Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ LIBERTY'S KIDS: The Past. V.S The Future ❯ One in and over Ten ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Wake up Samuel, wake up!” came Paul's voice, “No, your not dead, just paralyzed.”
Samuel stretched his eyes open. “Brother?” he peeped, “What is this? What have you done?”
“Something I've always wanted.” said Paul, “Revenge for what I never had received for all my hard work.”
Samuel finally remembered what happened. “You stole my wife's energy, and capture the ladies of liberty.”
“Heh… heh… heh… Guilty as charged. Oh, how I've waited so long for this.”
“Take a look brother!”
The lights flashed everywhere, and Samuel saw the worst sight he'd ever seen.
-Molly Corbin!
-Abigail Addams!
-Deborah Samson!
-Elizabeth Freeman!
-Phyllis Whealthy!
-Sybil Ludington!
-Martha Washington!
All ten of them were dangling on ropes suspended over a pool filled with nine Man-eating sharks, and hey looked hungry.
“You… You wouldn't!!!” cried Samuel, “You just couldn't! Please brother, I'll do anything you say.”
“Anything, really?” said Paul, “Alright then… You can fall down on your knees and beg for me to spare them.”
Samuel thought that would be outrageous, but he did just say he'd do anything to save them.
Samuel knelt to the floor and begged with all his might. “Please dear brother, please spare my comrades. Please spare their lives, have mercy.”
“Hah… hah… hah… hah… hah!” Paul clapped his hands, “Oh I am indeed enjoying this.”
“Alright Samuel, I guess I shall show a little pity. Take a look at in the pool.”
“As you can see, I only have nine sharks, but there are ten prisoners. Therefore, I shall free only one… of your choosing.”
Samuel's heart churned, “Only one?” he cried. “Only one!” snapped Paul.
“I can't spare them all now; my sharks need to be fed.”
Samuel was stumped. How can he choose one of many important people to him?
The worst thing was, they were all gagged with cloth in their mouths, so they couldn't speak to him.
Paul was enjoying this, “Why don't we make this even more heart breaking.” He chuckled.
He pulled a lever near his seat, and the ropes holding the captives began slowly descending downward to the sharks.
“WHAT THE? ...OH DEAR GOD!” cried Samuel.
“That's correct Brother, choose one while you can for in three minutes they will be lowered enough for the sharks to reach.”
“If you don't make a decision by then, they'll all be lunch-meat, and you'll lose it all!”
“Hah… hah… hah… hah… hah… hah!”
Samuel felt like he was going to have a heart attack, choosing only one would only bring sadness to other as well as him.
“Wait…that's it!” he stood up quickly, “Brother, take me instead of them.”
“You?” said Paul, “Do you really think you can satisfy the appetite of nine hungry sharks?”
“Well, I'm going to try!” Samuel began running toward the tank. He was about to jump in when…
The wall of the other side of the chamber blew down, and out came all of Samuel's friends and loved ones.
All of them dressed in the uniforms the guards were wearing, they leaped through the wall and shouted their names.
“Molly Corbin!”… “Abigail Addams!”… “Deborah Samson!”… “Elizabeth Freeman!”… “Phyllis Whealthy!”… “Sybil Ludington!” …
“Martha Washington!”… “James Hiller!”… “Sarah Philips/Hiller!”… “Henri! Lafayette”
“FOR LIBERTY AND FOR FREEDOM!!!!” they all shouted. “Father, those are not us, were alright!” cried Sarah.
Samuel looked shocked, “But if you're down here, who are they up there?” he asked.
Deborah Samson fired her (BAZZOKA) straight at the others on the ropes, which were really just dummies.
Paul was furious, “How did you manage to get past my guards?!” he thundered.
“You work them too hard,” said James, “They were so sleepy we just walked right past them.”
“Oui.” said Henri, “We walked past them by trotting on their heads, and stealing their outfits.”
Paul checked his screen, and the guards really were lying unconscious in the corridors.
“Worthless-Weasels… I had Samuel right where I wanted him!” bellowed Paul.
Samuel looked as though he was going to explode. “BROTHER!!!” he growled.
“-You played with my emotions before. -You left me without even saying goodbye. -You've even disgraced our family name by turning against society!!”
“You can't possibly be happy out of what you are creating!” snapped Molly Corbin.
“Of course I am not really happy.” said Paul. Everyone seemed confused.
“Look at me! I'm a British-mad-man who wants to bring to chaos to the world.”
“I've had bigger problems than an unwedded mother and her children. I should've died more times than a soldier in battle!”
“I have not seen my brother or the light of day in over 25 years, which is more than long enough to declare legally DEAD!”
Paul suddenly looked sad, “I can stop fighting.” He cried. “I fight, because I failed at life.”
“…and I failed at life because I didn't fight. It's a complicated problem that I have.”
Paul suddenly rekindled his sinister look. “Heh…heh…heh…It matters not.” He thundered.
“I still have won in any case. You all may be about to win the battle, but the war is going to mine!”
“How do you expect to do that?” asked Sybil, “Once we escape here and return to the main-land, you'll be finished.”
“Hah… hah… hah… hah… hah… hah!”
“What is so funny?” asked Henri.
“The main-land will not be there when you return, or have you all forgotten about my threat.”
“But… Washington has agreed to pay you this time.” said Sarah, “You've already made him pay.”
Paul just sniggered, “My dear niece… I do not expect them all to pay me… I expect them TO DIE!!!”
“Even if they give me the money, I still plan to wash away every city in this world.”
“Hah… hah… hah… hah… hah!”
“You… You're not human!” cried Sarah. “Quite human, just extremely gifted with the power from the future.”
“You ladies have no idea what its like to be me at all.”
“For generations, the Philips' has always been people of high class personalities and rich lives.”
“We have dedicated our lives to working hard at completing projects, and mastering etiquette manners.”
“Although our hard work and hand high class lives has brought great honor and fame to the Philips' name…”
“…It has brought me nothing but great Suffering and Despair. For Samuel and I had different lives when it came to impressing our parents.”
“I worked hard day and night, barely getting any sleep, completing complicated projects even our King of England could not complete.”
“Samuel however, being the eldest. He got everything he ever wanted, handed to him on a silver platter.”
“He was entitled to the family fortune, while I was being forced to marry the King's Daughter.”
“Marring a woman I had never before met, and had no feelings for. Everyone in the family thought the marriage would be wonderful.”
“Hah… hah… hah… hah… hah… hah… except for me!”
“I finally decided that living a life in the etiquette high-class style is a game for Fools.”
“Working hard all my life, just so I can be married off to royalty and become a better King?”
“Well, now that I have all this vast knowledge and devices by my side, not only shall I become the King of England.”
“…I shall rule over the entire world, and anyone who do not approve of my way of thinking shall pay the price!”
“That's enough, Brother!” snapped Samuel. “Your lust for world chaos has put you in the wrong state of mind.”
“Has is now? Well I think not… and here.” He waved his hand over his crystal.
Armed guards charged into the room. “While I take over the world, you'll all deal with my men!”