Kim Possible Fan Fiction ❯ Empire ❯ Plan ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

With a slight smirk on her face, Shego entered the cafeteria-turned-ballroom where all the teenagers were celebrating. Or rather where they once were. Most of the teenagers were in various states of unconsciousness, except for three, excluding Pumpkin who was outside; an African-American girl, a paraplegic brunet, and the slick-haired blond boy they'd employed for this manner. They were all that was left of the once two-hundred strong upperclassmen of Middleton High.

Most of them were passed out on the floor, some still standing, and one boy's face in the punch bowl. She surveyed them and watched in some amusement as the wheel-chair bound boy and the girl argued about something. She smiled; that was the beauty of Dr. D's newest invention. It made everyone and anyone who drank it see what they wanted to, while their bodies played knocked out, until he activated the switch and a certain amount had entered their system. This plan might just pan out.

The little monkey boy, she couldn't remember what his name was but he seemed like a monkey boy, approached her, a cup of something in his hand. She narrowed her eyes at him and prepared to hit him if he tried to give it to her but instead he said, "Parting gifts from Dr. Drakken. Your services will no longer be needed," and he threw it on her in one smooth motion. She lunged at him, leaving a harsh hand print on his throat, the skin already blistering from her plasma.

They fell to the floor when he showed some aptitude and kicked her feet from under her and Shego aimed to punch him again and felt for her plasma. This was the first time since she was in her early teens that the plasma didn't come with a single thought. That didn't deter her from smashing her fist into his perfect nose, a spray of blood flowing from his face and leaking on her fist.

She sat up and, with a swift kick to his ribs, walked away. When she got her hands on Dr. D, there wouldn't be enough left to bury. Shego stalked out the room, anger evident on her usually indifferent features. It was a good thing, for her at least, that Drakken had told her where he would be waiting for her.

The door to the principal's office swung inwards with a large bang and he sat up quickly, unbalancing the chair and fell flat on his rear. When he saw who it was he sighed in relief, which quickly turned to anger. "Shego! How many times must I-" It was cut off when Shego lifted his like a baby by the collar of his shirt.

"What did you do, Drakken?" She hissed.

"Oh that, it was simple really, I modified the Lather, Rinse, Obey shampoo because of how much I had and changed it into a liquid form that makes the person want to become obeyed so it isn't mind-control, because I remember how much you hated mind-control and isn't this so much better," He babbled, hoping that was what she wanted.

She held him tighter and growled, "I don't care about these hicks, and I want to know what your little lackey did to me."

Drakken's face brightened dramatically and he grinned, "Oh, that. You remember how I first employed you and asked for a tissue sample so that if your employment was called into question, I found a better replacement, or you wanted to retire, I would negate your powers?"

Her hand inched around his throat, tightening its grip until he was bluer than ever and she said, "No."

"Oops. Must have forgotten to write it in the contract," He said his bluster evident. Her anger manifested itself in one of the worst things that anyone could do to someone else and still wants them to live; the microphone would never be the same as it went where no microphone had ever gone before.

Kim entered the gym hoping against hope that everything was the same as it had been when she stepped out for some fresh air, but knowing Middleton as weird central, knew something was wrong almost before she blinked. For one, everyone was unconscious. Two, Josh was holding his nose in his hand, blood flowing from it. Rather than run to Josh, her instincts told her to survey the gym. The hair on the back of her neck rose as she watch some of them slowly rise, including Ron who was in the punch bowl.

An instinctual part of her told her to run, the part that had saved her many a time from being road-kill or air-kill depending on who you asked. She always listened. Kim backed away from the door and ran down the hallway, pausing only momentarily to slip her heels off and send them clattering against the floor. The red-head jumped, pushed the ceiling tile out of place, and climbed up. She covered the hole once more and crawled through the dust, thankful that it muffled the sounds of her movement and kept her from banging against unnecessary pieces of metal.

This was familiar territory and she made sure to imagine the floor-plan of the school in an effort to get a feel of where she was going.

She paused when she heard a suspicious sound and strained her ears. She knew those voices from somewhere, didn't she?

"Please, Shego," The whiny voice said, and she swallowed down the urge to get down there and mutilate Drakken. He'd done this to her fellow Middletonians and he would pay.

"Can't we just be one big, happy, evil family?" He pleaded.

"We stopped being 'one big happy, evil family,'" she growled, "when you negated my powers and brainwashed those brats!"

He seemed to have found his backbone and blustered, "It is not brainwashing! Their minds have just altered to make them want to be controlled!"

"And I'm about to alter your rectal system if you don't shut up!" Shego yelled. Kim could hear the sounds of her heels clicking and the way the fabric moved as she paced. Kim could imagine the fabric rustling along her legs and the dark green fabric against her mint-green legs. She wondered if it was possible for Shego to get tan lines, then blushed darkly. She heard a thump and figured Shego was sitting on a desk.

"So tell me when this negation thing wears off," The villainess said.

Drakken stuttered, shifted and finally said, "It doesn't. I've already used it on your brothers so their DNA isn't going to help when it takes effect. This is the one thing, that'll make you a normal member of society. Isn't that what you've always wanted?"

She could hear the sound of the heels slamming on to the tile floor.
"You're gonna die, Drakken!"

And that was when Kim Possible made her entrance.