Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ LIBERTY'S KIDS: The Past. V.S The Future ❯ For Liberty, and Forgivness! ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

While Paul headed towards the top of the Main-Chamber, the guards were closing in on the others.
“Samuel! ...Here! ...Catch!” cried James, tossing him a spare uniform they had stolen.
Samuel hastily put it on and withdrew the gun. “Now, let's show these men what America is all about.” said James.
The fight was on… Gun firing and the guards were losing to the Liberty's kid's army.
* * *
Were coming again to save the light of the day Yeah.
Freedom is the only way yeah.

-Terrorist your game is through
`Cuz' now you have to answer to,
America, OH YEAH
-We'll kick your butt, and bash up your balls,
What you going to do when we come for you now,
-It's the dream that we all share;
It's the hope for tomorrow
* * *
Paul had already placed the Crystal around his neck in a power generator, and the bomb was being loaded.
Samuel had to stop him, and fast.
“We must destroy that crystal!” he said, “It's the only way to render him powerless!”
* * *
While the ladies dealt with the rest of the guards. The men climbed up to Paul's area.
“Hey Terrorist!” said Henri, “You can't catch me!” He fired his gun which nearly hit Paul in the face.
“FOOLISH FRENCH BOY!” bellowed Paul, “You'll regret having done that!”
He picked up his own gun and began shooting, but Henri lead him away while dodging his shots.
“Quickly James… NOW!!!” cried Samuel.
Paul just realized he had been set up; He turned and saw Samuel hurl the crystal into the air.
James raised his gun and shot the crystal, blasting it to dust. This did cause the bomb to explode, but only enough to destroy all of Paul's ships.
Paul was absolutely struck “OH NO!!… OH NO!!!” he cried. “MY TIME CRYSTAL… IT'S GONE…ALL GONE!”
The last of the guards ran away in fear, and the Liberty army cheered.
Now Paul no longer could head back to the future to bring anymore things here… His threat was over.
The men jumped down and ran over to the ladies. “We did it.” Cried Henri, “It's finally over.” added Sybil.
“Wait a minute.” said Sarah, “We've all forgotten something.” Everyone looked up to where Paul was standing.
“Looking for…“This”…Are we Samuel?” chuckled Paul, waving around a flask of green liquid.
“Elizabeth's energy” cried Samuel. Paul still had it. Only 12 hours to go, and Elizabeth would die.
Paul still had one last trick up his sleeve. He reached over to his chair, and pressed a big red button.
The alarm went off again, and red lights were flashing around the room, and numbers appeared on the computer screen.
They began counting down as the computer cried out… “Self-Destruct in five Minutes… and counting!!!”
5:00… 4:59… 4:58… 4:56…
Paul then winded up, and threw the flask up into the air. Samuel, Sarah, and James rushed forward to catch it.
But they all bumped into each other, and the flask smashed to the ground and was shattered.
“No!” cried Sarah. The liquid has splattered everywhere. There was no hope now, her mother was doomed.
“Did you really think I'd be beaten that easily, Fools?” yelled Paul. Samuel rushed over and withdrew his sword.
“Brother, now I shall face you once and for all.” Paul his sword and the duel began.
The entire base was being to quiver and shake. “Self-Destruct in Three minutesand counting!!!”cried the computer.
“What? Self-destruct… Oh no!” cried James. “James, what does self-destruct mean?” asked Abigail.
“Look there!” said James pointing at the timer. “Dr. Franklin told me about this. The whole base will explode once that timer runs out.”
Abigail and the other ladies gulped hard. “You mean…?!” Deborah cried, and James nodded.
“We're all going to be…BLOWN TO PIECES!!!”
Suddenly, burning wires started sparkling from the walls, and rocks were tumbling down from the ceiling as the shaking got worse.
“Self-destruct in two minutes… and counting!” cried the dying computer. “Begin Emergency surfacing procedure!”
* * *
Outside, the base began lifting off the floor of the ocean, and began ascending toward the surface.
* * *
Once they were out of the water, as they were not far from shore, five life-boats appeared by the doorway.
“Quick, we must hurry!” cried James. Everyone threw away their used armor and weapons of the future, following him outside, but Paul and Samuel were still at it inside.
* * *
Their swords clashed and parried, “If I go Samuel, I'm taking you with me!” Paul roared.
“Brother, don't you see what's happened to you?” said Samuel, “Look at what you've become.”
“Your lust for power and world recognition has turned you into a monster and a murderer!”
Paul's eyes widened as Samuel went on.
“Paul, I have not forgotten the way Mother and Father mistreated you. It was because of me that you ended up like this.”
“I always believed that we would reunite one day, but never like this brother. Though we are different in some ways that changes nothing…”
“We are still brothers, we share the same blood and name… WE ARE FAMILY!!!”
Paul finally dropped his sword. “We… we are family?” he asked to himself. “Even after all that I've done?”
James and Sarah had over heard the whole thing while coming back to fetch them both.
Finally, Paul knew what he had to do. He raised a gun and fired a dart into Samuel's neck.
James and Sarah saw him hit the floor, but why would Paul tranquilize him like that?
The building was beginning to break up, and the emergency exits were sealing shut.
“SELF-DESTRUCT IN 60 seconds… and counting!!!”
“Hurry!” he said, “Take him and get to safety.” James nodded and picked up Samuel, and slipped under the doorway.
After Sarah had gotten outside, she saw that Paul had not followed them, she looked inside the window.
“Uncle Paul!!” she shouted, “Are you not coming with us?”
Paul shook his head, “For the first time in my life, I shall do the right thing!” he shouted back.
Sarah had tears in her eyes; she was already going to lose her mother, and now her Uncle too?
“Don't worry Sarah. You mother will be alright, just ask Henri!!!”
30 seconds left….!
Sarah, ready to cry, blew her Uncle one final kiss. Then she slipped into James' boat, and rowed away as fast as they could toward the shores.
* * *
The base then moved 100 miles away from shore so as not to hurt anything or anyone when it blew up.
10…9…8…7…< /b>8…5…4…
Paul shouted out as the flames consumed his body…
…3…2…1… “00”
The base was gone, Paul was dead, and everything he'd brought from the future was gone too.
* * *
The Ladies of Liberty, and Henri had tears in their eyes, but only Sarah was sobbing softly.
James held his wife close to him, “Oh, James” sobbed Sarah, “It's just not fair.”
James gently kissed her cheek as hi rocked her a little, “I'm so sorry Sarah.” He said.
“He chose to destroy himself to make up for his crimes.” Cried Henri, “Now that is indeed, very noble.
They all just stood there, and watching the fire out at sea where the base went up, burn out all the way.