InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Uke ❯ What Happens in the Night ( Chapter 29 )

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Chapter 29 - What happens in the night
Sesshoumaru's eyes rested on the head that lay on his lap, silver hair shining in the mid-morning sun. His claws combed through his brother's mane as his voice murmured the now-familiar melody. Gazing at milky skin, dark lashes brushing against cheeks just dusted with rosy color, he swallowed. His brother's entire torso was across Sesshoumaru's crossed legs by this point, his hands curled up underneath his head on top of white clad thighs. The smallest shift rubbed him against Sesshoumaru; it had been pushing the Daiyoukai towards lust driven insanity all night, and now it was well into the morning and had yet to stop. With his hand in Inuyasha's hair, he couldn't even reach down to adjust the demanding part of his anatomy that was standing up and begging for relief. He shouldn't have come near Inuyasha, he told himself.
As with the previous fifty- one times he'd repeated that phrase, Inuyasha's pain clawed into his chest until it felt bloody and wounded, and he remained where he was. It would be better if he weren't holding his mate, watching his chest rise and fall softly as he slept, feeling the heavy weight of him pressing down on his thighs. He knew this was only going to make things worse. Inuyasha certainly wouldn't thank him for it. How could Sesshoumaru move, though, when the brat was in so much pain? It hurt him, having this sympathetic ache creeping through his body against his will. Inuyasha whimpered, and Sesshoumaru felt his stomach clutch with guilt and shame from his brother's childhood. Inuyasha cried out in his sleep, and Sesshoumaru's head vibrated with the crackling pain he knew came from terror.
If Sesshoumaru didn't want to be constantly bombarded with this agony from his brother, he'd have to stay here. It made being inside his own skin bearable, as well as being his responsibility. He was responsible for so much of this pain. If only he'd taken Inuyasha with him when he'd left to fetch Rin and Jaken…
Inuyasha whined and Sesshoumaru realized he'd stopped humming. His voice grumbled again with the slow tune and his brother calmed. With a small sigh, Inuyasha's hand gripped tightly to the thigh cradling his head. The humming hitched as the Sesshoumaru caught his breath. Watching soft ears and pale skin, listening to the deep beat of his heart, scenting the almost childishly sweet air from his body - the unending temptation wouldn't let up, intruding upon his senses until the only thing that erased it was Inuyasha's pain.
He'd tried to remind himself of how frustrating Inuyasha could be. He needed to take the edge off his desire to push Inuyasha down onto the grass and begin ripping off his clothing. As a distraction, however, it failed miserably. It was impossible to see the irritating creature he was so familiar with in this soft, sleeping boy. Old enough to have finally entered adulthood Inuyasha might be, but still, he was barely more than a child: a hurt, frightened, erotically stunning boy-child who seemed too vulnerable right now for Sesshoumaru to feel as though he could justify taking what he wanted. As Inuyasha made a face in his sleep, wrinkling his nose in a truly rather adorable fashion, Sesshoumaru's voice halted.
It had been so difficult, all night. He hadn't slept in 5 days, and still, he'd controlled himself admirably - all night, all morning, and not by one motion had he betrayed himself. Surely one touch would be acceptable, he thought. A reward for his restraint. Eyes flowing down Inuyasha's body, he was drawn back to his face. Such soft skin for such a harsh life, it always looked as though it were made of pale cream. He moved his hand and ran his finger along the curved line of Inuyasha's nose, smoothing the tiny scrunches forming there before they took hold. His eyes continued down and paused over lips just barely open, soft from sleep.
He should move away now, he thought, swallowing heavily as his erection surged.
Touching him was a mistake. It only made the contrast between what he desired and what he had sworn to wait for that much worse. Besides, Inuyasha was sure to wake soon - it was amazing that he hadn't done so already - and Sesshoumaru did not want to be discovered with his brother over his legs like this. He could only imagine Inuyasha's reaction. That level of drama was strictly for ningen, not Daiyoukai. A soft whimper drifted in the air and he started humming automatically, running his hand again over Inuyasha's hair, stroking it smoothly until his brother calmed. With a soft voiced sigh, his brother's arms and legs relaxed, rolling outward until he was settled again in a limp, exposed splay across Sesshoumaru's legs.
