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Full Bloods
Chapter 11: Night 6
His blue eyes glare icy daggers at everything as he begins his way back to his room. His polished onyx boots pound against the ground mercilessly. But the onslaught against the hard wood floor is halted as Namine glides into his way. Namine smiles sadly, “Seto, why are you so unforgiving towards Atemu?”
He's arrogant and I can't stand him. He plays with my heart. Atemu will only give me affection when it suits his cause. Why…why do I love him so much then?”
Namine pulls Seto into a loose hug. “It's because he holds a quality that you admire. What ever he said to you must have been meant to impress you. I mean you are Xehanort's son right?” She pulls away slowly. “Just be sure to let him know. I think he's trying to find you, Seto. You have eluded him for the past few days.” With that the young blonde walks away as if not even touching the ground.
Leon lay in the crook of Cloud's arm, enjoying the peace. Both lie on the bed in a pair of black slacks and white t-shirt. A thick black leather bound book sits comfortably in Cloud's grasp, while his eyes scan the small gothic text at a lightning speed. A soft knock comes from the closed oak door. Without breaking away from the book Cloud sighs, “You can come in.”
The door opens without a sound and Zexion and Demyx slip in. Demyx smiles brightly, “We've talked to Namine and she has agreed to help us in any way she can. Atemu is still unwavering though. Is there anything I can do for you?”
Cloud turns his gaze to Zexion, “I think we're just going to stay inside for the night.” Zexion nods and he and Demyx leave without another spoken word.
A soft smile adorns Roxas' features as he strides down the pathway to the gardens. Too happy for words a soft hum escapes his lips. Suddenly he is thrown to the ground with a female landing on him or more or less sitting on top of his stomach. “Now what ever you do, do not scream.” she whispers into his ear. Kairi's fingers curl around his throat as he fights to get the cruel half-blood away.
About to round the corner Zexion yanks Demyx back. “Stall the witch. I'll go get Cloud.” As the slate haired male dashes away Demyx flings himself at the two, separating them using his body strategically placed in the middle.
On the other hand Zexion throws the door to Cloud's room open, “Cloud hurry, I don't think Demyx can hold off Kairi. I know I can't, none of the others were around. You have to come now!” he pleads with the blonde.
Leon smiles up at his companion. “Go ahead. I'll be right behind you, I'm only human. I can't get there as fast and I don't want to slow you down.” Cloud flashes him a sincere smile before leaving with Zexion. Exhaling a troubled sigh Leon looks at the clock, a frown promptly crossing his once peaceful features.
Cloud skids to a halt as he lays eyes on the scene. Demyx and Sora pull at Roxas to move quickly while Riku holds a growling Kairi in his arms, as if hugging her. At the site of Cloud's build frame Kairi's struggling comes to a standstill, either from fear or surprise. Riku lets the crimson haired female go and she stands rooted to the ground, staring hard at Cloud. The blonde man stands glowering over her, “Stop harassing us. If you persist then you won't ever take up space again. You and your sister Anzu will be nonexistent.”
Almost instantly Alex shows up as Kairi runs off. Without hesitation Axel picks Roxas up into his arms. “Thanks Cloud…I think we'll be staying in our room the rest of the night.” That's when realization hits Cloud like a sack of bricks, Leon hadn't shown up. Cloud takes off like the wind, desperately hoping that his brunet companion is safe in the room, unharmed.
Yugi lies next to Yami as Yami nuzzles against the young human's neck, wanting to inject Yugi with more vampire venom. Yugi sighs, “It's about to happen…it's 8:10 p.m. I hope Leon's okay.”
Yami pulls his lover close to him. “Don't worry about it. I'm sure what ever is going to happen, no harm will be done to him.” Yugi closes his eyes in frustration, not wanting to think about it. Yami leans in and clamps his fangs into Yugi's slim neck; injecting him with more poison to clear his mind and let him sleep.
