InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Love is Blind ❯ Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve






It was a beautiful twilight wedding.


Wanting to do it on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas day, Inuyasha had simply closed Mushin's Noodles early that evening, so that Sango and Miorku could attend the reception, along with Miroku's uncle Mushin and Sango's brother Kohaku whom Inuyasha had met a few times. Izayoi attended the actual wedding ceremony with Kagome's family, which was held on the shrine grounds at the base of a sacred tree called the Goshinboku. It was the same spot where Kagome's mother had married her father.


That night, back at Inuyasha's apartment, which was officially her home too, now – he'd help her with moving all her things the next day – Kagome and Inuyasha made love in their bed, not for the first time, but the first time with that bed belonging to both of them.


“Are you ready?” he asked her between kisses while buried snugly within her wet heat.




He could scent no nervousness in her, and likewise, Kagome knew he had no doubts. He was her husband now; they were already promised to each other for as long as they both shall live, so the only thing left to do was to make sure that, from Inuyasha's point of view, her life wasn't cut short ridiculously early. She felt it then, as his youki began to grow exponentially. He'd already felt as strong as a full-blooded youkai, but now, bringing his inner beast to the surface like that made him feel like a daiyoukai.


Damn... Kagome thought, genuinely impressed.


Not permitting her thoughts to wander, she quickly got her head back in the game, and summoned up her own reiki energy, as well. She'd been practicing, and could once again conjure up the balls of energy into her hands like she'd used to be able to do, so her abilities were at full strength. She and Inuyasha had read the how-to's in youkai medical texts, and even though she was dealing with reiki instead of youki, the principle was the same. As the weaker partner, she had to allow her aura to submit to his, which might have been hard for some reiki users to do, to allow youki to envelop them without instinctively fighting back, but it wasn't hard for Kagome because she loved everything about this man and gladly welcomed his very being into her heart and soul.


Picking up the tempo of his love making, then, Inuyasha instructed Kagome to pleasure herself, because it was important that they both reach their peak at the same time, and he could tell that he was close. Complying without hesitation, because she could also tell that he was close thanks to her gift, Kagome caught up with him in short order, focusing on nothing but how much she loved him and wanted to be bonded to him. Keeping herself suspended on the edge with teasing strokes of her clit, because she knew well what her body liked best, she wanted for the moment she felt Inuyasha tumble over that edge and quickly jumped in after him.


He cried out as his orgasm hit him, and at the same time, he focused his mental energies on the woman lying below him, snagging on to her aura and wrapping it around himself like spiritually yanking her into a hug. Feeling the mental equivalent of her hugging him back, he kept them both like that for what seemed like eternity but in reality was only around a minute, his body shuddering as he emptied his entire being within her, both physically and spiritually.


At least they didn't have to worry about her getting pregnant from this encounter, since he was more than capable of siring hanyou children in that state, but shortly after her accident Kagome had gone on the pill simply to help regulate her cycle – it had been much easier to deal with something so mundane when she didn't have to worry about surprises – and as a result they had thankfully been free to do the bonding right away without first needing to wait a couple months for a new prescription to take effect. They both wanted children, but they also both wanted to enjoy married life for a while, first.


Especially now that they'd have centuries to plan a family, although Kagome had promised her mother she'd give her 'puppy-eared grandchildren' while Atsuko was still young enough to spoil them rotten.


Because Kagome could already sense emotions in everyone, anyway, she didn't notice much of a change, at first, except she definitely noticed it when both her hearing and sense of smell seemed to increase. For his part, Inuyasha also became much more aware of Kagome's feelings, far beyond what his canine nose could deduce. And unlike her normal range limitations, she would now be able to sense Inuyasha's emotions from anywhere, no matter the distance between them, and in fact use that sense as a guide to find him, like a spiritual homing beacon. One of the main reasons this bonding was hardly done anymore was because it required absolute devotion beyond a shadow of a doubt; betrayal would be impossible, now, because not only would the other person instantly know it, the actual act of cheating would cause the adulterer physically manifested pain caused by their own subconscious, to mirror the emotional pain their betrayal would be causing their partner. And if one of them died before they had any children, they would both die, because their life forces were tied together now, but the natural bond between parent and child was strong enough to allow the widowed partner to live as an empty shell of themselves in order to care for their children, if need be, the survivor dying of a broken heart as soon as none of their offspring were dependent any longer.


These were all details Kagome had known going in, and she had no intention of dying for a very long time. Inuyasha had sworn to protect her with his life even prior to them actually doing the bonding, and now, he was perfectly content to die with her should he fail to protect her because even if they weren't bonded he would've just killed himself for his failure, anyway.


