Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 8 The Demon Bane ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8 The Demon Bane
In the morning the way to England was found to be very foggy and cool. The group had set out early hoping to take advantage of the early hours, and now made their way quickly to England with their weapons concealed from sight. Cloaked and ready was how everyone felt, and for once Aeolus was not going to let anything be held back.
Jeanne had not gotten up so well after getting to bed so late, and the others could not wait. The plan could not be changed, and so Aeolus decide to again carry Jeanne on his back while she slept in. She was so peaceful and cuddled up to Aeolus even when she was being carried, and Aeolus and Liane found it hilarious to which Liane could not help but comment. “You're a bad influence on Jeanne; she never sleeps in.”
Bashfully Aeolus just smiled and continued on wondering if Jeanne really would become someone different. Quickly he shook it off as they quickly moved through misty fields and foggy meadows. Everything was covered in dew, and the cool temperature made quick travel much easier even with heavy armor. However it was a very short hour till they finally got to England, and then Jeanne woke up questioning what was happening. “Hmm… Aeolus, where am I?”
“Were in England; I carried you so you could get some more rest. You were just sleeping so peacefully that I could not wake you no matter how mad you might be later; I just wanted you to be well rested.”
Even though at first Jeanne was a little angry, she clamed down and quickly realized how sweet he had been. All the rage was gone, and she spoke in a rather grateful but nervous voice. “Thank… Thank you…”
“You're not mad?” Aeolus questioned dreading the answer he knew was coming, but he was about to be surprised again.
“No; why would I be since you are always thinking about my well being…? I just am just having a hard time sharing my feelings, and I'm a little nervous right now…”
Quickly Aeolus moved in and gave Jeanne a quick peck on the lips, and she blushed a bright shade of red. “After this you must promise me a real kiss.”
“Ah yes… I would love that.”
“Hey come on kids; the real challenge is just ahead.” Roger stated, and then all of the four entered the village close beside the person they cared most about.
The only guards they crossed were just enforcers trying to keep the peace, not that there was any lack. Even in the morning streets were bustling with activity in the massive city. The guards did not even give Jeanne and company a passing glance, they were just travelers in a city. The markets hummed with many people of different nationalities, but something was off.
There were even French people selling goods straight from France, and at that point the group just looked at each other for a moment. Jeanne was ready to go up and demand answers till she was held back by Aeolus. He did not even look at her, but just shook his head before he leaned over and kissed her and then led her away because it might cause problems.
For now it was best to act casual, but England's variety of shops gave much to browse. Liane loved looking at fashion items, and was fitting in quite well as a normal girl. However soon Jeanne was pulled in by her friend, and both started enjoying shopping. The guys then sat back for a little bit to enjoy the sight of the girls over indulging.
It was delay, but every one of them was procrastinating a little. It was just innocent window shopping and there was plenty of time since it was still early in the day. Eventually they all arrived outside of the palace at the center of England which caused Roger to question the destination. “Are you sure this is where the king is?”
“Absolutely without a single doubt in my mind; I met the king once when he hired me to kill Jeanne, but I did not.” Jeanne turned and hugged Aeolus remembering those moments, but continued to listen to the rest of the story. “When I met him he seemed very concerned with the bracelets, and he was pretty evil for a young kid.”
“A kid…?” Liane questioned wondering what they were up against.
“Yes he is young, and he was just being used as a puppet by something evil. Regardless it needs to be stopped, and I intend to kill the demon only for good. Things will return to normal without the influence of nightmare controlling a nation. We can do this; are you all ready to get this over with?”
Everyone quickly nodded and focused in on the task at hand, and then Aeolus led the group. They quickly moved down the fence while Aeolus sensed the position of each guard relative to their position. Finally Aeolus stopped and motioned everyone; from this point there was no talking or communication unless he was the one to do it. Everyone acknowledged they understood and then a blast of strong wind quickly and quietly blew them all over the fence.
The landing on the other side was dead quiet, and Aeolus was harnessing his power to fully make them invisible. All the sound around them was silenced by air pockets, and the network of air provided real time information on every soldiers position. A second later they were moving with the absence of a single sound.
They ran quickly to the outside walls of the chapel, and then jumped with the winds assistance into a high window above. Once inside the chapel's upper floor, they quickly snuck to the edge of a balcony to look down upon a wide room. At the end was the king and his skinny advisor dressed in black.
Thankfully there were few guards, and everyone took one last look at there loved one before they were ready to begin. At this point there was no turning back, but they had to do this to move forward and progress in their lives. Aeolus and Jeanne leapt off the balcony to the main floor, and quickly went to work.
