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Chocolate Hallucinations
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Warnings: Slight yaoi, OOC.
By Mayhem's Angel
In response to the challenge issued in the fic, death kissing by Lokogato (found on
Challenge: Use the words, “chocolate”, “wild abandon”, and “park bench” in a Legal Drug fic.
Challenge accepted.
Kazahaya slumped against the back of the park bench and sighed. Rikuo sat as still as a statue beside him, completely ignoring the lighter haired boy. Kazahaya sighed again and looked at his watch for the millionth time since they had started this job.
“Will you stop that?” Rikuo asked irritated by the actions of the other.
“What?” He wasn't doing anything, except sitting there, bored out of his skull.
“Sighing every five seconds. It's annoying.”
“Well, excuuuse me. I can't help it that this job is so boring.”
Suddenly the pond in front of them lit up with a greenish glow. The water in the centre erupted like a volcano minus the lava. The stream parted in the middle, the top curling back in on itself, forming a circle. There, in the centre of a blue bubble sat the object they were seeking. It was a tiny, winged creature that looked like a boy and a young girl at the same time.
Kazahaya had no idea why they had been sent to collect a water sprite or what powers it had, but they had been told that it was attracted to sweet human foods. Especially chocolate. He pulled a bar of the sweetest chocolate out of his pocket, and carefully unwrapped it, not wanting to frighten the sprite into harming them.
The bubble floated closer to the chocolate that was held in Kudo's outstretched arm, before popping, letting the little being fall into his hand so it could enjoy it's treat.
The next thing he knew, Rikuo was kissing him with a wild abandon. Kazahaya was surprised for a moment before he realized what was happening and let himself relax into the kiss, moaning at the pleasure of finally having Rikuo act on the feelings that he himself had been hiding.
Rikuo licked at the shorter boy's lips seeking entrance to the heated cavern. Kudo let his mouth open to the invasion, his own tongue stroking Rikuo's, tasting the chocolate he had eaten earlier. T-shirts were thrown off, and both were trying to undo each other's belts, while still kissing and licking at the exposed flesh of the other. Rikuo was guiding Kazahaya back to lie on the park bench, when he heard his name being called.
“Kudo…” It sounded like Rikuo, but his mouth was busy doing other things to his lower body.
“Kudo-kun.” Now the dark haired boy was starting to sound like Kakei.
“Kudo-kun, wake up.”
Kazahaya opened his eyes, shutting them again for a second as the harsh florescent lights of Kakei's office shone into his eyes. “Unnh…What happened? We were in the park and then…” He stopped, seeing Rikuo standing behind the store's owner.
“The fairy thing was attracted to you.” Rikuo explained.
“Sprite, not fairy, they're two different things.” Kakei corrected the taller one. “When it sat down in your hand to eat the chocolate, it was seducing you. It sent your brain images of the one you desired, and then used them to, well, to have sex with you.” He explained a bit better than Rikuo had.
“What! It was having sex with me and I didn't even know it? But I don't even desire the person it used!”
“Yes it was. Sprites are very sexual beings. And you must desire that person, or it wouldn't have used it.”
“That's insane!”
“Whatever. We got the thing, so just shut up about it.”
“We did?”
“Yeah. It was sitting right in your hand. It was easy for me to grabbed it and put it in the jar. Then you were moaning about chocolate, and writhing all over the park bench. So I had to pick you up and carry you back here. It would be nice if you could walk back from one of these jobs by yourself sometime. Carrying you around is getting boring.” Rikuo told him, in the longest speech anyone had ever heard come from him.
“Jerk! It's not like I can help it that this thing was attracted to me!”
“Well, it might help if you weren't so damn sexy looking, BOY.” Sagia said from behind him, wrapping his arms around the light haired boy's waist.
“AHH! Let go of me! Rikuo! Help!” Kudo yelled, struggling to get away.
Rikuo just ignored him, as he had earlier, and walked up the stairs to their room.
“Urgh! You Jerk! Get off me you creep!”
Challenge completed. 07/05/05
I am blaming any OOC-ness on the fact that this is my first fic for Legal Drug.