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Full Bloods
Chapter 2: South and West
Yami Kenkaku sat in his room playing with a gold hilted dagger. His bright crimson eyes filled with boredom. Yami's spiked up star shaped hair consisted of three color; jet black, tipped crimson, and bright blonde shape his face. A girl of the name Rinoa walks in, her black shoulder-length hair swaying, bright gray eyes dancing. Rinoa skips over to Yami and plucks the dagger out of his hand. Yami growls, “Rinoa, give it back.” Rinoa giggles, “What would you do bite me? Well I'm a vampire and you're not!” Yami stands and anger fills his gaze, “I am so a vampire! Maybe half but I'm still part of one!” Rinoa just rolls her eyes, “Whatever, you got a personal messenger waiting for you in the court yard.” Yami sighs and leaves. Both played the same routine every day. To put it simply, Rinoa aggravated Yami to no end.
The messenger dressed in all black with a black cloak and stood at the base of the stairs tapping his foot. Yami walks out and to the base of the stairs and comes eye to eye with the mysterious messenger. “Half-Blood Prince Yami Kenkaku, age 19. Lord Xehanort demands that you leave tonight so you can come to his estate, with a human of your choice. You'll be attending the Full Moon Ritual in one month but he wants to meet you personally first,” the messenger explains. Yami nod and turns to leave when the messenger speaks again, “But I would choose wisely. You will have to kill the human.” Yami snorts, “What do I care? It's just some stupid human.” With that Yami walks away. But when Yami walks back through the door he meets Rinoa. Rinoa holds out three pieces of paper with a teenage human on each sheet. Yami sighs and points to the one in the middle. Rinoa hands Yami the sheet, “He's a cute kid. Bet you can't convince him to go with a scary half-blood like you.” Yami smirks at the challenge, “You're on, and I'll get the kid. Meet me at his house in 30 minutes, after I leave.” Rinoa nods and salutes him.
It took Yami less than two minutes to locate this so called Yugi Mutou's house. Yami rang the doorbell and a woman's voice called out, “Coming!” The door opens to reveal a woman with burgundy hair and amethyst eyes. She wore a dark blue dress with a white apron. She smiles, “You must be Prince Yami, call me Mrs. Mutou. Please, come in.” Mrs. Mutou opens the door more and ushers him in. She leads Yami to the living room and he sits in an armchair while Mrs. Mutou sits on the couch. She smiles more, “Can I get you something?” Yami shakes his head, “No thank you. I'm here to talk about your son.” Mrs. Mutou frowns and reveals white fangs. Yami blinks, “A-Are you a vampire?” Mrs. Mutou sighs, “Yes, but I was human just like most of the people across the world. But after my husband died…I was attacked by a full blood vampire. Oh yes, Yugi can you come here?” Small footsteps are heard and a boy sits down next to his mother. His hair also spiked into a star including the colors; jet black, violet tipped, and blond bangs shape his cherubic face. Mrs. Mutou smiles more, “Yugi tell the kind Prince about you.”
“My name is Yugi Mutou. I'm 18 years old and an only child,” Yugi says nervously. Yami stands, “Mrs. Mutou, I would be honored if you will allow your son to come with me to the head of state.” Yugi's mother beams, “Of course, I'm sure he will be in great hands if my little Yugi goes with you.” A knock comes to the door. Yami stands, “That must be Rinoa now.” Mrs. Mutou nods to her son and Yugi follows Yami to the door. After Rinoa introduces herself she drives Yami and Yugi to the airport.
The oldest of all the Princes at Destiny State sat outside underneath the trees. At age 23 the young man was well built. His bright blonde hair spiked up while some fell down the side of his face. At the sound of boots on stone the prince reveals his vibrant blue eyes. A man kneels down in front of him. The man's age and history are unknown to the Prince but besides that, they are the best of friends. The man's black hair spiked wildly and his blue eyes shone brightly. The man chuckles, “Cloud, you have a messenger waiting for you in the front room.” Said Cloud stands and begins walking away, “Thanks for the report, Zack.”
Cloud walks into the front room and glares at the messenger. The messenger only chuckles, “You must be the eldest Prince; Cloud Strife, age 23.” Cloud shrugs, “No need to make a big deal about it.” Once more the messenger only chuckles, “Lord Xehanort demands that you come immediately and that you bring a human with you for the Full Moon Ritual.” Cloud nods, “Understood…” Clouds walks out to see Zack standing there rocking back and forth on his heels. Cloud slightly smiles, “I hope you over heard so I don't have to repeat it.” Zack smiles, “Yep and I found you the perfect human boy. He's only 17 and no one would know he's gone, orphan.” Cloud nods, accepting the information. Zack smiles at his accomplishment, “Oh, he hangs around the lake in the heart of the woods. I'll meet you there in three hours. It should only take you an hour to get there. So if I'm not there meeting at the airport.” Cloud grins, “You really are a big help…I'll be taking Fenrir.”
Fenrir isn't any old regular vehicle, oh no Fenrir is Cloud's one and only motorcycle. Cloud climbs on and heads for his destination. Compared to the busier part of the city the forest seemed like a ghost town. Discovering only one slim path Cloud found it difficult to maneuver his bike through the winding path. Cloud stops Fenrir a few yards away as to not scare the boy. Cloud beings his way through the dead silent woods. The young man steps into the clearing and his eyes widen instantly. The graceful weeping willow trees shaded everything around the crystal clear lake. A single figure sat at the water's edge. The figure wore black pants and a white t-shirt with a black jacket. One belt actually went with the pants while another hung on his waist and black boots hid underneath his pant legs.
Mystified by the scene Cloud walks forward but breaks several twigs. Yet the boy doesn't move. Cloud stood towering over the boy, “Hey kid, stand up.” The boy just pulls hi knees closer to his chest and leans his head against them. Cloud sighs and sits down next to him, “Will you tell me your name?” The boy looks at Cloud and makes Cloud want to leave. A slim silver pendent of a side view of a lion's head hung from a silver chain on his neck. The boy's brown hair falls to his shoulders. A small but deep scare runs from above the tip of his right eyebrow to the bridge of his nose. But what killed Cloud the most was the boy's eyes. They are a light blue with a hint of dull gray and it looked as if he'd been crying. “Squall Leonhart…” Cloud stands, “Well Leon come on. You're coming with me whether you like it or not.” Leon rolls his eyes, “I'm not going anywhere and you can't make me.” Cloud grins; it's about time this got interesting. Cloud bends down, loops his arm under Leon's legs and places the other behind his back, thus picking him up. Leon pushes against Cloud's chest with all the strength he can muster. After a minute or two Leon gives up and lies against Cloud's chest. With the signal that Leon had given up Cloud ran, with speed of a great half-blood, to Fenrir. After Cloud positioned himself behind Leon on the motorcycle, they left to meet up with Zack.