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Full bloods
Chapter 13: Changed
The next morning they all awoke into a frenzied rush.
Everyone packed themselves up and headed out. It was said that they would arrive at the sacred place before noon. That is, if no mishaps were to happen.
With the passing of the next few hours, the jet lands with no problems and everyone piles off, eager to be back on ground.
Xehanort stands in front of all, preparing to talk. “My children, you will go to the royal quarters. Fellow rulers make your way to the preparation suites. As for the sacrifices, the humans, will go to the holding room and wait for further guidance.”
A man in a black cloak seems to materialize next to Xehanort. “Humans…follow me…and don't fall behind.”
With no fear the secretly newly changed humans follow the cloaked man into a small dark building off to the side of the large site.
Cloud, Yami, Atemu, Zexion, and Axel all enter the preparation suites, nervous.
Yami sighs and lies down on one of the seven neatly made beds with crimson sheets.
Atemu walks over to the closets and opens them up the farthest that he can. Inside hangs five long sleeved black cloaks with dangling pendulums from the collar of them. A single silver zipper runs up the middle of them, brand new.
Yami groans, “Does he really expect us to wear those?”
Atemu nods, “Guess so…it can't be that bad.”
Zexion grabs a shorter one and slips it on, making a perfect fit. “I like them, cozy.”
With a laugh Axel grabs one as well and puts it on. “You're right Zexy, fits like a glove.”
“Axel…” Zexion warns with a shake of his short dull blue locks.
“There are gloves and boots too.” Speaks Cloud.
Yami jumps up and off the bed, walking over to the closet that Cloud stands in front of.
Indeed the closet held boots and gloves of all sizes, all in the color of onyx.
“This is going to be fun.” Yami whimper sarcastically.
While the five princes continues to dress in their attire presented to them, the newly changed humans are pushed into a cramped room.
The room can only hold two beds and one closet, connecting to a single bathroom.
Yugi and Sora stroll over to the closet immediately. While the man in the black cloak stays present in the doorway.
He speaks his final instruction. “Get dressed…I will be back at a quarter till midnight. You had all better be ready. It all depends on if Xehanort wants you all dead before the ceremony or during it. Hopefully before…makes it less messy,” he says with a dark cackle before leaving, slamming the door shut behind him.
Demyx turns to Leon, “What are we going to do? If they go to kill us we'll have to fight and that could ruin the plan. Zexion and the others only came up with the plan that will happen during the ceremony!”
A gloved hand reaches up and holds his forehead. Leon sighs deeply, “Fine…I'll take care of it.”
Overhearing the exchange Roxas looks back at the brunet. “And what are you planning on doing? We're trapped in here.”
A smirk slides onto Leon's lips. “That man won't be back for a while. It's only around two; we have more than 9 hours. I'll slip out a window or something.”
“Come on then you guys, we have to get dressed.” The young Yugi says to the three schemers.
Leon shakes his head and strolls over to the bathroom, glancing in.
“There's a window in here and I can fit. I'll be right back. I can change then. Cover for me.”
Those are the last words the other four hear before Leon slips out of their small temporary prison.
The door creaks open and the man shrouded in the sinister black cloak enters. Four figures stand in white pants and shirts, waiting to go.
The man grins under the shadows of the hood. “I see one has gone missing.”
The others utter not a word and proceed to tag along the trail that the man takes them through. As they near the threshold the man halts his movements and turns around.
“You will go and stand beside the vampire that has brought you. You will say nothing and keep your eyes at the ground for you all are unworthy to look up the mystery of becoming a full blood.”
With that said he steps aside, motioning them forward. They do as they're told and stand by those who brought them to this accursed place; Sora to Atemu, Yugi to Yami, Demyx to Zexion, and Roxas to Axel.
Cloud glances at Zexion with a deep hidden fear in his eyes.
The man steps onto the platform, “I will be back with the ruler Xehanort and his children.”
He leaves and Cloud moves to stand in front of Demyx.
“Where is Leon?”
The blonde visibly pales.
“But- He was supposed to go see you all. That man had said that Xehanort had not decided whether or not to kill us before or during. So, Leon snuck out to tell you…didn't he?”
“No…” Cloud mutters back.
Axel hisses over at Cloud, “Hurry get back in line, here they come.”
The blond vampire slips back into his place just as they step up onto the platform and his sky blue eyes widen.
In front of him stood, from left to right; Tea, Seto, Kairi, Riku, and Namine. Behind those five stood Xehanort and his prize.
The teenage boy stood with his head bowed. A collar wraps around his neck. A gleaming silver chain connects from the collar and down to connect two silver handcuffs on his wrists.
Xehanort grins cruelly and turns his gaze to Cloud. “Lift your head boy, you're no human and I know it. I can smell it all over you, vampire.”
The brunet lifts his head ever so slightly. But that's all it took for Cloud to lose it.
On Leon's left cheek a black and blue bruise sits steady right underneath the stormy eye.
