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Yami Rea: Okay this is one I came up with all by myself from scratch. It took a couple of weeks to get everything perfectly matched and decided on. I usually don't wing my stories like I will this one. But I'm going to try and make it just as good as some of my other ones. There will be couples in here that are completely…different than what I've wrote but I like them so XP. LOL, not even my Hikari has read this yet. Okay after I get the first 3 chapters up info will go up as chapter 4. So I don't give anything away. But anyway here is the full summary before you read this story.
Full Summary:
In a world where Vampires rule, one state stands out…Destiny State. Destiny State had been divided into five separate cities; North, East, South, West, Central. The five princes are merely half-bloods and must share blood with one of the half-blood Princesses or another half-blood Vampire to become a full blood. The current Ruler of the whole country, or Tenshi, tells the five Princes that if they marry one of his daughters before one of his two sons marry one of them can rule. But the Ruler has only three daughters. He, the Ruler, tells the five Princes of the Trial they must do. The Trial is that each Prince must seek out and capture a single Human that dwells in their city and make the Human their slave. Then at the Full Moon Ritual the Prince will feed off of the Human. Thus, during this whole time they all shall live in the Ruler's palace in the middle of the Country/Tenshi or in Twilight State.
Full Bloods
Chapter 1: North & East
The arrogant nine-teen year old prince sat in his room staring at the ceiling. The boy is short for his age. Plus the fact that he already stands out amongst the rest. The young man's hair spiked up into the shape of a star with three different colors; jet black hair, tipped with maroon and blonde bangs shape his face. The half-blood speaks, “Come in…” A young servant boy enters the room and bows. The prince rolls his eyes, “Stand up.” The boy stands, thus revealing his vibrant blue eyes and chestnut brown hair that spikes wildly. The boy stutters nervously, “Sorry Prince Atemu, I came to inform you that a messenger has come for you…a…um…traditional message.” Said Prince Atemu stands and frowns at the boy, “Sora Kaze! How many times must I tell you? Don't call me Prince nothing, just Atemu.” The boy named Sora smiles, “Okay I'll remember.” Atemu grins, “Now go before I bite you.” Sora's eyes widen, “Y-You wouldn't…I-I'm only human.” Atemu flashes his white fangs and Sora scurries out of the room.
After walking down many nicely tiled halls Atemu finally stands in the back room. The messenger bows, “Lord Xehanort hopes you are well. He also wishes that you reply with great speed.” Atemu nods, “Then what is the message?” The messenger nods, “You are to bring a human which lives in your city, to Twilight State for the Full Moon Ritual. Do you understand?” Atemu nods and the messenger bows then leave. Atemu sighs and reluctantly heads back to the main room.
The mansion Atemu lives in is a big mansion but it didn't take him long to arrive at his destination. On his way here Atemu stopped a servant girl of the name of Yuffie. Atemu had told her to send Sora to the main room. Finally Sora walks into the room with a big smile on his face. That's what killed Atemu the most. Atemu had taken Sora in after what had happened…he was the only on that knows Sora's devastation past. Atemu didn't want to bring himself into choosing Sora. But he did, “Sora, I want you to go with me to the head state.” Sora cocks his head to the side, “But why me?” Atemu sighs heavily, “Please Sora, just say you will so I don't have to use force.” Sora nods, “When will we be leaving?” Atemu starts walking away, “We leave tonight.”
Thus later that night they prepared to leave. Atemu stood at the door calmly wearing leather pants and a black t-shirt. Sora walks over to Atemu in dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Sora carries his bags in his hands and sets them down once there. A limo pulls up and Atemu grabs the bags and throws them in. Atemu and Sora climb in and they head to the airport to leave for Twilight State.
A playful nineteen year-old red head walked through the halls of his mansion. His mischievous green eyes sparkled, his mangy and spikey red hair falls down a little past his shoulders, and two identical purple tattoo upside down teardrops are printed under each eye. A female servant stands in front of the young man, “Please Prince Axel, you are needed in the library.” Said Axel scoffs, “Fine whatever you say Tifa.” Tifa nods and turns to leave making her long black hair sway. Axel walks slowly to the library, dragging his black boots along the tile. His dark blue jeans swished against his boots and he wore a dull red shirt to match.
Axel opens the door to the library to reveal a messenger sitting at a table sipping a cup of blood. Axel rolls his eyes, “Must you drink that while in my presence?” The messenger smiles, “Lord Xehanort wishes for your presence at his estate. You are to bring a human for the Full Moon Ritual.” Axel nods and leaves to find Tifa. Tifa stood in the servant quarters when Axel found her. Axel explained what was said, “So meet me at the park at 7pm. so I can leave.” Tifa nods and Axel hurries off to find his human. But sadly after several hours of searching nothing was found. Axel sighs and starts a walk through the park. Axel spots a delicate looking boy sitting on a bench underneath the shadow of a weeping willow. Effortlessly, Axel strides over to the bench and leans over the back of it. Axel smiles, “Hiya! What's your name?” The boy looks up at Axel causing his spiked up blonde hair to bounce. The boy's bright aqua eyes meet Axel's emerald, “I'm Roxas Kaze…and you're Axel Kaen right?” Axel cocks his head to the side, “How ever did you know?” Roxas rolls his eyes, “Who doesn't know?” Axel chuckles, “So Roxas tell me…how old are you?” Roxas stands and begins walking away, “I'm 15 now leave me alone blood sucker.” Axel pouts and runs up next to Roxas, “Look I'm not here to torment you. I just want to make you an offer.”
Roxas stops in his tracks and turns to look at Axel. “Now why would Prince Axel ever dare talk to a mere human? Hmmm…I wonder.” Axel looks down, “I know this life isn't easy for you and I want to make it up to you. So come with me to Twilight State. I'll make sure you are safe.” Roxas scoffs, “Sure why not? Well that's what I should say shouldn't I. Well my answer is no.” Axel's hopeful smile drops and Axel drops to his knees. Axel throws his arms around Roxas's waist. “Please Roxy, you won't regret this,” Axel pleads. Roxas smiles, “Okay I'll go…but try not to call me Roxy, okay?” Axel nods and stands up. So later that day Roxas and Axel leave for Twilight State.