Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 5 What Lies Beneath ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5 What Lies Beneath
Nearly ninety percent of the English fleet was gone with a single attack of the massive giant armor's sword. The immense amount of energy washed away nearly the full English armada in seconds, and they also had to deal with the Sviets; the elite warriors from another world. The ocean still had not settled and the waves were still whipping around like a massive storm was present at sea. All of the English were so fearful now that their advantage was rubbed away.
Jeanne was ready to go tear the Sviets apart for all the death and destruction they had caused to this world. They changed history, but what was more was that they took the one she loved away. Even though she was angry, she had to ask these villains one last time to get any leads she could to her loved one's location. “You shall have only one last chance; where is Aeolus!”
The demand was amusing to Rosso who gazed upon the young blond haired female with a little admiration. “You really do love him, but you are pleading to someone who never had a heart. I see no reason to fear your threats; you have not shown us anything to be fearful of…”
“Of course Shelke; I have not forgotten why we are here… Perhaps we shall tell you if you can destroy our weapon, but you are not strong enough. None of you puny humans can even come close to matching this weapon's destructive capabilities, and so you shall never learn where the thing you want most is.”
Jeanne was completely ready to prove Rosso wrong, but before she could charge someone else needed answers. An English commander stepped fully out of the crowd, demanding answers. “Which side are you on? Tell me now!”
Slowly Rosso turned to look at Azul who was already laughing in his deep voice. He looked to Rosso and smiled giving just a little tilt of his head to encourage Rosso; “these humans are so pathetic… Why don't you tell them Rosso; I need a good warm up after all this time. It could prove interesting for all of us, I have been so bored of late.”
“With pleasure Azul… we are on the French's side; why else would we destroy all of your precious soldiers? Why would we continue to aid you when the English have done nothing for us?”
The commander was burning up in side; many friends had been on the Armada ships, and were now gone. Finally the commander walked right into Rosso's trap, and ordered his troops. “You bastards; all of you will die… attack!!!”
All of the English's spirits were re-ignited by the lie, and started attacking the French soldiers without mercy of a common foe. The battle was ignited in an instant with both sides fighting because of the single lie, and Rosso was ready to jump in as well. “I have some un-finished business with someone here, but this should at least be fun for a while. Now our new weapon can have some fun to, you may begin to crush everything now.”
The received order caused the knight to start to make land, and Rosso disappeared an instant later in a crimson flash of light. Azul looked down on his much smaller comrade, and let his voice take a serious tone. “I shall keep the others away Shelke; you make this woman push herself to her limits. We need the data or this shall truly be a waste of my time.”
The little girl's body lunged forward while her blades ignited with orange energy, but Jeanne blocked the initial stab. Both were surprised to the other's skill, and pulled away trying to get a slash at the others person. Shelke was fast, and Jeanne found it hard to keep up with the number of quick skilled blows, and what was more was this was infuriating. Jeanne was going to need help to get to the now mobile armor, but everyone else had their hands full.
Azul turned to pick up a massive cannon from the ground behind him, and aimed it down the beach. Shells started to fire in succession to one another with just a few seconds of delay, and traveled to the designated area and claimed many lives. Azul fired and re-aimed his cannon to new areas taking anyone's lives who were caught in the fire, but there was no challenge to Azul. “I guess here is not where I shall find a worthy opponent…”
“Try me on!!!”
Azul looked over just in time to see the massive paw of LaForge coming down upon him. The blow even knocked the large Azul off balance, and he found himself impressed with the amount of strength in the blow. He was not angry or really hurt, but smiled at the possible chance there was a challenge here. “So you think you can handle the beast inside me?”
Tossing his cannon away into the shallow waters of the tide; Azul wanted to brawl with this enemy. LaForge was inclined to accept making two fists at his enemy, and readying all his anger to aid in his strength. “You are no beast; I am always a beast no matter what!!!”
The massive lion man that was LaForge jumped in and smashed his fist into Azul's face. He took the blow, and quickly recovered while punching LaForge with his own massive blow to the lion man's stomach. Neither was really that impacted to the other's blow, and then they locked their hands together while trying to crush the other's display of strength. “Perhaps I have found a worthy opponent, but you have not even seen my true power yet!”
