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Chapter 30 - Slimed
Miroku listened to the women chatting as they walked away from Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha, their conversation peppered with hopeful smiles as they discussed the two males' new `relationship.' In different circumstances, Miroku thought he would have joined in. He almost did. In spite of everything, it did seem as though there was hope for Inuyasha and his brother.
Miroku still had trouble believing what they'd seen. Even with Sesshoumaru's obvious concern for Inuyasha, Miroku would never have thought it extended so far as to let the hanyou sleep over him. The hanyou had been curled around him like a sleeping child, and Sesshoumaru had allowed it. Inuyasha's frantic retreat and Sesshoumaru's angry glare couldn't disguise the sight that had first met them all: two males cuddling.
Who would have ever envisioned such a thing? Inuyasha had looked brittle enough to snap when Miroku had come too close yesterday, but he'd trusted Sesshoumaru enough to sleep with him. Hope, he reminded himself. A glimmer of a future for the two of them. And if the horror of the last few days was what it took to push the wary males together, maybe that would partially assuage the guilt that gnawed at Miroku's belly. Over Inuyasha, in any case.
Unfortunately, Miroku had more than enough self-disgust to make up for it. No one other than Kouga had noticed his depressed spirits - the one comment he'd been able to tease Inuyasha with had staved off detection for a while. But once Ginta and Hakkaku stopped entertaining the others, he wasn't sure how well he could keep up the façade. Any smiles he had now were too false, even for him.
Miroku's eyes caught Kouga's and slid away from the matching worry and pain. The Gods had finally punished him for his eavesdropping and spying, he supposed. Although this one time, he'd had nothing but good intentions. After putting Rin and Shippou to bed, the women had gone out to bathe. What man would allow them out alone, after what had just happened to a member of their party already? He and Kouga had merely been watching over them - he hadn't even looked!
Mostly because Kouga would have torn out his eyes, but the fact remained that his intentions, and his actions, had been pure. He'd never expected what they'd overheard, however. Sango had been almost irrational over Rin, and Miroku hadn't been feeling very forgiving of either her or Kagome's inability to help Inuyasha through his pain. But he'd completely forgotten-
“Everything's fucked up now, huh, monk?” Kouga asked in an undertone. Miroku saw Shippou's head turn to see what they were talking about and he glared at him until the kit focused on Kagome again.
Miroku had to clear his throat before he could speak. “It was too much to hope that all life's pain would end when Naraku passed from this world. But sometimes it's easy to forget…” He sighed softly. “I don't believe anyone has been thinking clearly since his attack.”
“Can we…fix it?”
Miroku couldn't look at him. His voice was soft when he answered. “There's nothing to fix. The best we can do is just be there for them, as long as we can, and move on.”
“Easier for you than me, though, isn't it? At least you have your woman's affection,” Kouga said bitterly.
Miroku didn't answer; he was still trying to cope with everything else. Hidden casually among all the women's talk, Sango's confession of her feelings for Miroku had stunned him. It was the one bright ember left in his personal life right now, and he felt as though discussing it could blow it out like a candle.
“We'll get through this, just as Inuyasha will,” he finally said. Kouga grunted, his eyes never leaving Kagome's figure ahead of him. They followed them back to the village, thinking quietly with shadows in their eyes.
Sesshoumaru stood to the side of Inuyasha and withheld a growl by the skin of his teeth. He wanted to grab his brother by the hair and shake him. Throw him over his knee and beat on his pale backside until it was as red as his clothing. The brat needed to be beaten for hours over this!
“Nothin' to say, asshole?” Inuyasha's smug grin had Sesshoumaru's eyes flashing red. The hanyou took a few careful steps back, his body tensing instantly.
And that was enough to snap Sesshoumaru back. Yes, the whelp deserved to be punished for this, but now was not the time. Later, when he'd recovered some of himself, Inuyasha's backside could pay the penalty for treating father's gift in such a disgusting manner. But not yet. He wasn't whole yet. Although looking at the disgusting pit that might, by some stretch of the imagination, be called a pond, it was very tempting to beat him anyway. Sesshoumaru held back a growl as he glared at it.
Clipped tones were the best he could manage at restraining his snarl. “You. Will. Retrieve. This. Now, Inuyasha.”
He could feel his brother's body shaking slightly - some strange combination of recognizable fear, and something else. Scenting the air, Sesshoumaru had a feeling he was finding out what `smug' felt like inside Inuyasha's body.
“Fuck. No. I went to the trouble of sticking the damn shit down there; I ain't getting it out for you. You want it, go get it.”
