Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 4 The Parting Ocean ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4 The Parting Ocean
It was just another day waiting for the battle to begin, and the French's line of defense had been drawn a long the coast. They had built up a mighty defense that would surely be more then a match fro the English, but that was the least of their armies' problems. Other problems were taking over and making every one nervous.
Over two days had passed since the incident in the small nearby town, and there was no trace of Aeolus. Jeanne lay in bed so silent, and never said a single word or let her depressed expression disappear. She still could not believe how she had been betrayed by one of her closest friends. Her eyes always watched the entrance, and just prayed that Aeolus would come back somehow. Her faith never gave up on the idea that he would come back, even though he never did.
Roger dared not enter to see Jeanne, especially since she had requested that he was not aloud in. The whole time he kept thinking about how he had completely messed up any chances of being with Jeanne, and yet it was not his primary concern. He had almost lost the person who had loved him, but thankfully he had not lost her.
The whole time Roger had been oblivious of Liane, but she still saved his life almost at the cost of her own. He was regretful and praying for Jeanne to forgive him so they could at least be friends, but he was so much more thankful he had the chance to get to know Liane better. That action of complete selflessness was awakening feelings that Roger never knew he had for Liane. Now the two were just starting to really get to know the other, and Roger quickly came to terms of Liane's affection.
Never for more then a few minutes did Roger leave Liane's side while she recovered. Even though his dark powers had saved her, he felt it was not enough for Liane. His blatant lack for realizing Liane's feelings had nearly killed her. Never again would he ignore Liane's feelings, Roger had blown it with Jeanne and even if he could things would never be good between them again.
All the soldiers had the defensive line set up, and it was one that took advantage of the English landing in France. It was far enough back that the English would have to land, and more importantly would have a clear advantage. They had catapults and plenty of soldiers with weaponry that was top class. All that was left was to wait, but that was the problem.
The wait the last few days was agonizing for everyone in the camp and tensions were running high. The lack of a battle led to conflicts and squabbles, and with the lack of operable commanders just made it all worse. Eventually the remaining commanders met them with discipline. Soon the intelligence came in that the English were finally setting sail, and would be on the shores incredibly soon.
That point the problem became the level of moral in a few minutes time. They had the advantage of terrain but that was not the problem, it was the lack of one of their main commanders. One battle had made all of the French soldiers respect the unbelievable power of Aeolus, but he was gone. Rumors spread through the camp of a warrior that had beaten the top three commanders. If such a warrior existed, and it came back then what chance would this army stand?
The rumor of the red haired woman spread like wildfire, and made it to every soldiers and commanders ears. It was at that point that Jeanne looked over to the people that were talking. Who ever that woman was now Jeanne's number one enemy, and slowly the fire returned to Jeanne's eyes. She was going to get even no matter what, she would save France, and she would get Aeolus without ever relenting for a moment.
Jeanne was tired of feeling bad, and was now going to move forward. There was no forgiveness in her heart for anyone who betrayed or crossed her. All that strength that drove her in the first place was back and driving her to getting what she loved back. Still it was going to be a hard task, but once the English armada was gone; she would go off to find Aeolus on her own. She knew the English would be here soon, and she had to get ready for the coming fight.
Eventually Liane was fine; like nothing had ever happened to her, and she and Roger were starting to become close fast. Liane appreciated the bold move she made, but was made to promise that she never would do anything like that again by Roger. He would take nothing less from Liane, and he made a promise a few seconds later. He made a promise to never ignore Liane's feelings, and return them.
Everything Liane wanted was now hers, and she relaxed into Rogers arms. Now she had all the strength in the world, but she would never do something so careless again. Even in the happy moment came thoughts of Jeanne though, and she was worried about her friend. Jeanne was hurt the most, and things needed to be fixed in order to go on any further. “Roger; thank you, but Jeanne…”
“I know Liane, but I don't think she will ever forgive me… I made a huge mistake with her, but don't think that is the only reason I'm with you… it's.”
