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Chapter 21 - Barriers
Inuyasha stayed frozen, fury slowly pouring into his head. Gods, Sesshoumaru was really, really pissed. The bastard was going to tear him apart if he was this angry. And he thought Inuyasha was going to just bend over for him?! Hell no! So what if Sesshoumaru hurt him so badly he couldn't move, at least Inuyasha could say he fought it like a man!
“F-fuck you!” Inuyasha scrambled up out of the water, stepping away from the edge and bracing himself for Sesshoumaru's charge as he watched him, trying to catch any movement that might help him see where his brother was going to strike.
Sesshoumaru was already most of the way through the pond, not that surprising considering it was only a few steps across. He paused at Inuyasha's response. “I'm disappointed, half-breed. I expected more obedience from you.” He stared pointedly at Inuyasha's soft, limp penis. “If you're hoping for attention to your own member, however, I'm afraid you'll have a long wait. You're here to service me, Inuyasha, not the other way around. Now turn around, and present your ass.” Inuyasha backed away, breathing hard.
“Don't touch me, bastard.”
Sesshoumaru's hard, calculating eyes pinned him to the spot. “Would you prefer I slate my lust on the miko, then? Or perhaps the houshi's body would be more to my liking. It makes no difference. In fact, why don't I let you choose, Inuyasha. Who should take your place, miko or monk?”
Inuyasha stopped, his pupils contracting as he stared at Sesshoumaru. “What?”
“The question is simple enough, half-breed.”
Inuyasha growled, shaking his head. “Don't fuck with me, you asshole. What, you think I'm stupid? You would never… And you said you wouldn't fuck with them over somethin' I did, anyway!”
“Oh, I'm not planning to touch your pathetic friends because of you, mongrel. I simply need a convenient hole. If you won't provide one…” Sesshoumaru's voice trailed off suggestively and Inuyasha snarled. This didn't make sense. Yeah, maybe he could see the bastard breaking his word and using his friends against him, but…
Dammit, he'd thought Sesshoumaru wanted to get into HIS pants, not someone else's!
And beside, Sesshoumaru hated humans, there's no way he would touch one of them, let alone screw one! After the bastard's response to Miroku at the well, Inuyasha was sure of that.. “Nice try, but I'm not rolling over for you, asshole! I know you'd never fuck a ningen.”
“Now you're being naïve. Why wouldn't I relieve myself on a human?”
“You hate them! There's no way you'd ever touch…”
“To hate ningen would be like saying I hate my hand, or the dirt beneath my feet. They are too far beneath my notice to even merit that much emotion, half-breed. Rather like yourself.”
Inuyasha grit his teeth at the small pain in his chest from Sesshoumaru's verbal slap, but it wasn't like he hadn't heard him say shit like this before. There was no reason he should feel anything about hearing it again now. None.
“If you think that we're so beneath you, why do you even want to fuck any of us, asshole?!”
“Even a hand can be used to relieve an itch,” Sesshoumaru said coldly. Inuyasha felt the pain in his chest grow.
“Yeah, well then why don't you go use your own damn hand, you fucker,” Inuyasha snarled, stepping further away from the pond. Sesshoumaru was such a fucking bastard. And what the hell was going on with him? Sesshoumaru didn't feel lustful in his head at all, even with his dick standing up like a damn pole. Actually, he felt absolutely, furiously angry. Like he was about to rip Inuyasha's arms off. Inuyasha took another step away.
“Why bother with a hand when I have something much tighter so conveniently at my disposal?” Sesshoumaru smirked slightly as he came to the edge of the pool. “So, what will it be, half-breed. One of the ningen, or yourself?”
“You know you're not gonna do anything to them, asshole.” Inuyasha tried to make it a statement. It was not a hope or a plea like his pathetic, wussy ass soul was making it. Sesshoumaru wouldn't rape them, dammit! He wouldn't…would he?
He was so furious, though.
Did that mean that he might?
“You won't touch them. Y-you know if you wanna be a bastard, you always fucking mess with me first, anyway.”
Sesshoumaru smiled, and the level of fury in Inuyasha's head jumped again. “True, you used to make it interesting and at least put up a good fight. But you're not a fighter any longer, are you, Inuyasha? You're a failure. You can't even keep from being trussed like a goose, let alone keep your precious miko or the others safe.”