Meanwhile; Roger was keeping the attacking English at bay, and had just finished another soldier. More were gathering around him to take the commander down, but then a flash in there midsections and they stopped. They all fell down dead, and behind them was Rosso with her double sided blade smiling at him and looking from the corner of her eye. “You have some dark powers, but they will not save anyone this time!”
Rosso moved so quickly after her sentence that it appeared that she teleported. With a massive upwards swipe she knocked Roger off balance and his sword clean from her path. Rosso continued and turned while Roger tried to move around to block, but she was to quick. The sound of metal grinding was heard, and Roger looked down to see that Liane had intervened.
A thrust of Liane's blade had diverted Rosso's strike enough to save Roger. The look in the young orange haired girl's eyes showed no love for Rosso what so ever. “Don't think you shall have it so easy this time; I won't let you survive this encounter!”
“My dear, it is you who shall not survive!”
Rosso ripped her blade out of the attempted stab and went for Liane's neck. This time she found Roger's blade and Roger blocking her sharp blade with the broad side of Roger's sword. That same defiant look that had been in Liane's eyes were in Rogers's now, and he spoke up to Rosso with a determined voice. “I won't let you hurt her, never again will you kill any of my friends or loved ones.”
“You both do not comprehend who you are dealing with!”
A powerful thrust followed Rosso's comment as she pushed past Roger's sword, barely missing the young man's face. Roger span trying to keep his balance and recovered while staying on his feet. Liane had moved back but was still close to Roger, and they were ready to fight Rosso together joined on the same line of thought.
The Red haired woman scowled at the two were standing there ground even upon her approach. She then instantly moved in at lightning speed and slashed at Liane only for Roger to block, and then brought her blade down Roger's sword only to find Liane blocking. It was infuriorating, and Rosso refused to be beaten by two weak warriors. Rosso still had the gun embedded in her blade handle but it was not necessary yet; she could win without it.
Rosso kicked up the pace at which her slashes were coming, but no matter how fast slashes were produced they were blocked. Liane and Roger were only working on blocking for the moment, and it was working on Rosso. The deadly opponent was letting slashes trying to become more of a one shot kill attempt and it was failing.
A thrust tried to kill Roger, but at the same time Liane and Roger were ready to strike. Roger deflected the blade and Liane ducked while trusting the tip of her blade into Rosso's chest, and this time they both heard something being pierced. They backed up side by side a little out of breath but smiling to the other out of the corner of their eye to the other at the accomplishment. They looked to Rosso and below her were drops of blood that had hit the ground, but then they only heard laughter that could chill any soul.
“Ha ha ha ha ha ah… what do you know, I still have blood of my own. I have not scene my own blood in years. I did not think anyone could land a blow to me, but only to break your heart that you only hurt my hand…”
Rosso held up her hand to show a wound that looked little more then a cut. She looked over herself like there was not even a battle going on around her content with the cut. “I must applaud you both, but play time is over!”
Jeanne ran past countless small fry soldiers on her path towards, but then she stopped when she heard Shelke's blades ignite with energy. Jeanne could feel the energy swords glowing right by her neck ready for the kill. Shelke was ready to kill and looked at Jeanne with her head high and neck stretched trying to get far away from the blades. “I cannot allow you to try and destroy our weapon so soon; it still needs to be tested further so we can truly understand its power. Then you can try all you like to stop him all you like, but it is still too early for you to begin testing the armor.”
“What do you speak of; what kind of game is this to you? You would dare test your weapon on innocent people… you are horrible!”
“Perhaps we are for wanting to survive, but we need this power for the much larger struggle that is to come. The Exia are the only key to a higher level of power that none of us can begin to understand, and in the much larger picture your lives are worthless. We will do anything to get this power, even if it means destroying anything your life. Aeolus has provided us with a chance to gain that power and use it, but we still need you as well.”
“You emotionless s… I will never aid you, and I will destroy every part of that thing!”
“That would be a wise decision for your cause, but we shall see if you can even damage it. It's black armor is amazing to think how thick it truly is, but believe me when I say that it ill not be easy to destroy it.”
The large suit of armor made landfall with massive footsteps shaking the earth beneath it. It had no emotion even when it brought it's blade into a hoard of soldiers and crushed the lives into a gruesome mess. It was impossible for Jeanne to listen any longer after the sound of crushed bones and terrible sounds of blood bursting out from destroyed bodies, and her eyes shut tight from how helpless she was.
