Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ LIBERTY'S KIDS: The Past. V.S The Future ❯ We are Brothers! ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

When Washington and his men had arrived at the docks, with the trunk filled with the gold and money Paul demanded were they ever surprised!
All their Daughters and Wives had returned home safely, Washington himself was also very surprised to hear how James, Sarah, and Henri saved the day.
He and the other men felt so overjoyed to have their ladies back, that they rewarded Liberty's Kids with 10% of the ransom money.
Fifty-Million Pounds!
As soon as the other men went home with their ladies, it was time for the other to quickly head back to the Print-shop.
Only 30 minutes left to save Elizabeth from dying.
* * *
After Henri gave Elizabeth's energy to the Doctor, and sent the Marquis' off to the hospital. He told everyone how he got them.
“While I was poking around in the Aqua-base, I came upon Paul's storage cupboard.”
“Inside were Elizabeth's Bio-energy, and the Marquis' Bio energy. So I decided to pack them and take them with me.”
Sarah felt so happy for what Henri had done; she even kissed his cheek making him blush.
“Then what was in the flask that Paul destroyed?” asked James. Henri giggled, “It was only green sea-water.”
Everyone else laughed.
The doctor came down, “She'll be alright.” He said, “You may go see her now.”
“And Henri, your Fiancée sends you a message; the Marquis has also awakened, and is doing fine. You may go see him.”
Sarah, James, and Henri were in such an exciting rush, that they almost forgot to say good-bye to each other.
* * *
Elizabeth was still tucked in bed, but her eyes were indeed open, and her temperature was normal again.
“Oh, Mother I'm so glad you're alright.” cried Sarah. “We thought we'd never see you again.” added James.
Elizabeth held her daughter and Son-in-law close to her, and kissed their cheeks. “I'm glad too, dears!” she cried.
* * *
Elizabeth finally had enough strength to get out of bed, and went to the other bedroom to see Samuel, who'd finally woken up from being tranquilized.
The reunited couple shared their tears of joy. Sarah and James even joined in themselves, but they knew eventually, they would have to tell them about Paul.
It wasn't long anyways! For Samuel looked around the room, and did not see him anywhere.
“Where is Paul? What happened to my brother?” he asked, “Yes, is he outside?” added Elizabeth, “I'd like to talk to him as well.”
Sarah had tears in her eyes again, so James decided to break the news to them both.
“Samuel.” He said softly, “Your brother tranquilized you so you wouldn't see the awful truth.”
“W… What? What awful Truth?” asked Samuel “Is my brother hurt? Will he be alright?”
“Oh, James, please tell us!” cried Elizabeth. Now James looked ready to cry. “Paul didn't come with. He stayed behind.”
Elizabeth and Samuel were starting to look frightened. “What are you saying?” asked Samuel.
James looked deep inside himself, summoning all his courage. “I'm so sorry Father…” he cried.
“…Your brother is…Dead!”
Samuel and Elizabeth's hearts went numb, as their tears started to drizzle down their faces.
“No…No, he can't be?!” sobbed Samuel. “Not again!”
“Paul's gone, he's really gone. I lost him once before and now I've lost him forever.”
“…and to think it was based on my life that lead him to his life of pain and misery.”
Elizabeth dabbed her eyes with her handkerchief. “I'm so sorry dear!” she sobbed. “I'm so very sorry.”
“No, don't be.” cried Samuel, “I am the one who should be sorry. Sorry for everything I put Paul through.”
“… I have no right… to call myself… a Brother!”
* * *
The next day, everyone who knew Paul had gathered at the docks for a funeral in his honor.
His body had already burned up when his Aqua-base exploded, but they still had his mask.
They placed on a catapult in a box filled with heavy stones, and launched it out to sea.
James Sarah, and everyone else, never told anyone else about the devices and gadgets Paul brought from the future, because they remembered what he's said.
“These devices were made in the future, andareonly for the future, not for us in the past.”
“Such devices as these are not to be made for at least over 100 years.
If you make them now,before they were intended to be,both the Present, and the Future can be badly altered.”
This also prevented James from writing what would have been the greatest story in the history of mankind.
Seeing as how he wanted to help lives, and not kill them, he decided it was best to leave it be.
* * *
Samuel never went a day without saying a prayer to his brother. He may have been a heartless Terrorist, but that was only because…
… He started out as a kind caring young man, who worked hard and earned no reward!
* * *
James and Sarah had loaned Henri all their reward money to plan for his big wedding coming up soon.
James was best-man, and Sarah was the maid of honor. Henri never had been so happy in his life.
The Marquis was happy too. With Brave Henri as his Daughter's husband, his daughter would have a protector as well as a lover.
* * *
Sometimes Samuel wished his brothers Time-Crystal wasn't destroyed and he could use it to go back and save his life.
But as he said himself, you can't and mustn't change the past. You can only change the future; make it a better place to live in.
In any case, inside, Samuel knew the heavens did give his brother forgiveness for all his misdeeds.
After all, it was only something that should never have been, and his crimes were committed out of suffering and pain.
“Rest in peace, Paul, You are still my brother, and I shall always keep believing in you, until we meet again!”