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Yami Rea: I'm really sorry this has taken so long to get out…and its short. I've gone through a moment where I can't figure out what to do. But with much delay chapter 3 is here. I will try to get them out faster but I'm really in to writing Bloody Life and pre-writing a new story. So ya, hope yall like this one.
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Full Bloods
Chapter 3: Central
With slate colored hair and light blue eyes, an intelligent half-blood stretched lazily on his bed. He wore black pants and a blue gray t-shirt. The door creaks open and a woman walks in. She wears a pink dress with a small jacket over the top of it. Her soft brown hair falls to her waist in a braid and her gentle green eyes fall on the prince. She shakes her head, “Zexion Haruka! You should be studying to rule.” Zexion snorts, “Ya whatever you say Aerith.” Aerith smiles, “Zexion you have a messenger in the main room.” Zexion sighs and hops off the bed. As Zexion walks away Aerith laughs lightly, “He's hopeless.”
Zexion walks to the main room to come face to face with a messenger. The messenger smiles politely, “You must be Zexion Haruka, the second oldest at age 20.” Zexion glares at the messenger, “Tell me what you came here to tell me and leave.” The messenger only shrugs, “Lord Xehanort wishes your presence at the Full Moon Ritual.” Zexion shrugs, “And what about it?” The messenger smiles, “Bring a human with you.” Zexion nods, “Thank you, you may leave now. I'll be there tonight.” With that Zexion turns on his heels and leaves.
Aerith walks next to Zexion as they head to the courtyard. Once there Aerith stops, “I'll meet you at the river to pick you up. That's where most of the humans hang out anyway.” Zexion nods, “Fine see you in an hour.” Aerith smiles warmly and Zexion leaves for the river.
The young 19 year old musician sat on a rock by the river. He splashed his feet in the water and his childish blue eyes danced. His odd blonde hair is decorated in a mullet fashion while a few strands fall in his face. The half-blood sneaks up behind him furtively. The blonde chuckles lightly, “I knew you would come, Prince Haruka.” Zexion walks over and sits next to the boy, “Who are you?” The boy turns to him and smiles, “I'm Demyx Mizu. So, Prince Haruka, what are you going to do to me?” Zexion grimaces, “Call me Zexion okay? I'm going to take you with me to the Lord Xehanort's manor. Of course you have no choice or say in the matter.” Demyx smiles, “Okay then let's go!” So they do. Zexion and Demyx walk a little ways till they meet up with Aerith and go to the airport. From there Zexion and Demyx board the plane and head off to their destination.