He should move away now.
The hard member that had plagued him almost constantly during the night grew even larger and nudged Inuyasha's face with an involuntary twitch. His brother murmured and rubbed his face against the bulging white hakama. Inuyasha smiled softly, his tongue darting out to lick his lips with a sleepy mumble. Sesshoumaru shivered as he fought to stay away from the petal soft rosy glistening. All he had to do was lean over and take a small taste. The musk of his own arousal swirled around him in an eddy of wind and he growled. It would be so easy.
He should move away. NOW.
He couldn't take much more of this, he thought, freezing when Inuyasha squirmed again, his brother's hand creeping up Sesshoumaru's thigh to grasp obscenely close to his groin. When his grip tightened and started moving even higher, the fabric beginning to constrain the hardening cock hidden there, Sesshoumaru began to hum again desperately. Inuyasha reacted by softening against Sesshoumaru's body, just as he had every time the melody had started during the night. His hand fell back nearer to Sesshoumaru's knee.
Sesshoumaru blew out his breath, trying to ignore the positively mournful twitch of his cock. At least his brother wasn't in danger of toppling to the ground any longer. The second time Sesshoumaru had vocalized after Inuyasha's first nightmare, Inuyasha had relaxed so thoroughly he'd almost fallen over until Sesshoumaru had turned slightly so the puppy lay against his chest. Each consecutive nightmare had ended with another bout of humming and Inuyasha slumping down a little more until he'd ended half splayed over Sesshoumaru's lap, almost exactly where he was now. Perhaps he would remain calm until he woke, he thought.
Before Sesshoumaru could completely relax with the vain hope, Inuyasha muttered, turning and nuzzling against a tense thigh with his cheek. Sesshoumaru clenched his hand in his brother's hair. He relaxed with an effort, breathing in deeply before letting his fingers soften, smoothing them over his dried, silk haori Inuyasha had wrapped around his shoulders again. His brother squirmed one more time, thrashed wildly with a grunt and a jerk, and ended lying on his back with his head falling off one side of Sesshoumaru's lap. His neck arched in the awkward position and a soft pulsing in his throat caught Sesshoumaru's eye. With a burning fire raging up from his groin, Sesshoumaru could barely contain the urge to lean over and lick up his brother's neck until he reached the sweet, rich taste of his lips. Soft and open, they couldn't have been more perfectly presented, as though they were asking him to kiss them.
Inuyasha MUST be close to waking, he thought, staring at his mouth.
He focused on Inuyasha's ears as they twitched back and forth, brushing the grass from their upside down position. How had his brother survived all this time, if he slept so soundly, he wondered. He tried to ignore his hand as it left pale hair and moved across to the arched tautness of Inuyasha's stomach. Stroking the glaringly red fabric covering it, he couldn't stop himself as he visualized what it would look like. He hadn't seen it yet, he realized. Even when he'd watched Inuyasha washing himself after he'd come over Sesshoumaru's lap, he'd only seen him from behind. He had no idea what the flat, strong surface would look like when it was exposed.
His mind provided him with its own speculation: well developed muscles covered with more of his soft, pale skin that would shine with the sunlight covering them. He could see the sharp protrusion of his hips bones, the skin sloping towards his groin and the soft, frosted hair there and -
He should move away now, he swore at himself, just stopping his hand before it started to undo the ties on Inuyasha's hakama. He couldn't take this any more. He didn't even understand how his body could react this way! His chest still felt as though a vicious rat was trying to gnaw its way out. His head was raw and wounded. His throat ached as though he were choking with the need to do something to fix Inuyasha.
How could he feel this constant, unrelenting pain from Inuyasha and STILL become so aroused he couldn't ignore it? It was intolerable! He needed something else to think about, to distract himself. That miserable monk, the frustrating miko, Jaken, Rin…
Lord Sesshoumaru is in love”
Sesshoumaru closed his eyes, hearing her voice inside his head. It certainly brought his mind to different concerns; it made him cringe. He should have told her not to repeat her thoughts on the subject to the other ningen. The humiliation of any of them thinking that Sesshoumaru could possibly feel such a demeaning emotion was staggering. The entire premise was abhorrent, and the humans were just perverse enough that they might believe it. They wouldn't comprehend a mate's natural need to protect his uke, or how ignoring his uke's suffering would become so untenable as a course of action.
