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Rea: Okay now that I killed Cloud and Leon what about we see what happens afterward.
Full bloods
Chapter 14: Epilogue
After the news of Cloud and Leon's death had spread and they were buried, things still were in an uproar.
A new ruler was wanted immediately for decisions to be made. Of course another vote among the remaining chosen princes and children was to be held.
The meeting was private and none was to enter but the cloaked man, who still held a mystery as any.
It didn't last long due to the fact that everyone had agreed upon the choice.
Tea and Kairi had been arrested for conspiring murder and such. As soon as they returned with the others, they were in handcuffs and hauled away to the prison.
The vampires emerge from the meeting. Yami, Atemu, Axel, Zexion, Riku, and Seto all move to the front room to announce to the awaiting reporters their decision.
Instead of the elder son, the younger, Riku steps forward to the reporters.
“As a whole we have decided who the new ruler shall be along with his companion. My brother Seto will take up the position with Atemu loyally at his side. It was a unanimous decision.”
Seto and Atemu stride forward to converse with the reporters while the others return to their rooms to finish packing.
Now that Atemu had officially moved to the mansion to rule alongside Seto, other arrangements for rule had to be made.
Without question the man had put Sora and Riku in charge of the Northern city.
Soon after arriving Riku proposed to Sora and they married in the span of seven months, not sparing a single moment.
Due to being reunited with his brother, Sora invites Roxas over regularly for visits. They never deny the other's presence.
Five years later the two adopt a son of the name of Kumo who had lost his parents in a deadly house fire.
They continue to live happily and ruler for the people and the vampires.
To most nothing would appear to have changed for Axel.
He still ruled the Eastern area and remained with the same attitude and style.
But on the inside of his life he was ecstatic.
Within the few short months that he had begun ruling once more, Axel asked for Roxas's hand in wed-lock.
The blonde replied with a yes and in one year they were married with all their newly found friends to witness it.
Keeping the spirit of Leon and Cloud alive, Roxas demanded that Axel help him with a project.
Now in the center of the city stands an exquisite marble structure of a wolf and lion, the symbols of their comrades.
Besides ruling the most populated area of the south, Yami had begun to set up programs for vampire and human alike.
For those who were attacked by either species, they could receive help immediately.
A couple of years after the events had occurred Yami returned to Yugi with a proposal for marriage.
Without question the youth accepted and they married a month later.
Nothing had changed for the two lovers only that they adopted two young twins.
They named the girl and boy; Lily and Zack.
Destiny had brought them together and that's how they stayed for the remaining years. Keeping in close contacts with the rest of their friends.
With the request of Seto he gave the responsibility of the western people over into good hands.
Namine took up her place as ruler without question and devoted herself to the people and the remembrance of the fallen.
As she had begun her rule she met the kind soul of a vampire who impressed her with his ability to grow plants in a beautiful manner.
Three years later Namine married the man known as Marluxia. Despite his pink hair and eyes the fellow rulers took him into their friendship.
Thanks to much of her research and help of the woman, Aerith, she planted flowers throughout the city.
Just as Cloud was planning, to keep the city with the colors of the world.
The raw emotions still circulate through the central area. For Demyx and Zexion were closest to them.
The second they got back they opened a mess of libraries and animal shelters throughout the large area.
After all was done the two got married and celebrated with friends, trying not to let the sour feeling of emptiness hurt too much.
Now they live comfortably, spreading the memory of the heroic efforts of Cloud and Leon. All thanks to the novel that Zexion authored and Demyx edited.
The book circulates throughout the whole world, reminding people that one person's dreams and sacrifices can affect others. Bringing a world closer together and people to their destinies.
~~~The end~~~
Rea: I kept it somewhat short to get the gist of the story. Sacrifice of one and propel others further into life. Due to the fact that I wrote it based on self-sacrifice and I had planned death from the beginning I devote this to my Mom. Even if she never reads it, her sacrifice for me has been much to propel me further into my destiny…