The cry came from a short distance as Gilles De Rais leapt in with spear tip ready to attack Shelke. The small female immediately leapt back out of the way of the spear's path that would have injured her if she had not moved. Gilles looked back at Jeanne, now he was in between the two females protecting Jeanne. “Jeanne; go now and destroy that monster, use the power of the bracelet to destroy it. Go for the sake of France!”
Jeanne nodded and Gilles quickly turned to Shelke expecting her to try and make a move for Jeanne when she ran away. Strangely the girl just stood there and watched Jeanne go making Gilles pose an immediate question. “You do not seam to mind Jeanne going to destroy your weapon; what is the reason for such a thing?”
Shelke's eyes started to glow orange as her swords lit up; she raised her left blade to Gilles. Again Shelke moved in slowly ready to attack at any moment, but her voice was different in that same unemotional tone. “That, is none of your concern; we have our reasons for what we choose to do. That girl is the final test for our weapon is against her; she will prove if she can stop it because only with the destruction of its core can the weapon be destroyed. She is the only one who can destroy the core if it is even possible… we never expected anyone else to understand but we do need this.”
“Then she will…”
Gilles was now drawn into battle with the much smaller Shelke, she rushed him quickly with her blades ready. Gilles dodged one stab and blocked the other with a spear. Gilles was a long time skilled warrior, and span his spear around his arm and hit Shelke knocking the young framed girl back. The girl stood up right and looked at Gilles for a moment before rushing at him with her speed.
The large suit of armor continued on its rampage of death slashing at the hoards of soldiers that surrounded it from all sides. The armor growled and made terrifying sounds as it attacked the defenses enemies that surrounded it. Jeanne ran in, and knew already it would take more then just a sword to slay this demonic suit or armor. Jeanne ran in and let lose one final battle cry as the golden bracelet glowed brilliantly in the night.
Jeanne was engulfed with light for a moment and then emerged with shiny bright silver armor. The new armor was beyond brilliant and covered Jeanne from head to toe. All of Jeanne's power was so much greater then it could have ever been. A single thought of getting rid of this thing was driving Jeanne; she would destroy the abomination that was being driven by Aeolus's power.
All Jeanne's rage was focused with her magical power into her sword. The sword glowed bright silver and even became a more elegant sword with Jeanne's spirit being infused with it. She would not waste time, and leapt into the air right for the knight's chest. Her sword pierced the knight and the power traveled straight through. All the force came out the other side creating a small pierce in the armor made by the sword.
Then the armor flexed its limbs as it let out a fearsome roar across the beach side. It actually made Jeanne believe she had found the soft spot, and from far away Rosso let out a sigh. “Oh dear it appears that it was not invincible as Weiss believed it to be… what a shame that she figured out how to kill the power source. It is a shame he will die as well…”
Roger and Liane perked up their ears and Roger quickly asked a question he already knew the answer to. “What is powering that thing…?”
“How can you be so stupid to not know, or perhaps you don't want to… there is no way to replicate an Exia, at least not by our skills. Did you really think we were just testing destructive capabilities? We are truly testing to see if someone can stop the host inside, but as you can tell her voice has had no effect… there fore all we have to do is figure out how to perfect the strength… Aeolus however will be killed by his own love, how truly wonderful for such an appropriate thing to happen.”
Roger could feel all his anger swelling inside him, and he finally let it all out in a single blast. The blast of dark energy knocked Rosso of her feat and back and up onto land. Roger quickly calmed down knowing that he had to tell Jeanne right away. He quickly grabbed Liane not wanting to leave her at risk, and commanded her forward. “We have to tell Jeanne before… we just have to tell her now.”
Roger rushed through the battle trying not to get held back so not to waste precious time. They passed through swarms of still fighting soldiers; desperately they still believed Rosso's lie which was forcing the two sides to battle. Then the sound of Jeanne's angry voice came just before a massive flash of light. Now Roger tried to find more speed from his legs and hoped he was not too late to save Aeolus.
Jeanne had cleaved the armored demon from his right arm which carried the sword, but it was a surprise to the young heroine to see no blood but an empty shell of a hand. There was no reason that it should be empty even though it was. Jeanne regained her focus; her time in her overpowered mode would soon end, and she had to make sure it was ended. “Demon; now I shall carve you to shreds and you shall die!”