Sesshoumaru hadn't actually understood it completely himself, he admitted. But now he understood; it was a normal part of their bond. Obviously.
Lord Sesshoumaru is in love.”
Scowling, he could see the monk's smirk quite clearly in his head. If he killed the man, would Inuyasha recover from that? It was an odd thought, he realized after a moment. It wasn't that he hadn't known Inuyasha didn't care for his little tribe of humans, but the fact that Sesshoumaru was considering his wishes in all of this… A very, very odd thought.
This pain of Inuyasha's was affecting him more than he'd thought.
Lord Sesshoumaru-”
He wasn't going to think about the potential humiliation any longer. The need to simply erase Inuyasha's companions from existence would be too strong.
Lord Sesshoumaru-“
Lord Sesshoumaru-“
“I said cease!”
“Lord Sesshoumaru, where are you?”
“I-…Rin?” Sesshoumaru turned his head towards the village and heard it again.
“Lord Sesshoumaru, where are you?”
“Rin?” It wasn't in his own head any longer, and had he been speaking out loud?! He glanced down. To his relief, Inuyasha slept on. It was astounding how deeply he slept. Sesshoumaru had never approached him when he'd slept on his own; he'd always assumed that Inuyasha would be too on guard to get near, but maybe he should have given it more thought. If he'd been able to get close enough to touch -
“Lord Sesshoumaru -“
“Here, Rin,” Sesshoumaru said, interrupting thoughts best left alone. The past couldn't be changed. He inhaled and caught Rin's scent and that of Inuyasha's group, instantly reassuring him that she was not alone and unprotected.
Looking down at Inuyasha again, he twitched. He was sitting in a vulnerable position, with Inuyasha across his lap, and humans were about to witness it. He needed to stand immediately.
As muscles bunched to stand and dump Inuyasha to the ground, another pathetic whine came from his brother and Sesshoumaru stopped immediately. His hand rubbed in circles over Inuyasha's stomach while he growled and hummed at the same time. What the hell was wrong with him? He needed to stand; the humans could not be permitted to see Sesshoumaru in a position such as this.
Why couldn't he force himself to move? With another growl he reached up to Inuyasha's shoulders. He'd shake him awake and then go to the other side of the clearing before the ningen took the last few steps to intrude fully on their little camp. Inuyasha and he could both avoid the potential humiliation…as long as Rin hadn't talked too much to the others about their `conversation' on the way to the village.
An even fainter whine emerged, small and puppyish. Inuyasha's body wriggled and Sesshoumaru's brow furrowed faintly. It was a different sound than he'd heard during the night. What was Inuyasha dreaming about now? He inhaled, focusing on the scents beneath him instead of trying to catch the more distant ones on the wind. Inuyasha was...aroused. His eyes widened in shock, his nostrils flaring while his hand clenched over Inuyasha's slim shoulder. He could smell his brother's sweetness growing dark with lust and he moaned, leaning forward, the world forgotten…
…until Rin and the others broke into the clearing.
Holding onto his arms with claws that bit in deeply, thin rivulets of blood flowing down to drip off his elbows, Inuyasha stumbled across the gray plateau. His nude body shook. His skin felt so cold it should be numb, but the icy stillness continued to bite deeper. His flesh was frozen, his muscles cracked with pain, even his stomach and lungs were filled with sharp razors of ice. He struggled to remember something different, something that wasn't cold and frozen, but his mind was blank. Nothing could overcome the horrible cold creeping under his skin to solidify his bones into frozen agony.
“I'm cold.”
His voice echoed in empty stillness as he continued to shamble forward, and his eyes stung. Tears froze on his cheeks. He waited for an answer that never came. No one was there. The sound of his breathing filled his ears, overwhelming the faint rasp of his dragging feet against the sterile soil. Nothing surrounded him but icy clouds of gray and flat dirt that ran into the mist, but…he waited for an answer. Someone was supposed to answer, weren't they? He couldn't be all alone. Not like this. He had to have somebody.