Before Roger could say anything else Liane made him stop with a single finger. Jeanne could no doubt hold a grudge, and the only thing Liane could think to fix everything was fixing the reason. “Roger; you know what you have to do to make this right… perhaps now that you are with me things will ease, but we have to make things better. We have to help Jeanne get him back. For now I think only I should go talk to her though…”
Roger nodded feeling that anything he said would be a mistake. Liane got up and left with a lovely smile that she gave to Roger as she left. He hoped things could still be salvaged between him and Jeanne, even if he had given up on his love for her. Roger could be more then satisfied with Liane, but did not want to lose Jeanne as a friend. Still all he could do now was get ready for the upcoming battle, and protect his new love.
When Liane entered the tent, she was surprised to see Jeanne up putting her repaired armor. She strapped her breastplate and then fell to her knees from the pain of her scar on her stomach. It still was not fully healed, and seeing her friend drop down made Liane spring over asking if Jeanne was alright, but Jeanne was still angry at everyone and snapped at Liane. “I don't need any help from anyone…I will do everything by my self since I cannot trust anyone else!”
A few seconds passed before Jeanne finally let her rage subside and she had mixed feelings about snapping. It was not Liane's felt, but one of her closest friend had betrayed her. She was unsure who she could trust, but the loss of a loved one haunted her in her dreams. Every night she was losing Aeolus again and again in her mind, but it was not right to take her anger out on Liane. “I'm so sorry… I should not have gotten so angry at you, but I'm just so unbelievably upset right now.”
Liane approached her blond haired friend who was still on her knees with half her armor on. Liane bent down and started helping tighten Jeanne's armor, feeling that even as strong as she was that she needed a friend right now. “I cannot even imagine how you must feel right now… so I guess you will be leaving us soon…?”
Jeanne sighed and looked down on the ground before she began to tell her friend her plan. “I will stay for this battle to protect my home, but beyond that I'm leaving… I must save Aeolus; because he would do the same thing for me if I was kidnapped. I love him more then anyone, and if someone you loved was taken, could you honestly say you would not go after him.”
Looking away from her friend and staring off into space Liane realized Jeanne was right. She had to concede to Jeanne's wish, but they would have to separate since Jeanne trusted no one. “Jeanne I will make sure the others no after you leave, but if you do need help then all of us would gladly help… but I know you better then that. You are always so stubborn, but where will you begin to look?”
“I don't know, but I will not stop till I find him. He is that important to me, and I will keep going and defeat anything that stands between me and my Aeolus. I will have him back, he is more important to me then anything else. I just could never imagine anyone ever being this important to me.”
“That is because you are in love Jeanne, and this is not just a physical attraction but the real thing.”
Jeanne turned her head and listened carefully to Leanne as she continued to talk in an enthusiastic voice. “You care this much because you really have found someone who is perfect for you… Aeolus is the one you are meant to be with, and that is why you are always thinking about him. I always admired you for being so strong Jeanne, and that is why I know this is the real thing. You have to do what you feel is right, but I wanted to thank you for helping us because you being there will help everything. You are very lucky to have found someone who can make you so happy!”
Jeanne smiled when she realized that Liane was right about things, and that she was on Jeanne's side. Her friends were important, and protecting them was important, and she was staying to fight for them and France. Aeolus was in her prayers that he would be safe till she could go, but she could still not leave France. It was her responsibility, but right after she would search till the ends of the earth to find him.
Later every last soldier was lined up in formation far from the beaches and ready for battle. Long range weapons and archers had there bows at their sides, and even with the loss of Aeolus and his strength; most felt confidant and ready to fight. It was nearly time for the sun to set, and the English ships could be scene off on the horizon but rapidly approaching.
The French forces were stretched, but had the clear advantage of terrain and that the English would be landing. The problem was they had so few commanders for so many soldiers. There were too few stretched out, and many were behind the lines and had no intention of helping if they did not have to. This would be a long battle that would take everything to repel, but doing it would tip the scales of power to favor the French.
Jeanne looked to the sky which was starting to turn red, perhaps it was an omen but they had to last. Even with Jeanne being injured she would not let herself falter or die. There was too much she still had to do before the end of her life. She was looking for the strength to continue on, and let her prayer slip out to the wind. “Please hold on Aeolus; just a little longer… I swear I will save you.”
With the ships just out of range of any long range weapons, but chanting was heard from far way of humans and demons snarling in tune to the chants. The ships were numerous and yet it was not as many as Jeanne would have imagined. Still it was time to get serious, smaller landing boats were starting to be loaded but then Jeanne spotted something else that was off.
