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Rea: okay here's the next chapter. I'm trying to get this story detailed, long and kept flowing, but I also want to get the story to an end. To where I can re-write my development for my sequel of realm of secrets, Realm of Sorrow, because I lost my character stuff for the elementals. Anyway, whatever hopes you all like the story?
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Full Bloods
Chapter 10: Night 5
Kairi and Anzu walk out of their Father's office, with a cruel plan already set for the day. Kairi bounds off to the gardens. Sora and Roxas lay in the same place under the sparkling moon and getting ready to leave. The crimson haired female quickly locates Riku and Axel, setting her sights. Her arms skillfully wrap themselves around Riku's waist. The lunar haired male struggles in vain to pry her away. Kairi plants small kisses on Riku's back, “You know I can treat you better than Sora does.”
Riku flings her back, “Stay away you scum. Axel I'm leaving. Don't kill anyone.”
A grin creeps onto Axel's thin lips. As soon as Riku is out of sight Axel strides to Kairi. “Can I let you in on a little secret?” he asks as he cups her chin in his hand. Wanting to know, Kairi slowly smiles and nods. At that signal Axel's slim fingers wrap around her small neck as he lifts her into the air. “I don't like you. So stay away from us all. Especially Roxas and me because if you don't I'll just have to snap your neck.” Axel lets her drop to her knees, gasping for the much need and air, and walks away.
Sora, Roxas, Demyx, and Yugi stand in a close knit circle in the courtyard, chatting amongst themselves. Each had received a secret notice to meet here and wait for further instructions. Usually informing their designated vampires of where they are going, instead they did not, due to the bottom message on the note. `Don't tell anyone or you will be punished severely.' Yugi and Sora laugh lightly at their conversation. On the other hand Demyx and Roxas glance over their shoulders, expecting someone cruel to walk around the corner. Sora gazes worriedly at his twin, “Roxas…don't worry. Everything will be fine.”
Roxas growls, outraged, “I don't think so, Anzu's been on the offense.”
Demyx nods furiously. “She attacked Leon and me…I don't know what but Anzu and Xehanort have something in store for Leon. All because Cloud loves him…we have to keep Leon safe.”
Yugi turns to Demyx, “But…what can we do?”
“Absolutely nothing…” a cruel and sinister voice snarls. Stiletto black boots speak out from underneath tight black pants with pink flowers running up the sides. Anzu stops in front of Yugi, arms crossed over her pink blouse. “Instead of thinking of ways to help Leon, why not think of ways to help yourselves. I'm going to get rid of you all.” A devious smile crosses her countenance as she moves closer to Yugi.
Cloud walks with his arm around Leon's waist. In order to protect his lover, Cloud had decided not to leave his side. The two slowly stride through the mesmerizing vegetation. That is till Zexion, Axel, Riku, and Yami block their path. Cloud's eyes narrow into slits. But Leon squeezes his hand calming him and his blue eyes soften slightly. “What is the problem?” he asks the four angered half-bloods.
Yami growls, “They've gone missing, yet Leon hasn't. They are no where to be found.”
“Do you know anything?” pleads Zexion.
Cloud looks each in the eye. “I know nothing. I've talked to no one all day. I've been with Leon. But I'll help look.”
Axel turns away, “I'll look in the library, I'm sure they aren't there though.”
Axel leaves, taking his time at a humanly pace. Cloud takes charge immediately and releases Leon's wrist. “Yami, go to the south corridors. Riku you are to check every one's quarters. Leon and I will go check the entrances. Zexion find out something and inform us.”
With that Cloud turns to leave but Zexion speaks up, “Where do we meet if we find something or not?
Cloud groans, “Crap…meet in the courtyard, Riku catch up to Axel and let him know.” now that the final command has been given each goes a separate way.