His stomach clenched and growled with hunger. It gnawed at him, eating him from the inside out and he remembered. He knew this. So hungry; gods, always so hungry when the seasons grew cold. His belly in hollow agony, he grit his teeth and kept walking. His mind shied away from trying to recall what he'd last eaten. It wouldn't help him find food; it just made him more desperate if it had been too long. Cold peeling his skin from his body, he kept shuffling forward. He couldn't fall asleep. Shelter, and then food, and he couldn't fall asleep. His jaw ached from chattering teeth that wouldn't stay still. He needed to get warm. All he wanted was a little warmth, just enough to remember what it felt like.
“I'm c-cold,” he whispered softly. Wasn't someone supposed to be here? “Please…”
He turned, looking for the voice, but there was nothing but the uncaring blue-gray of winter skies.
“No more pain, now.” The soft murmur was warm in the air around him and he took a few tottering steps in the direction he thought it might have come from before collapsing on legs that finally stopped working.
“It hurts.” He shook his head, trying to rise up, scraping himself along the ground with freezing wounds.
“Shhhhh. I'm here now.” A soft brush of heat followed the curve of his head, over his hair and down his back. Miniscule ripples of sensation spread across his body in its wake. He moaned as it sunk into his skin to wash against the aches inside. Pushing himself up onto his knees, he looked around and still saw nothing.
But there was music. Gentle, with a deep pure sound, the melody slowly painted the world with bright color and warmth. Gray shifted until it glowed with bright tones. The icy puffs of air from his breath dissipated until each breath no longer seared his lungs. Swaying on his knees, he turned his head, looking. Someone was supposed to be here.
“Where are you?”
“I'm here now.” Soothing heat poured over his head again, melting the icy burn along his skull in a shocking tingle. It spread down his spine and wrapped around his body.
“Mmmmmm.” Inuyasha's voice rumbled and he pushed back, sinking into golden warmth until he reclined in mid-air, his shins kneeling along the ground as his head lolled back on invisible heat. His hair fell down to the ground in an uninterrupted curtain. Coated in light, his pain dimmed until he could barely find it. Ripples of song fluttered against his skin, moving against his stomach and chest as he waited, holding his breath. The sensation was small, just a brush of sunlight fingers, but it sent jolts of heat down into his skin. It was so…wonderful.
His belly began to tighten. His flesh was caressed in strokes so soft his mind could only follow the path of the heat left in their wake. Nipples were teased with flicks of glistening sunlight as he moaned. Without pausing, the glowing sweetness coated his ears, ruffling his fur while sliding over the delicate skin until his cock grew thick with need.
Hazy warmth and lust slid over his mind while his hips slowly pressed forward, trying to find something. His fingers twitched and his hand moved before he stopped himself.
“Go ahead, puppy.” A deep murmur against his skin pushed at his arm and his fingers crept down to touch the familiar form of his own member. Shifting his hips, he thrust up again, into his hands. The rasp of his skin as it moved over his own prick had him whining softly. He moved slowly, his thighs flexing as he pressed into himself, exploring the feel of his own flesh. Firm, hotter than he would have thought, aching until he moved again and pushed into the tight column of his hand. His balls drew up against his body, full and taut feeling.
“Ahhh, niiiice.” Leaning his head back while his buttocks clenched, he closed his eyes. The bright, humming warmth moved up his naked chest and stroked to his neck, soft brushes against flesh, heating him everywhere. His face felt hot, his back melted against something firm and strong.
Everything froze as he felt the stirring warmth reach the base of his spine and curl underneath his bottom. His hand gripped his prick too tightly as his hips jerked to try and move away. Eyes wide and staring, he whimpered.
“No. No, I don't want that. Stay away.”
“Shhhhh. I won't hurt you.” The feeling stayed, softly stroking.
“Stay AWAY!” Inuyasha's limbs were tangled in sunbeams as he started to thrash. The air around him began to cool. He panicked as they kept him still while something moved over the cheeks of his ass, heating along the crease in between. “No, not again. Not again, no no no no no.”
While tears came to his eyes, the pressure moved away, sliding back up his back, and Inuyasha sobbed in relief. His body shook with tremors as flickers of ice cut at him before the warmth soothed them away with smooth caresses.