“F-fuck you!” It wasn't… He could fight! Just because Sesshoumaru had won a couple times didn't mean that Inuyasha couldn't protect them! Just because he could hold him down now and molest him, it didn't mean…
“Look at you. Even when you had a bit more spirit, you were hopeless. After all, if you were any use at all, Kikyou would still be alive.”
Inuyasha felt like Sesshoumaru had just stabbed him in the stomach. “No, that's not…”
“You're so pathetic you're still failing her even after she's dead.”
“I am not! I—“
“A real male would have sought vengeance for his woman, but instead of revenge, you whored yourself with her reincarnation. And Naraku still lives.” Sesshoumaru watched him carefully and left the water.
“Shut up! That's not true! I didn't…” It wasn't like that. He was still trying to kill Naraku; he never stopped! He was trying…
“You're weak and useless, just as you've always been, just like you'll always be.”
“You're a fucking liar!” Gods, why did it hurt to hear him say that? “I'm not weak!”
“Then why are you an uke, Inuyasha?” Sesshoumaru's voice oozed certainty as he took a step closer to Inuyasha's frozen, agitated body. “If you weren't such a weak, pathetic mongrel, your body would have let you mature normally. But it didn't, did it? It made you the little bitch you always were underneath. A weak submissive, a sexual plaything—that's all you are now. And if you can't even provide your mate with a sheath, then what good are you?”
“SHUT UP!” Inuyasha's hands clenched, his heart racing as he screamed against Sesshoumaru's slick, cold voice. Sesshoumaru was wrong! That wasn't why. He wasn't an uke because he was a—a bitch, or weak, or…any of those things. He was an uke because, well, he didn't know. It couldn't be that, though. He knew he'd failed Kikyou, but he wasn't giving up. He was trying to make it up to her and kill Naraku. He was trying to be fair to Kagome and keep her safe. He was trying to keep Miroku's kazaana from growing larger and killing him, and he was trying to help Sango have her vengeance, and he was trying to collect the shards and…
…and he was failing. He hadn't accomplished one single thing that had actually helped any of the people he cared about.
Maybe he deserved to be an uke.
“You have just one purpose in life now, half-breed: to provide your mate with sexual release. You're as much a failure in this as you have been for everything else in your miserable, pointless existence. I only wish father were still alive to see you turn into the disgusting wretch I always thought you were. You're worthless, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru took the last few steps between them and stared down at Inuyasha in contempt.
Inuyasha couldn't catch his breath. Gods, it hurt. Why did it fucking hurt so much?
“I'm not worthless.” Inuyasha's voice was hoarse as he stared up at Sesshoumaru.
“I can see it, you know. The bond let's me see all the way down into the blackest hole in your shallow little mind.” Inuyasha drew in his breath, unable to break free from Sesshoumaru's bright, malicious eyes. “You can feel the place I mean, can't you, Inuyasha? That dark hole inside where you hide the truth: the fact that you are completely and utterly worthless. Every time your own weakness can't protect your loved ones, every time your selfishness makes the miko weep, every time your very existence makes your companions suffer on your behalf—you can feel it in the depths of your soul. You are nothing.
“No…” Inuyasha's throat closed up. He wasn't worthless. He wasn't... He stared, frozen as Sesshoumaru reached out a hand and ran his fingers down Inuyasha's chest, his claws drawing blood in a parody of a caress that Inuyasha barely felt as his mind writhed.
He couldn't be nothing. He couldn't. He was something, wasn't he?
“I'm…not nothing.” Inuyasha looked to the side, staring at the ground as he finally avoided Sesshoumaru's gaze.
“Then you should do your duty as the uke and submit,” Sesshoumaru whispered, and Inuyasha shuddered at the feel of his breath against Inuyasha's ears. He didn't want him this close to him. He wanted to move away from him.
He couldn't be…nothing.
“You can still manage to do something that would make father proud,” Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed cruelly as he stared down at Inuyasha's bent head. “You can still save your miko. She can remain untouched.” Inuyasha felt his mate's fury pouring into him until it swirled together with Inuyasha's pain. He could barely think. It hurt…
He couldn't be worthless.
