Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ LIBERTY'S KIDS: The Past. V.S The Future ❯ The Imprisoned Ladies of Liberty ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“That man is your brother?!” asked James.
Samuel nodded his head, “Yes, that man is indeed my younger brother, he is Paul Philips.”
Sarah couldn't believe her ears, “Father… does this mean?” she asked.
“Yes Sarah, he is indeed my brother, which makes him indeed your uncle.”
Moses and the Doctor came down from upstairs. “Please tell me.” cried James “Is my Mother-in-law going to be alright.”
“To be honest, I really don't know.” said the doctor.”
* * *
Elizabeth lay perfectly still in the guest-room bed. She hardly even made a sound or moved.
“I just don't understand it.” said the Doctor, “Her heartbeat, her pulse, and her blood-pressure are perfectly stable.”
“…but she hasn't responded to anything I've given to her, and her temperature has gone down rapidly.”
“I'm sorry, but I just don't know what to do for her!”
“Give it to us straight Doc.” said Moses, “What's going to happen to her?”
The Doctor gulped hard and looked at James, Sarah, and Samuel, “There's no easy way to say this, so I shall be blunt.”
Sarah gripped James hand tightly, and Samuel wiped his brow.
“If you aren't able to bring Elizabeth's energy to her body with in -72 hours from now… she shall die.”
At that, Sarah fainted nearly dragging James down to the floor with her.
* * *
After Sarah came to, she was indeed in tears. Her poor mother was on her death-bed.
James felt even worse than she did. He already never knew his own mother, and now he was losing another one.
Samuel however had it the worst. His long lost brother had returned, but the love and tenderness in his eyes had gone.
Now there was nothing but pure evil, and hatred toward those who make it through life so easily.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Moses opened it, and there stood Henri, the Marquis' wife and daughter, all three of them were in tears.
“We `eard about your mother Sarah.” cried Henri, “Oui' we `ave.” cried his Fiancée, “She `ad `er energy stolen, didn't she?”
“How do you know that?” asked James. “Because… My `usband's energy has also been taken!” cried the Mrs.
* * *
Henri told everyone about a strange British-man with weird devices never before seen.
“He `as been capturing `appy couples and families off the streets and carrying them off.” He cried.
“Anyone who stood up to him, ended up badly injured. If not, then…Dead!”
The Marquis' wife took over the talking, “My `usband and I were out shopping for new clothes for Henri's up-coming wedding.”
“Suddenly, we were attack by the British-man. My `usband put up a valiant effort, but was no match for this man's power.”
“It was `orrible.” cried her Daughter, “Mother returned `ome with father's stiff body on a stretcher.”
Samuel had to tell them about what was going on, now.
* * *
“Oh, Mon'dure!!” cried the wife, “That man is your brother?” Samuel nodded.
“We separated as loved ones, and now his back, but he is now a very wicked man!”
“He vengeance against me and everyone like us in our standard way of living.”
“It's no surprise why he would do this.” said James. “What do you mean?” asked Henri.
“You see… Too much pain and suffering can drive a person mad. Like Paul for instance.”
“Yes, but, unfortunately, fighting against him is already considered as Suicidal.” said Samuel
“For he already possesses vast knowledge, and ingenious devices from the distant future.”
“Sac're Bleu! The Future!?” said Henri, “No wonder he is so powerful. We don't stand a chance against him.”
“We may have no other choice but to fight him.” said James.
“If we don't get Elizabeth's and the Marquis' energy back in three days… they will surely die.”
Samuel looked up with pride. “You know… I hate to say this, but you're right James.” He said.
“If we hope to revive our loved ones, we'll have to find my brother and bring him down!”
“But how are we to find him father.” asked Sarah, “Uncle Paul has faster ways of traveling; we don't even know where he's based at.”
Everyone knew there would be an obstacle to over-come, but where would a man with future-devices want to hideout.
* * *
Suddenly, form outside, some of the citizens were running about in panic. “HELP, SOMEBODY HELP!!!”