“Gods, not again. I couldn't… “ Unable to run away with his body enmeshed in the living heat that wound over and around him, he turned his head, letting his hair fall over his eyes. Hiding. Gods…
He choked in surprise as a hand gently stroked along the column of his throat and tilted his head back up. Golden eyes looked into his own from a pale face. The corner of a sensual pair of lips quirked up softly at the corner.
“I won't hurt you, whelp,” Sesshoumaru's voice crooned at him, and his face drew closer until Inuyasha could feel the soft pressure of his lips against his own.
He stared, afraid to blink. Sesshoumaru? No, that couldn't be right. Sesshoumaru wasn't warm; he was ice cold. He couldn't be here. He didn't feel like this.
He didn't have two arms.
Fingers replaced the warmth on his back and glided down as his brother's soft tongue delicately painted the length of his lower lip. Inuyasha whimpered again, tensing as Sesshoumaru's hand moved low enough to cup his naked bottom, the other hand gently cradling his face.
Sesshoumaru pulled away, brushing his thumb over Inuyasha's lips as the hanyou stared dumbly. “Easy now. Nothing will hurt you any more. No more pain.”
Swallowing, he stared, the gold of his brother's eyes expanding until it was all he could see.
“S-Sesshoumaru, I don't-“ He jumped as Sesshoumaru's hands shifted and hot fingers pressed against him intimately. Breathing stopped, pleasure stopped - his body solidified into one hard lump as he waited for pain.
“Shhhhh. I told you, nothing will hurt you any more. You're safe. I'll take care you now.” Heat spread from the hand on his backside, racing over his skin until it glowed. He tried to push it away, but it sizzled along every nerve before sinking in like water on silk. Every muscle in his body softened against it. He felt dripping with something pleasurable and clean, something healthy and bright that flowed through him, settling inside to scour away the pain. It made him shiver so badly he would have fallen if the light and Sesshoumaru weren't holding him up.
“I'll take care of you now,” Sesshoumaru repeated, his hand still as he leaned in and kissed Inuyasha. His tongue slipped through the entrance of Inuyasha's mouth, caressing along the slick insides of his cheeks, memorizing his teeth and his tongue, arousing him again.
Inuyasha heard himself moan into Sesshoumaru's mouth. His hips pushed forward and his naked arousal rubbed against a slick stomach. He whimpered, whining a little for more. The slim fingers cupping him intimately shifted, pressing against his entrance, and the soft slide as one digit entered made his anal ring convulse.
And it felt good.
Inuyasha woke up with a hoarse gasp, his body and mind hot and shocked and aching. His eyes popped open to see Sesshoumaru's face a few inches from his own.
“Gaaaaah!” He flailed for a moment before he got his arms up and shoved hard. Sesshoumaru jerked back from him and Inuyasha was jostled harshly as his brother's legs rocked from the blow along with the rest of the daiyoukai's body. With a horrified snap, his mind figured out exactly how his body was intertwined with Sesshoumaru's.
He was on his lap. Shit, what the hell was going on?! Fucking dream and then…
“What the f-fuck are you doing, asshole?!” Inuyasha rolled off of him quickly enough to scrape his palms against the ground and he ended crouched on the balls on his feet, glaring at Sesshoumaru with a low growl in his throat. “You fucking stay away from me, got that?!” His cock ached and he couldn't stop the shivers that wracked his body. It had felt good. Dear Gods, it had felt good. He was sick; it didn't feel good that way! His belly boiled at the thought that his brother had been able to get under him without him even damn well waking up. Sesshoumaru had been so close he could have done anything to him.
“Don't fucking even think about touching me, you hear me, asshole?” He tried to clear his head, dream and reality mixing as he stared at his brother. He'd touched him. Gods, he'd touched him. Inuyasha shook, clenching his fists. It hadn't happened. This time, it hadn't happened. He was just…holding him. Heat ran over his cheeks and he growled deep in his chest. Sesshoumaru was a fucking prick.
And he hated Inuyasha. And he wouldn't take him anyway, and… Inuyasha shook his head; he couldn't damn well think like this!
Especially with his brother's emotions right now - he felt utterly stunned. Inuyasha stared at him hard; Sesshoumaru's pupils were pinpricks of darkness as he looked back at Inuyasha without responding, his face paler than usual. What could he be planning?
“D-did you here me?!” Why was he looking like that?