Going to sleep snuggled up in each other's arms, it was the best night's sleep either of them had ever had.


o o o


The next day, they headed back over to the shrine, and Inuyasha helped Kagome pack up all of her clothing and other things. Mrs. Higurashi insisted they stay for lunch, of course, which they happily did, and then it was back to the apartment so that Inuyasha could surrender half of his closet space to his new wife and mate. It was a sacrifice he was happy to make.


He also ran out to KFC so they could get something descent to eat for dinner since he had little more than instant ramen and other similar products in his kitchen; sheepishly, he promised he'd bring home dinner from Mushin's Noodles from now on, plus extra food on Sundays to get them through Mondays when the restaurant was closed. Laughing, Kagome told Inuyasha that she would gladly eat food from the restaurant for dinner every night since it was all homemade and nutritious, plus it was what she already ate every day for lunch, anyway. She'd mix things up by getting something other than udon for dinner.


The next day at work, Kagome finally experienced what Inuyasha meant about being able to feel him no matter how far apart they were. It was as if he were right there in the room with her even though somehow, she could tell that he wasn't, and in fact she could tell how far away he was, just as easily as someone who could see would be able to see if someone were standing right next to them or across the room from them, but it was just something she felt on a spiritual level. It was hard to explain, but Kagome found that it was not hard to get used to.


The rest of the week went by in much the same as the previous week, except now that she was married to Inuyasha, when he picked her up at the end of her shift at the herb shop he drove her home to their apartment. He'd occasionally walk her up and make sure she was settled before heading back to work, if there was something he needed to take care of, but Miroku and Sango were more than capable of closing the shop by themselves at the end of the night so more and more, he started letting them do just that.


He didn't give them additional responsibilities, though. If he didn't want to leave Kagome on a particular evening he told them to just lock up when they were done and he'd take care of 'closing' the till the following morning before they opened for business. Which of course meant he had to head to work earlier in the morning than Kagome did, but it was no big deal for him to leave for a little while after Mushin's Noodles was up and running for the day to pick up his wife and take her to her own place of business.


My wife...


He was never going to not have a goofy grin on his face when he said those two little words.


On their one week anniversary, Inuyasha couldn't help but notice when Kagome kept scratching at her eyes as they prepared for bed, and he could feel through their bond that they were itching.


“Are you okay?” he asked, concerned, when the tingling didn't go away.


“I...I think so...but my eyes feel funny. They've never itched like this before.”


Inuyasha's sudden elation had Kagome snapping her head up to look in his general direction.


“You don't think...” she began, not daring to hope.


“You ended up getting all your miko powers back because of me,” he said. “Maybe the kami really did bring us together for a very important reason.”


“I'm happy just to have you,” she said then, not wanting to get her hopes up only to then be disappointed, “and the fact that I also got my powers back was icing on the cake.”


“Still, if your eyes are still bothering you tomorrow I'll take you to the doctor, just in case it's unrelated and something that should be looked at. Since it's Monday you don't even have to worry about calling off work.”


“Good idea.”


That night, Inuyasha was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of Kagome hissing in pain.




“I'm okay...” she assured him, as her shock slowly gave way to elation of her own. “I just...I just saw something. Really bright, blue light. It was just a blob, and it hurt my eyes.”


“The nightstand clock,” he said right away, turning it around to face away from him.


“My eyes are definitely healing, then.”


“And we're definitely going to the doctor tomorrow morning. It'll probably be painful for you, at first, so even with your shades you might want to keep your eyes closed.”


The next morning, despite his advice, she dared a few peeks during the drive, but hissing every time, she slammed her eyelids back closed again. She couldn't really see anything, just blindingly bright light, but that definitely had to be a sign that her eyes were healing, which the doctor confirmed after it was finally her turn to be seen. The human doctor admittedly didn't know all that much about youkai healing, not that Inuyasha could truly fault him when it hadn't even occurred to him that a life bond could cure an old, preexisting injury, but a simple visual inspection revealed that Kagome's eyes looked better than they previously had, and not only that, the surrounding scar tissue was also healing.


Inuyasha swore to bring her in for regular checkups, which he did.


It wasn't long before Kagome's eyes had black pupils again, which responded to the light when the doctor shined that tiny flashlight in them, making Kagome hiss in discomfort every time though she wasn't really complaining. A few days later, she could see the world as a series of out of focus blobs, but the light no longer hurt and she could keep her eyes open without immediately tearing up.


