just tell him to go to hell. The jackass could gut him and he'd still tell him to fuck off. Shivering slightly, Inuyasha tried not to think too hard about whether Sesshoumaru would keep his word on Inuyasha's friends. Because if Sesshoumaru had lied about his intentions towards Inuyasha, if he'd hurt Kagome like he had… could Inuyasha count on him to stay away from Kagome and the others?
He felt a tight, familiar pain constrict his chest. Despair and rage and a gut clenching helplessness that hit even harder for having been absent for a day or two. Of course Sesshoumaru would threaten them. Why wouldn't he? Inuyasha swallowed painfully, ruthlessly crushing the tiny glimmer of hope that he'd held inside in spite of everything. Sesshoumaru had humiliated him, and spanked him, and…touched him, but he hadn't raped him that night. And until Sesshoumaru had shown him his true colors and let him know he was going to humiliate him in the worst possible way, Inuyasha had let himself hope. He'd been so angry he wanted to kill him, but at the same time, he'd hoped for just a few moments that… maybe things wouldn't be quite as awful as he'd first thought. Maybe he would have a life that wasn't completely, utterly miserable.
He shouldn't have been so stupid.
Snarling to himself, Inuyasha ducked his head under the water again. He stood back up with a shudder, at the cold, nothing else, and startled as a voice called to him.
Dammit, he still couldn't smell! He hadn't even known someone was there! Inuyasha turned his head and saw Sesshoumaru standing a few feet away on the other side of the pond. Fuck. He was early. Inuyasha watched him warily, feeling tender and raw inside his head. He couldn't trust the bastard, he reminded himself, looking at him. He couldn't trust him at all.
Sesshoumaru's eyes watched him coldly, roaming to places that reminded Inuyasha forcefully of his own nudity. Thinking hard about where he could run to and how he could fight him off, Inuyasha took a cautious step back.
“Wh-what the fuck do you want?”
His brother didn't speak for a moment and continued to examine Inuyasha's body.
“You did well to disrobe, half-breed. It saves time.” Sesshoumaru slowly removed his clothing and Inuyasha stumbled back as he saw his brother's erection when his hakama dropped to the ground.
“What are you doing?!” Inuyasha stuttered, his throat closing up. Dammit, the bastard didn`t even feel aroused! What was going on? Was Inuyasha not able to feel him all the way anymore? “What the fuck do you think you're doing!!”
With a raised eyebrow and an annoyed flare to his lips, Sesshoumaru stepped away from his clothing. “I would think that is obvious, even for one as mentally challenged as you, half-breed.”
Inuyasha couldn't take his eyes from Sesshoumaru's huge erection. It fucking scared the shit out of him. He should be able to smell the asshole being this aroused, dammit! How could Sesshoumaru be that big and feel so normal in his head? This didn't make sense! Inuyasha's breathing sped up as Sesshoumaru entered the water and started towards him.
“You…stay the fuck away, asshole.” Inuyasha's back hit the bank of the pond. His brother's moko moko-sama was on the bank behind him, but he was still so fucking fast. Inuyasha needed to get some distance between them if he was gonna have any chance against the bastard. “Why the hell are you even here! You said you'd be four days, you friggin' liar!”
Sesshoumaru paused, sneering. “That is not your concern, half-breed.” Inuyasha glared at him. Sesshoumaru scowled back. “Bend over, Inuyasha.”
Inuyasha's blood slowed as it turned to ice and he froze for a moment. He knew it. He was right; Sesshoumaru was going to rape him. He was going to do it, the fucking bastard, although at least he was honest about it this time rather than trying to put a prettier face on the act. Inuyasha took a deep breath, clenching his fists. Inuyasha wouldn't let him do this without a fight. He wouldn't let him, he vowed to himself, and he tried to ignore the terror stricken panic boiling through him as Sesshoumaru's anger started seeping into his head.
“Well, didn't you hear me, Inuyasha?” Sesshoumaru walked deeper into the water towards him, a cruel smile lighting up his face. “Turn around and bend over.”
Moving towards the village, Sesshoumaru's brow furrowed as he felt Inuyasha growing upset and frightened in his head. What the…? Inuyasha had been fine the last two days. A little more nervous and unsettled feeling than before Sesshoumaru had left, but basically fine. But now, he was upset again. What was going on? Sesshoumaru growled, pushing himself to go faster. He only had a few miles left until he reached Inuyasha, but he didn't like the feel of this. Inuyasha had that painful feeling in his chest again, and …dammit, now he was even more frightened! What the HELL was going on?
His friends were supposed to be watching over him! What were they doing? Was one of them doing something to the hanyou, or was something else going on? Had something attacked the village? Was something attacking Inuyasha?! Inuyasha's body wasn't injured, he hadn't been hurt, although his nose felt rather strange, but then…why was he frightened? No one was allowed to frighten him except Sesshoumaru, dammit! And Inuyasha was supposed to be safe.
Was he in danger?
His eyes bled crimson for a moment. If anything happened to Inuyasha, someone was going to die.