With the landing on the red carpeted floors; Aeolus spread his arms out and each of the ten guards flew back from gusts of wind and into a stone wall. Next Aeolus turned around pointing to the doors, and the wind slammed them shut and sealed it with a flash of magic. No one was getting in or out, the entire room was sealed till Aeolus let the barrier down, or died.
Only when the room was secure did Roger and Liane descend from the stairs and join there friends. There were only two people they had to fight now, and each one was being sized up by the heroes. Aeolus drew his bow the same time that Jeanne unsheathed her sword, and Aeolus spoke on behalf of everyone. “I'm sure you remember me your majesty, or should I say demon! No one else is going to suffer because this ends now and here!”
The royal advisor was about to speak till he was waived down by the small child. The king admired the group of warriors that had fought through hell to get to this point, but he had his eyes on a golden beauty he desired. “Ahhhh... Aeolus you have brought me the Bracelet with the arm still attached. I must admit I would prefer the girl dead and gone but this will do nicely.”
Jeanne already knew about Aeolus's original mission, and her confidence was not shaken in the slightest. “Sorry King Jeanne is my ally now, because she gave me something you could never have offered. Sorry I made my choice, and now I'm here to get rid of the dark influence that looms over this world.”
The king smiled and laughed for a few seconds, and then re-composed himself trying to understand who he would accomplish this. “So you are here to seal me away then? Forgive me but you cannot without the five golden bracelets, and you do not possess them so this is futile.”
“No it isn't; because just in case you did not notice I'm not exactly human. I have no intention of sealing you away just for you to come back and try again; the cycle ends here!”
“So you intend to kill a child then; you will have to kill many more to even think about escaping England after murdering the king.”
“No…! I won't kill the king; just the demon inside and right now it is the demon versus me and my friends, and most important devotion to what I love the most and her dreams.”
Jeanne stood right beside Aeolus proud of him more then ever; he had proved himself and redeemed himself in her eyes. The advisor started to speak when a glowing green arrow shot into the advisors chest stopping the speech that nearly came leaving Aeolus free to condemn the man. “Don't you dare say a thing; I know about you to, so show yourself so we can battle!”
The king and the advisor just disappeared into a black substance, and vanished. Different forces started to act, but Aeolus held everyone firmly in place with the strange sensation of the dimensions trying to change, but Aeolus held them all in place. Then came forth a massive demon confined by the magic barriers that kept him from summoning anything else to his aid.
The demon had a no legs and serpent like tail that was scaly right to the end. Its armor was black from head to toe with only a few white lines in certain places to make it more elaborate. It was easily twice to three times the size of Jeanne, and its massive black wings stretched higher then it's head. It had massive black arms with fists clenched with anger boiling over and showing in its eyes. “You bastard; I will kill you first you wretched alien so I can summon my allies, and then I will make all three of your allies suffer beyond your imagination!”
“No you won't… this is not the place where I will die, and besides I think it is time to show everyone what I have had all along!”
Quickly threw his left palm up to the sky unleashing a wave of lights that broke apart into multiple streams. The beams then traversed to the person they were meant for, and the first two hit Liane and Roger giving them each a golden bracelet like Jeanne. Next three beams hit all three members of Aeolus's groups' bracelets imbedding them with three more jewels.
Everyone, even the massive demon was surprised too what had just transpired till Aeolus started to explain. “You hired me for a job, and my abilities allowed me to collect what I could. I collected everything that I could find related to bracelets, and I did. However I made a choice when I found Jeanne; the right one… I fell in love with Jeanne from the first moment I heard her speak. I kept this a secret for my own reasons, but now we all have enough strength to make sure the only one that disappears forever is you!”
The demon roared at an incredible volume that hurt ears, and right away the demon tried to severe relationships that were not believed to be that strong. “You have not changed Aeolus; you still have the same darkness in your heart that brought you to me in the first place. You still are looking for the best deal then join me and aid me and you shall be granted everything you could ever desire. What do you say…?”
It took a while for Aeolus to answer causing his friends to wonder if he was really considering it. Aeolus had closed his eyes and looked to be thinking very long and hard, but finally the tension was broken when he started to move closer to his enemy till he finally spoke. “You know you are right; I could probably have everything I want if I sided with you right now…”
Jeanne could not believe her ears, after everything he was changing sides again at the worst of times. “I could have all that I ever wanted and never have to regret it. I could easily help you kill these three and it would be way too easy, but honestly… I don't need all of that; I'm actually happy with what I have and strangely I don't want a thousand woman at my feet; just Jeanne at my side.”