Sesshoumaru wrinkled his nose, the stench from the rotting vegetation that clogged the water making it hard to breathe without choking. Even in the sunlight, the pond looked black and sickly. And he wasn't the only one to think so. Rin was still hiding behind Sesshoumaru's leg; she'd retreated the moment she'd had a good look at the liquid. He was sure she thought it was some hideous form of youkai that might try to consume the child if she ventured too close.
Sesshoumaru couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't; he'd never seen such a disgusting stew in his life. And according to Inuyasha, his armor was in it! His blood boiled again, as hotly as the moment when Inuyasha had informed him of what he'd done. The devious little brat should be the one to retrieve it, but Sesshoumaru didn't know how to make him do it. It was one thing to force his brother to sit down and rest. Trying to force him to dive into a pond and perform this task was an entirely different matter.
A threat of being turned over Sesshoumaru's knee might sway him. It would be much more effective if he threatened to make Inuyasha come as he had before, but all Sesshoumaru could see when he thought of that was Inuyasha's eyes, bright with terror and self-loathing as he looked up at Sesshoumaru and thought he was Naraku. Not to mention that the whimpers escaping Inuyasha's throat during the night still echoed in his head.
And worse, the feelings in Sesshoumaru's head wouldn't let him rest, either. He still felt Inuyasha's pain, duller today, but certainly still there in a very physical way. And last night, he'd felt…
He'd felt something that wasn't possible. It was impossible that all that pain and physical sorrow Sesshoumaru had felt weren't from Inuyasha. It didn't matter that Inuyasha's suffering had sprung into his head this morning as his brother had woken up. It couldn't mean what Sesshoumaru's deepest fears thought it did. Because if he hadn't been reacting to Inuyasha's pain all night long, then what did that mean?
That he was responding to his own emotional pain over Inuyasha's suffering?
He couldn't believe that. He didn't.
Still, he didn't want to see that gut-clenching fear in Inuyasha's again. He didn't want to feel that again, ever.
Sesshoumaru stared at the pond again and growled in his chest. So what the hell was he supposed to do? He was not leaving his father's armor there, but the thought of going in was utterly repugnant. The thought of going in with Inuyasha watching - no, taunting - was impossible to consider. And Inuyasha might not realize Sesshoumaru wasn't going to physically punish him, but Sesshoumaru wasn't going to make a threat unless he planned to back it up. He'd done that last night, and it could have backfired magnificently if Inuyasha hadn't acceded to his wishes. He wouldn't be that foolish again.
But…there was another option. Possibly.
“We are leaving for the village, Inuyasha.”
“Kiss off. I like it here,” Inuyasha sneered. Sesshoumaru glared at him. He could carry him back, just like before, but there had to come a time when he didn't have to do that any longer. He couldn't spend his mated life toting his brother from one place to another because the whelp refused to obey him. For safety, he'd do it, of course, but right now?
It wasn't much of a risk for him to actually stay, even if the thought of it had Sesshoumaru's mind worrying. And angry that the brat continued to defy him like this.
Dammit, but he did not like the idea of Inuyasha staying by himself somewhere yet. Although they'd cleaned out the woods of youkai the night before, there was nothing for ri in every direction. Inuyasha would be safe from that type of harm. He could hold his own against any human threat, and he seemed stable right now.
Not to mention that Sesshoumaru would prefer for him to keep away from his human bitch.
Sesshoumaru swallowed, trying to rid himself of his irrational concerns. There was no threat, therefore Inuyasha would be fine staying here. The only issue left was how the hanyou had refused him.
“If you wish to disagree with me, you will do so with a civil tongue. But as you obviously prefer to stay out of the village, you will wait here until I return.”
He saw Inuyasha bristle at the same time he felt the boy's skin prickle and his heart increase its pace.
“I'll fucking do what I want!”
Sesshoumaru stepped away from Rin and into Inuyasha's space. He stared down at him with what he hoped was an implicit threat so he wouldn't have to come up with an actual one. Inuyasha's scent spiked fearfully while he snarled up at Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru could feel small trembles shaking his body and he wanted to rinse out his head to get rid of the sensation. He was getting sick of creating these sensations in Inuyasha. He paid for it almost as much as his brother, when he felt him this intimately.
“You will stay here. I will return shortly.” Sesshoumaru felt marginally better as Inuyasha sneered at him and stepped back, the boy's body regaining some of it's calm as he gained distance. “Come, Rin.”
He headed towards the village. It was ridiculous - he'd just told the ningen to leave Rin with him, and now he was putting her back. But he didn't wish her to witness what might happen. Inuyasha would lose his small connection to the girl if he ended up humiliated in front of her. He wouldn't forget something like that, and he certainly wouldn't forgive it.
