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Full Bloods
Chapter 4: Feelings in Motion
Atemu and Sora step out of the black limo and head up the steps to Lord Xehanort's mansion. The mansion towers over all the surrounding buildings, with a black exterior and maroon red door with silver trim all around. Sora's eyes widen as they stand in front of the door. After Atemu rings the bell the mighty door opens to reveal a boy around the age of 19. His chestnut brown hair blew in the slight breeze from outside while his icy blue eyes glare daggers at Atemu. In response Atemu smirks, “I'm the Prince of North, Atemu, and this is Sora my…guest.” The boy moves aside, “Come in…” Atemu and Sora walk in and notice another boy around 16 lounging on a couch with a glass in his hand. Atemu turns to the blue-eyed boy, “So you're a servant, correct?” The boy's glare deepens, “No, I'm the elder prince, son of Xehanort. That over there is Riku, he's younger and also a son.” Riku glances over at the two visitors and locks eyes with Sora. The human cringes from the hard, distant sea-green eyes. Riku stands and his silver locks fall to his shoulders.
The bell rings again and the door swings open, barely missing Seto, and reveals Axel and Roxas. Axel walks in with Roxas obediently following. Seto slams the door shut, “And who are you two?” Axel grins, “This here is my lil buddy Roxas. I'm Axel, Prince of the East. Got it memorized?” Sora giggles quietly at Axel's question. Roxas turns toward the giggle and his eyes widen, “S-Sora?” Sora turns around and gasps before running to him and giving Roxas a bear hug. “Oh, I've missed you!” whispers Sora. Riku clears his throat, `Stand with your prince not your lover.” Roxas shoves Sora off and stomps over to Riku. The older boy raises an eyebrow. Roxas pushes Riku back onto the couch, “Be nice to my brother!” Seto laughs darkly as the glass of water lands on the floor. Riku growls but Roxas stands his ground. Riku stands and goes to claw Roxas across the face when he hits someone else.
Axel stood in front of Roxas and now three distinctive marks lay on his chest. Little blood seeps out though. Quick and quiet footsteps fly down the stairs and there in the flesh stands Lord Xehanort. But before the Lord can say a word the doors open. Yami and Yugi, Cloud and Squall, and Zexion and Demyx walk in. The Lord Xehanort glares at everyone, “What is going on? Why was blood drawn on a brother?” Riku turns and bows, “I'm sorry Father, it will not happen again.” Lord Xehanort nods and turns to the stairs, “My dears please come here and meet our guests.” The eldest at age 18 sauntered down the stairs. Her short brown hair swayed and reveals icy blue eyes. Anzu is the cold-hearted woman's name. The next gives off the same icy feeling with the same blue eyes. But she has crimson hair that falls slightly past her shoulders and her name is Kairi. Considered the youngest and warmest of the three is Namine. Her blue-green eyes warm the room while her long blonde hair falls around her cherubic face. All three had the same last name as Xehanort, Ryoku.
After the introductions everyone knew who each other was and they were divided up into rooms. The princes and their humans are to share a room. But before they could be dismissed Lord Xehanort had one thing to say. Xehanort explains, “When the time comes for the Full Moon Ritual, we will go to the sacred plains which are an hour away. There the humans will be sacrificed to the rightful princes. Their blood will be drunk and their lives ended! But all this I'm sure everyone already knows.” All humans in the room shuddered and gasped. Still in shock their respective princes drag them to their rooms.
~Sora and Atemu~
Sora sits on the large king sized bed that they would have to share. Atemu kneels down in front of Sora, “Are you okay Sora?” Sora stands and slaps Atemu across the face. “You lied to me! I trusted you and you want to eat me?” the young man interrogates. Atemu sighs and stands as well, “Actually it's drinking…” Sora pulls back and launches his fist into Atemu's stomach. Atemu kneels down and Sora takes off. Not knowing where he was heading, Sora fond a door leading to a lush garden.
~Yugi and Yami~
Once in the room Yugi sits on the bed glaring at the half-blood. Yami rolls his eyes, “Would you give it a rest. Pouting only makes you more adorable.” Yugi glares more, “I'm leaving then…” But before Yugi could lift a finger, Yami had him on his back and was on top of Yugi, thus pinning him to the bed. Yugi lets out a small squeak and Yami chuckles. Yugi tries to move, “Let me go, now!” Yami only laughs, “I don't think you have any power at the moment. For all you know I could do whatever I wanted to you.” Even though not knowing the correct definition of what Yami means, Yugi was still horrified, and Yami knew it. Slowly and gently Yami placed a kiss or two on Yugi's lips. That is till a knock came to the door. Yami walked over and opened it, revealing Anzu.