There were few humans on the boats or ships, but they were mainly filled with demons. Monsters of every breed filled the boats, some human like while others more resembling animals. They were armed to the teeth with armor and weapons, but the human soldiers were so few. Jeanne wondered what was truly going on in England, what madness could be controlling or perhaps the true enemy.
Magical crystals along the beach rose up out of the sand upon the command of Roger's voice. The crystals rose high and emitted a purple light, and illuminated the entire beach for miles in every direction. This was essential with light disappearing on the horizon; now all that was left was for the enemy to close in. Long range weapons were drew while the enemies closed in.
Commanders all yelled for their troops to hold fast while the enemies closed. Boats closed in with each stroke of the oars with demons chanting. Each sound was poison to Jeanne, and she would not let the flames of war return to her lands. “Lancé!!!”
The sudden command jarred the other commanders, but Roger was not that surprised since Jeanne knew her squads abilities. She had made sure they were in top form, and that they had demonstrated their range before hand. Arrows and catapults launched arrows and boulders into the air. The amount of airborne weaponry came down on the enemy like thunder and claimed many demons lives with even a boulder crushing a landing boat at a time from a great distance.
Roger was next to step up and order his men to open fire upon oncoming enemies. Other commanders started to get their men to open fire, and the battlefield became violent. Many enemies fell, but from the shadows came more landing boats filled to the brim with much larger snarling demons. No matter how many fell, more came faster then others were destroyed always advancing to the beach.
Jeanne cried for everyone to fight for France and everything they held dear, and her squadrons of men were moving faster then any other. More and more enemies were falling before they had the slightest chance to get close. The ships dared not enter with all the heavy fire, but the enemy was still getting closer to the shores for the real battle to begin.
Liane drew her sword at the hint of the fight to come, and her voice echoed with confidence she never had before. “Let them come; with Roger here I cannot fail.”
Roger smiled and laughed a little, but then refocused on all the enemies coming at them. Ships finally hit the shores and they deployed many demons onto French shores. Jeanne drew her sword and held it up to the sky like a shining pillar of hope to her soldiers. “For our beloved, France!!!”
All her men drew their swords and charged the invaders with Jeanne leading them, other squads quickly joined in to the charge. Both sides ran towards the other, but the French's mass numbers sounded like thunder coming at them. Closer they drew till Jeanne let lose a cry to the enemy and jumped into eh wave with her sword poised to kill.
The two sides slammed into the other and clashing swords and monsters agonizing cries could be heard from near and far. The first wave was weak and far much weaker then any Jeanne had fought before. Larger enemies were harder, but Jeanne had to save her power for later. She parried one blow, and landed her blade into an enemy's torso and finished it off seconds later with a rising slash.
Jeanne stepped back and looked at the hoard of enemies, she was heavily patting from the long fight, but it was far from over. She could go on forever, but she briefly wondered about the others. Then she snapped back to reality and whipped her arm around shooting a wave of fire at her enemies. The flare blinded then before she went in and slashed through multiple demons before spinning and cutting down another; she could only believe this would be over soon if it would be this easy.
An enemy pounced at Liane, but stopped when Roger let his sword cut the enemies head clean off. Liane wanted to say something but turned when another enemy charged in. Roger covered Liane, and the vice versa. Even the chaos of battle was easy with each protecting the other, and their combined strength made it easy to keep every one else safe at the same time.
With a massive roar; two English soldiers were slammed together by a massive Lion beast man. The massive French commander named LaForge looked down on all the enemies, and they cowered. When the lion man started to move to his next victim; the demons all ran, and LaForge looked down on them disgusted with the enemy. “This is not a fair fight; they have nothing worth my time!”
Then a dragon's roar echoed across the sky, and the skies were filled with airborne dragons snarling and ready to attack. LaForge smiled and was ready for the creatures to come to him. “Perhaps they can give me a real fight!”
Jeanne continued to work her way through one demon after another, and her armor was starting to be stained with demon blood. This was too easy and the fight was looking to be won if this continued the same way. Then the earth shook violently, and then stopped a second later.
Everyone slowed the fight when a second and resounding thump shook everything. Jeanne looked around and wondered if it was some new weapon of the English's but yet they all looked confused. What ever it was, Jeanne could tell that the Ocean's waves were rising to where she was so far up on the shore.
