MARS Fan Fiction ❯ Fall of a Broken Angel (Part I of the Angels Series) ❯ Visitor ( Chapter 3 )

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I just realized I forgot to put the disclaimer on the first two chapters!!! So just so's ya know, I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS IN THIS FIC!!! Well, I do own Oruki and Dr. Sakuma, and Miaka too, but they aren't really a big part of the story so I don't count them.
Also, I have no idea what Kira's stepfather's name is….so how's about we just call him Mr. Aso, okies? I know that's most likely not his real name but I don't remember it ever being mentioned in the manga and I don't feel like going through all the books searching for his name so….yeah.
There isn't much point to this chapter. I just thought it'd be a nice touch, and I had to have something happen to the perverted bastard that is Kira's stepfather (formerly). I could have posted this as a separate fic but I figured it'd fit well into this one. Don't try to follow my logic….it won't work. But I hope you enjoy it.
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Chapter 3—Visitor
Kira was sitting on her bed, leaning back against the pillows and reading a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, when Rei came in at three the next day after he'd finished visiting every single patient in the hospital and gone to get some lunch. Kira looked up when he entered.
“Please tell me that's real food in your hand and not just another lousy attempt to make me think life in a hospital is worth living,” she said, looking as though she would kill for a decent meal.
Rei laughed. “It was real food when I ate it.” He set the white paper bag he was carrying on the night table. “Believe it or not, there isn't a single place in this entire city that can sell you a decent burger, so I got tacos instead.”
“Angel! Saint! I don't think I've ever loved you as much as I do right at this moment…” Kira grabbed for the bag and unwrapped a taco, kissing Rei on the cheek as she did. “Hi.”
“You're happy today,” Rei commented, sitting down in a chair.
“I'm faking it,” Kira replied without hesitation, cramming half a burrito in her mouth. “I hate this place already.”
Rei smiled. “I know. But hang in there. You'll be out of here soon enough. Ryo told me that you can't leave the hospital for a little over two weeks because the tests will take longer than they thought and after that they want you to stay at the hospital for the first few days of physical therapy in case anything goes wrong, but there's good news, too. They told me you could start your testing in two days, if you're rested up enough, and then you can start therapy and go home all the sooner. I told Ryo I'd run it by you.”
Kira shrugged. “I guess so. I feel rested enough right now, but Oruki said to give it another couple of days.”
While she had been talking, Kira had eaten two more burritos and a soft taco supreme, and she had just started in on the nachos when she looked up and saw Rei staring at her, with a small smile on his face. Kira smiled back and continued eating, but after she'd eaten all the nachos and the last taco in the bag, she looked up again and her husband was still staring at her.
“What?” she asked, feeling slightly uncomfortable. “Do I…have something on my face?”
Rei smiled a bit more, and shook his head. “No. It's a perfect face.” He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to give her a long, slow kiss that made her heart beat at twice its normal rate. He started to pull back, but she took a quick breath and pulled him back for another kiss.
“Ahem. Are we…interrupting something here?”
Rei waved at the group at the door, signaling them to come in, but he didn't break the kiss with Kira until Akitaka, Kyoko, Tatsuya, and Harumi were all sitting down.
“Well, Kira…” Kyoko said, after a moment. “Looks like you're feeling better.”
Kira nodded, smiling. “Sorry about that, guys,” she said, not looking sorry at all. In fact, she was positively glowing.
“You're happy,” Harumi commented, as Rei had. “Did…something good happen…?”
Kira nodded. “I got kissed!”
Everyone in the room laughed, and Rei leaned forward and kissed Kira again. The others, expecting nothing less from their friend, became immediately and surprisingly engrossed in discussing the paint on the walls and the fine weather they were having lately.
Kira and Rei, meanwhile, didn't notice the others talking. They were in their own world right now, and they didn't break their kiss until they were pulled back to Earth by a voice from the doorway. “Kira.”
Slowly, Kira pulled out of Rei's arms to look at the doorway. She knew that voice….
Rei followed her gaze, and his eyes immediately hardened. Harumi, Tatsuya, Akitaka, and Kyoko were all staring, too, as Kira's stepfather (former) stepped into the room, carrying a bouquet of flowers and a jacket over one arm. He still looked the same, except he has a few more wrinkles and more gray in his hair. The relieved smile on his face disappeared and was replaced by a scowl when he saw Rei. “You're still with him, then?”
“What are you doing here?” Kira asked, her voice soft and strained.
Mr. Aso didn't reply, and the silence stretched to the breaking point as a full five minutes passed with no one saying a word. The tense atmosphere was thick enough to cut with a knife.
“I asked you a question,” Kira said at last, her voice holding a biting edge of impatience, anger underlying her tone. Inside, she was trembling, but she had vowed long ago to never allow herself to show fear around this man, if she was ever to meet him again. And now she had.
Still Mr. Aso said nothing. Kira waited patiently, until at last he spoke. “I…heard you were in an accident…I was concerned…”
“Oh, please,” Kira snapped. “So concerned that it took you three years to come and check on me? No way. What do you really want?”
Once again, silence. Then… “I…want to be a part of your life again, Kira.”
Rei opened his mouth, but Kira laid a hand on his arm. She fixed her the man with a glare that truly made everyone in the room reconsider the belief that looks couldn't, in fact, kill.
“Why? So you can come after me again? You're an old man now. And yet….you still want me? Moron. Perverted, hopeless, pathetic moron.”