Cloud walks with Leon to the back entrances to start their search. After a few minutes of discovering nothing, they begin toward the east entrances. As they walk through the halls Cloud catches the faint glimmer of silver. Riku stands in front of them, eyes narrowed. “I think I know where they are. So far in each room I found a note hidden on the dressers. They were signed by Xehanort.”
The blonde growls from deep within his throat, “Where are they?”
“They courtyard,” the younger states. Cloud smiles proudly at Riku before turning to tell Leon that they where leaving this area immediately, but the brunet appears to be no where in site.
Panting lightly and barely breaking a sweat, Leon dashes into the courtyard. Yugi's small frame slams into the hard stone as Anzu turns her sights to Roxas. “Ready to play?” Knowing that coming was a mistake and now filled with fear, Roxas takes a step back. Just in an instant Anzu and Leon crash to the ground before she could life a single finger. A deep menacing snarl erupts from the female's throat as she shoves Leon away. The blood thirsty half-blood jumps to her feet and targets Sora instead. As Anzu lungs, Leon grabs a hold of her ankles making her crash back to the cold stone. “Everyone go, now!” orders Leon. Yugi grabs Demyx's wrist and Sora grabs Roxas' wrist as well. As Yugi and Sora begin to drag the other two away, Anzu rolls over and towards the unsuspecting Leon. Delicate and pale fingers snake around his beck as Anzu plants herself on top of Leon. Demyx pulls away out of Yugi's grasp and soars toward Anzu. Yugi spins around and hurries to pry his comrade off of Anzu, who lie underneath a furious Demyx. Leon struggles to get to his feet, awaiting the next onslaught that never comes. Instead a firm hand grips his shoulder and spins him around.
“This is the last strike. Tomorrow you are to be at Room 7 at 8 p.m. Anzu will find you ten minutes before you are due.” Xehanort snarls down at the terrified brunet. Anzu rises up triumphantly and stalks away behind Xehanort. Once gone Leon falls to his knees staring at the ground with a blank expression.
Demyx smiles sadly at the other three, “You guys go on, and I'll take care of Leon. Don't tell anyone what happened.” They nod and scurry off. Demyx pulls Leon to his feet. “Are you going to tell Cloud?”
Leon shakes his head vigorously, “No, I can't. No one will know. I'll face Xehanort myself. Don't worry about me.”
Demyx sighs, “Okay…”
All five worried half-bloods ran into the courtyard to find nothing. Riku turns around, “Maybe they've headed back. Later.” The lunar haired male leaves to continue his search. Axel and Yami followed Riku back to the rooms, hoping the humans would have return in their absence.
Zexion sighs heavily, “Well might as well do the same.” Cloud nods gravely as he walks alongside his fellow rebel. While they walk Zexion tells his leader some good news. “We have more loyal followers; Yami, Yugi, Axel, and Roxas. I'll have to work on Atemu though.”
The blonde opens the door to his room to see Leon sitting on the bed with Demyx next to him. Anger and concern flash into Cloud's eyes as he appears in front of the brunet. Sensing the tension Demyx bolts up and drags Zexion to their room. “Why did you run off? You could've gotten hurt! Why are you so reckless?” the blonde half-blood yells. Leon keeps his gaze to the floor. “Answer me! Tell me why, Leon! Are you trying to kill me…?” Cloud asks, his voice ending in a whisper.
Blue meets gray due to Leon shakily getting to his feet. His arms coil securely around Cloud's waist. “I did it for you.” he murmurs into the other's shirt.
Atemu slowly walks back to his room. He had tried to find Seto. But the brunet was no where to be found. A voice calls out to him, “Hey wait up.” Atemu turns around to see Yugi. The younger stops and pants lightly, “I heard about you and Seto, sorry about that. But maybe next time you should think before you act. Seto's not stupid; he's got a mind of his own. At least you're not in Leon's position. Xehanort's punishing him tomorrow night at eight.” with that Yugi scurries off to his room. That small bit of information gives Atemu an idea.