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Akito: *glare back* yes really

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Akito: *glare* I can do whatever I feel like it

Me: Oh, ok, I guess you'll be very hurt...

Akito: *ignores* you already said so i'm ready

Me: *raises eyebrow* huh...then I guess you won't mind WHERE you'll get hit...

Akito: WHAT?!?! Where am I gonna get hit? *looks nervous*

Me: *evil laugh* Somewhere awful you'll see!! ^^ Readers...plz R&R!!

Akito: *try to think where and gives a nervous glance now and then*

Me: *more evil laugh* this is gonna be a long chapter *grins widely*

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Chapter 3

The Fight

Overhead the bell to the school chimed loudly, and Sana winced at the sound. It feels like I'm heading to prison or something. The first thing she noticed was the uncertain glances and staring. Sana was used to it by now, but every now and then it got to her. She could clearly read the minds of the people who stared at her, and they asked the same old question. What happened to the old Sana-chan that everyone used to love?


"Sana? Isn't that Sana-chan?"

A lone, troubled and broken girl slowly walked down a crowded hall...all eyes on her, and apparently all conversations also. Whispers could be heard from every direction...

"She's back in school already?"

"Yeah, she was out for a few weeks...a month, maybe."

"I heard that her mother died in a accident."

"What will she do now?"

"What about her acting career?"

The girl kept her eyes to the ground, her books clutched tightly against her. She tried not to cry...she'd cried so many times in the past month..but the tears still came.

Familiar voices brought her gaze upward, and she found her so called friends among the crowd, staring at her just like everyone else..unsure of what to do.

Fuka..Hayama...Tsuyoshi...Aya...why do you stare at me like that? If you were really my friends, wouldn't you be comforting me? Wiping away my tears, and telling me that everything is going to be all right? Instead you stand there and gawk at me...as if I am a stranger, or you don't know me....I'm still Sana-chan!

I'm still Sana...


Sana felt an urge to scream at them. Old Sana is dead! She died months ago, when everything important to her was taken away! Get over it already! But of course, she always managed to keep her cool. Silence was something Sana had learned right off the bat. Feelings and emotions were to be kept inside; it was the safest way.

During lunchtime Sana and Serena went to find their friends by the huge tree.

"Where are we going today?" asked Sana. She and Serena eyed the girl who was clinging to Jeff.

"Wherever you like babe," he replied not really paying attention. Sana glared at him lightly.

"Serena where do you wanna go?" she finally asked.

"Wherever you like babe," mimiked Serena. They looked at each other and cracked up laughing. Jeff just ignored them.

"Fine, order pizza and drinks," said Sana. She noticed that the girl was slightly glaring at her. So Sana glared back and added, "and I want her to pay."
Jeff looked startled but told the girl to go. She gave Sana a dirty look and left. But Sana could tell that the other girls didn't like that girl either.

"Who the hell is she??" said Serena frowning. Jeff just shrugged.

"Mya, she won't leave me alone cuz I'm so hott,"he said. Sana and Serena looked at each other and burst out laughing. Jeff just frowned at them. "What? I am hott," he said stubbornly. It was true though, he 2 years older than them and pretty tall,muscular, nice style kind of guy.

"Fine whatever just get rid of her after she brings the pizza,"said Sana. Jeff grunted frowning but obeyed her while other guys laughed and the girls smiling of aprovement. "Will you go out with me if I do?" Jeff said grinning. Sana smiled at him,"No."

They were all eating and talking when Akito came up to Sana.
"What the hell?" frowned Sana.

"Hey to you too," he replied shrugging. Next to Sana Jeff glared at him.

"Who's he?"he whispered to Serena.

"That's Sana's ex-boyfriend," she whispered back looking at them in a curious way.

"Oh great," muttered Jeff as he too quietly watched.

"Hayama, I don't give a damn so go to hell," Sana spat acidly. Akito looked a little taken back but still continued,

"Sana, I don't know why you changed but we still want to be your friend." Sana stared at him for the longest time before saying, "Friend?? Friend you say...you don't even know what it means!! Go fuck yourself," and with that she stood up and started to stomped away.

"Wait! Sana!" he grabbed her arm hard. Jeff and Serena stood up alarmed.

"Let go of her," said Jeff threatningly. Akito looked startled that Sana really had friends but he let go of her.

"Don't ever fucking touch me again,Hayama!" Sana said angrily. She was about to continue until when she saw Fuka coming.

"Akito! Are you okay?" she ran over to him in a hurry. Sana looked at them for awhile before she turned.

"Wait, Sana! We never did betrayed you...you just changed.." said Fuka softly. Sana stopped suddenly and slowly turned around.

"Oh....oh, so it's my fault is it?? Huh?? Best friends are suppose to be comforting, happy together, sad together, everything together!! And you say it's my fault that you guys betrayed me?!?! How dare you!!" Sana shrieked and slapped her across Fuka's face. Some of the gangs winced because they once had gotten slapped too and it felt like your cheek was burning like hell for a week. Fuka and Akito looked shocked and tears started to fall from Fuka's eyes. Akito looked angry and started to come to her but Serena and Jeff blocked his way. Akito glared at Jeff but Jeff was a good 3 inches taller than him.

"No, go ahead slap me," said Sana coming up front. By now all the gang members were standing up around them.

"Don't do anything to him, I can handle him by myself." Sana sneered at Fuka who was still crying and holding her cheek which by now has swollen fire red. "I hurt your little girlfriend of yours, so what are you gonna do to me now?"
Sana walked more towards Akito where he seemed to be frozen by anger. "Aw you can't...how sweet of you not to hit a girl who just slapped your girlfriend..but that's actually not right," Sana took his hand and enjoyed it when he flinched at her touch. "Now, your going to make a fist and hit me right here," she placed his fist next to her face. Some gang members snickered at him including Serena and Jeff. "Ok, so your not going to move...well then fine whatever," she grinned an evil grin and whispered,"Then I will hit you." And kneed him right in the crotch and he had no time to move. He fell down groaning and Sana laughed as the other guys winced too and groaned. She left him alone being in pain and went over to Fuka who had fears in her eyes. Sana whispered to her as she patted Fuka's cheek, "That's what you'll get for stealing everything from me." Then Sana stomped away with Serena and others following her right behind. She laughed loud and evily.

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