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Full Bloods
Chapter 9: Night 4
As night begins to fall Zexion and Demyx walk swiftly to Cloud's quarters. Demyx prepares to knock on the door when it opens automatically revealing a distressed Cloud. Demyx frowns, “What's wrong Cloud?”
The older blonde sighs heavily. “Leon went off after I told him everything about the plan, said he had to think. But anyway, what's new Zexion?”
The slate haired man smiles deviously. “Riku and Sora are in and so is Seto. But Seto also informed me that Atemu is not, Sora confirmed it.”
Cloud nods, “Understood.”
With that Zexion and Demyx leave, while they walk through the halls Zexion tells Demyx his plan. “Go back to your room and wait for me there. I'm going to go speak with Yami and Yugi. Oh and here's a gift.” Zexion hands his young lover a CD and a small player for it that include headphones. “I know how much you like music…”
The blonde's eyes light up happily and he wraps his arms around Zexion. “Oh thank you!” with a quick peck to the lips Demyx leaves Zexion to his work. It didn't take Zexion very long to find the two of them, always together and lounging around outside. Yami and Yugi lay carefree underneath a great oak tree. Zexion kneels down next to the lovers, “Cloud and I have decided to get all of you princes and humans on our side. We plan to overthrow Xehanort and establish Cloud as our new king. We need your help.”
Yami grins mischievously, “Is that now? Who else has agreed to this rebellion?”
“Seto, Namine, Riku, Sora, and of course Leon and Demyx, while Atemu has yet to be convinced,” he replies swiftly.
Yugi smiles happily up at Yami, “Let's help them out, what could it hurt? Especially since they seem so nice.”
Roxas lounges on the fountain's edge with Sora sitting next to him. Axel and Riku stride through the gardens, chatting about the plan to overthrow Xehanort and establish Cloud as the rightful ruler. Namine walks over to the two brothers. “Are you enjoying the peace?”
Roxas nods, contempt, “Actually yes…but I've heard that there is something happening. What happened to Leon? I never did get a chance to find out exactly.”
Namine's eyes dull and sadden. “Xehanort almost killed him, while Anzu wounded Demyx. They are planning…I know it.”
At that moment Axel and Riku stop by their `humans'. Axel smirks, “Come on Roxy, we must prepare you.” A faint pink flushes Roxas's cheeks as he follows Axel to their respective quarters.
Riku grabs Sora's hand. “Are you ready to go?”
Sora nods, “See you later Namine.”
Gray-blue eyes gaze determinedly down the halls. Leon knew he was lost about half an hour ago, but it couldn't hurt to keep walking. Surely he would run into someone sooner or later. Too bad that someone is Anzu. Her ice blue eyes glare at Leon from underneath her brown bangs. Leon take s a deep breath and turns around, deciding to head back the way he came. Her heels click against the hard wood hallway. Strong thing hands grip his shoulders and nails begin to dig into his flesh. Not wanting to die or end up seriously hurt, Leon spins around sending his fist into her face. Leon stares horrified at Anzu, blood had begun to seep out of her busted lip and her nose. `I didn't know I could hit that hard.' Leon thought. As he begins to back away he backs straight into a solid figure…Xehanort. The ruler growls as Leon turns to face him, “Strike two little human, now let me show you your punishment for this extra strike.” Xehanort slaps Leon across the face before throwing him into the wall. The brunet slides down the wall, not wanting to stand back up. But against his better judgment, Leon staggers to his feet. Xehanort in turn slams up against Leon, pinning him to the wall, restrained. “You had better watch yourself. If not…you're mine.” and then both Xehanort and Anzu vanish.
Atemu stares at the ground as he slowly walks down the halls. Just as the crimson eyed man goes to round the next corner he watches Xehanort and Anzu leave the scene. Leon slides back down to the ground letting his head fall into his hands. Suddenly Atemu kneels down in front of Leon. “Hey, come on are you okay?” Slate colored eyes reveal themselves, seeming distant and fearful. Atemu takes a deep breath. “Well…here I'll take you back to Cloud. I'm sure Seto doesn't want to see me anyway.” With little assistance from Leon, Atemu accompanies Leon back to Cloud.
Within an instant the door to Cloud's chambers swings opens and reveals Cloud himself. Atemu helps Leon into the room while talking to Cloud. “Apparently Xehanort has it out for Leon…I showed up too late but, I at least brought him to you.”
Leon sits down on the bed and Cloud turns to Atemu, fear muddying up his usually vibrant blue eyes. Cloud sits down next to Leon. “Thank you Atemu. Could you leave us?” Atemu only nods before walking out the door. Cloud turns his gaze to his young love, worried for his life. “I'm sorry…Leon, if it means your safety and that I can keep you alive and well…I'll give up my plan, our plan, to set things right.”
Leon pulls Cloud close to him. “No…it will all be over soon. Don't give up…I love you.”
Cloud smiles, `I love you too.” and leans down for a kiss before sinking his fangs into Leon's slim neck.