Jaken, on the other hand, already made his brother as angry as a disturbed hornet's nest.
Sesshoumaru tried to concentrate on his steps as he headed back towards the pit of humanity that resided so close. The scents in the air, the noises in the trees and forest around them, the scuffling in the dirt beneath his feet where small creatures scurried blindly but not unheard by his youkai senses. Anything to keep Inuyasha's body from his mind, because he had no interest in feeling it right now. He didn't want to feel the growing fear in his brother's head as the whelp coped with being alone.
Should he have persevered and taken him with him? He stopped, checking Inuyasha's status in his head. His brother was frightened, but it wasn't growing. He was fairly certain the hanyou was merely nervous about his solitude. Nothing nearby could harm him.
And besides, if Inuyasha came with them, the boy would come into contact with the houshi and wolf again. Sesshoumaru would rather delay that irritation until he was in a better mood. He'd simply have to return quickly, he decided, walking again. He had no interest in feeling Inuyasha's body react this way inside his own head for longer than he had to.
Especially not since this morning, when it had all come crashing down on him. The shaking body, the blood racing in Inuyasha's veins as he panicked, the prickling in his eyes that denoted a strong urge to weep or scream - it had all rushed into Sesshoumaru's mind this morning. But that meant that it hadn't been there during the night as he'd thought. That meant…
It couldn't mean anything, he growled, shaking his head as Inuyasha's fear wouldn't leave him. Damnation, he had not been mooning over Inuyasha's pain last night. He might have been contemplating what his mate needed. And he was tired from lack of sleep - it had been a difficult few weeks, after all. Stressful. While he was, of course, able to withstand the trivial challenges he'd encountered so far, there was still the possibility for unusual reactions that would explain what he'd felt last night.
Feeling so much sorrow and pain over his little brother through the night had been…memory. It would make sense; this pain was an unpleasant constant in his life now, as long as it lasted within Inuyasha. Of course his mind would dwell on it when he was feeling drowsy.
He growled under his breath, holding his claws back from his own palms because a daiyoukai did not behave in such a manner. It was undignified. He would not react that way to these…strange, unbelievable, bizarre feelings that had plagued him all night.
He wouldn't. Shaking his head again to try and scrape out the pain from Inuyasha and the worry from his own, he took to the air with his arm around Rin. This was taking too long. It needed to be done quickly, before the fear was too much, or anger overcame him over this damn thing and he spanked Inuyasha's bottom so hard that it bruised. He needed to remain calm.
He would stay calm.
So, he was cold as he handed Rin over to the surprised humans, ignoring the speculative look the perverted human monk gave him. He was icy and controlled as went back to his retainer's camp and kicked Jaken into some semblance of awareness. And he was perfectly, completely calm as he returned to the `pond' and found Inuyasha still smirking at him, acting as if he weren't frightened at all.
That irritating, disrespectful, brattish -
Sesshoumaru started growling and choked it back. Calm. Focus on the fact that his brother had done as he was told and stayed here, and remain calm.
Jaken stood hunching behind Sesshoumaru's hakama, peering at the pool with the worried look Sesshoumaru always noticed when the little toad wasn't certain what reaction his master was looking for. He was in the mood to help him out, considering what the idiot needed to do for him. Kappas were supposed to be good at swimming. His retainer was perfect for the job.
Pointing to the pool, he barked at him. “My armor lies in the bottom of this filth. You will retrieve it for me.”
Jaken peeked around him at the slime and muck and quailed. “My Lord, s-surely one of the humans would be more suited?”
“None so much as you.” Sesshoumaru reached behind him, palmed the toad's head, and tossed Jaken towards it.
Stopping himself with a stumble that stopped just short of the water, Jaken swallowed loudly. He looked back at Sesshoumaru, his beak quivered pathetically. “I could find someone who-“
Sesshoumaru growled. He stepped forward, grasped his retainer by the seat of his pants, and heaved him into the pond. When Jaken broke the surface, his features now many shades of green, the daiyoukai snapped at him. “Now, Jaken.”
With barely a pause for his squeak of compliance, Jaken gulped and dove. Inuyasha stood to the side, arms crossed over his chest as he stared at the surface. Sesshoumaru wasn't sure what he was feeling from his mate, so he tried to ignore him. It was impossible, truly, but he could still try. Shifts in the boy's body, pinpricks as Inuyasha's claws dug into his arms, pressure as his mate nervously ground his teeth - it all echoed in Sesshoumaru's head.
He never should have taken a mate. It was driving him to distraction.