Sesshoumaru reached for his ear and Inuyasha jerked back.
“You refuse your duty, then? It's probably for the best. I can hardly believe you'd be worth the time it would take to fuck you, and I've wasted enough time as it is.” Sesshoumaru said, his dismissive voice cutting through the haze of pain in Inuyasha's head to slice a new cut alongside the others. “So shall I take the virgin miko, or the lecherous monk?” Inuyasha quivered at the venom in his brother's look. He was really going to do it. Sesshoumaru was really going to rape one of them. He was so furious, and Inuyasha could see it in his eyes: he loathed Inuyasha, just like he'd always said. He would rather take one of his friends than Inuyasha.
And Inuyasha couldn't think of any way to stop him.
“Take me instead, you fucking asshole,” Inuyasha said hoarsely.
Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed. “Beg me, Inuyasha. Get on your knees and beg me to take you, and I might consider it.” Inuyasha shuddered violently, assaulted again with memories of pain and terror and a rasping voice laughing as Inuyasha's body was torn and penetrated. Demanding that he beg for more. His stomach clenched so tightly at the vivid memory that he threw up a little into his mouth and had to spit it out. He didn't beg. He did NOT beg.
Clenching his fists so hard his claws dug bloody furrows into his palms, Inuyasha slowly lowered himself to his knees. Blood dripped onto the grass from the wounds. Maybe he could think of something. This would buy him a few minutes and he could think of some way to keep his friends safe.
“Take me instead, please,” he choked on the words, feeling like his soul was withering inside as Sesshoumaru merely looked at him. “I…beg you to take me. Please.”
“Very pretty, hanyou,” Sesshoumaru said quietly, smirking, his erection jutting ahead of him obscenely. “On your knees is exactly where a worthless uke like yourself should be. Now, let's see if you can do something worthwhile for a change.”
Inuyasha kept his face down, avoiding looking at the grotesquely enlarged penis near his head. He tried not to think of what Sesshoumaru might be wanting him to do. He honestly didn't think he could come near that erect…thing…without vomiting. The idea of it touching him…he shuddered, utterly repelled, and the thought crossed his mind that he'd been right before. Whatever Sesshoumaru had done to him with his finger, whatever good feelings he'd given him before, now that he was actually going to take him, Inuyasha felt nothing but fear and disgust. It wasn't going to arouse him this time. And if he didn't think of something soon, he was going to have to…
What was he going to do? Dammit, what the hell could he do to protect Kagome?! Kouga couldn't fight Sesshoumaru and win. Even Sango and Miroku weren't fast enough to use their prowess before they'd be bleeding to death on the ground. He couldn't use his wind scar…
What was he going to do!? He had to think of something. He wasn't worthless, he wasn't useless, he could…
Gods, what was he going to have to do to protect her?
Sesshoumaru leaned forward, whispering again. “Let's put that loud mouth of yours to use first, uke.”
Inuyasha closed his eyes, shuddering again.
Please…let me think of something…
Sesshoumaru snarled in rage as he tried to break through the barrier separating him from Inuyasha. He couldn't get to him! He could see him, only feet away, but no matter what he tried, he couldn't break through the damned barrier! And Naraku was in there with him! Sesshoumaru could smell the bastard's disgusting smell, and he was in there, wearing Sesshoumaru's face! Naraku had his mate and he was going to… Sesshoumaru snarled thickly, trying not to howl as he clawed and slashed at the impenetrable shield in front of him. With a barrier this powerful, it had to be Naraku himself inside, and he had Inuyasha trapped there with him!! Sesshoumaru growled and attacked again.
If only he'd been just a little sooner…
He'd tracked his brother from the village as soon as he'd arrived, growing more and more worried at his mate's increasing physical discomfort. Sesshoumaru had been horrified when rather than Inuyasha's companions, Naraku's scent had joined Inuyasha's. He'd moved faster than he ever had in his life, snarling as he saw a copy of himself approaching Inuyasha, and leapt at the disgusting bastard only to be repelled by the damn barrier. And now, no matter how loudly Sesshoumaru yelled, Inuyasha made no sign that he could tell Sesshoumaru was even there.