“I believe everyone can hear you at this point, Inuyasha.” The amused voice came from behind him and he whipped around, Tessaiga drawn, to face down Miroku and the whole damn group. “And here we were worried that something might have happened to you, staying away from the village this long.”
Shippou and Rin giggled, and the women and the dumb wolf lackeys smiled and shifted their feet, smelling of embarrassment. Miroku and Kouga, though, were just looking at him, barely smirking. It was fucking creepy. They stood there silently, not one more wise-ass crack, and after they had fucking caught him on Sesshoumaru's freaking lap! What the fuck was wrong with them?
And where was the damn kappa?
He looked around, almost expecting to find him about to spew fire from his staff, and finally spotted a pair of legs lying on the ground behind Rin. The creepy little bastard was out cold.
Saved him the effort of knocking his whiny ass out the next time he said something. Stupid moron.
“What the hell are you all staring at?!” he snarled, shivering more now as it really sunk in that they were all there. So everyone had snuck up on him while he slept? That had never happened before in his life! What the fuck was wrong with him?
Sesshoumaru stood up behind him and he twisted, backing up so he could keep everyone within sight. He still had his clothes on, so Sesshoumaru hadn't done anything, he reminded himself, breathing heavily as his dream floated in front of his eyes. That hadn't happened. He was okay. Nothing was touching him.
“I'll take care of you now.”
And that was never gonna fucking happen in a billion damn years. Sesshoumaru would never say that; Inuyasha didn't want him too anyway, he reminded himself. He didn't need him to do anything but stay the hell away. Just because he'd been less of an asshole last night than he normal was - not by much, but a little - didn't mean shit. People didn't change that much. In fact, Inuyasha realized he was feeling arousal inside his head along with everything else. Proved his point: people didn't change.
Could Sesshoumaru had touched him last night and Inuyasha had slept right through it?
Flinching at the thought, his body going cold, he tried to look down at himself without taking his eyes off of anyone. His clothes didn't look any looser than normal. They would if he'd been touched, wouldn't they?
Sesshoumaru stuck out his arm, palm up, and Inuyasha leapt away from him defensively. The irritated look on his brother's face actually helped him calm down after a moment. It was the first time he'd seen it this morning, and it was infinitely preferable to the strange, white-faced shock from before. He waited for him to say something insulting, like the fucker usually did.
“My haori. Return it.” Not once did Sesshoumaru look at the group watching their interaction, as though it didn't even matter that they were around, but Inuyasha was amazed to feel a flushed embarrassment floating in his brother's mind. He was standing half dressed, his under things and lack of armor an odd contrast to his usual perfectly arranged clothing. Inuyasha thought it was the best thing he'd seen in years, and he suddenly felt quite a bit better. His shiver subsided to little twitches within his muscles. His own humiliation might be burning in his veins, but Sesshoumaru was actually fucking embarrassed too! His brother was upset and shocked, and Inuyasha stared at him in wonder as he realized it.
His `mate' was completely flustered being seen like this.
With a grin, Inuyasha held onto the haori tightly, feeling a vicious sort of satisfaction. “I'm keeping it, bastard, and there's nothing…ow, stop! Shit!”
Sitting on the ground, his head spinning, Inuyasha glared up at Sesshoumaru, who had come and yanked the haori out of his hands so quickly it had spun his ass down into the ground. “Fucking bastard. You just think you can…”
“I could have retained my clothing in the first place and you would not have had this reason to complain.” Sesshoumaru's voice was cold. He glared at the others. “You are not welcome here. Inuyasha will be over to see you when he feels the urge. Everyone but Rin, leave.”
Inuyasha's sputtering protests were ignored as everyone looked at them both for a moment and then turned to leave.
“We'll see you soon, Inuyasha,” Miroku said over his shoulder.
“I'll put on some ramen for you,' Kagome added softly, looking back only briefly before turning away. Rin sat down on the grass next to Jaken, and when everyone else had gone too far to hear clearly anymore, Sesshoumaru turned from Inuyasha and began to dress himself.
“I require my armor from you now, Inuyasha. You will retrieve it,” Sesshoumaru said. Inuyasha glared at him. He was still fucking embarrassed as hell. And he'd snuck up on Inuyasha and probably planned something perverted for him before they'd been interrupted, he thought with a nervous shudder.