He ground his own teeth and focused on the rescue of his armor. Small waves sloshed at the banks as Jaken moved underneath. Bubbles roiled to the top, creating ripples that moved slower than drying blood. When the surface eventually flattened again, Sesshoumaru waited for his servant to emerge and present him with his possession. Instead, Jaken's woeful face popped out of the water and he sloshed to shore, empty-handed.
His head dropped to the ground as he knelt. “I'm sorry, My Lord. I cannot retrieve your armor. Forgive me!”
Sesshoumaru felt his face leave its state of grace and he narrowed his eyes to give his rebellious muscles something productive to do. Something other than rounding on Inuyasha. Damn this!
“I have no use for an incompetent servant,” he bit out. “Succeed or leave me.”
“Leave?! But - but…!”
“He's never gonna get it,” Inuyasha commented, his eyes bright. His body felt tight and excited in Sesshoumaru's head. “Are you, Fucken? You wanna tell him why you couldn't get it up in the first place?”
Jaken glared malevolently over at the hanyou before he glanced up at Sesshoumaru as though for encouragement. At his master's small nod, he started whining about the water, the stench, the lack of sight, and finally -
“A boulder?”
“Yes, my Lord. There is a boulder lying on top of your armor. I could only see the edge of the shoulder plate underneath.” Jaken fell on his face again as he began to wail. “I am sorry, Lord Sesshoumaru! I am unfit to be your servant! I am not strong enough to move the stone. Please give me another task to prove myself!”
Inuyasha snickered. Sesshoumaru turned to face him, his head beginning to ache. “Why would you put a boulder on top of my armor?”
“Because I knew you'd send the damn kappa in after it. Or maybe the kid. And no one's gonna get that damn thing off but you, or me. And I know I ain't gonna.” Inuyasha's body was jittery, and Sesshoumaru had the impression that he was waiting for the next threat. Did he think this would be what made Sesshoumaru break his word? Looking at the stinking, stagnant hole that kept his armor enveloped in muck, he was more tempted than he was comfortable with. The thought of threatening the humans with death to get Inuyasha's cooperation was appealing, but…he couldn't. He had given his word.
That was a habit he needed to break, and soon. All these promises to Inuyasha were becoming ridiculous.
He thought of his armor, lying dirtied and damp as mud stained it and rot infused it with foul odors. His father's armor, in this disgusting pit? That little brat had dishonored his possessions for the first and last time. Dear Gods but Inuyasha deserved to get his ass blistered for it.
Sesshoumaru's vision flashed to the last time he'd done so, but his rage merely mixed lust into the mix and continued to rise. Inuyasha was hurt, he reminded himself. Inuyasha was frightened and damaged. His eyes saw Jaken peeling off drying strands of algae the consistency of mucus. He scowled.
Inuyasha was the most irritating, infuriating, little whelp he knew, even as damaged as he was.
“So, you gonna threaten my friends again now until I get it?” Inuyasha asked, his voice biting. “I'm sure it's easy not to keep your word to a `worthless' hanyou, huh? You-“
“I do not break my word!” Sesshoumaru growled back at him. He took one more look at the pond and began snarling silently. His hand went to his sash, and he began to disrobe.
“Wh-what are you doing?!”
Inuyasha's high-pitched voice, on the verge of panic, made him pause. “You cannot expect I would ruin my clothing while I retrieve this. Even you have more brains than - “ Sesshoumaru paused, checking himself. He would not speak this way, not when Naraku's voice rose in his head to echo him.
Not when Inuyasha's night was so obviously filled with the pained memories of it. “I will not dirty my clothing while I deal with the results of your poorly conceived attempt at humor,” he finally said, his voice haughty as he peeled the cloth from his torso and began on his waist and legs.
There was some small measure of satisfaction in feeling Inuyasha's body react as Sesshoumaru stepped free of his hakama and stood, bracing himself to enter. He turned, facing his brother. Averted eyes and a soft flush rolling across cheeks were all Inuyasha showed him, but it almost made this worthwhile. It was the stripling's own fault that Sesshoumaru needed to disrobe. The consequences of that were on his head.
It was encouraging that the brat might be aroused, though, he realized suddenly. This had to remind his brother of Naraku, but he wasn't running. His body had hardly any fear shaking it at all, not after that first sharp bolt of it. Did he desire Sesshoumaru's body, though? The feelings were too confused to pick apart.
The urge to find out twisted in his gut. He'd been able to make Inuyasha feel lust over being touched, but he'd never tested whether the hanyou could feel lust over him. He hadn't thought it was important. What did it matter if his mate desired him, as long as Sesshoumaru found pleasure in his body? As long as Inuyasha was made to feel pleasure himself, so his body was no longer so frightened by the prospect.