She instantly began trying to hang all over Yami. Not sure of the reason behind it, Yugi became instantly angry and jealous. Anzu knew this too. Yami calmly pulled away, “If you don't mind, we're still getting situated, please leave?” Anzu brushes a hand down his chest, “See you later then.” Before she left Anzu winked and flipped her hair in a girly fashion.
~Axel and Roxas~
Roxas currently sat on the redhead's lap, struggling to free himself. Axel only smirks, “The more you struggle the tighter my hold.” But Roxas refused to quit. Feeling an undying sensation of devotion, affection, and desire Axel makes up his mind. The redhead leans close to Roxas's neck and sinks his crystal fangs in. It only lasted for a few seconds and the wound didn't bleed much but it took affect on Roxas immediately. Adrenaline cursed through his small frame and at the same time he felt weak. Roxas ceased his struggling and leaned against Axel's chest. “What happened?” the young blonde asks. Axel lays Roxas on the bed, `I'm sorry…I didn't mean to.” Roxas wearily places his hand on Axel's, “Tell me…I already hate you.” Axel smiles a bit, “Okay look…” Axel touches Roxas's neck then shows him. Metallic blood smeared on Axel's fingers. Roxas cocks an eyebrow, “But I thought you half-bloods…didn't like blood.” Axel smirks and licks his fingers, “But yours is so delicious. But…I won't take anymore.” Roxas nods and falls into a light sleep. Axel strokes the side of Roxas's face, “I'll protect you, with my life.”
~Zexion and Demyx~
The half-blood lies on the bed propped up against pillows with a book on his lap. The usually peaceful human stood at the side of the bed in outrage. Demyx's blue eyes raged fiercely, “I hate you…you blood sucking bat!” Zexion peaks up from his book, “Technically I can't turn into a bat nor have I tasted blood ever.” Demyx pouts and jumps onto the bed. Zexion bounces up a little causing him to drop his book off the bed. Zexion glares at Demyx, “Would you stop that?” Demyx crawls over to Zexion and pins him to the bed the best he could. For once Zexion smiles up at Demyx, “What do you think you're doing?” Demyx glares back, “Let me leave, please?” Zexion flips over so Demyx is the one pinned, “You aren't going anywhere. You're mine.”
Demyx snatches a hand free and slaps Zexion across the face. Zexion rolls to the other side of the bed. Demyx hops off the bed and hurries to the door. Zexion gets to the door first. He raises his hand and smacks Demyx across his torso. Demyx falls backward a few feet. Zexion bares his teeth and sneers, “You aren't going anywhere. So-.” Zexion halts mid-sentence at the smell of blood. Demyx moans in pain. The half-blood's claws had cut Demyx's chest. A slight cut rested on his breast and little blood beaded out. Zexion's eyes go dark as he approaches Demyx.
~Cloud and Squall~
The distraught human sat on the edge of the bed. Cloud hovered at the window, staring at the gloomy clouds. Squall quietly starts toward the door. But in the tiniest fragment of a second Cloud is in front of him. Squall ties to step around but is blocked. Cloud sighs, “Please don't leave…I don't want to hurt you.” Squall scoffs, “I don't know where you get off you vampire freak, but I'm going home.”
Squall punches Cloud in the stomach. A slight pain curses through Cloud as he tackles Squall to the floor. Cloud grunts, “Come one, settle down Squall.” The brunette struggles and sends his knee into the other's stomach. The blonde haired man rolls off of Squall and clutches his stomach. Squall leans up on his elbows panting, “Shut up you scum! Don't call me that, it's Leon to you.” Cloud smirks and sits up, “Ya know kid you're pretty tough.” Leon tries to finish sitting up but Cloud has him pinned down. In one hand Cloud holds Leon's hands above his head, while the other holds Leon's chin. Cloud smiles, “…Leon, you're a very special human to me. I could spare your life. But I want to have some fun.”
Leon bites down on one of Cloud's fingers and Cloud jumps back. The young man launches forward and traps Cloud underneath him. Leon smiles, “Yeah, that fun will have to wait.” Stormy eyes lock onto pulsating blue. As they lay in stalemate Cloud takes his knowledge to his advantage, he leans his head up and places a delicate kiss on Leon's lips.