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Full Bloods
Chapter 12: Night 7
After the troublesome night yesterday everything had seemed to settle down. The entire world seemed to be silent, even the whispering of the wind. None of the half-bloods or their companions sat among the foliage outside. Each pair was exhausted from worry and excitement; worried that something would go wrong but joyful that it would finally happen.
Leon lies in Cloud's arms, still silent from the world and tormented by his still aching body. The blonde held his love loosely but only because he didn't want to squeeze the life out of him with his vampiric strength. Even though Leon would be a full-blood by the time the night would end. Cloud looks down and his vibrant blue eyes connect with blue-gray orbs. Most would say that Leon's eyes were dull and lifeless but to Cloud they couldn't be more wrong. To him they seemed to be a mirror that let him see the truth. Cloud leans closer and places a soft kiss above Leon's scar. Just as they pull apart a swift knock comes to the door.
“You can come in Zexion, Demyx.” Cloud says and the blue and blonde haired lovers enter.
Zexion flashes a smile that could only be partly seen since his hair covered the right side of his face. “Namine is in, she said that she will help in any way that she can.”
Demyx casts his gaze down when Cloud looks up and nods approvingly. The musical blonde sighs heavily. “Cloud I'm so sorry about last night. But…-”
“Demyx there is no need. Leon told me everything this morning. You were simply being a trust worthy friend. I'm glad to have someone as yourself on my side.”
Red creeps up Demyx's neck and up to his ears. He looks up at them lying on the bed and smiles wide, giving his thank-you through his eye contact for he remained speechless. Zexion encircles his arm around Demyx's waist. “We'll be going now. Have to go get ready, it's already eight and the morning will be coming in no time.”
Cloud smiles understandingly, giving Zexion his cue to exit. As the door shuts Leon rolls away from Cloud. “I'm ready…I want you and only you.”
Cloud moves with him, gently placing kisses along Leon's jaw bone before sinking his fangs into the other's neck.
Zexion lies Demyx down on the bed. “Are you ready to be a full blood?”
“No…I'm ready to be one with you.”
A smile creeps onto Zexion's lips as he pecks Demyx's lips. Without warning Zexion takes some of Demyx's blood. As the blue haired male pulls back he removes his shirt. With a delicate hand, Zexion takes the dagger on the table and runs it over a small area below his collar bone. “Drink Dem.”
The blonde obeys and runs his tongue along the cut before putting his lips to it. Zexion pulls Demyx close, urging his lover on, to drink just enough blood. When Demyx does, he pulls away only slightly. “Now can I have the rest of you?”
Zexion lies down, “Like I could resist.”
Nervous to no end Sora sits on the edge of Riku's bad as said Riku removes his shirt. “There's no need to be nervous Sora. I won't hurt you. All you'll do is drink some of my blood…and that's it.”
“But tomorrow…will everyone be safe now or will Xehanort still kill us?”
Riku smiles gently and sits down next to the brunet. “Even if he tries, I'll stop him and so will the others.”
“Riku…I…I love you.”
The lunar haired male's face shines with joy. “I'm glad you feel that way. I love you too Sora.” Their blood is exchanged and they fall fast asleep in each others' arms.
Axel slips his fangs into Roxas's neck the instance Roxas stops drinking blood from the cut on his chest. The red head pulls away and stands up off the bed. Roxas follows but only to the point of swinging his feet over the side. His arms wrap around Axel's waist. Confused Axel turns around and Roxas simply lays his head against Axel's waist. “I love you…I really do. If you'll have me I'll give myself over to you.”
The ruby haired male pulls Roxas onto the bed, trailing kisses along his jaw, “Roxas…I could never deny you.”
Yami takes a hold of Yugi's hand, “After we get back…Yugi will you marry me?”
The youth wraps his arms around Yami's neck, “Yes! Of course!”
They pull away and grin at each other. “Yugi are you ready. You'll be a full blood.” The younger nods and they lay down, swapping blood.
Seto lie on his bed, staring at the ceiling. All day he had stayed in his room yet Atemu had not come in search of him. Just as the brunet rolls over, planning on sleeping, a gentle knocks comes from the heavy oak door. “You can come in Atemu. I know it's you.” The door creeks open and Atemu does indeed walk in and shut the door behind him. Seto turns over to him. “Atemu…I've been a fool.”
“No I was. I was the fool by trying to hard to impress you. I just wanted to apologize and I won't ever bother you again.”
Atemu turns away but a hand grabs at his wrist, forcing him to sit down on Seto's lap. “Atemu…you didn't let me finish. I love you and if you leave me now I'll surly rot away without you.” Atemu gently pushes Seto down onto the bed, leaving sweet kisses on Seto's collarbone. Seto pulls Atemu close and slips his fangs into Atemu's slender neck. Within a few minutes Seto pulls away and throws his head to the side. Atemu smiles as he presses his lips onto Seto's pale neck before pushing his crystal fangs into the other's neck. When Atemu pulls away Seto captures his lips, “I'm all yours…now and forever more.” They smile at each other before molding their lips together in a passionate kiss.