Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 10 The Gathering ( Chapter 10 )

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Chapter 10 The Gathering
There had been an instant connection between Aeolus and the two new visitors. Somehow he could just sense that they were Exia, and after a short conversation that informed them about what was going on with their future. The dark message however about the Exia's extinction and the meeting did hold some positives.
Even with the grim message there was positives that picked Aeolus's spirits up. It was a chance to do good on his promise and leave for another world, and now was a chance to fix things before the future came to pass. They were now going to the meeting, and even if Jeanne had lost her chance to talk about Aeolus and his problems, but she could later and this was her chance to see a new world.
One at a time each group convened at Pegasus's mansion thank to Alexia and Judai. Almost all of the Exia showed up except for one; Fayt had concealed his existence not that the other Exia would have been terribly glad to see him. It was a little awkward between each group, but since the priority was simply meeting and discussing what was about to happen.
Everyone convened in a massive room with a long table with each group sitting beside their respective Exia. Both the Exia of light and lighting had the biggest group that ended up taking one full side of the table easily plus a little more. The other Exia had only a few, and if it had not been for Naomi literally strong handing Brett despite Blair's best protest considering his weak condition to be at Siarnaq's side.
Ever since she had been saved by Siarnaq from death she had developed feelings for him because of it. They had not seen each other for quite some time, but she wanted to be right beside him now that he was near again. She could imagine Siarnaq leaving her behind again and that meant that she had to enjoy what time she was granted with him. The woman sat right beside Siarnaq completely proper and serious like Siarnaq trying not to upset him so that maybe she could go with him when he left.
At the moment things were fairly uncomfortable being just taken from there homes by the information that the worst was still coming. Loved ones were especially nervous with the grim news of a person they had come to be so close to. No matter if they could take the time right now to fool around, but they wanted to get the meeting done first before anything else came up.
It was pretty awkward for everyone who did not know anyone from the other worlds. Still it was exciting enough for some whispering between people who knew each other. No one wanted to start the meeting seeing as how depressing it would become, and soon it was up to the only Exia who was blunt enough to do it. “It is time that we started this meeting, and I think it would be best if we sorted out all the problems we have. Alexia I think you or Judai should tell us right away the most troublesome problem that you know.”
In the future Judai and Alexia had come to known this Exia who was speaking so well; Siarnaq was a legend as the Exia of darkness but still not the level they considered their father. Alexia was simply to worried to speak, and left it to her twin brother to start the telling of the dark future they all shared. “I think that you should all no that something else is already different about this timeline, and things may change again before this event happens, but…”
“About twenty to forty years in the future things are pretty bad compared to what they are now. The Exia are being hunted down by an invincible black knight that never sleeps or eats, and never has to rest. It has no compassion, and never failed to show me that once when it hunted all the Exia down. All that was left eventually was my sister and I, and then we had to come back in time to escape it… still I want you to know that.”
“That is enough for now…” Siarnaq stated coldly and stopped any further information taking a quick pause before he continued. “We can discuss further on that issue later but we have other problems as well. So Brett; are you going to tell us what happened to you or should I. You are not going to keep anything from us no matter how embarrassing you think it is, so tell us now…”
Being Brett's girlfriend; Blair did not enjoy anyone using that kind of tone on Brett, but he responded obediently feeling that he still owed his life to Siarnaq. “What happened; recently I was infected with Negastream and it changed me. It was to great to deny, and it changed me from who I was and I was lost in its feeling. I lost all my powers and strength and then Fayt stole it from me. Now I'm different and weak, I'm not the person most of you knew, and then many other groups have been trying to capture or kill me for there own reasons.”
Siarnaq did feel for the young man in the deepest part of hi heart, but that feeling was snuffed out a single moment later. “Stop asking for pity from us because we have enough other problems. If you want it then ask your girlfriend and friends for it, but right now we have other things to talk about. As for you even if you are going to stand up for him, don't because we have more important things going on…”
This guy who had saved Brett earlier was hitting all the wrong notes with Blair, but she stayed silent while holding Brett's hand tight just trying to be there for him. “No doubt you all know about groups that are after us, but most are after Brett, the Exia of Light because of his abilities. They can ruin or help certain enemies, and right now Brett is still are most valuable asset. He has a new power forming inside him that may yet be the greatest tool we have, plus his weakness can bring back a power we thought was gone forever; the philosophers ability.”
Many had no idea of what was being spoken of, but the memories inside each of the Exia remembered those moments. “Back when Jenova used our ability to create a new weapon that would change the future in an instant. The possibility exists if we could create a new Exia of fire and of metal so that we can use this ability to create a new weapon that could destroy Jenova's. The only thing we would need is an Exia with no powers like you Brett; since your power of Light is weak you can procreate the Exia we need if the females are gifted with the elements we need.”