Jeanne pushed through her enemies only caring to see what was coming her way. The leaders of both sides rushed to the Ocean, but saw nothing. More and more quakes came two at a time, but the pattern was easy for Jeanne to recognize. They were foot steps, and of something massive.
The black ocean's water began to boil and glow red in a large portion near the ships. The entire battle had ended with every last soldier on both sides looking to the ocean to see what was the cause of the disturbance. Slowly the water began to break away from the center of the glowing red water. Light shown on a glistening black metal that came out from the surface of the water, and with each step more of the monster was revealed with the demonic blood red eyes.
Water rolled of the massive black metal armored behemoth, and quickly took the courage of all the men who gazed upon it. Steps of the armored fiend revealed arms and torso, and soon even revealed its legs. It was so massive, and yet not even fully emerged from the ocean; nearly twenty times taller then the average soldier.
It was primitive and bland in terms of design, but the size made up for the lack of creativity. All the armor was smooth and blacker then the darkest night. No holes could be seen, and segments between the armor were so tightly woven that there never appeared to be any seams. The truly visible holes came from the eyes; where the bright blood red light was emanating. The only thing it carried was a massive blunt greatsword that looked like it could cleave mountains in half, but there was something else that it carried.
That shrill female voice that haunted Jeanne in her darkest nightmares could be heard coming from high above the armor. Jeanne hated to whom that voice belonged to, but now she could get her revenge, and claim that women's life. Every one listened to the maniacal till it finally died out, and everyone saw the red haired woman sitting on the armored giant's shoulder. “Finally; a chance to test our new weapon… I have been so bored with all this testing of things… I would rather just kill, it is so much more pleasurable… wouldn't you both agree?”
No one knew who this woman was talking to till two other members of the same group. They appeared from nothing, and the cloaking technologies faded from both bodies and revealed a massive man and a young girl standing on the beach fairly close to the soldiers. Both were people that some had seen before. The man laughed a short while as he looked upon all the supposed warriors and laughed. “Ha ha ha… Yes Rosso, you are quite right about that. I just hope that someone here can offer both of us a real challenge. With Aeolus gone now, I only hope I can find a new challenge.”
These people took Aeolus away from Jeanne, and not for a single second did she like what was implied by what that man said. “You scum…! What have you done with my Aeolus; if you hurt him then I will...”
“You vill what darling…? Kill all three of us…? You are not dealing with just any soldiers, you are dealing with the Sviets; an Elite group from another world. I am Rosso the Crimson, I earned my name from the countless people I slaughtered to get where I am and bathed in their blood. Shelke the Transparent, an assassin who can disappear and never be seen again till you feel her blade pierce your chest. And last we have Azul the Cerulean, a man with a beast inside of him and the power of invincibility… you do not have any right to demand anything from us.”
“You will tell me where Aeolus is, or I will take the information by force from you!”
“Perhaps you did not understand my words… we will not fall to you. We are here only to have some fun as well as test our new weapon out on all of you. He is very special you know, our scientist learned out to take the power from `your' Aeolus, and harness it for our own purposes… but perhaps a demonstration is in order.”
The knight's eyes flashed once while the long thick blade began to glow red. Rosso jumped down to stand side by side with the other Sviets side by side. The knight turned rather quickly, and with a single slash sent a wave of red energy across the ocean. The energy covered the ocean and reacted to the ships and everything on board.
The wave past with a moment of silence, but the moment ended with the ships exploding. Everything that the wave touched was obliterated in an instant. Ships on the outside of the wave caught fire, but there was still plenty of burning debris. Every soldier watching was struck with fear while gazing upon the burning ocean, and Jeanne felt her lips trembling uncontrollably.
“Well do you all see vhat I'm talking about; this is the true harnessed power of the Exia… he lived in fear of his power, and now it is ours to control. No longer will that potential be lost, Aeolus finally has a true purpose. We will use him as we see fit; even his power sends a chill down my spine.”
Jeanne dropped her head and could feel a single cold tear trickling down her face. She dreaded all that they had already done to Aeolus, but she wanted to destroy this thing. She understood Aeolus's feelings about his power, and she would not let it be used for evil. “I will not let you use the power of my beloved, I shall destroy that thing; with my sword!”