Everyone was, needless to say, shocked. None of the have ever heard Kira speak so harshly before. But Rei could feel her hand trembling in his.
“Kira, please, listen….”
“No, you listen! For once in your life, you are going to listen to me. Do you realize how stupidly insane you are? I haven't seen or heard from you since I was seventeen years old. Twelve years. And I was happy with that. With you out of my life and ignoring me, I was free—from my past, and from the man I hated more than I ever knew it was possible to hate. And now suddenly, ten years after my mother died and three years after I survived a life-threatening car accident, you—the man who raped me when I was fourteen, walked away without ever accepting the consequences, and then tried to keep me away from the only man who ever loved me and kept me safe and sane—you suddenly want me to accept you and let you back into my life?” Kira shook her head. “No. You crazy, mixed-up fool. It won't happen.”
“Kira…can't we put all that behind us? It was such a long time ago—”
Kira very nearly snapped at that. “For you it was a long time ago, because you enjoyed it! But for me it was yesterday! I remember all of it! Everything! And I can never forgive you for hurting me the way you did! SO LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU PERVERTED BASTARD!” She was screaming by the time she reached the last sentence.
Mr. Aso took a few steps toward the bed. “Kira…”
In a flash, Kyoko, Harumi, Akitaka, Tatsuya, and Rei had formed a half-circle around the bed. Rei glared at Mr. Aso. “Get. Out.”
“What? You can't—”
“Watch me. When you came up against me last time, the only thing that saved Kira was my father's influence. But I don't need him to fight my battles anymore. One of my best friends at the racetrack, and a great fan of Kira's art, is one of the best lawyers in Tokyo. And besides that, I have a friend at the police department who will put me in touch with people who will fry your ass in court if you so much as walk down the street in front of our apartment building. And Kira and I both have something to our names now. People respect us. They'll be on our side. And while I know you deny the fear that you're feeling, I see it in your eyes. Now get out. Get away from my wife. And stay away from her. You're done. Finished. So go.”
“Is there a problem here, gentlemen?”
Rei looked towards the door. “Ryo…how long have you been standing there?”
Dr. Sakuma's face was a mask as he stepped into the room. “Long enough. Kira…did this man really rape you?”
Kira stared at him. “Y-yes.”
“How long ago?”
“F-fifteen years….”
“And was he ever formally accused of the crime?”
“Are you ready to press charges against him now?”
Kira stared at him as if he'd grown two more heads. “I…never thought about it. I…well, if I can, I will…”
Ryo nodded. “Good. Sir, I have a police officer visiting a patient here who'd be more than happy to escort you to the police station. He doesn't deal with charges like this one but I'm sure he'll refer you to someone who can. He's in the lobby. He came to see Kira, as a matter of fact. His name is—”
“Officer Okuda!” Kira suddenly said. “What took him so long?”
Ryo smiled at her. “He's been in America since a year before the accident. He only just got the news.”
“He called to check up on me,” Rei said to Kira. “And I told him about you. I guess he finally moved back to Japan. Ryo, can you ask him to come back after he escorts Papa Dearest to the station? I'd like to see him.”
“Sure thing. Get in touch with that lawyer friend of yours, Rei. You'll be needing him.”
The day before Kira was supposed to go home, the case was decided. Rei brought her a newspaper clipping about the hearing. The headline was “Fifteen-Year-Old Case Finally Closed.” Kira read it aloud to Dr. Sakuma, Oruki, Harumi, Tatsuya, Kyoko, and Akitaka listened.
“`An interesting case was brought before the court two weeks ago. Artist Kira Kashino has pressed charges against her stepfather, who raped her fifteen years ago, when she was fourteen years old. She has let it go for fifteen years, but she finally brought the case to the attention of the court with the help of Dr. Ryo Sakuma and lawyer Toji Asahi, and with the support of husband Rei Kashino (for full details of Kashino's most recent victory on the racetrack, see Sports).
“`Mrs. Kashino first chose to press charges when Aso (stepfather) arrived in her hospital room (Mrs. Kashino having been involved in a car accident which left her in a comatose state) and stated that he wished to once again be a part of his stepdaughter's life. Mrs. Kashino refused, mentioning her history with Aso, including details of the rape. Dr. Ryo Sakuma was standing outside the door when Kira spoke of said rape.
“`I heard everything,' Dr. Sakuma states. `There was no lie in this girl's voice. She told the truth only for her stepfather's ears, and for the ears of her friends who knew of the incident, and it was by fortune that I happened to be outside the door.'
“`Dr. Sakuma appeared as a witness in court and repeated all that Kira had said to her stepfather. Mrs. Kashino wrote all the details of her rape for her lawyer, Toji Asahi, who in turn presented the document to the court. Rei Kashino also appeared in court, and explained about Kira's early fears of any kind of sexual activity.
“`She freaked out every time we came close to going beyond kissing,' Kashino stated. `She was so scared, even of me. I remember one time, I was kissing her, and I put my hand under her shirt to rub her back, and she just started screaming, told me not to touch her. It was obvious that someone had raped her, or tried to. And when I asked her, she told me it was her stepfather, but she wouldn't go to the police. She was still scared. Of him.'
“`After these statements were heard, Aso pleaded guilty of the charges. By the unanimous vote of the jury, he was found guilty of the rape of a fourteen-year-old girl. His sentence is to be decided today. See next issue for details of the sentencing.'”
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