Sesshoumaru frowned, his brow almost furrowing. He inhaled as he tried to smell Inuyasha, examining what he felt in his head. It was frustrating that he couldn't entirely tell if Inuyasha desired him or not. And even as irritated as he was, he suddenly wanted to know. The uke should find the dominant male in their relationship attractive. It was only right.
Sesshoumaru straightened slightly, pretending to scratch lightly at a phantom itch along his thigh. Inuyasha's eyes followed the path of his hand to land on his bared cock, and Sesshoumaru saw his eyes widen. Looking away, Inuyasha shoved his hands into his sleeves, his cheeks flushing again.
But was that arousal, or embarrassment? Sesshoumaru still couldn't tell. They both had a similar feel along the skin at lower levels, and the slight scent that might be Inuyasha's arousal was already being overpowered by something else. Something exceedingly unpleasant. It wasn't the pond, although that was bad enough trying to scent over. This was something different. A bit familiar, but…ugh. It was raising Sesshoumaru's hackles. Turning to find the source, he caught Jaken staring at him from a few feet away with glazed eyes, the toad's mouth open and nearly drooling.
And he WAS aroused.
Dear Gods. His own retainer was lusting after him. That was the most disturbing thing he'd ever seen. Jaken moaned once as his eyes dropped to Sesshoumaru's cock and Sesshoumaru nearly took a step back. With a snarl at his own reaction as much as the toad's perversions, he took two steps and kicked the obsequious toady into the forest. He heard Inuyasha snigger behind him as the wailing faded and turned his glare back to him.
“Say nothing if you have any care for your backside, hanyou. I have been pushed as far as I can be pushed, today.” Right now, he could slap his brother's nether cheeks quite happily. Fear be damned; there were limits to how much a daiyoukai could bear.
He couldn't believe his servant had reacted that way, he thought, shuddering.
Inhaling deeply to gather the needed courage, he finally turned his attention back to his armor's resting place. Staring down at the malignantly filthy pool, Sesshoumaru almost paused. Only the knowledge that Inuyasha would see had him stepping into it. The mud squelched unpleasantly underfoot, the water clinging to his skin. He was leaving to bathe immediately after this, he vowed, his nose wailing at the stench rising from what decay his feet churned up at the bottom.
Inuyasha was going to come with him and deal with this stench for as long as Sesshoumaru had to.
He could feel the slime caked water cling to his skin as he lowered himself, creeping up his thighs, coating his privates, lapping against his buttocks, splashing against his flat stomach. He felt as though his body were being molested by something foul. Fighting the urge to turn and glare as he heard an unintelligible noise from Inuyasha, he took another step. His hair began to feel heavy as the water gripped it with murky hands and weighted it down.
Facing away from Inuyasha, he felt safe to let his lips reflect every last nuance of his disgust just before he would have to pull even his head underwater. He was certain that if he weren't youkai, the diseases and parasites in the water would do him in. It stunned his sense of right and wrong that something this foul could actually have come about naturally.
Inuyasha and his imagination in this instance were nothing short of evil.
With a deep breath, wishing he had found a more suitable retainer than one so weak that he couldn't move a mere boulder, Sesshoumaru plunged underneath the surface with one last shudder.
Inuyasha stared at where Sesshoumaru had just disappeared, his hands tight inside his sleeves. Sesshoumaru had actually gone in, just to get that stuck-up armor of his. And he hadn't threatened Inuyasha or his friends to get it. Inuyasha couldn't understand it, and he was having a hard time concentrating on it, anyway.
Because he'd just seen Sesshoumaru's naked body, and he was having a hell of a time getting over the shock.
When he'd seen him before as Naraku's mask, he'd felt so nauseated and scared shitless that horror was the only thing he could feel. That had been there this time. That first moment when he'd realized what the bastard was doing, the fear had risen up like a damn snake and strangled him. For just long enough to freak in that whiny ass way that had him flushing again as he remembered it.
Although Jaken's reaction had almost made the humiliation it worth it. But once he knew the bastard was just going into the water, he'd just had him. Him and his pale body with that hair draping all over it, silver over snow.
And now that the ass was underwater, Inuyasha couldn't get his brother's cock out of his mind. Naraku had gotten it wrong, when he'd copied him. Everything else he'd been pretty damn close, but not the daiyoukai's cock. The real one was softer, thicker but not as long, nestled in front of Sesshoumaru's thighs as he'd stared at Inuyasha just as haughtily as when they fought with father's swords. Except a hell of a lot more naked.