James rushed outside, “What's going on?” he asked. “The farm-lands, they're under attack by a British-Mad-man.”
“The farm-lands?” cried James, “But, that's where the Ludington's live! OH, NO… SYBIL!!!”
“Quickly boys” Samuel said, “We must hurry.” Then he, James, and Henri immediately saddled their horses, and rode off.
“Sarah and Moses, and The Marquis' family stayed behind to look after the Print-shop, and to take care of Elizabeth.
“Oh Moses, I hope they're not too late!” cried Sarah. “Don't worry Sarah. They'll make it.”
* * *
Sybil Ludington hopped down from her horse, and was busy in her father's field, gathering corn for dinner.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a man leaped out from behind the stalks and grabbed her.
Sybil tried to scream, but the man was covering her mouth, and tied her up good, so she couldn't move.
Then the man took her over to a log cabin near-by, which was actually a Dungeon holding…
“Margaret” Molly Corbin… Abigail Addams… Deborah Samson… Elizabeth Freeman… Phyllis Whealthy… and even… Martha Washington.
Up on top of the cabin stood Paul Philips, raging mad as ever to his henchmen holding Sybil.
“Hurry up you Fool!” he bellowed. “Is the coast clear?” asked the guard.
“Yes, now move it!”
The guard grunted as his lifted Sybil up, “Need more women of liberty for your ransom?”
“Toss her inside and be quick about it!!” bellowed Paul. Sybil was tossed in with the other hollering women.
Paul opened a small door at the top and poked his head down inside at the frightened women.
“Any more noise…” he growled, “…and you are all…TURKEY STUFFING!!!”
He slammed the door shut, and locked it tightly.
* * *
James, Henri, and Samuel weren't far away, forcing their horses to go faster than ever before.
“Hey, Look there!” cried Henri.
It was an army of men James knew, all lead by President Washington himself.
* * *
Paul just ignored them and summoned one of his flying ships, which lowered down a series of grappling hooks, and carried the cabin off the ground.
“STOP RIGHT THERE!!!” Washington's voice called out. He and the husbands and fathers of the captive women aimed their guns at him.
“Mmm… This is getting interesting.” Paul sniggered, “Let's see what other fires I can start.”
The other men fired there guns rapidly at him, but not a single shot even wounded him.
* * *
* * *
“Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah!”
“Fools…! None of your puny weapons are a match for me.”
“My knowledge of the future is so much greater than your primitive standards.”
“As for my powers, they are far too great. No one of your caliber can conquer me!!”
The other men were frightened, even Washington himself, but knew he had to be brave.
“Please, we'll do anything, but give us back our wives and daughters!” he said.
“Oh certainly Mr. President Sir!” sniggered Paul, “You and your fellow American men may have your women back…”
“… but only…If you pay me One-hundred-Million Pounds in gold bars… and if you don't, then you'll never see these pretties again!”
“NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!!!” yelled James from behind. Paul turned quickly and saw him charging.
Before James got with in five feet of him, he pulled out the flask holding Elizabeth's energy.
“Ah… Ah… Ah! ...Come any closer, and I'll smash the flask, ensuring hat Elizabeth dies.”
“Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah!”
Suddenly, He saw Abigail Addams passing something out of the window of the prison in the air.
Samuel caught it, while he was hiding in the bushes. It was a small not that had on it…
Paul saw this as his que to leave, “Remember what I said gentlemen, you have two days to give me the money…OR ELSE!”
He pressed a button on his belt, and his (ROCKET BOOTS) lifted him up to the prison.
He gave Abigail a huge shove back through the window, “Get back inside…YOU BLISTERING-BOWL OF PASS!!” he growled.
Then the ship flew away.
Washington was furious, but it seemed he had no choice. If he ever wanted to get his sweet Martha back, he'd have to pay the ransom.
…Or would he?
So he gathered up his men and headed back to his New-York estate. While James and his party headed back to the Print-shop.
They hadn't stopped Paul, but they did obtain another clue to where he might be going.