Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 9 Heaven's Gate ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9 Heaven's Gate; Final Destination of the Journey
With Aeolus's spirits crushed because of how he had doomed the group, and the bright spirit was gone from his eyes. All the positive beat in his voice was gone because how things had come to pass. Jeanne looked into his eyes, and could not see any of the bright vibrant spirit inside of him any longer. It was now up to Jeanne with two of the members out of commission.
For only an instant Jeanne took a peak out from behind the pillar and saw that the demon was waiting and healing. He still had a long way to go and Jeanne knew this was her last chance to end this and they had to take it. “Aeolus thank you for helping me get this far because even if I could have made it here on my own, I would rather have had you with me all along… Because you have always found ways to brighten my day, and even make me happy when I did not think I could, and I guess I just need to say that I love you; I honestly adore everything about you and I need to do this before I go end this for both of us.”
Now finally ready Jeanne leaned in and kissed Aeolus on lips, fully ready to show her emotions and feelings. It did not matter what was happening so long as she finally showed passion she felt for him. Her lips became in separable, and she loaded the kiss unrequited infatuated feelings. It was one sided at first, but then the young maiden felt the other side coming alive to and truly enjoying the long kiss.
When finally they broke away for air; she looked back to see he was smiling. Jeanne started to smile back not being able to control the overwhelmingly joyous moment, and Aeolus could not just leave Jeanne out there alone. “Jeanne I can't even begin to truly tell you how much I truly cherish you being there. I'm still going to see this to the end with you, let's end this together.”
Just beside the two were Liane and Roger who were already ready to both go out and give it there all. Roger had been taking time and healing Liane's wounds and burns, the healing magic was quickly riding her of burn marks and returning her back to being normal. Liane agreed to stay back and attack only with magic, but Roger would be with her in an instant if they needed it.
They all knew the truth that the demon was beginning to become afraid of there power, and more that he was losing. The battle was almost theirs and they just needed this final glowing bit of hope to spur them into action. They all gave one last kiss to the one they loved and hoped over the pillar and rushed into battle.
It was incredibly infuriorating for the demon to see his enemies so persistent when he was already losing. Quickly it shot forth a blast of black energy at Jeanne and Roger who were on the front lines and quickly approaching, but each leapt to the side and evaded the blast. Fire energy circled around Liane's hand while she casted the incantation causing it to become a ball of furious fire that shot forth and attacked the demon from long range.
Meanwhile, Aeolus used his left arm to create wave's of razor sharp wind that hit sliced the demon with each wave of air. Aeolus's attacks were considerably less with the loss of his right arm which hung limply at his other side. Now he was using gusts of air to help, and sent one forth giving Jeanne and Roger some extra speed and cutting wing resistance. Both Jeanne and Roger sliced with there swords through the demon's torso and everyone was giving it their all.
More blasts of magic pelted the fearsome black hell spawn with no thoughts holding them back. The attack from all sides brought even more rage to the demon and clouded its mind into a blind rage. The black armored arms swept all around trying to knock Jeanne and Roger away. Next the assault summoned meteors that began to fall and cover the field in massive waves of destruction that even hit the demon with no concern with its own safety any longer.
Only one are had remain un touched and Aeolus was standing firmly on it. The smoke and dust made it impossible for anything to be seen but the devastation just was felt to be massive. The only thought that Aeolus could think of was that he could not see Jeanne or anyone else. Just the wind of the explosions made his broken arm move and cause him more then enough pain, and then from the smoke came a massive hand that snatched Aeolus and brought him up face to face with the demon.
The glowing red eyes were terrible to behold, but even with all the cuts, broken armor, burns, and signs of the long battle, the demon still looked strong as ever. Those red eyes pierced Aeolus, and he could not see any of his friends when the dust settled and the demon began to speak in a deep confidant voice. “Aeolus you had such potential unlike so many I have seen come and go. Why do you hold back…? Why not unleash your forms that I know wait inside you; the ones that tore France apart. You are the greatest and only threat that I have had to worry about, but now you will die for your own reasons.”