“Absolutely not…!” Shouted Blair not even the slightest bit intimidated anymore by the once terrifying Siarnaq, and she was marking territory. “No one else is going to have Brett like that so find another way because he is mine!”
The room suddenly seamed so silent from the awkward moment after the young girl realized what she had boldly told complete strangers. The other Brett sitting with Asagi was taken off guard, but Siarnaq was not. “I figured you would say that, but I have to say that as the Exia are right at this moment that we will not be fine. I cannot see the future, no one can truly predict their future even if they know their own destiny and I can see that interfering too. The Exia were designed to be perfect, and that is our fatal flaw because we are not…”
“Each Exia is given powers… or so we believed, but now is the time that I reveal a little more to what I learned on my own. The powers we gain is through evolution, and they do to just magically come to us. Right now we are the connection between different dimensions and worlds, but things are now to far gone for us to have any effect. All of us are experiments and only through evolution like humans can we hope to see our true potential. Most are all first generation and as we are we can't destroy Jenova or change the future. We are trophies or targets to everyone who knows of our race, as we are now I do not believe we can stand to survive much longer because the gods are now taking notice of us.”
“So what are you saying…?” Aeolus shouted with no control or patience to wait and hear his ally out, but the barrage did not end there. “I made some dumb mistakes and I know there is now way things will ever be easy for us, but are you saying we should just give up?”
“I do not think we should just give up, but we are not perfect as you all well know. Light seams invincible but if you crush the will to fight it is over incredibly easy. After all he has been through it is hard for him to continue through all the pain he has to experience; from now I will only get harder to continue if things get worse. Fire and Metal could not save themselves either, you see we all have weaknesses to exploit.”
“Fayt only needs to challenge an opponent that is too powerful and he will be crushed, his overconfidence is going to destroy him. Lightning you must continue to push yourself far beyond what you should, but your evolution is slow and that is your downfall. Water needs to learn and in battle that is nearly impossible to an extent. Wind you must use your abilities but fighting in space would destroy every ability you posses. I gain power from killing, and I cannot anymore after the thousand years I have lived; so you see we are not perfect and we have a tough time ahead.”
Levius was sitting back comfortably listening intently, but wanted to know more about himself. It was a rare occasion for the answers just to be given so easily but something not to be missed. “Siarnaq, what else did you learn about the Exia?”
“The Exia each evolve different ways, but they cannot change what type they are. Light needs to be threatened, Lightning to push himself, Water to Learn, Wind to practice, Destiny to fight, and Darkness to kill… We all have a path and I know of nothing that can change that, and I'm of little use. When I was born I awoke for the first time I was very different from what I am now. Now I cannot act or do anything to change the way things should happen, and that is why I stay hidden.”
“That book told me almost nothing that I could have wanted to know, but I think at this point we cannot do anything against what comes our way except survive. We are now facing too many enemies and the Exia are now primary targets. We are being hunted and used by Jenova, Balance, all of Balance's underlings that he can be created at his will, this Black Night, and the worst of all the gods that now want to destroy us. We are separated by dimensions and cannot stay in contact, and it seams like we are only going to die out and be left as a page in history to the few who remember us…”
Everyone close to one of the Exia felt for them, but a lot just did not know that the people they knew were aliens. Meyrin was still a little in denial and Cagalli felt hurt she had not been told by her child hood friend. Ashe was stunned, but was intrigued to find out what else was behind Levius, a guy that she was starting to obsess about. Jeanne knew and so did her allies, but hearing what else they had to contend with was more then daunting. So many had conflicting emotions, but after looking to Asagi, Brett had to say something. “So what are we going to do?”
A deep sigh came from Siarnaq, and everyone was hoping for an easy answer to come out, but it did not. “We can just leave everything and try t fight back, but I know for a fact we will fail. We cannot fight gods or any goddess and possibly make things worse. I'm held back and cannot do anything, we would need something drastic to happen to change what I believe will. The only real choice I think we can make is to continue living the way we have, because we simply cannot fight against something this big in the state we are. But it is too soon, and a lot has been told here tonight. For now I think we should relax and take everything in, so let us take a long break and reflect on the choice we think we should make.”
The room well silent while many considered what was going to happen from this point on. There were few options with massive consequences laying in wait behind either one. Everyone was going to need to chose what path they would take from this point onwards, and that made them think about possibly just going home, but then the door opened and Pegasus stuck his head in not caring if he interrupted or not. “Excuse me everyone but most of you are probably hungry after such a long trip, so why don't you all take a break and come eat?”
The distraction was exactly what everyone needed, and Levius could see that everyone needed this. “I think that precisely what we all need right now. We can all rest and eat and then tomorrow we will all chose what we are going to do. For now let us just take a break.”
Everyone present got up and preceded into the next room to see a massive banquet filled with many types of food and drinks. The only problem was this was a major crossroad for everyone present, but none knew that no matter what they chose thing were know moving towards events that would surely lead them down a new path.