Jem Fan Fiction ❯ MUSICAL: The Mega Rock-Man ❯ The Truth about Mykan Part two ( Chapter 6 )

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The Holograms were most surprised. The thought of a single boy having another living, breathing from in him was incredible.
“But wait… does this mean Mykan's not really the great rock-star everyone knows?” asked Aja. “I mean, Mega Rock-Man's doing all the playing isn't he?”
Jordan shook his head. “No, it's not that… Mykan never even knew he was the Mega Rock-Man way back then. He was still just a little baby.”
FLASHBACK, 20 years ago
They had finally established that only transformed into the Mega Rock-Man when I got angry or scared. I always changed back after a little while.
The hospital was preparing to release me out into the world, but unfortunately, My Grandfather and my parents were dead, and I had no other living relatives.
So, it was decided to arrange an orphanage for me.
Sadly, as fate would have it… while few people of the world thought me being able to become Mega Rock-man was incredible, the rest of the world referred to me as a freak, and not wanting to come within ten feet of me.
Rejection, after rejection, there was only one place that actually took me in. The Gurney orphanage. A secluded rickety old place on hilltops where a lot of other rejected orphans lived.
The caretaker of the orphanage was a very nice lady, whom respected every orphan, no matter whomever he or she was, but the other orphans were awfully mean to me and treated me like an outcast.
They never shared with me, they never let me play with them, and worse than that they always made me feel…
“You're nothing but a two-bodied freak, You'll never get adopted.”
“What kind of a Mom and Dad would want you when they can have the beautiful me.”
They were right too. Every time potential parents came to the Gurney looking to adopt a child, the orphans always deliberately went out of their way to make me angry, or scared so I would transform inn from of everyone in the room.
Despite the fact that as Mega Rock-Man I was more talented and friendlier, the parents always became either afraid or disgraced at the sight of me, and turned me down before they ever got to know me.
No parents who knew of my specialty would ever consider adopting me, and None of the other orphans were treating me right. I began to realize as if for the first time, just how lonely I really was.
And that's when I began to realize that Mega Rock-Man inside me, he could produce musical waves wherever I was, so if ever I felt I needed to get it out of system, and that's when I learned to sing.
(Mykan, Age 6)
The Happiness… of being me
Is not what it's cracked up to be
It's lonely being ONE… of a kind!
With all the known variety,
The fame that nature gave to me
It's lonely being ONE… of a kind…
Slowly, the orphans were each being adopted, as time went by, and by the time I was Seven I began to make my first step in the music life, by sitting at the piano and having the music keep me company.
That's when I discovered my real talents, not as Mega Rock-Man, but as a great pianist, and the music I played gave me a warm and comforting message… I am not alone.
(Mykan, Age seven)
Leave me… some music to get me through the day
Wonders that cast a spell I can't disobey.
If it's all an illusion,
I'm filled with confusion
So leave me… some music
Don't take my music away.
Leave me… Some music, as much as you can spare.
And if people laugh at me, I guess I don't care.
To believe sets me free more,
Isn't that what, I'm here for
So leave me… some music
Don't take my music away.
Please… Don't take my music… Awaaaaaaaay
Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo-o-o-o-o.
About a year later, I had not only become a fine piano player, but I was even starting to learn what most people learn in their early thirties; How to take care of myself. I learned how to cook, to clean, and even taught myself how read and write, especially music.
By the time I was 12, That's when I got my first big hit.
The Caretaker of the Orphanage was retiring and shutting the orphanage down for business, but I was the only orphan left, and who had practically given up all hope from being adopted
She wanted to leave me the deed to the orphanage, be it's new owner so I'd still have a home, bust she wanted me to prove if it was going to be okay to leave me by myself, instead of sending me to another orphanage.
going to let me do some pan-handling. Play my music in the park an let people drop money into a jar.
I tried it, and I expected to gather at least a few dollars or so, but I got a lot more than expected. I made more than enough money buy myself enough food for a year, and people were hoping I'd come back to the park every now and then.
The start of my music career was on. I knew how to take care of myself, and best of all, not many people knew about the Mega Rock-Man anymore. So, the caretaker left me the deed to the orphanage, and that was the last time I ever saw her again.
The orphanage, which I used the money I made from my shows in the park to fix up, I turned it into a nice little home for me.
Soon, I was being hired by officials and producers to do concerts and Television shows. There were times that I transformed into Mega Rock-Man, but I decided that as long as nobody actually SAW me transform… everything would be alright.
By the time I was 18, I changed from pianos to keyboards, and with years of studying and practice I was dubbed as the worlds greatest One-Man keyboard band. The audiences sometimes even sang choruses for me, since I didn't have any other singers.
But I still didn't feel all complete. To me… a man could only truly call himself complete if he is able to obtain four things to make life all worth it.
-A HOUSE to shelter him
-A JOB to bear him.
-A BAG-OF-GOLD to sustain him.
-And a WIFE to make it all worthwhile.
I already had the first three things with the help of my glorious career. A house, Job, and Gold... but I still felt incomplete, without love.