Then finally, one morning, when she opened her eyes it dawned on her that the dimly lit bedroom in the pre-dawn light was completely in focus.


Bolting upright into a sitting position, the action startled Inuyasha awake beside her, who immediately looked at her with the most beautifully concerned golden yellow eyes she'd ever seen.


The way she was looking at him had her name freezing on his tongue, since he had been about to ask her what was wrong. But she was actually looking at him, and then he knew that nothing was wrong. Everything had never been more right.


“You really are handsome,” she said then, smiling. “I mean, well, you were a handsome blob before...” They both chuckled. “...but I...I can see...”


Reaching up, she touched his face, and her eyes started tearing up, then, but it had nothing to do with the light of the room stinging them. Reaching up with his own hand to hold her palm to his cheek, Inuyasha closed his eyes before he started crying, himself. A moot gesture since she could sense his emotional reaction loud and clear. After a moment, he found his voice.


“Do you have any idea how much I love you?”


“Yes,” she answered. “Yes I do. And you know what? I love you, too.”


“I know.”


That said, they each leaned in, meeting each other halfway in a slow, tender kiss, which led to so much more. At one point, Inuyasha called Miroku and told him he'd worry about balancing the tills later. With Miroku and Sango each having their own key they could go in and fire up the kitchen by themselves, and with the cash register being an older style that worked more like an adding machine than a computer it wasn't anything Inuyasha couldn't sort out later if they went ahead and kept ringing on yesterday's till.


Kagome also called out of work once the herb shop opened, and Hojo was more than understanding. Today needed to be about them.


When they eventually left the bedroom, Inuyasha gave Kagome a new tour of the apartment, and then after sharing an intimate shower, he took her shopping. She had understandably lost her enthusiasm for that particular activity, but now, he insisted upon taking her to all of her favorites stores, plus a few of his, daring her to max out his credit card which, in reality, actually didn't have a spending limit. They both also knew that Kagome wasn't even really that way, but he wanted to spoiler her, and just for today, she would let him. She'd never gotten to pick out a wedding ring, after all. A western custom that hadn't been a part of their Shinto ceremony, but was nevertheless a fabulous excuse to wear a beautiful diamond ring. He bought her a lot more than just one single ring, of course. It made Kagome giggle when the somewhat wary looks they got whenever they entered a fancy boutique disappeared the instant Inuyasha held up his credit card. It kind of reminded her of that old American movie Pretty Woman.


Don't judge a book by its cover... she thought in a lecturing tone of voice to the various store clerks, but held her tongue and kept her smile as bright as ever.


She hadn't been able to judge Inuyasha by his appearance when she'd first met him, and now, even better than a knight in shining armor, she had a prince in


He quirked an eyebrow at her when he sensed her sudden amusement and waving it off, she just giggled again.


“I love the sound of your laugh,” he told her then. “I'm looking forward to hearing it for the next thousand years.”


Their lives settled into a steady routine after that. A few weeks after Kagome got her sight back, her boss and ex-boyfriend, Shin Hojo, got engaged himself to someone he had been seeing, and since Kagome didn't really need her job anymore, she thanked him and his father sincerely for the help when she had needed it and let the future Mrs. Hojo take her place as the herb sorter.


Inuyasha also ended up hiring Mushin back to function as manager of his own former restaurant. The aging monk hadn't been enjoying life nearly as much at his new job, anyway, working it simply to earn money to pay the bills. When Inuyasha told him he wanted to be able to spend his days with Kagome instead of just living at the restaurant, since he wasn't a lonely bachelor anymore just looking for something to do every day to keep himself occupied, Mushin had jumped at the chance to come back to work at the only thing he'd ever really loved doing. With Mushin just the manager, things like budgets and payrolls were not his concern, and if Inuyasha had to dump more of his own money into the place on occasion to keep it going if its profits were too low, he didn't care. His own monthly allowance was more than enough to handle that without him even having to dip into his ever-growing savings account.


At first, Inuyasha still picked up lunch and dinner for them from Mushin's Noodles, but with Mushin's blessing, Sango taught Kagome the various 'secret' recipes, and she soon began duplicating them at home for the two of them, now that she could cook again. Of course, Inuyasha didn't mind experimenting with the recipes, such as using Kagome's naked body to slurp his noodles off of. She definitely added a few different flavors to the mix, but they were delicious, and so were the flavors Inuyasha added, Kagome found, when she took her turn sucking and licking. There was plenty of time to have a family, and also to get back into her career goals of being an active miko and nurse, but in the meantime, she was definitely looking forward to their extended honeymoon stage. Life was good.



~ Fin ~