“Jeanne stop!!!”
The cry nearly made Jeanne trip, but she still stopped and turned to see Roger push through the crowd. Jeanne was not pleased to hear this still considering Roger to be on the opposite side. “Roger; why do you protect this monster. What have they promised you this time for your aid?”
Roger was nearly out of breath, but still could see the Knight had stopped battling and was now still. “Jeanne; the core of that thing is Aeolus, if you destroy it then you are killing him… he is the core, and if this not prove that I care about Jeanne then nothing does, but that is all…”
“You care just like you did back then, but you have proven that I cannot even trust my friends!”
Liane then stepped up and out of the shadows not wanting Jeanne to lose something that meant so much to her. “No Jeanne it is the truth I swear… Look at it Jeanne.”
Slowly Jeanne looked behind her to see the knight barely on it's feet; moving almost like it was panting. All the smaller knights finally started to rush the nearly defeated knight with swords drawn. Jeanne looked to her sword and if she had not been so involved she may have noticed the blood on her sword, and then her heart broke at what she had caused.
Never once had she considered what her enemies had meant by being powered, but it was true Aeolus was inside and the very core of the machine of death. Then she refocused on all the knights trying to take the thing down that she had previously tried to destroy. Jeanne finally lost it not seeing one side from the other but just wanting to use all her power to clear everyone away. “Get away from him now!!!”
Magic swirled around Jeanne's hand before launching a massive lighting attack that struck down all the soldiers in the area. Finally Jeanne's power faded and she returned to her previous form. She panted from all the effort that had been put into her last attack that had severely injured all the soldiers around the armor, and no one else dared get close with the furious warrior proclaiming it as hers.
Liane got down next to Jeanne just as she jumped up and rushed to the Knight's side. It was only right beside it that she could barely hear the muffled sounds of heavy breathing. Jeanne held her breath but then quickly looked for a way in to rescue him. She cried out Aeolus's name while she searched but just could not find a reachable way in. “Jeanne..!”
Roger quickly ran up and offered to give Jeanne a boost up which she desperately needed. Quickly she pulled her self up and into the armor, and inside was so different. Glowing green lines traveled long a long the walls, but more important was how hard it was to find a safe way down.
Once inside the torso Jeanne found the large compartment to have a few small platforms for smaller individuals to stand on. In the middle of the chest armor was a pod with a small fracture in it leaking a red fluid. Jeanne quickly drew her sword, raised it high above her before bringing the sword thundering down with a mighty cry fro Jeanne and severing the locks.
The pod opened, and Jeanne bolted forward catching Aeolus before he could fall down further into the suit of armor. The green lines faded without their power source, and the armor lost all of its life and broke apart from all the strain of damage. Jeanne fell down with Aeolus to the ground and shielded him from the armor fragments.
The fighting nearly came to an end when the night broke apart, and most of the demons were dead or too badly injured to continue. Jeanne pushed the broken armor fragments off her and held Aeolus close. Her tight grip was followed by tears that started to come uncontrollably from her saddened eyes. She had hurt the one person she cared as more then just a friend, and he looked so pale even in the dim crystal lit light.
Aeolus was unconscious, but Jeanne had checked to make sure he was alive. Then she noticed that he had been stripped down to nothing, and she looked away out of embarrassment. She then refocused on getting Aeolus out of here, and grabbed a torn piece of a cape nearby to cover him up but still she got a glance the made her face a brighter shade of red.
LaForge received one last powerful blow from Azul; sending the lion man flying down the beach. Azul smiled and snickered at what had been a good warm up since his recovery time. He approached Shelke and Rosso who were up the beach standing and watching the battle wane to nothing, and Azul decided to comment first. “So the armor was a failure; did we at least get the data master Weiss requires.”
“We did Azul and we are pulling back for now; we have achieved our objective that Lord Weiss desired. The armor failed its strength test, but until the whole in the armor allowed the voice to enter, he was under our control. This information is what we wanted and while it is regrettable to lo lose the Exia we did achieve our objective. We are leaving now…”
Azul and Shelke left the battlefield leaving Rosso to watch Jeanne and the others helping Aeolus out. Even if she could attack now she could not disobey orders of her master. “Until we meet again… next time I will prove I'm the strongest to all of you.”