Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Fan Fiction ❯ "I don't want to be alone anymore...love me always" ❯ Finn and Miyako ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Maron awoke lightly to bright rays of sunlight coming through the soft satin curtains next to her bed. She tried to roll over and get into a more comfortable position, but something large and warm was blocking her way. Still not fully awake, she tried rolling again, thinking that she was just tangled in her sheets.
“Mmmmm…good morning to you, too” came a deep and soothing voice from next to her. Her eyes shot open as the occurrences of the night before all came crashing back to her.
She fell out of bed in her surprise; only too have Chiaki stare at her bare body as she did so. Seeing where his eyes were, her face flushed red as she threw a pillow at him, yelling “Hentai!”
As the pillow covered her lovers face she quickly wrapped the sheets around her, covering herself from his ever-probing eyes. As he pulled the pillow off of his face she could see the obvious disappointment at her fully covered curves. He flashed her his ever-famous grin, and she just turned around, sniffing “keep your eyes closed while I get something on!”
“Hai, hai” he grumbled as she turned around, making sure that his eyes were closed. Seeing that for once he had listened to her, she dropped the sheets from around her and rummaged through his closet, her back turned to him. Pulling out a giant shirt that would surely cover her to at least mid-thigh, she slipped it on, shivering as the cold fabric touched her warm skin.
A whistle was heard from Chiaki, and she quickly turned around, realizing that he must have opened his eyes when she turned around. Her face slowly turned a bright red as she screamed at the top her lungs “KYAAA!!! CHIAKI YOU HENTAI!”
Her scream could be heard clearly from where Miyako was stepping out of her door on her way to wake Maron up, who already seemed to be up. Walking over to Chiaki's door, she started to knock loudly, wondering why Chiaki wasn't outside waiting…although she had an idea.
Just as she was about to knock again, Maron slammed the door open, her face red with what would seem anger, but was actually a mix of both anger and embarrassment. Miyako raised an eyebrow as she saw Marons clothing…or more like lack of clothing, and Maron holds up a hand saying “not a word Miyako, not a word.”
Miyako gave the sheepish Chiaki a look, but all he did was shrug. Rolling her eyes, Miyako told him “make sure she gets to class on-time…yes, I do know how you get into her apartment,” and started on her way to school.
In the meantime, Maron was grumbling to herself about what he had done, and started to blush as she remembered what had happened the night before. “He says that he loves me…” she giggled into her shirt, and jumped when she felt his arms around her.
“Were you thinking about me?” he asked her from behind, and she stammered, embarrassed that he had caught her “n-no, what would make you think that?” she bit her tongue as she said this, knowing how many places he could go with that question.
Instead of giving an answer though, he softly started to kiss her neck, making her gasp as she felt the all to-familiar tingling sensation that he gave her whenever he did that. “C-chiaki...we need to gmfgh-!” her words were cut off as he placed his kisses that had previously been on her neck onto her mouth.
Feeling his tongue slip inside of her lips, she brought her hand up behind his neck, and she kissed him back. When they pulled back for air, she finally was able to get in what she had been trying to say. “Chiaki, we have a half hour until class starts.”
“I don't ca- he started to say, but instead of saying it his eyes widened and he shouted “I need a shower! I forgot sensei is coming back today, isn't she!” Maron nodded her head as he rushed out her balcony, jumping back over to his. She pressed her hand against her mouth to try and stop the giggles, but was unable to when she heard crashing sounds coming from her neighbors, along with colorful cursing.
As the two rushed to the classroom, about 10 minutes late, they stopped at the door as they saw their sensei talking to everyone. Chiaki slowly opened the door and the two tried to sneak in, but were caught dead when Miyako interrupts by saying “what a coincidence that you both would get hear, late at the same time.
The two cringed as their teacher turned around, the anger apparent in her eyes.
“Can you two guess what I am going to say?” she asked them, seething. Chiaki answered, saying “hi there Nagoya, Kusakabe good to see you?"
Maron put her hand to her head, and ran out the door with Chiaki as their seething teachers roared “OUT!” she slid down the wall, her hand still on her head as she said “that was a very smart thing to say,” sarcastically.
He looked at her, shrugging and replied “it was worth a try.” He seemed to be thinking, and he looked up again, asking “did you explain everything to Miyako? She didn't seem very fazed today, even with everything that had happened yesterday…it seemed that the rest of the world forgot about the strange weather and all, but I see no reason for her too.”
Maron placed a finger on her chin thoughtfully, and looked back at him, shaking her head as she said “no, I didn't explain anything, but Finn said that he wouldn't wipe out her memory…so she should still remember…” she trailed off, not really believing that her friend would be understanding when it came to something like this.
The last bell of the day had rung, and Maron was complaining about how her butt hurt from sitting on the cold floor during the classes…not only had Chiaki gotten them both kicked out of homeroom, but he had later said a nasty comment that led them both out in the hallway for the rest of the day.
Hearing Marons complaints, Chiaki walked over to her, offering “I can rub your butt to make you feel better.” She turned red as the kids from her classroom who had heard it walked by laughing, and she hit him over his head with one her textbooks, yelling “pervert!”
He laughed and rubbed his head while they walked home, replying “you should get used to it...youl be staying at my place like you did last night more if I have my way. And I will have my way.”
“You sound like a rapist” was her curt reply to this, sticking her nose up and into the air as she walked.
“ok, give it to me strait!” she said, slamming her hands down on Marons kitchen table and looking at them, almost exactly the same thing Maron had done when Chiaki promised to tell her his `big secret.'
Maron sighed, and looking at Chiaki started her tale. In the parts where she got a little hazy about what happened, or that consisted fully of just Chiaki, he stepped in. when they had finished they saw Miyako's dumbstruck face, and she shook her head, as if trying to clear out some of her thoughts.
“ok, so you are trying to tell me that the two of you met angels, and one of them was a bad angel, and it was you job to protect Maron, and Marons job to throw pins at pieces of art that were actually demons, that turned into chess pieces, and then you had to fight your own angel, and then fight Satan himself?”
The two looked at each other, shook their heads, and replied “yup…that's about it…”
Miyako herself shook her head at this, and made a statement. “You are both crazy and I am taking you into the hospital to get checked for head injuries.”
Before either of the two could reply, a high pitched voice burst in, asking “do you need a little help, Maron?” she looked up, and when she saw Finn she gasped. She had become a full angel, and she looked beautiful. Her hair was long, no longer cut by her brother who was the one who had condemned her to being a fallen angel in the first place. Second of all she had on beautiful silk robes, and she no longer had the mark of the fallen angel on her leg. But the there was two big things that caught her eye. One was that she was huge! She stood about as tall as Chiaki, her long white wings behind her, and another thing that stood out was that Miyako could see her.
Miyako stood in aw, looking that the full-angel Finn in front of her. “I…thought that you said that angels were invisible?” she asked, still looking at Finn.
“Normally we are.” Finn replied, and proceeded to explain why they were full angels, when Access himself showed up next to Finn.
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