Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ Bad Sana ❯ Bigger Fight ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4

Fuka was shocked at Sana's coldness and couldn't believe she could hit her like that. 'Sana....but I didn't steal anything from you......'

Sana was back to her classroom in her seat glaring at the world. 'Better not annoy her...' thought Serena 'She gets so effin scary when she gets mad!'

'Ug! I hate FUCKa! What the hell's wrong with her! She has everything that I wanted...and I once had...'
Sana thought angrily. 'And she even wants me to be her friend?? Does she think I'm going to be that fucking nice? What a bitch...and..Hayama..he feels like a total stranger..I can't even call him ever again by his first name...' she thought silently.

"..Sana?? Sana!" Sana shook off her thoughts and answered, "What."

The teacher steamed. "Don't 'what' me young lady!! I asked you a question! Answer me or get out of my class!" fumed the teacher. Sana blinked her eyes innocently.

"I'd rather get out of your class. Bye, teach," Sana stood up and walked out lazily.
"Sweet." muttered Serena. All the other students just gawked at Sana once more.

"Anyone else who isn't going to pay attention can get up and leave right now!!" exploded the teacher at Sana's reaction. She was pissed off alright.

"Later, teacher," said Serena getting up and saluted with 2 fingers leaving right behind Sana. The teacher just gaped at Serena lost at words.
Sana and Serena grinned at each other walking off in the hallway.


Sana and Serena were the gossip for the day that day. Everyone was talking about how they left the classroom and the teacher was PISSED OFF. Some of the wannabe rebels admired them and wanted to be like them. Then one of the wannabe's came up to them.

"Um, there's a bunch of girls and guys who want to see you," she said.
Sana and Serena looked at each other and walked to the front gate of the school.

"Whatdaya want?" sneered Sana. There were like 4 girls and 2 guys. The meanest looking one stomped towards Sana. They were all wearing a different school uniform. 'She must be from some other ghetto school,' thought Sana rolling her eyes.

"Do you think you can just talk trash about all the other gangs from diff school?" the girl spat.
Sana shrugged, "I dunno what you're talking about but you look like trash to me." She smirked.
The girl punched Sana out of nowhere.

"Well there's only once school gang that's real and that's us, understand bitch?" the girl spat once more.
Sana grinned and wiped her mouth where a little blood was seeping out.

"You're in for it now, girl," Sana grinned and punched her square at her nose. The other girls from the same school as the bloody nose girl moved in on Sana but was blocked by Serena and rest of Sana's rebel group. Jeff hurried over at the mess. "What the hell's going on?" he yelled and fought off the two guys. Everyone in the gangs were engaged in some fighting and there was a small crowd watching from a safe distance. They knew better than to move closer. The other kids went around the entrance. There was dirt everywhere and Sana was on top of the girl who punched her and punching the daylight out of her. "Fucking bitch! You think you can just hit and run?" Sana yelled in the now crying girl's face. Serena and the other 2 girls were handling their part well but they were pretty even. Fuka and Akito and others came up behind the crowd.
"What's goin on?" asked Fuka. They were blocked by the crowd and couldn't get through.

"There's a huge fight! Between Sana's gang and this other girl from different school. They're competing to see who's stronger or something and the other girl started it by punching Sana!" said one of the people. Akito and Fuka's eyes widened. Akito pushed past the crowd and on to the front.
"Aki.." muttered Fuka looking at him sadly.

'What the hell is that girl thinking??' thought Akito angrily and he gaped when he saw the scene. 'Holy shit. This is just like a group fight..like when I was a gang member...' He eyed everyone and found Sana beating the shit out of this girl. The 3 other girls all ran away when their leader was caught by Sana. The leader couldn't go because Sana was sitting on top of her. The 2 guys tried to get Sana off but was stopped by Jeff and the girls. 'She's gonna get expelled or something!' he thought. But nobody DARED to stop her.
"Sana!!" yelld Akito. Sana didn't hear or feel anything. She was just numb and was taking out all her pain and hurt she felt out on the poor girl. Akito rushed to stop her. He grabbed her from behind and pulled her off. The girl who was underneath her quickly ran crying and holding her bloodied nose. The other 2 guys followed her.

"Leave me alone!!" shrieked Sana. Serena and the 2 girls were pretty badly hurt so they were sent home by Jeff. Akito held Sana firmly from behind.
"Sana!! Calm down!" he said.
Jeff hurried toward them."Get the hell away from Sana!" he yelled.
Akito had a glint in his eyes again like...before.
"No." he said and Jeff punched Akito. Sana fell to the ground when Akito let go. Akito shook his head and grinned. "Now I can loosen up like I wwanted to all these years!" and he went on to punch Jeff. They were in a big fight and finally Jeff collapsed. Sana came to her senses and ran to Jeff.
"Are you okay?" she asked. Jeff just groaned. "Hey!" she called to one of the person in the crowd.
"Get him to the nurse or something," said Sana. The girl just obeyed and scurried past. Akito was pretty hurt too but not as bad since he learned Karate for years. Sana angrily stomped up to him.

"You...stop butting in to my life!" she said acidly.
Akito glared back. "Sana, you think you are doing so great by being tough, but you're not..you're just running away..hiding from the reality." he said quietly.
"I don't fucking care. I can do whatever I want so get lost," and she punched him but this time Akito grabbed her fist.
"You're not good enough," he whispered.
They stood sitll for a moment glaring at each other. Then Sana shook his hand off.
"Find, then, why don't you hit me? Like hurt your little girlfriend," she said through her gritting teeth.
"Sana....I can never hurt you..." he whispered.

"Bullshit. You already hurt me a thousands of times....." She leered once more before she stomped away kicking everything in her way.
Akito looked at her silently.

'....How can I hurt you? ...I still love you....'


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