The group breathed a sigh relief that they had not been betrayed by Aeolus, but the demon was not quite so relieved after the decision, but enraged at the loss of the opportunity. “You god damn bastard; you have refused my generous offer and you shall die with the rest of everyone who follow the same path!”
Shortly after the demon lifted its arms to the heavens and summoned a giant fireball between his hands. Only a short charge time was needed before it was thrown at the nearby soldier the demon was furious with. Aeolus got ready to test the attack as it drew nearer, but at the last moment something grabbed him and pulled him out of the way and behind a massive pillar.
He looked up to see that Jeanne pushed him out of the way and to a safe place. She lay on top of him, sheltering him from the small stone pieces that broke off the floor from the blast. Once the blast was finished and done Jeanne looked down on to Aeolus, and she did not look even the slightest bit happy especially when she raised her sword to his throat. “I should kill you for doing such a horrible thing to me… I thought you were actually going to take it.”
Slowly the sword left from Aeolus's throat and he was able to get to his knees, but he kept Jeanne with him and his lips close to her ears. “Come on Jeanne you can trust me; I promised you I was with you till the end, now we have to move!”
Aeolus held Jeanne close as he leapt into the air and away to the next pillar just as the one that he was closest to exploded. Jeanne was stunned but looked to Aeolus with admiration for saving her and sticking with her. “Thank you for choosing me…”
“Don't worry Jeanne, but you can get mad at me all you want once this is over okay?”
Jeanne quickly became defensive because it made her sound the one who was in the wrong, something Jeanne automatically rejected. “Excuse me but it is not my fault that I care about you enough to worry about our relationship. Perhaps I'm the only one who cares if we last?”
Aeolus slowly looked out from behind the pillar to watch the dust settle, and only faint view could be seen from behind the dust. Jeanne was standing up listening for any response but when nothing came demanded a response. “Jeanne I promise we can talk about it all you want but now is not the best time for this. Besides you know I love you more then anything already anyways.”
Suddenly with a small glimpse of light from the distance signaled Aeolus to move. He leapt out from behind the second pillar just before the armored serpent like tail smashed into the pillar they had been hiding behind. Jeanne was surprised till Aeolus started to speak and explain without even a request. “It teleports, are you ready to end this Jeanne?”
“Absolutely so long as you are with me, I will be fine!”
“Then come on…!”
Aeolus and Jeanne spread out and split up diverting the attention of the massive demon that loomed over them. Aeolus started firing arrows composed only of wind that had been summoned by his power. All the arrows slammed into the big demon cutting its back and causing a massive roar to emanate forth. Jeanne continued to run forwards and used her sword to cut into her enemy, but found the massive demon responding with its fist out of rage and not pain.
A single fist slammed into Jeanne and sent her flying back through the air, and the whole time Jeanne struggled to keep her eyes opened with furious rage despite the forces acting on her. Unexpectedly something caught her in its arms and stopped her airborne flight through the air. Together they crash landed on the floor safe and without Jeanne getting any more injured then she already was. “You okay Jeanne…?”
She already knew who it was before she was even caught, and both quickly got up and readied for another assault. Aeolus already noticed the wounds healing in the demon's body and he came to the realization that they needed even more to win. Jeanne was ready for another try when Aeolus held his arm out stopping her, but somehow at the end was a new sword that had appeared from no where, and was a gift for Jeanne. “Jeanne… I got this for you a while ago, but I wanted to give you it when you needed it.”
The sword was much larger then the slim one Jeanne possessed, and it was simply amazing. The gold broad side was flawless and seemed to gleam no matter how little light there was. The edge was slanted and was made of diamond that led to a razor sharp edge. It was simply to beautiful for Jeanne to comment on, but she could only take it and let Aeolus look at her in admiration and speak. “It's only half as beautiful as you are to me, and I don't ever want to lose you; so are you ready to really let this thing have it?”
One short little bob of Jeanne's head symbolized that she was, and they both moved in ready to tear the enemy apart. Liane and Roger were behind a pillar summoning the courage they needed, but then Liane promised she would keep Roger safe, and he made the same promise to her giving them both the last boost they needed to overcome the fear of fighting this demon.
All four attacked from different positions with different attacks. Jeanne let lose a blast of lightning right into the demon's chest causing him to lower down, and then she slashed his face with her brilliant new sword. Then she backed up and hit the demon with another powerful spell that hit the enemy with a massive bolt of energy before Aeolus took over.
He only fired one arrow in the creature's back causing immense pain before his true attack began. He took the dagger out from the shoulder slot he had on his armor and cut deeply into the demon's arm when he jumped into the air. He left the dagger behind and changed his primary weapon to a Katana that was a light green and a brilliant green color. He jammed it into the shoulder trying to disable it's arm, but the demon countered and hit Aeolus with a swipe of it's free arm.
