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Full Bloods
Chapter 5: Let's Make a Deal
Sora wanders through the garden maze to end up at a beautiful stone fountain. Sora leans over and stares into the cerulean water. A thin arm encircles his waist. Sora turns to come face to face with Kairi. She smiles, “What are you doing Sora?” Sora bows his head, “Nothing I was just wandering around.” “Do you want me to show you around? I wouldn't mind at all,” asks Kairi. Sora shakes his head, “No I'm just going to be heading back now.” Kairi pouts, “Come on I won't bite.” “Leave him alone Kairi,” a voice snarls.
Both turn around to see Riku leaning against the other side of the fountain. Kairi hisses at Riku before walking away. Sora takes a deep breath and sits down on the edge of the stone fountain. Riku strides over and sits down next to him, “So what are you doing out here anyway?” Sora glances at the older male before standing, “I'm sorry I should be leaving now.” Riku grabs Sora and pulls him back down but on his lap instead. Sora squeaks and tenses up immediately. Riku smirks, “Look I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. So relax, I won't bite you.” Sora sighs, “I hate vampires…I don't want to die though.” Sora looks up at Riku; his vibrant blue eyes seem to water. This pulls at Riku's heartstrings, well that is if he wasn't part vampire. Riku smiles, “I can turn you. If you want, that is.” Sora's eyes brighten, “You would do that for me?” Riku shrugs, “Well it benefits me to ya know. By turning a human, I can become a Full Blooded vampire.” Sora rolls his eyes, “I should have figured. But how and when?” The silver haired boy smirks, “In my room of course. The effect isn't long; we'll do it a little at a time so I don't kill you. We start at night and by the morning before the Ritual you are a Full Blooded Vampire as well. But you should get back…don't want you to be gobbled up by a different vamp, now do I?” Sora jumps up with glee and pecks Riku on the lips. The young brunet mutters a thank you before disappearing back into the mansion. Riku touches his lips and hears a low chuckle.
After Sora had left, Atemu decided to look for him. But after a few moments it proved useless. Wandering down a hall with his eyes on his shoes…that's when he ran into another figure. Both fall to the floor and realize instantly who it is. Atemu had been knocked backwards and lay on the flat of his back with Seto on top of him. The tall brunet quickly rises off of Atemu and helps him up. Seto sighs, “Sorry about that…but you should watch where you're going.” Atemu rolls his eyes, “You are the one who knocked me over, since you are the one who landed on me.” Seto smirks, “…and you tell me you didn't like it?” “I don't know what you're talking about and if you don't mid I am on the hunt for my human,” states Atemu.
Seto questions, “Is his name Sora and has spiky brown hair?” Atemu stops moving, “Why, what do you know?” Seto strides over to Atemu and pins him against the wall. “Sora's chatting with Riku and should be safe in your room in just a matter of moments. So stay with me,” the brunet says. Atemu raises an eyebrow, “Why the sudden interest in me?” Seto chuckles lightly, “I want you and I'm pretty good at getting what I want.” Seto leans his head down and places a gentle kiss on Atemu's neck. He bares his fangs and goes to bite Atemu's neck when someone nearby coughs.
Zexion kneels down in front of Demyx. Demyx swats out at the slate haired male but he quickly stops as his head begins to spin. Demyx groans, “Stay away from me…please?” By using such a soft and vulnerable voice, Zexion had snapped out of his faze. Zexion strips off his shirt and holds it firmly against Demyx's chest. He apologizes to Demyx, “I'm sorry for the way I've acted. Will you stay and give me a chance to save you?” Demyx's eyes widen, “Really, you would do that for me?” Zexion nods, “Of course, now go to bed.” Demyx hurries into the bathroom and cleans up. With that the two lay down and go to bed.
Leon stares down at Cloud in confusion, “W-What is wrong with you? Y-You should be killing me not kissing me.” Cloud smiles, “I've always been told that I am to hate my life, I'm a loner, but in the end I could have anything I want…and I want you.” Leon snorts, “Like I care, my life is worse than that. Try being a human in a vampire society. Every single time I leave my home, I am confronted by more than one vamp.” Stormy eyes blink and cause tears to trail over his cheeks. Cloud reaches up and wipes the tears aside. Leon moves and sits in the middle of the giant bed. He curls his arms around his knees that are pulled up against his slim frame.
Cloud sits cross-legged and in front of Leon. Leon presses his forehead to his knees, “I…I don't want to die.” Cloud strokes the boy's hair, trying to sooth him. Noticing that his kindness has no effect what-so-ever, Cloud tilts the boy's head up. “I will help you Leon. It's only because I hate the government and wish to change it. But I will slowly turn you and in the same breath we will both be full bloods and change this world, understand?” the older man asks. Leon smiles a true smile before leaning into Cloud's touch. Both lie down and rest for the event, which surely will follow daybreak.
Yami walks back over to Yugi and lays down, “Yugi, do you wish to live?” Yugi nods furiously and Yami continues, “Well I'll make you a deal. As I've learned there is more than one way for me to be full. It is to turn a human. Of course the human will be full as well. Oh and the best part is that you can live, forever, Yugi.”
Yugi bows his head while his bangs cover his eyes as the youth thinks. Yami raises an eyebrow, “Well Yugi, what do you say? We only have a week.” Yugi looks at Yami straight in the eyes, “I'll do it.”
About an hour later Roxas woke up in a panic. He didn't know what was going on and he could barely remember why he had passed out. Axel walks out of the bathroom and lies down next to Roxas. “So Roxy, how you handling this?” Roxas pouts at the nickname, “I…why did you do that to me? I don't want to be a vampire.” Axel sighs deeply, “I'm sorry Roxy, but I couldn't help it. You're beautiful and I don't want to kill you.” The blond only stares, “Fine…turn me into a vampire…but then I'm out of here.” The fire haired man smiles brightly, “Okay! I will complete the change the night before the Ritual. That way no one suspects anything till then, we only have a week.”
Roxas lies back down, “Well I'm going back to sleep. Try to touch me as little as possible.” Axel only smiles to himself, glad that he can protect Roxas from the harm of that damned Ritual.
Namine stood in her doorway, “What are you doing Seto?” Seto's attitude changes completely, “Sorry Nami go to bed it will be taken care of.” She shrugs and goes back into her room. Seto turns on his heels and goes into a room a little ways at the end of the hall. Confused, Atemu returned to his own quarters. Sora lay in bed, already asleep and probably dreaming. So, Atemu lies down as well and drifts off into dreamland.