Inuyasha really wanted to hurt him.
“You want your armor, you can damn well get it yourself,” he snarled, turning away from Sesshoumaru to walk after his friends.
“You have yet to reveal where you secreted it.” Irritation was glossing over everything, but Inuyasha could tell Sesshoumaru was STILL a bit shocked. The bastard was really having a mental hissy over everyone seeing him.
Inuyasha shook his head, trying to rid himself of his own reaction. Dammit, he was never going to fucking live it down, and he…he didn't want Sesshoumaru touching him like that. Sesshoumaru had been too close.
Inuyasha took a deep, shaky breath as he kept walking, stepping into the woods by himself. He could do this, he thought, testing the air and looking around him constantly as he moved. He wasn't helpless. He wasn't going to BE helpless, he vowed to himself, and he whipped around at a sound behind him.
His brother stood on the trail at his back, with Rin trailing behind. She peeked around her guardian and waved at Inuyasha with a big grin on her face. He wanted to charge Sesshoumaru right then and there, but that sweet little kid was gonna make it impossible. Dammit.
“Inuyasha. I have waited long enough. You will tell me where you hid my armor.”
Inuyasha sneered at him, hiding his hands inside his sleeves to hide their shaking. He could still feel his brother kissing him, from the night before and the dream both, and it was freaking wrong. “Why don't you find it yourself? I thought a Daiyoukai could just sniff it out with that damn nose of yours. Or are there some things the high and mighty Sesshoumaru can't do?”
Gods it felt good to piss him off, Inuyasha thought, feeling tendrils of anger creeping in through Sesshoumaru's mind. The jackass had been laughing at him, and lusting after him, for so damn long. It had been getting hard to remember what other feelings in his brother's head felt like.
He didn't even want to think about the queer softeness that crept in periodically. It made him want to squirm.
But this…his armor was really pissing him off. Inuyasha had hoped it would; if he had anything to say about it, Sesshoumaru wasn't getting it back for fucking years. And he was still embarrassed. Good. Server him right, fucker! Although maybe he should warn his friends. The bastard had probably left them alone because of the kid being around. When she wasn't there, Sesshoumaru might try to hurt them. He didn't seem like he was pissed at them right now, but Inuyasha needed to be careful until he figured out how to keep them safe no matter what. He had to be able to find a way to do that without abasing himself. There had to be a way.
“You are well aware you did something to hide its scent, brat,” Sesshoumaru growled, taking a step towards him.
Inuyasha's skin tingled. He could almost feel claws digging into his skin. With a look to ensure himself that the kid still a bit behind his brother, and out or range, he snarled back.
“Then looks like you're shit outta luck, huh, Bastard? Kiss that fucking armor good bye.”
“Inuyasha…” A violent warning growl rumbled in Sesshoumaru's throat and through Inuyasha's head. Inuyasha couldn't stop the feeling of cold that sluiced over his skin with the feeling. He shook himself. No, he was NOT going to be intimidated by the bastard. Not EVER! No one was going to fucking make him scared like that ever again.
Before he could speak, Sesshoumaru's entire posture changed. His growling stopped. Head tilting, he looked at Inuyasha. His voice changed.
“Inuyasha…” It was a sigh more than it was words. “The armor was a gift from father.” Sesshoumaru stood perfectly still, as though he were waiting for Inuyasha to hand it over just because he said something like that.
Fuck. Yeah, pick the one fucking thing to say to make him feel guilty. Well it wasn't going to fucking work. He didn't owe Sesshoumaru for jack shit, and he sure as shit didn't care if the fucker lost something father had given him just because he was a bossy bastard who had thought he could order Inuyasha around.
Fucker. Asshole. Holding him at night when he should have stayed on the other side of the damn camp. Inuyasha belly fluttered as he imagined Sesshoumaru staring down at him. That dream…what if Sesshoumaru HAD touched him? Why would he have a dream like that unless Sesshoumaru had been fucking with him? It had to be something like that. He'd never think of the bastard that way, otherwise.
He didn't want something like that. Someone impaling him brutally until the scent of his own blood was so thick in the air he choked on the stench. Baring his fangs, Inuyasha stared at Sesshoumaru through a red haze. He better not have touched him last night.