“How dare you lay a hand on Leon? He's done nothing to deserve this!” Cloud growls out from the back of his throat.
Xehanort merely laughs, “He's made one crucial mistake, aligning himself with you. I would never have laid a hand on this boy if you would've leave him be and I guarantee he would still be alive at the end of this all if it weren't for you. Because now I'm going to get rid of you all.”
Axel grins, finally voicing his comeback.
“If you get rid of us all, how will you give the thrown to a rightful ruler?”
A cruel smile sits itself on Xehanort's lips. “That's the good part. Because dear Cloud changed this boy I can now use him to change one of my daughters. Thus giving the throne over to him and Kairi. I'm sure he'll stay within my good terms and listen to everything I say.”
“That way it's like you're still ruling even though you're not.” Zexion grounds out between clenched teeth.
With hopeful eyes Sora glances at Riku, hoping his lunar-haired lover will connect his gaze and understand.
Riku looks up and steps forward before turning to face his so-called father.
“Xehanort, as a member of your court and as your son I hereby issue a vote to elect a new leader. Right here and now.”
Xehanort's silver eyebrow flies up in mock surprise. “And who would this new leader be?”
Cloud steps forward, careful not to look at Leon due to his emotional state…he's about to break.
Seto treads up next to Riku. “I vote for Cloud.”
Zexion speaks up for both him and Demyx, “We also vote for Cloud.”
In unison Yami and Yugi speak with strength, “Cloud.”
Roxas glances up at Axel before speaking. “Cloud,” and Axel continues with an agreement. “Got it memorized?”
Sora slides his hand into Riku's. The silver-haired teen glares at Xehanort with a pure hate burning in his eyes.
“We also vouch for Cloud.”
Tea hisses at each. “You are all ignorant. Kairi and I vote for Father. What about you Namine?”
The young blonde girl steps away from the others, “No, I side with Cloud as well.”
Seto takes a couple steps back to join up beside Atemu who casts his vote.
The man in the black cloak laughs deeply. “So it is unanimous…or well its close enough. Thirteen to two, so it doesn't matter whether this boy votes or not. Cloud is the new leader. As said by the five Chosen Princes and the bloodline of Xehanort. By tomorrow morning it will all be official.”
“I will not be overthrown by some puny Full-Bloods who think they can just vote me out. Oh no, you'll have to kill me to get the thrown!”
Xehanort raises a strong slender hand and break the collar off of Leon's neck.
The silver clatters to the ground as Xehanort grabs out at Leon, grabbing a hold of his neck, nails digging into the skin.
“If I don't stay on the throne dear Cloud, I will kill him along with myself.”
A defeated sigh escapes from between Cloud's lips. “Xehanort…I guess…I lose all the same if you're still around.”
Unknown to most Zexion gives the signal, clearing his throat. “Well Cloud, you don't have to lose.”
At this the three children against Xehanort jump into action.
Seto launches forward, tackling Tea to the ground, rendering her useless in this fight.
On the other hand Namine dashed forward and jumped onto Kairi from behind. The two girls tumble to the ground and off the platform, rolling down into the deep green grass.
To finish, Riku releases his hold on Sora to dash forward and around Xehanort with astonishing speed for a newly born full-blood.
Firstly Xehanort strikes out, swiping at the blur of Riku, not caring if he hit an incorrect target.
The once almighty and feared ruler falls to the ground bleeding from a wound in his chest and shoulder. Coughs rack the elder man's body as he struggles to cling onto life.
A hoarse voice, drowned in liquid calls out.
Immediately the newly declared ruler cradles the chilling body of Leon in his arms.
Three wounds adorn the brunet's body; one in the stomach, one in the heart region and one in the neck.
Unwanted tears trail down the blond vampire's cheeks as he grasps the body tighter to him.
“Leon hold on, I can save you.”
Cloud leans down to let Leon take some of his blood.
With shackled hands Leon pushing his love away. Not wanting to condemn Cloud to trying to help and in the end failing. Even before the ceremony Leon knew what was to become of him…
No one dared to move as if frozen in time like statues…everyone was in disbelief that this young boy was dying.
Crimson liquid puddles in Cloud's lap, soaking into the black cloak that wraps around his body.
“L-Leon please…hold o-“
Widen eyes stare in disbelief…everyone had believed him to be as good as dead.
Snapping out of his shock, Riku kicks the now limp body of Xehanort back down onto the ground.
Within a second Zexion kneels at his friend's side, hoping he can help.
Ignoring everyone around him, Cloud lies the dying Leon on the ground before lying down next to him.
A small dagger sticks out of Cloud's back as his breathing slows even more.
The brunet turns his head and gives his love a ghostly kiss before shutting his eyes for the last time, his love following his lead.
Demyx kneels down next to the two dead lovers and lets streams of tears fall down his cheeks.
The scene stays fresh and is a lighted by the young light of the newly awaken dawn.