Aeolus had already come to grips a long time ago as to why he did not use his forms, but there was something more eating at his soul. “You… you and I are both monsters that have made others lives worse. I almost killed Jeanne with two of my forms, and I now live in fear of them because I cannot control it. I killed just as many as you, and I even gave up when my friends did not in this fight. I have no more right to be alive then you, but even worse is that I know I messed up in bringing everyone to quickly, and just so that I could leave this world… now I know there is no way to get out of this, so go ahead and kill me… Jeanne.”
In an instant shock took all the confidence the demon had away forever. Jeanne had transformed into her most powerful version using the armlets full power. She was a gleaming silver spike amongst the destruction, but what was more was that she could not attack because the power she had found was too much, but the demon knew that too. “Yes Jeanne finish us both off; you can kill us both and finally have what you wanted since this all began. Finnish us both now before I kill him my self!”
A tight squeeze of his hand caused a burst of a massive scream out from Aeolus's lungs, but as he finished came a struggle to speak his final wish. “Jeanne finish us please; just end this and, just please… please kill the monsters so this can never happen again.”
Now she even lost ground because of the request, she did not want to lose Aeolus. Everything she heard was so contrary to her beliefs that she could not, not even if it was what she desired. She started to pray for any alternatives then what she was presented because right now it was either way she would win, but lose the most important thing to her. When it came down to making the choice, it was beyond what she could do. “No Aeolus… you are not a monster and I cannot bring myself to kill you no matter what. Please someone answer my prayers…”
“I won't let this happen…!”
The cry of rage came as complete surprise when Roger jumped in with his sword drawn and glowing with the power of his bracelet. A single slash severed the arm holding Aeolus while the demon cried out in pain. It fell to the ground and released it's grip just when Liane rushed out and pulled Aeolus out of the way. Roger met her half way and made sure they moved well clear of anything that was about to happen, and the demon stood there in complete disbelief.
Jeanne watched and then let all her fury out while her energy peaked to enormous heights. She let out a long cry as she charged all her power into the last attack that would be needed, and then chanted the name that would end the battle for all. “Heaven's Gate!”
Then something gripped Jeanne; an overwhelming sense of power that could not be stopped. Spell symbols appeared along Jeanne's blade, and she held it up high to the sky. A circular gate appeared from a bright flash of light, and then slowly the gate began to open and unleash the power of the heavens upon the demon king.
Jeanne cried out in her strong predominate voice, not giving a single chance for the demon to survive. All her power was fading, but the waves of heavens energy melted the demon away from existence. The gate finished it's job and disappeared before another instant passed, and Jeanne's power was almost done, but she had to say what was in her heart.
“Your judgment is at hand, and you shall pay… this is for my family, and for my home, but more importantly; this is for my future and you are in its path.”
One final swing of Jeanne's sword sent a single piercing wave of holy energy from her gleaming gold sword. The wave hit the demon, and instantaneously disappeared into a wave of separating molecules. The last cry from the creature faded away with it, and Jeanne reverted to her normal self after using all the holy energy she had available, but she could not help but let a single tear fall because it was over.
For a moment she completely relaxed, but then realized that someone was approaching. Jeanne looked over to see three people that had there own share of bruises. Quickly Jeanne ran over and grabbed Aeolus out of Liane's arms like he belonged to her. He was awake but not really saying anything, and then he just stood up on his own trying to not show any weakness. Jeanne had heard what he had said though, and she knew that there were problems in her psyche, and with the battle over she was ready to help her future.
Finally Aeolus looked over to se the king back on the throne and instantaneously Aeolus lost his focus causing the barrier sealing the church to crumble. Soon after the main door was broken into by the elite soldiers charged with protecting the king. They surrounded the four intruders and held all of there weapons threatening each of their lives. “Stop right this instant!”
Everyone heard the command and turned to see the small king awake and standing on his own. He looked completely normal and ready for a day. The guards stood down and backed up as the king approached till finally she got in front of the group of four and then bowed out of respect. “From the deepest part of my heart I would like to thank you all for freeing me from that nightmare. All of England will be in debt for what you have done here, and do not worry; I know everything that has happened since I lost myself to the demon and no harm will come to any of you.”