And seeing that look, it had been surprising as hell to realize that Sesshoumaru wasn't feeling all that stuck-up at all. He'd been aroused - always disturbing - and…worried. Inuyasha didn't know what he'd been worried about, but the feeling had twisted through the Sesshoumaru's mind since he'd started to disrobe. And when the damn toad got a hard on for him? Inuyasha could feel humiliation burning through Sesshoumaru like lit straw. And fury - it got stronger every little glance he got from Sesshoumaru, before the jerk turned and started into the water.
Inuyasha swallowed heavily. Wading in had given Inuyasha a good angle to watch Sesshoumaru's ass, and that was…strange. Nude Sesshoumaru was so unsettling that Inuyasha could feel his belly squirming over it. No matter that Naraku had fucked with Inuyasha and pretended to shuck his clothes, it was still fucked up to see Sesshoumaru getting naked. It seemed wrong. And it made him think of that fucking dream this morning, and how he'd felt when dream Sesshoumaru had touched him, and that was definitely fucking wrong.
It was stupid anyway. Looking at his brother's butt should just piss him off. His damn ass was as prefect as everything else about the fucker. And that would piss off anybody. At least, he hoped that's what the weird feeling crawling down his body was. Because he couldn't move his eyes as he watched the moonlight-pale buns get swallowed by water that had made Inuyasha vomit right after he'd first put the armor down there. He knew just how horrific it was to be in that damn shit. He'd wanted to make sure that Sesshoumaru couldn't get his armor.
Except Sesshoumaru was actually doing it!
Inuyasha felt like he should be celebrating, but he couldn't get past his confusion. Why was Sesshoumaru doing it? This furious, why hadn't he tried to throw Inuyasha in just as he had Jaken, or threatened to take out one of his friends if `little brother' didn't go get it? Promised to kick his ass, or just stomped him flat?
It didn't make any sense, and that pissed him off even more. That fucker wasn't supposed to act this way. Sesshoumaru didn't change, dammit! Two hundred years, and the bastard had treated him the exact same way, or gotten worse, if anything. Inuyasha knew Sesshoumaru didn't change, and he'd had the biggest fucking reminder of it, hadn't he? It might have been Naraku - he shivered slightly, shoving the memory down back into the black place in his mind - but it was true. He had to remember that. That fucking psycho's words were just a reminder of everything Sesshoumaru had said, what he'd was likely to do to Inuyasha, even if he hadn't done it yet.
Even if last night he'd seemed so strange.
He'd been almost nice, in a snotty, stick-up-his-ass kind of way.
“He's not fucking nice. Sesshoumaru's a prick.”
“What did you say?”
The squeaking outrage made him look down at Sesshoumaru's stupid kappa, who'd managed to stumble his way back to the pond. He glared at it. When he'd been a wussy ass and started panicking over being isolated at the pond, no one was around. Now he needed to think about this shit, and the little rat showed up. Couldn't everyone leave him the hell alone to think a little? Or at least shut up when they were around?
“I said, `Sesshoumaru's a prick,' you sorry sack of frog shit. Why, you want to make something of it?”
“You aren't worthy to be Sesshoumaru's mate! He lowered himself to take you -“
Lowered himself? He's welcome to fucking higher himself anytime he wants to! You think I want anything to do with him? After what he's done to me? You are out of your fucking mind.”
The kappa squealed angrily and held up its staff. Inuyasha tensed to leap out of the way. With a grimace, Jaken stopped, putting the staff back down with a pathetic imitation of offended dignity.
“S-Sesshoumaru-sama has asked that I treat you with respect. I would never go against his wishes. I - I apologize for my…my words.”
Inuyasha watched him curiously. “Damn, your face is all gray. You sure you can say that without sitting down or something? Lying that much is bad for your health. And it's pretty weasely too.”
“I'm not lying!”
“Sure you are. You'd rather see me dead than your precious Sesshoumaru have jack shit to do with me. Well, the feelings mutual, bastard.” Inuyasha squirmed, feeling Sesshoumaru's disgust and determination in his head as his brother wrestled with whatever he was doing to get his armor. He would have chosen death before Sesshoumaru. He knew he would; he just didn't get what this fucked up feeling was. First the kiss, then the dream, and then seeing Sesshoumaru, naked, so soon after. He didn't want to deal with this. Not when he'd been dreaming of feeling lust with him.
It made his head hurt, and his belly quivered as it went through spasms of fire and ice. He hated Sesshoumaru. He knew - knew - the bastard hated him. Hadn't he told him so when he marked him? Not just hated, but `loathed' him. Feelings didn't fucking change that quickly. People didn't kick you one day and treat you nice the next unless they wanted something.
