Jem Fan Fiction ❯ MUSICAL: The Mega Rock-Man ❯ The Best Friends I ever had. ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was almost time for Jem to leave and head out to meet the Misfits, when Kimber came up to my room, and knocked at the door.
“Mykan?” she called. “It's Kimber… are you okay. The door wasn't locked, and all she had to do was open it to see the blanket-rope out the window. “Oh my gosh!” she cried. She dashed for the others. “Jerrica! Jerrica!” she cried. “Mykan's not in his room.”
The group dashed to my room, and didn't need school studies to work out what I did. “That crazy kid!” snapped Shana. “What's he thinking?”
“He's trying to save Adriana.” said Raya.
“We've got to go help him before he gets into even bigger trouble.” Cried Jerrica, “Come on everyone.”
Eric was staring out a window. “Excellent… the sun is starting to set. Almost time for our little meeting with Jem and Mykan.” He chuckled. “Pizzazz, is everything set?”
“All according to plan.” Pizzazz answered.
They had Adriana all tied up and dangling on a crumbling balcony that wasn't going to up with her weight for very long, and she was still gagged and couldn't speak.
It was almost time, and alt of other people had already gathered outside the tower, but the police and the royal guards ushered them all to stay at least 20 yards away from the tower.
Roxy and Clash guarded the entrance so no one could get in, and Jetta making sure the police and the crowd stayed where they were. Eric was holding all the cards now.
“Mmm, heh, heh, heh… I love it when I'm nasty.” Eric sniggered, then he checked his watch.” checked his watch. “Ten more seconds…”
“Three… two… one--”
I leapt right over the hedge that came up to the tower. “MISFITS!!” I yelled. “Here I am… Show yourselves!!”
Eric and Pizzazz walked down through the doorway at the bottom. “Welcome, Mykan Rockman.” He said. “I'm not surprised you'd come here by yourself.”
My eyes widened, “You mean… you were hoping I'd come alone?!”
“Yes… after all…” he motioned up to the highest balcony where Adriana was hanging and they flashed a huge light on her for all to see. “You wouldn't want anything to happen to your sweet Princess now.”
Our Eyes met for the first time in a long time. “Adriana.” I said softly. Although she couldn't speak, I could tell from the look her eyes that she was glad to see me.
The crowd behind me were exchanged worried comments with each other, and still the police made no move to save her under Eric's threat of hurting Adriana.
“All right… What do you want?” I asked impatiently.
“Simple, actually.” replied Eric. “You see…We know of your little secret, of that other life inside you.”
I swallowed hard.
“With your talent and mystifying powers, the Misfits shall become the greatest Rock-band in the world, and you with them. You have only but to join us… and I shall willfully cut the Princess loose.”
“Are you crazy!” I growled. “I told you once before that I wasn't interested. You Misfits are nothing but bad news. I'll save Adriana myself.”
“Oh no you don't!” growled Pizzazz. “Look up there!”
Everyone turned up to the balcony where Stormer was holding a pair of hedge-clippers in her hands. Adriana shook her head and mumbled in fear, and the crowd gasped in fear as well.
“You make one false move, and red-head goes plummeting down!” Stormer snapped while holding the rope in between the blades of the clippers.
The drop was about 20 yards up off the hard solid concrete below, a drop like that could hurt someone badly. If not; kill a person!
Worse than that… the balcony Adriana was hanging from was beginning to crumple under Adriana's weight. It didn't matter if she was cut, she would still fall.
“I don't how she has…” said Eric, “But if you want to save her, just join us and we'll let her go.”
I stood there all confused at what to do. I couldn't lose the woman I loved, but to join the Misfits and hurt Jem. What was I going to do? What could I do?
In the shrubs a little ways away from the from the crowds. Jerrica, as Jem, along with the rest of the group. “What'll we do? We can't just barge out there.” said Raya.
Jerrica looked at the side of the tower, and saw all the thick and strong vines growing around it. “I have an idea.” Said Jerrica. “Listen…” and she began whispering the plan to all the girls.
“Not bad. It might just work.” said Kimber. The called it break, and went off to put the plan into action.
I was still struggling with my brain, which really was starting to ach now, over what to do. The balcony crumpled a little more and Adriana gave out a muffled shriek.
“Hurry up, boy!” snapped Eric, “You have little time left.”
I felt like both my heart and my head would explode from stress, and I still couldn't transform into Mega Rock-Man. There was far too many people.
Some people in the crowd even argued with me not to let the Adriana get hurt and just do as they say, but the rest of them did know of my little romance with the Princess, and argued against it.
“Shut up all of you!” snapped Clash, “Or we'll just cut her down.”
“No Fooling!” added Stormer as she grabbed he rope in a threatening manner. But suddenly… WHAMM!!
Kimber and Jerrica leapt down from the roof of the tower on top Stormer causing her to drop the clippers. Now she couldn't cut Adriana loose.
“What!? Jem and the Holograms?!” snapped Eric.
“Girls.” I cried happily.
Raya, Aja, and Shana leapt out one at a time from the shrubs and moved closer to the entrance of the tower. “It's the end of the road Eric.” said Shana, “Now hand us over the Princess and, get lost!”
“I don't think so.” snapped Pizzazz. “Misfits… let's get them.”
All the Misfits stood by Eric's side. “You Holograms have messed things up for us for the last time!” he growled. “Now I'll face you as well.”
“And with six against five, we'll crush you!” snapped Roxy.
“That's what you think!!” I growled, and I stood up along side The holograms. “You didn't think I was going to let you guys get away for all the stress and pain you've caused.”
“Way to say it, Mykan.” said Aja.
“Yeah. You go, man.” added Shana.
“Jem and the Holograms are the only real best friends I ever had.” I said. “I've known them for a few days, but now they feel like the family I always wanted but never had.”
The group felt touched.
“They understand me, and they don't think of me as a freak of nature like all the others who have mistreated me just because I'm different.”
I looked up to Adriana who I could tell was smiling at me. “And as for Adriana… I don't care if we are from two different worlds. I love her, and I know now that she still loves me.”
This awed the crowd.
“Well now… it's time to take back everything I've lost.”
I concentrated on all my rage and Anger, and my body began to glow and change. “LET'S ROCKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!” I shouted out as my voice got deeper and cooler.
“Mega… Rock-Man?!” growled Eric.
Everyone in the crowd was amazed at what just happened. They weren't afraid of me at all, and even started cheering all of us on. I smiled at them all. “All right… everyone pick a partner and DANCE!!”
With that… the fight was on.