The guards all lowered there weapons having received the signal from the king, and Jeanne and her party relaxed. “Jeanne and Aeolus, would you both please step forward please…”
The young couple was confused but did, and then with a wave of the kings hand bowed to him. The king snapped a finger and was handed a sword of elegance beyond even Jeanne's, and a few second's later it was on Jeanne's shoulders. “You both have the thanks of every one of my kingdom and especially of the king. For this reason I dub you both knights of the highest honor we have in England.”
The sword tapped both Jeanne's and Aeolus's shoulders dubbing them knights, and soon after came Roger and Liane's turn. Soon after the king retook the throne continued to address his brave heroes. “None of you have to worry about a single thing, I will immediately end all hostilities against France. I also would like to extend an invitation for each of you to be part of my elite army as generals.”
“I'm sorry your majesty, but even if we were staying then we would return to France and aid them. However I would like to thank you for ending the occupation of France.”
The king bowed to Jeanne's honest statement and knew they would have chosen it, but still wanted to do more for the group that had done so much for him. “Very well; I had a feeling you would chose to do this, but I will wish you luck on your journey. Everyone here shall not forget you Jeanne, or any of you for that matter. Before you leave though I have a single request of you, but first I'm going to make sure you get the best first aid England can offer as a small token of my thanks.”
Out of everyone in the group of four, Aeolus had the worst wounds by far. Not just physically had he been torn apart, but also mentally when he was forced to overcome his own demons and he failed. Each of his allies including Jeanne took a very small amount of time to be healed. All the nurses and doctors did not need long to fully heal them but Aeolus did.
Every one of the healers did everything they could which made Aeolus face his own mortality. All the wounds took away the feeling that he had about him actually being stronger then most. He had many demons that he had now to face like his fear of his own death and even his powers. Beyond anything he now felt so weak, and even when Jeanne knew that she would be the only person who could pull him out of the spiral, but she had no clue had to handle this.
All the time she was no looking to herself and Aeolus for support, but never had she really helped anyone else. All the time she had been always thinking of her goals and herself for the most part. She could tell that Aeolus needed her, but she was just not sure how to heal his mind but deep down she did want to but also she wanted to do it right and come through for Aeolus.
Eventually his arm was put in a sling and left to heal to his own capabilities with the extensive damage. Not even healing magic had effects on the dislocated arm, and over healing could damage it further. For the next while Aeolus had lost the use of his right arm, and the future was going to be hard enough already. Everyone was grateful for all the aid, and after getting ready and assembled all there stuff ready to head off on the last journey of this world.
On there way out of London, the king followed them to the very edge of the city with one last request to ask. “I must ask you to investigate, but as a precaution I'm sending with you a group of my finest soldiers to aid you. The group that is not from this world is there, and while they have never let the demon know the truth… there is definitely something down there. I must ask you to destroy the place and the group if they are still there, other then this request I wish you a safe journey and once again I must thank you all for everything.”
“Thank you your majesty…” Everyone said while bowing at the same time, and then they all left; Jeanne's group with a small group of twenty of England's finest to aid them.
The journey was not terribly long since the walk was only an hour away from London. Every second Jeanne spent waling was scrunched dead close to Aeolus, and she found herself looking to him with admiration and concern ever so often because of what he said. Jeanne would help him through this; now all her focus and drive was split in between helping the person she was in love with and exploring life with him. Still she could not bring herself to talk because talking to someone she though was so strong about his weakness was a hard subject to talk about.
When finally they reached the entrance they were all surprised to see an entrance to an underground area. The slight slant let to a large metal door that was nearly impenetrable without an electronic. Not even with the King's Intel did they have access to the lower level's, but then something snapped.
A second later and a hurricane wind of such ferocity that it terrified the soldiers ripped the entrance apart. Aeolus stepped through with a look that was shear rage, and Jeanne followed close by still holding onto his good hand. She was mad to, but this was like before when the rage had taken control of his soul. Now Aeolus was just barely holding onto his mind, and jus the area was eating at his very being for some alien reason.