He'd practically screamed himself hoarse, cursing at Inuyasha and ordering him to grab the Tessaiga and not stand there like a sun blinded idiot, and his mate hadn't so much as flicked an ear in his direction. Inuyasha had just stood there while Naraku stalked him. He stood there while Sesshoumaru's stolen body loomed next to him, threatening his ningen friends and spewing cruel, venomous words. Sesshoumaru wanted to gag at the sight. He couldn't stand listening his own voice tearing Inuyasha into little pieces, saying phrases that Sesshoumaru himself had really used. He'd said things like this. Sesshoumaru could remember saying things like this, but watching Naraku degrade his mate with Sesshoumaru's own words made him sick with fury and pain. And Inuyasha's reaction…it was like pieces of Inuyasha's soul were dying and Sesshoumaru couldn't stop it. He couldn't get to him!
And then, that fucking abomination had clawed him, and Inuyasha hadn't even retaliated. Inuyasha's body was quivering and shocky as Naraku whispered poison into his ears and then….he'd begged. For the sake of his companions, Sesshoumaru's mate fell to his knees and begged while Sesshoumaru bellowed at him to stop. It was agonizing to see Inuyasha this way, and almost as painful to realize that his brother completely accepted Naraku as Sesshoumaru. He accepted the cruel words without a single doubt that Sesshoumaru was the one degrading him.
And why wouldn't he? Had Sesshoumaru said one kind word to Inuyasha before the past few days? Ever? He'd been cruel enough that Inuyasha thought his own mate was about to rape him and in spite of Sesshoumaru's previous words to the contrary, he believed it completely. And the pain it was causing Inuyasha's body was tearing Sesshoumaru's mind into tiny, jagged pieces. He couldn't… fucking… stand it! Sesshoumaru attacked again, screaming in rage when he was still repelled. What was he going to do?! His claws and his whip weren't strong enough to get through, but the area inside the barrier was too fucking small; he couldn't use Toukijin or he'd kill Inuyasha as he broke through.
Sesshoumaru snarled as Naraku murmured something he couldn't hear, making his mate's face pale to a sickly gray and his body leap to the edge of vomiting.
“If you touch him I will make you scream all the way into hell, Naraku!!”
Naraku shocked him a moment by flicking his eyes in Sesshoumaru's direction and smiling coldly. He knew he was there?!
“Stay away from Inuyasha!” Sesshoumaru ordered, raging as Naraku ignored him and grabbed the back of Inuyasha's head, pulling his angry, hopeless face towards his erection, and Sesshoumaru screamed at them again.
“NO! Your fight is with me!” Naraku looked fully over at him as Inuyasha closed his eyes, and the bastard positively gloated.
“Open your eyes, Inuyasha.” Naraku continued to stare straight at Sesshoumaru, and the daiyoukai's entire chest vibrated as he growled. “If you're too worthless to even bring me to climax with your mouth, I may decide to try the miko anyway and see if she can do a better job.”
Sesshoumaru saw Inuyasha comply, opening his eyes to stare at Naraku's disgusting cock. He felt his mate control the urge to heave and Sesshoumaru attacked again, feeling something close to despair for the first time in his life. He couldn't get through the damn barrier! And if he didn't get inside, Naraku was going to hurt Inuyasha. He'd hurt him and possibly break him and Sesshoumaru couldn't stop him!
Inuyasha's nose quivered, wrinkling as he drew closer to Naraku's body, and Naraku's attention suddenly focused completely on the hanyou. He yanked back on Inuyasha's hair, pulling him away.
“I think I have a better use for you, hanyou. You will wait. On your knees.” As Naraku retrieved something from his discarded clothing on the opposite bank, Inuyasha did exactly as he was told. His body was angry and frightened; Sesshoumaru could see his eyes looking desperately around him as though he was trying to find some way to escape. Constantly searching, Inuyasha looked at Tessaiga laying not far from him on the grass and disregarded it.
“Inuyasha! Pick it up, you idiotic hanyou!!” Was he so afraid of him that he wouldn't even try the Tessaiga any longer? “Dammit, Inuyasha, fight back!” Sesshoumaru attacked the barrier more frantically as Naraku returned.
