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Me: Hey!! I'm so happy cuz guess what!

Akito,Ranma,Inuyasha: SHUT UP!!!!

Me: They--


Me: Said--

Akito,Ranma,Inuyasha: STOP!

Me: Sorry to me!!!!!!

Akito,Ranma,Inuyasha: Damn you!

Me:*kicks them*

Akito: And what the hell did you do to Sana?!?!

Me:What? *inoccent look*

Akito:*sweatdrop* You--you...

Me: *evil laugh* Nothing. Sana loves being mean!! *cackle*

Sana: Yah I do!! It's sooo not me!! So it's fun cuz I can't do that for real...

Akito: Whatever, you're already mean

Sana: *Whacks with toy mallet*

Me:*Punches him* well anyways enjoy reading this story and R&R!!!!

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Chapter 2

Sana's Chat

"You need more help than you realize."

She stopped in her tracks, and slowly turned back towards him.

"What do you know?" Sana replied, controlling the tears that she felt were coming, "You have everything you've ever wanted. A loving father and sister, tons of friends, and Fuka for a girlfriend."

She was determined to get the final word, and quickly turned on her heals and left. If only she had stayed a bit longer...

"I don't have everything...because I don't have you." He murmured, looking away.
But he had said them a bit too quietly, and the words were lost to the silence of the hallway.

She was fuming by now. How dare he say that to me? Sana glared as she stamped up the hall. How dare he?
She practically kicked the door to the girl's washroom open, and she barely noticed as the door hit a nearby trash can - its contents spilling across the floor as Sana continued her way in, stepping over the mess as if it wasn't there. Breathing hard, she took hold of the nearest wash basin and quickly turned the cool water on and splashed it over her face. It helped her anger a bit, but Sana was still trembling..was it really because she was angry, or because of something else? She had no idea. All she knew is that she stood there for a long time, staring at herself in the mirror. Water running down her face, Sana studied herself for what seemed like hours, but only turned out to be minutes. Stared into the solemn face of Sana...the old Sana, who was trying her best to cope with the sudden changes in her life. She looked so lost and innocent, and for a moment, Sana glared at her, hating her for being so weak. She got out her makeups and started outlining her eyes once again dark.

"Sana..."murmured somebody. Sana glanced in the mirror for one second and started putting her dark eyeshadow. 'Oh retarded FUCKa' she thought and ignored her like she wasn't even there.

"Sana, please," said Fuka.

"We once met in this bathroom,"Fuka continued, "We immediately became the best of friends..."

Sana now started to put on her dark red lip gloss which looked so good on her even though it's a color most people can't take.

"Sana...what's wrong?" She stepped up beside me."Are you all right?"

Sana kept on ignoring and started gathering her makeups and stuffing them in her sweatshirt pocket.

"None of your business." she replied. Fuka stared at her for an instant moment before saying, "Of course it is...I am or was..your friend up until you changed...what happened to you?"

"I wonder," Sana rolled her eyes sarcastically, "Could it be because I lost everyone so close and dear to me?" she stopped to study Fuka, "And you're only just now asking what's wrong with me...after all these months." Sana added nastily, "Some friend you are."

She looked shocked at what Sana had just said, and turned away as tears blurred her eyes. Well it's true, Sana told herself, a real friend wouldn't have left me alone when I needed them. And, Sana frowned, glaring at her back, tears are for weaklings.

"We were only giving you your time and space," Fuka said softly, "We figured you'd want to be left alone...we never thought you'd turn up like this." She turned to face Sana again, the tears visible as they streaked what little makeup she wore compared to Sana down her face. "And we still miss you..the old Sana."

How many times do I have to tell people - myself, that the old Sana is gone! Gone and buried, along with the only people who loved her! Sana frowned at the girl in front of her. And how much of this bullshit can I put up with in one day? First Hayama and now his faithful little girlfriend! "Whatever." Sana said aloud, and turned before Fuka could continue her little speech.

Kicking the fallen paper around her feet, Sana quickly left.

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