Kim Possible Fan Fiction ❯ Empire ❯ Prom ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Kim was not what one would call a drinker. She'd only had, perhaps, four glasses of wine in her whole life and those were at weddings. Therefore the young woman did not know the taste of liquor that had lit a fire down her gullet, striking her organs at the first taste of punch that Josh had given her.

She'd tried to be polite about it, about the feeling not being nice in the least and not wanting it, but Josh had smiled at her and Ron had said, “C'mon KP! It's off the hizzay!” He was too drunk for anyone but Kim to really understand and Kim hesitated.

Rufus grinned up at her, his pink lips pulled back to where his ears should have been. He chattered something to her that could be interpreted as a go ahead. She could afford to be a little loose tonight, couldn't she? There was no world saving tonight, and this would be her only chance all month until the real spring came for her to be relaxed.

The heroine drank it quickly and found that the flame in the pit of her stomach was more tolerable if she didn't pause. It felt a little like the one she got when she and Shego fought during the many unsuccessful experiments of Dr. Drakken. The one Shego started was a lot more pleasant though. Josh gave her a smile when she finished her punch and wordlessly went to get her another cup. The blond boy's smile was a little to sly to just be happy to get her punch.

Kim was settled at a table a good few feet from the movement on the dance floor. She grinned when she saw that Monique and Felix were the only two on beat with the entire student body of Middleton Senior High School.

Ron had abandoned her to dance with Tara, Bonnie's second in command, who seemed a little to giggly to just be talking to Ron from her perspective. He was either much funnier drunk or everything was funny drunk. She, Josh, Felix, and a tall, unidentified raven-haired girl in the corner were the only ones who hadn't been drinking from the crate of Jack Daniel's Brick had bought to the school.

The red-head adjusted herself in her chair before sighing with boredom. The slim boy she'd arrived with was still not back and the red-head fidgeted with repressed energy. She checked to make sure no one was around before she left.

Her long legs carried her out the hot and sweaty room outside and she savored the cold air. Kim was certain that it was the boy's that smelt so bad. Even after hours at cheerleading practice, the girls never smelt half as bad combined as Ron did as the Middleton Mad-dog.

Her sweat attempted to freeze at the cool night air and she cursed herself. She'd decided on a soft blue sleeveless dress that her mother said brought out her eyes. Kim had frowned at her and said, “My eyes are green. How does blue bring out green?”

Her mother had pushed her out mumbling something about closer to teal or whatever. The girl had rolled her eyes and kissed her mother before heading into the SUV Josh was taking her, Ron, Monique and Felix in.

The moon was bright on the nearly cloudless night, and Kim stepped into what could only be considered a corner, and leaned against it. The cool helped ease the tension that was trying to form a headache. She peered at the sky and counted the bright lights of the airplanes. She was on twenty-eight when the door opened and another girl stepped out.

She was the tall, black-haired one and she leaned next to the doors. She was pale, paler than Kim, and her hair seemed to be both long and it seemed soft under the moonlight. She shifted and watched the other girl out the corner of her eye adjust into a stance easier to attack from.

Kim shifted again so the other girl would look at her and smiled at her, “Hi. I'm Kim Possible.”

The taller girl moved from foot to foot and said quietly, “I'm Sheila Guinn.” Kim blinked a little and shrugged. Her voice was familiar but she wasn't able to pinpoint it.

“You enjoying yourself?” Kim asked her. The other girl scoffed and said, “Not in this lifetime.”

Something in her sneer, in her manner, in her looks, reminded Kim of someone. She stared at the girl who'd turned to go back in with the ceased communication.

She moved gracefully and Kim felt something in her quake in recognition. "Shego," The red head whispered. The dark haired woman turned to her and smirked, before winking and continuing inside. Kim felt herself flush and then wondered why before following her in.