“No, Rin.”
The small jerk caught his eyes and he looked at Sesshoumaru's hand curled over Rin's shoulder, holding her still. She must have come around from behind him.
“Leave Inuyasha alone for the moment,” Sesshoumaru ordered quietly.
“She can fucking come near whenever she likes, bastard. SHE ain't the asshole around here.” He looked down at his hands, noticing his fingers curved and ready to strike, and wanted to take it back. He hadn't seen her, had he? He'd been ready to take out Sesshoumaru if he so much as sneezed, but he hadn't even seen her. He could have killed her. Sesshoumaru was actually right for once.
How could he have thought for even a moment that he was safe to be around?
“No. I- I changed my mind. You…just stay the hell away from me too, kid. I don't wanna be bothered by an annoying little brat all the time.” His chest ached deep down as he waited for her look of hurt like Kagome always got when he yelled at her.
Instead, she smiled over at him. “I won't bother you at all, Inuyasha! I'll be so quiet you won't even know I'm here!” Then she tilted her head, exactly duplicating how Sesshoumaru had looked at him a few minutes before. She raised one finger and shook it at him gently. “You should give back Lord Sesshoumaru's armor. That's not a nice trick to play on him. People shouldn't steal like that.” She broke off and her smile dimmed for a moment.
Rallying, she smiled again, almost as brightly, but he thought he saw one small tear on the corner of her eye. “It's not nice. They took the things from Rin's house, when mama and father died. They wanted me to go away. It's bad, to do that. You shouldn't take Lord Sesshoumaru's things.”
Shit, it was a tear! And now it was trailing down her cheek even while she smiled at him.
“I- I- uh…” He was not going to tell Sesshoumaru where his stuff was because of one stupid little kid and a stupid little tear.
“You shouldn't take people's things,” she repeated, and suddenly looked very worried. “You- you didn't break Lord Sesshoumaru's clothing, did you? It's very special.” Her eyes looked up at him, big and, he would swear, on the verge of more tears.
“No! I didn't fucking break it, I just…” Her eyebrows rose as though trying to help him remember what he'd done with the metal crap, and he held his breath, letting it out with a frustrated woosh. Dammit it all to hell! This was ridiculous!
She was just some fucking strange kid that hung around his brother. He looked away from her, glaring at the side of the path before turning back to get stuck looking into her soft brown eyes. This was such shit! He didn't care what she thought, or how she felt, or if she cried a damn river big enough to make it to the ocean. He didn't give one rat's ass about her. Nothing. Her eyes blinked up at his as one last tear trembled on her lashes. He growled.
“Fuck. You want you freaking armor? Just…fuck, I'll take you to the damn crap and you can get it yourself!”
Stupid kids and their stupid eyes and stupid tears and…fuck. Inuyasha turned and veered from the path, heading away from the village with an angry, nervous stomping as he still tried to see everything around him while they walked. Sesshoumaru followed, Rin trailing him, and Inuyasha grit his teeth at the amusement his brother was projecting.
He still fucking hated him. He'd see just how funny the bastard thought it was when he saw what had happened to his precious damn armor.
Sesshoumaru watched Inuyasha's back, focusing on his amusement over Rin's blatant emotional blackmail. He desperately needed something to focus on right now. Ever since Inuyasha had opened his eyes, he'd had to struggle with himself. The discovery he'd made was too awful to be borne. One moment was all it had taken. His brother had opened his eyes and yelled, his body throbbing with arousal and the aches and pains that seemed to go along with his mental state, and all of it had rushed into Sesshoumaru's head. The odd scent and racing heart of his fear was unmistakable, threaded through with the painful prickling of embarrassment and worry. Everything had poured into him as soon as Inuyasha's mind was awake and affecting his body.
Coping with the sudden onslaught, he'd realized something that made his blood freeze. He'd literally been struck dumb with shock. If Inuyasha's pain was affecting him now, rushing into his body the moment he awakened, why had Sesshoumaru been feeling it all night long? If he wasn't feeling Inuyasha's physical reaction to his guilt and shame and terror, whose had it been?!
Slapping a branch out of the way as Inuyasha deliberately let it fall back after he passed, Sesshoumaru ground his fangs together.
What the hell had been happening to his body last night?