They couldn't say shit like that and then say they made a damn mistake and make it all go away.
So what the hell was Sesshoumaru up to? He still couldn't figure it out. What did he want? Because Inuyasha wasn't going to give it to him, or fall for it. It had to be some new way to fuck with him. He just couldn't figure out what. Days now, and he still didn't understand what it could be. That pretty bastard -
Dammit! That was fucking stupid. The fact that even the smallest part of him could think of anything of the daiyoukai's was admirable, even if it was just something as stupid as his looks? Fucking dumbass hanyou thinking.
His brother's ass might be the smoothest thing Inuyasha had ever seen, but who the hell cared? The whole thing was just fucked up. Shit, what about his life wasn't? He should just fucking plan for his whole body to screw him over and start lusting for the bastard, or go blind, or, hell, turn him into something like the toad. That would put the cap on his life, wouldn't it? Inuyasha the fucking toad. A kappa, just like the one that was still saying something to him.
“Will you just fucking shut up?” he barked, interrupting what looked like was going to be a damn long bit of whiny ass-kissing. Gods, that's the last thing he needed. “You fucking hate me, at least be honest about it. I don't fucking give a rat's ass if Lord Bastard wants you to be nice to me. I get enough of that double-talk shit from him, toad.”
Jaken opened his mouth, Inuyasha wasn't sure if it was more Sesshoumaru ordered ass-kissing or actual insults, when a splash from the pool had them both whipping around. Sesshoumaru's head had broken the surface of the water. Inuyasha and Jaken were both probably gaping, but Inuyasha knew he sure as hell couldn't stop.
Sesshoumaru was filthy. Dark brown and green slime clung to his hair like leeches - hell, a few of the bits might actually be leeches - and hid the silver of his hair. The skin that, before now, Inuyasha would have sworn actually repelled dirt, was caked with it. He could hear water sheeting off his brother as he made his way to shore, but it was leaving behind every bit of mucus and mud on Sesshoumaru. The daiyoukai's furious eyes and the incensed disgust resonating in Inuyasha's head were the only things that let him know it was really his brother.
He didn't move as Sesshoumaru made it all the way to shore, one goopy, dripping mass of algae-covered slime. The armor clunked to the ground, just as filthy, but still shining brightly underneath. Looked he wasn't lying about it being from father. Figured that Inuyasha would get the rusty-ass looking sword, and Sesshoumaru's shit wouldn't rust even after days under water.
When the fury and the eyes turned to glare at him, something on Sesshoumaru's hair shifted and slid down his face. It slithered in between his eyes and finally dangled on the end of his nose for a moment before falling to the grass with a squelch.
Inuyasha felt a strange, light bubble building in his chest. Sesshoumaru glared at him more fiercely, his brows furrowing and causing another cascade of slime to slide down his nose. Embarrassment raging into his head from Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha bit his lips, choking.
“Don't you dare, Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru snarled. His hand moved as though he was going to reach for his sword and slid against the brown muck covering his naked hip instead, catching on a clod of brown that impaled itself on his claws until he shook it off with another snarl.
Inuyasha started chortling helplessly.
“Inuyasha!” Sesshoumaru took a step and then recoiled as Jaken ran over, babbling with near sobs over his condition and trying to clean him with his own filth-ridden hands. Before Sesshoumaru could bat him aside, the kappa began plucking bits of seaweed from his hips and groin.
“Sesshoumaru-sama! Your skin! And your hair…I'll clean it! Jaken is a worthy retainer! I will clean you until every last piece of filth has been cleansed from your body and…“ Jaken's hands were pulling and wiping at Sesshoumaru's body. With a frustrated yank, the toad pulled at a particularly stubborn bit of flotsam at his master's groin.
Inuyasha stared, choked at the stunned shock on Sesshoumaru's face as all three of them realized that the long piece of algae Jaken was holding was actually his brother's cock, and then Inuyasha started laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. Jaken squealed in terror as Sesshoumaru roared at him and swung out. It knocked the kappa into the nearest tree, where he rolled over and scampered out of the clearing, babbling his apologies in a high-pitched yelp as he disappeared between the trees.
Inuyasha couldn't stop laughing. Oh Gods, of all the things he thought might happen, any humiliation he'd planned would never compare to seeing the toady grabbing Sesshoumaru by the dick, and trying to pull it off!!