Staring at Inuyasha a moment, and then over at Sesshoumaru, Naraku lashed out and dug his fist into Inuyasha's belly. Inuyasha grunted and collapsed to the ground, choking.
“On your back.” Naraku kicked Inuyasha in the side to emphasize his point, rolling him over until Inuyasha stared up at him, gasping for breath. Naraku knelt beside Inuyasha and using a cloth to protect his hand, he placed a thickened paper over the hollow of Inuyasha's throat just as the hanyou was recovering. As soon as the paper was released, Naraku smiled.
“You really are pathetic, half-breed. If you had better control and hadn't wrinkled your nose, I wouldn't have known until it was too late. You truly are a complete failure.”
Inuyasha growled, his head lifting off the ground before dropping back down with a thump. He stared at Naraku, his eyes and body growing suddenly more frightened. “Hey, what did you do to me, you fucker?!” Inuyasha's head thrashed back and forth wildly as everything below his neck lay still and boneless.
“Bound you.” Naraku reached his hand out and dug his claws into Inuyasha's arm, smiling more broadly as both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru yelled out. “You can't move anything below you neck now, half-breed. But you can still feel…” Naraku's claws withdrew from Inuyasha's arm and raked across his stomach.
“Take it off!”
Naraku smirked at him. “You sound a little more energetic now than just a moment ago. Were you thinking you could escape this? Did you still have hope, half-breed? You shouldn't.” Naraku looked over at Sesshoumaru briefly. “No one is going to save you. And we both know you're too pathetic to save yourself.”
“Leave me alone!” Inuyasha bared his teeth, snarling, and Sesshoumaru attacked the barrier again as he felt his mate's body panicking.
“I couldn't possibly leave you now, Inuyasha. Not when I can tell that your nose is starting to work again.”
Sesshoumaru cursed. So that's how Naraku was fooling his mate; he'd damaged Inuyasha's ability to scent somehow.
“I was going to enjoy having your mate rape your body until you were begging for death, but I'll admit…raping you this way might be even better.”
Naraku moved between Inuyasha's legs, shoving them wide until he knelt between them, staring at Inuyasha's horrified face with a joyous sneer. Sesshoumaru felt Inuyasha's body almost shut down as his mate watched the imposter's silver hair shorten and darken before his eyes, the stolen features moving and shifting like sand until Naraku's face smirked at him with ruby red eyes.
“Naraku…” Inuyasha whispered hoarsely. “No. You…You fucking bastard! You fucking…you were going to rape me! You…”
Naraku punched down into his stomach, knocking the air out of him again so that Inuyasha's mouth gaped soundlessly as he tried to breathe.
“Was?” Naraku asked smoothly. “I'm afraid you're under a misapprehension, half-breed. I AM going to fuck you. After all, you begged so nicely.”
Sesshoumaru howled at Naraku, pulling Toukijin, and almost howled again as he realized the sword wasn't responding to him. Even with the desperate thought that perhaps he could aim at the very edge of the barrier, he couldn't connect to the sword. The danger to Inuyasha was too great, his body wouldn't let him use it.
Dammit, if he didn't get through, Inuyasha was going to die anyway!! He attacked with his claws again, trying desperately to ignore the fear and humiliation that roared from Inuyasha's body, overwhelming his rage. Naraku's claws dug into his mate's thighs as he lifted his legs slightly, and Sesshoumaru was about to scream again when he heard the miko's voice calling faintly behind him.
“Inuyasha, are you all right? C'mon, we need you! Miroku and I can feel Naraku near here somewhere!”
That stupid miko bitch! He glared behind him, unable to see her through the trees even though he could tell she was drawing closer. Why did she have to… Sesshoumaru stopped himself and looked back at the barrier. She was supposed to be powerful, could she get through this? Could she or the monk get through this? But…it would mean asking one of the disgusting ningen for help…
“Get the fuck away from me, you slimy bastard!” Inuyasha's furious voice completely hid the panicked terror that was swirling in his body and Sesshoumaru looked at him. His mate's pale naked body was being positioned for Naraku's rape, and unless Sesshoumaru did something immediately, he'd be too late.
He needed their help.
Sesshoumaru turned and sprinted towards Kagome's voice.