Inside the group rode an elevator down into a pit till finally after what seemed like an eternity did the elevator stop. At the bottom of the lift was a massive black door, and just the presence made it come alive while machinery activated and opened the gates to an unholy green site.
Inside was an open pit that was easily a good portion of London in size. In the middle was a massive structure that was unlike anything that Jeanne or anyone from this world could have ever imagined. The metal structure had an eerie green glow that complimented all the glowing lights on the building well. It was there first sight of technology, and Jeanne and the others were dazzled to the point that Jeanne had to comment. “This sorcery is so beautiful Aeolus, but what is this place?”
“This place is a mako reactor… in every planet runs a stream of knowledge and souls called the lifestream. Some young planets do not have a strong source, but the more knowledge that is added the more visible it becomes. Normally a planet's lifestream cannot be scene till late in a planet's life. This reactor processes lifestream into weapons and energy while slowing turning the remaining portion to an unusable substance called mako.”
At this point Aeolus looked completely spaced out, and was speaking in a monotone voice while he brought forth torrents of information forth. “When a person dies; there soul returns to the Lifestream and passes the knowledge into the lifestream, and every time life is created in any form it is blesses with the lifestream…”
Finally Aeolus came to, and when he was back to normal he looked incredibly uncomfortable. It finally became to much, and he started to feel the level of control slipping through his fingers till he warned everyone what he was about to do. “Leave through the lift… this place is evil and I will destroy it. LEAVE!”
The severe tone made everyone immediately leave for the lift, ay least everyone except Jeanne who was not eager to leave. Then she had an epiphany that it was this place and what it must have symbolized to the young man she deeply cared for that was the problem. She would wait for him outside where she would assault the problem, but for now she made for the lift.
When everyone left and was safe it activated; Aeolus's tech form was brought forth with all the power that came with it. The silver armored Gundam form was brought forth, and its name would be proven again which was known to be the Legend. It was bulky in some areas and primarily a silver grey; only a few areas had red and blue patterns that added to its style. The mech suit came with a split in held backpack with multiple spikes on each side.
The engines on its back launched the human sized mech upwards into the air, and then the spikes launched off its back. Each spike split up and flew independently around the building and fired small green lasers that shot through the building taking it apart. Aeolus took his gun out from backpack and fired the long rifle at the building wit no mercy for anything that may be inside.
It was only a few minutes before the entire building was brought down into a fiery heap of metal. From that point there was nothing left working, it was completely destroyed but the assault did not end. Aeolus was just infurirorated by the purpose of such a device that he had learned from his subconscious well of knowledge. Finally he cried out in rage and anger and had enough of all of this, but more he was angered by his lack of control.
Outside the ground burst open when Aeolus burst forth, and he cried to the heavens out of his anger for what he was. Slowly Jeanne approached from behind and was a little intimidated, but knew he wanted her to help him. “Aeolus…”
The gentle voice of a person he fell in love with snapped him out of it, and he turned back to his human form and dropped down to the ground. He then turned and ran over to Jeanne and hugged her with his one good arm, and he could just not speak the truth, but inside she already knew what was going on. They stood for minutes before Aeolus finally spoke to the English soldiers feeling confident in what he had to say. “It's done; tell the king the place is destroyed forever and you have nothing to fear.”
Everything fell dead silent afterwards and that is when the knights left back to report what had happened. Liane and Roger were ready to continue, but Jeanne took Aeolus to sit down a small hill in the shade. She felt they needed to talk, but Aeolus surprisingly spoke first. “Jeanne… I cannot be who I was, I have no control over my forms and every time now I lose control from an uncontolable rage inside me. I just cannot do this anymore…”
Jeanne held his hand, she was ready to commit to this single man and she would make it clear at this point her intentions. “I promise that I will follow you no matter what happens; I will help you however I can because I know you are the one I was meant for. And I will be strong enough for both of us, I promise.”
Aeolus impulsively leapt forward and hugged Jeanne feeling so close, but the moment ended when they heard soft footsteps approaching. Towards them came Liane and Roger with two young teenagers in strange clothes, and that is when Roger spoke to them. “I would like to introduce Judai and Alexia; two Exia that have come to take us to a new world.”