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Chapter XIII: The Lullaby
Sesshomaru found himself brooding down the hall, heading towards Rin's room. He was in a clean, cut and dry mood and he definitely had no use for Rin's antics that seemed to frequent the past few days.
Mix-match his scrolls, hide his inks or quills, hide his seal or all his waxes, his envelopes...
Though he stressed her entrance into his study was forbidden by all means.
This Sesshomaru had tolerated it, despite his clarity on regards to her in the room. But today she had scattered almost every important document he had in his possession all over the floor, in no particular order. It would have taken hours to clean up, and it fried his nerves to their ends because before she had at least been neat... kept things in order, even if she misplaced them on purpose...
Yet today, his study was in chaos and appeared as if she had done it on purpose.
So before cleaning it up, he would drag the little whelp to his study, show her what she had done wrong and reprimand the child thoroughly... though he felt his insides flinch... He had never had to punish her before... The idea was almost taboo... she had been so well behaved until lately... All the things she did kept him so distracted...
Everything clicked inside Sesshomaru's mind and he sighed deeply, rubbing the bridge of his nose in unrestrained annoyance. She was trying to get more time with Kagome by herself... She could have just asked, and anything she wanted would have been given to her... Yet, she felt the need to wreck his study... perhaps to keep their meetings secret...?
Humans were so wayward... he just didn't understand them. He knew that, and it caused him to growl in agitation that he kept their company willingly.
Well, either way, Rin still needed to be... punished... and he was not going to stop because she didn't try to ask. So he continued down the hall until he reached Rin's door, and was open to fling the accursed thing open until he heard sobs inside... He sniffed the door lightly, and smelled Kagome and Rin together... He assumed Kagome was the one crying, as she was prone to do lately.
He cracked the door open a hair, with the silence he obtained only as being the most powerful Tai Youkai there was to exist currently. But he heard something so sweet upon his ears that he had never expected from the ningen miko name Kagome.
Kiss me sweet,
I'm sleeping in silence,
All alone.
He not stands the snow.
In my dream,
I'm calling your name,
You are my love.
Sesshomaru watched as sapphire gems slipped between the veils of her lashes, which sparkled like twilight for the tears that embraced them fiercely.
In your eyes,
I search for my memory.
Lost in then,
So far in the sea-bring.
Hold me tight,
And swear again in the night again,
We'll never be apart.
He watched as a delicate hand clutched tightly as the kimono she wore, right above where her heart laid as she poured out her sorrow into a lullaby she sang for Rin. Rin seemed lulled by it, content in the security she felt by Kagome's affections.
If you could touch my favor softly,
I'll give you my love.
Kagome cried so silently, he doubted the child even heard...
We set sail in the darkness
Of the night
Out to the sea,
To find me there.
To find you there.
Sesshomaru felt his breath suddenly catch in his throat as Kagome's head turned toward him, and he found himself looking her in the eye.
Love me now,
If you dare...
To his unawareness, Sesshomaru found himself moving toward her, entranced by her... as if she were a siren.
Kiss me Sweet,
I'm sleeping in sorrow,
All alone,
To see you tomorrow.
In my dream,
I'm calling your name,
You are my love...
Slowly he lifted her up, staring deeply into her eyes as she cried quietly. Inside him, he felt a sort of aching to see her cry again. He didn't understand it, as the many things he didn't understand about himself when he was around her.
He reached for her, and brushed her face with his thumb to wipe away the tears that caused him pain to see.
He lifted her up, as he was prone to do, in bridal style and began to head toward his room... she spent so much time in there anyway, it was almost as if they shared it...
“Sing it for me again?” He heard himself ask almost softly, the first time he had requested such an inane thing from anyone in so long. But the beauty and sorrow was enthralling, and it caused his innards to turn in ways he never felt before.
Kagome nodded softly, wiping at her tears as the words began to flow from her delicate pink lips once again.
She hadn't sung much before, and her friends would make fun of her for not being able to hit the notes right... but quite often had they complimented her on the song she knew from the anime, Tsubasa Chronicles...
But for Sesshomaru to ask her to sing it again....? She could do nothing but comply, for she was so surprised...
As Sesshomaru went into his room with Kagome, he shut the door behind him and locked it in case Jaken chose to burst in for some random reason. He gently placed Kagome on the bed as he pulled up a chair, and watched her intently. Kagome felt herself burning under his gaze, and she squirmed a little but continued to sing anyway.
She couldn't understand him sometimes... he had done perhaps a one eighty with her since they first began to be near to each other this much...
She looked up at him shyly, now aware his eyes had slid closed and he seemed to just be relishing in the moment as she sang the lullaby softly.
And it occurred to her... she was singing this song to him.
“You are My Love”....?
As she concluded, she found Sesshomaru standing. Before she could inquire anything, she found herself pulled flush against his body, his arms embraced tightly around her. She found security there, and warmth there... she was so shocked, but she felt so very safe...
As Sesshomaru felt the ningen.... Kagome... relax in his arms, he looked down at her to see her looking up at him with wide, imploring eyes... Even bit of her seemed confused, and only asked one question.
He even saw as her mouth formed the word `Doushite...?'
He felt himself mouth back and saw as her eyes began to shine, uncertainty reigning there.
I love you...
He dipped his head in low, slowly, capturing her lips with his in a soft kiss. In seared through his soul, and burned him at his core. He felt the wetness grace her cheeks again, as she kissed back slowly, pouring her unsure feelings into him.
He didn't mind... he knew there was much for her to figure out yet...
But he also knew that there was no way he wanted to loose her... and though he never planned on telling her how he felt so soon... or ever... he had.
And all he could do was follow through with what he said.
He backed Kagome up until he dipped her low, laying her on the bed and climbing atop of her. She looked scared, but he was sure she was still a virgin...
...he kissed her all over her face gently, debating on whether or not he really wanted to claim her as his own.
If she was willing, he by all means would take her.
Kissing her on the forehead... then on the nose... he kissed his way down to her lips again, nibbling in request for her entrance... where when she complied, he dipped his tongue low into her, devouring her sweetness into him.
Lifting one hand up, he gently began to tug at her obi, pulling back and staring her deep in the eyes to see if she would protest...
She seemed more scared than anything, and he wanted nothing more than to kiss her fear away, but he asked her instead...
“Kagome... I would never hurt you. Tell me now, what do you want? If you are not ready, I will wait for you.”
Kagome looked at him tentatively, reaching one hand up slowly to stroke his cheek, as she spoke quietly, “I am honestly not ready...”
Sesshomaru nodded, nuzzling his face against her as he pulled her into his embrace, kissing her forehead and spoke only once more for the rest of the night.
“Sing for me again, then...”