He clutched at his stomach and fell onto the ground. Sesshoumaru stalked towards him and he didn't care. Oh holy fuck, he didn't care! After everything, after everything, he'd finally got him back. For once, he'd finally won! Sesshoumaru was roiling inside with humiliation, nearly cringing with it, and Inuyasha had got to see it happen! Sesshoumaru growled at him, reaching down, and more slime slid off of him, plopping onto the ground near Inuyasha's body. He looked up, saw the small, clean handprint still around Sesshoumaru's dick and lost it. He laughed so hard his eyes began to water.
“You will stop laughing NOW, Inuyasha!”
He couldn't even answer, his laughing going on so long his face was turning brighter red than the color of Sesshoumaru's skin underneath the algae.
Sesshoumaru snarled ferociously, picking him up the front of his suikan, and he still couldn't stop laughing. It boiled out of him, filling up the emptiness of the befouled pool with hysterical mirth.
“Inuyasha! You -” Sesshoumaru stopped, staring at him strangely. He shook his head, filth and slime flying off of him and setting off Inuyasha again. “You… you are… laughing.”
“F-f-fuck yes! Hahahahahaha…” Inuyasha didn't even try to push his brother away, his arms too weak to move, every bit of energy concentrated on trying to get another breath as each glance at his brother forced more laughter out of him.
“You are laughing,” Sesshoumaru, repeated, pulling him in close and inhaling. He wrinkled his nose with a grimace that Inuyasha wished he could share, but all he could do was laugh. He couldn't keep it from pouring out. He didn't want to. Every small piece of imperfection sticking to Sesshoumaru's skin made him only laugh harder.
“You never laugh,” Sesshoumaru finally said, still glaring, and Inuyasha could feel it inside, confusion mixing in with everything else and seeping into his head along with the sight of his brother. He laughed harder.
He never laughed? Sesshoumaru was confused that he never laughed? That made it even funnier! The bastard was such a huge asshole he couldn't even figure out why Inuyasha didn't laugh! Inuyasha kept laughing, his voice going up in pitch as Sesshoumaru put his hands on his shoulders, staring at him.
He didn't have a fucking clue!
Tears came to his eyes as he kept laughing, watering terribly as he guffawed at Sesshoumaru's filth, Sesshoumaru's humiliation, Sesshoumaru's confusion, Sesshoumaru's god damned stupidity because he never fucking gave a shit about anyone so he couldn't fucking figure out why Inuyasha didn't laugh and it didn't fucking matter anyway!
A small keening between laughing gulps shocked him, and he still couldn't stop. Not when another joined it, or when the small gasps that followed began to sound more like sobs than laughter.
Sesshoumaru sat suddenly, pulling Inuyasha down to the ground. Inuyasha struggled weakly, his body still consumed by breathing and laughing and crying and he tried to push the disgusting mess that was Sesshoumaru as far away from him as he could as his brother gathered him close.
“Shhhhhh. I'm sorry.”
Inuyasha almost didn't hear him. His head felt so tight he wanted to pound it, his breathing gasping out of him in sobbing laughter. He wanted to push the bastard away, but his body couldn't move. All it could do was keep making this awful sound that wasn't so funny anymore, clutching at Sesshoumaru's arms, sliding along them until he dug in his claws.
“Cry if you need to, pup. There's no one to hear,” Sesshoumaru murmured, and Inuyasha wanted to shove him away and his stupid, fucking condescending voice - he couldn't be condescending when he was this filthy and fucked up. When Inuyasha had made him this fucked up! He knew the bastard was still humiliated, still angry, but there was something in there now, something oddly soft and giving and it only made it harder to stop.
How fucking dare he feel something that felt good when it seeped into Inuyasha's head? The fucking bastard! Fucking, fucking, fucking…
“Bastard!” He hung onto him with his claws and started cursing. “I fucking hate you! I hate you! Your fucking hair and your fucking sneer and your fucking body and I fucking HATE YOU!”
Sesshoumaru stared down at him, his body beginning to rock with the force of Inuyasha's shaking.
“I know,” he whispered. Inuyasha hated him even more because he actually sounded… decent. Like Miroku, like someone who might actually care, and he didn't. He was an asshole. He'd fucking humiliated Inuyasha most of his damn life! A few days…not even that…a few moments of not being an asshole just meant he was going to try something.
Can't trust him. He couldn't forget! The only people he could fucking trust were the same ones he'd almost got killed because he was such a weak, useless bastard he couldn't even save them…
He dug his claws in so deep that blood began to mix in with the slime on Sesshoumaru's arms “I hate you,” he snarled, still unable to keep the deep, throaty gasps inside his body.
“I know,” Sesshoumaru murmured. “Shhhh, I know, hanyou.”
It only made it worse that for once, `hanyou' didn't sound like a curse coming out of his brother's mouth.