Anzu shuts and locks the door to Room 7 before waltzing off, a cruel smile plastered on her face. On the other side of the door Leon stands straight as a board, bravely staring at his enemy. Xehanort grins like a mad man as hid hand grabs Leon's wrist roughly, but no enough to draw blood. “Now you can be a good little human and do as I say or you can attempt to fight me off, you choose.” snarls the evil man. `I was stupid for not telling Cloud and for making the others zip it. I can only hope that one of them is worried and spills…' thinks Leon as Xehanort throws him to the bed. Almost on instinct, a muffled sob escapes Leon's lips, knowing what's about to happen. The brunet mentally braces himself, `I'm sorry Cloud…'
Atemu shuts the door to his quarters and begins the walk to Seto's room. As he walks down the back hallway chills run up and down his spin, making him pull his jacket tight. The half-blood scrunches up his nose at the vampiric scent of Xehanort. Not wanting to deal with the devious man, Atemu slides into an empty guestroom, Room 3, remaining completely silent. The sound of echoing footfalls disappear, delivering the message that the full-blood ruler had no interest in Atemu. The curious half-blood slips back out of his hideout and begins down the hallway, looking for any signs of life. As he nears the end of the hall a crash is heard from the inside of a nearby room. The crash is followed by a groan and a strained voice. “Help…please…someone…” Atemu makes a ninety degree turn to come face to face with the door to Room 7. He grips the handle noticing without any luck that the door is locked from within. “Hey, who ever is in there, stand away from the door, I'm breaking this door down!” Atemu steps back before continuously ramming himself into the almost impenetrable door.
Cloud pounds the door furiously and it opens to reveal Zexion. “What's wrong, Cloud?”
The blonde glares intently at the ground, as if in a stupor. “I can't find Leon anywhere.”
Zexion is then shoved playfully to the side as Demyx stands in front of Cloud. “Leon told me he had a job to do. Said something about getting more support, he should return soon, I promise.”
Baffled Cloud turns, his gaze downcast. “Okay…if you're sure.”
Without another word he walks away. Demyx lets Zexion wrap his arms around him, “I'm sorry Cloud…”
He walked all the way back to his room in silent thought. Dreading the thought of having to return to his room empty handed…but if Demyx said that was what Leon was doing he should trust the other blonde. Demyx had grown into a friendship with Leon; no doubt they conversed with each other. The distressed Cloud lies down on his be; in a daze of fear, hate and sorrow. That is till an urgent knock sounds from the door. Worried and hopefully Cloud springs up from the bed and opens the door.
The door falls open as Atemu stumbles inside, tripping over his own feet. Glancing to his side he instantly spot a figure lying tangled up in a sheet, on the floor next to the bed. Kneeling down next to the form he rolls the figure over. Almost on cue more tears slip out of the corners of the brunet's eyes. Atemu holds Leon by his shoulders. “What happened Leon; tell me what Xehanort did to you!” His only response is burying his face in Atemu's chest. Atemu's crimson eyes scan the room noting Leon's scattered clothing on the bare floor. Mortified Atemu pulls Leon close, afraid that the twisted man would return any second, wanting to protect the fragile boy with all his strength. “I'm sorry…only if I was sooner. I'm going to take you straight to Cloud.” Leon nods his head and pulls away. Atemu wraps the sheet firmly around the frail brunet before picking Leon up in his arms. As they walk Leon rests his head against Atemu's chest, weary from the past event. The half-blood glances down at Leon, “You're not hurt are you?”
A pained smile crosses Leon's lips, “Just a little sore.”
“Well just rest your head…I'll talk to Cloud if you want so don't worry.”
His stormy blue eyes conceal themselves. That is until Atemu knocks on Cloud's door where they snap back open. The blonde male's eyes narrow at Atemu, thinking automatically that he is the culprit of his lover's condition. “What happened? What did you do to Leon?”
Atemu cautiously hands Leon over into Cloud's awaiting arms. “I found him locked inside a guest room where-.”
“That's fine Atemu…Thank you…I'll tell him.” says the brittle voice of Leon.
Loyally Atemu nods and leaves, shutting the door behind him. Cloud lies Leon down on the massive bed adorned in silky midnight sheets. He sits down next to his companion. “Tell me what happened to you…please Leon?”
Leon closes his eyes once more, afraid to look at Cloud while he relays to his lover what punishment had befallen onto him. “I'm…sorry I didn't tell you. I didn't want you to jeopardize the plan for me…” he takes a long shaky breath, “I told everyone not to tell you…the other humans…where I was. Because…Xehanort…raped me…I'm sorry!” Fresh tears creep out from Leon's closed eyes.
“I'm sorry too…” mutters Cloud lifelessly. “This'll be over soon and we can be safe.” He places a kiss on Leon's lips before proceeding to slip his glistening fangs into the brunet's slim neck. As Leon begins to drift into sleep Cloud lies down beside him. “I'll make him pay for what he did to you…that I promise you.”