Aeolus flew off and bounced of the ground before Jeanne caught him in her arms the same way he did with her earlier. Roger and Liane took over now rushing in and covering so Jeanne and Aeolus could recover. A blast of fire shot forth from Liane's hand and hit the demon's hand that had been extended to block it. The fire dispersed across the palm causing the demon to recoil before it slammed its fist into the ground.
The force broke Roger from Liane's side, and before anyone could blink the demon swiped at Liane and knocked her across the room and into a pillar that was still standing despite the fight. Liane hit the pillar and bounced off but then was drawn back to the pillar and found her self stuck to it. Demonic energy bound her like ropes and kept her to the rock tower with no chance of escape but the worst was still coming.
Unexpectedly a fire was lit underneath Liane and it was brought forth by a demonic power. Quickly Liane was becoming engulfed by a fire that was quickly becoming far to hot and Liane was becoming terrified. Her screams were horrible to listen too and Roger got up quickly and ran over too Liane. The fire was too intense for Roger to get even close to Liane, and if he did not save her then she was going to burn alive.
This was Roger's worst fear, and Jeanne and Aeolus were still getting up were frozen from the fear that Liane would die. It was then that Aeolus took a second to think, and then he quickly made a choice that he may regret, but simply had to take. He ran out of Jeanne's grip and jumped into the air with his sword pointing down, and it slammed into he side of the demon's neck effectively breaking the concentration and dimming the demonic fire.
However the fire was still so intense and kept Roger back and unable to help, but he could not let things end like this. He looked deep with in himself and summoned his dark powers from within, and then the bracelet shone giving him a new power. Light shot out finishing the fires off once and for all, and then Roger slashed his sword cutting the demon's energy that held Liane in place.
She fell into his arms while Roger snuffed out any thing of hers that was on fire. She had a few burns but was relatively unharmed. Roger started to run for cover when all of a sudden he heard Aeolus cry out in pain. He turned and even Liane barely opened her eyes to see that the Demon had captured Aeolus by his right arm and looked to be crushing his arm with extreme force.
It was not long before the demon sought out to inflict even more pain to the already tortured soul. His arm lifted and then was hurtled down but quickly stopped long before the ground, and then everyone heard Aeolus's arm broke and was completely dislocated leaving him to scream and cause Jeanne to react. She ran in sword ready to crush the demon, but hit a barrier blocking her from saving Aeolus.
Furiously she pounded on the barrier trying to get in and stop this because Aeolus had vowed to protect everyone and now he needed her. However Jeanne could not find a way in, and then the demon chose to try and end this with an all out over powered attack. It tossed Aeolus up, and then from different dimensional holes came full sized flaming meteor's that battered and bruised the already injured warrior.
The number of meteors kept increasing and battering and bruising Aeolus till finally it ended with one final Meteor that sent him flying. The spell thru Aeolus through the air and out past the barrier to the end of the room. Jeanne only waited a second before running after him with Liane and Roger close behind. The demon shot a fireball, but Jeanne grabbed Aeolus and leapt over a fallen pillar to take cover with Roger and Liane also safely behind before the demonic fire hit.
They waited a moment, but the demon did not move but everyone took it as a blessing. Liane's clothes were burned and even her face was red a little, but she was still alive and that was all that was important. She was barely awake and she was not quite herself after almost being burned a live, but she did pull herself close to Roger wanting to be with the guy she adored. Roger was happy Liane was fine, but it had been thanks to Aeolus who had sacrificed his health for Liane and he was much worse off.
His right arm was completely dislocated; his clothes were torn and blackened by all meteors' inferno. His face had been dirtied but Jeanne cleaned him up with her gloved hand. She was beating herself up especially when Aeolus grasped his side and gritted his teeth out of pain. Jeanne could not believe how valiant he had been at protecting everyone and she just wanted this all to end, but things were worse then she realized.
Inside Aeolus could feel how bad his wounds truly were and he could not move his right arm no matter how hard he tried. The group's chances were looking grim, and Aeolus learned the hard way that even he was not as strong as he thought he was. The rushing of these people's stories had left them in grave danger, and then all the humor faded from Aeolus, and is eyes went dull.
The whole future seemed to be doomed because of how Aeolus had played this. This was not his world, and now his messing around had left it doomed. “I'm sorry everyone; I failed all of you and now we are al going to die. It is all my fault, I never should have been the way I was. I screwed it all up because of who I was… I give up… its game over.”