MARS Fan Fiction ❯ Rise of a Fallen Angel (Part II of the Angels Series) ❯ Decision ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Okay, first let me say that the story before this one was horrible. It wasn't one of my better efforts. That being what it is, and therefore unchangeable, let us put said story behind us and open up a new chapter in the lives of Rei and Kira Kashino.
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Chapter 1—Decision
“Are you sure you want to go today?” Rei asked, peering at his wife with a worried look on his face.
Kira smiled at him. “I'm positive. I have to go to this opening, you know that. Besides, I've been back to work for a while now, and I've been fine. I'll be fine today.”
“But you'll be on your feet all day today,” Rei pointed out. “Usually you're sitting down most of the time.”
“I know, but I have to be at the opening of this gallery. I funded the building of the place and I had to work really hard to get the stupid Americans to let me open up shop over there. And plus, I've never been overseas for my work before! I really want to go this time! So don't spoil it for me by getting all worried!”
“Do you at least want me to drive you to the airport?”
Kira shushed him and placed her arms around his neck, leaning up to kiss him. “I'm getting a ride with Rumi. She's out that way to meet with a department store about her designs. I'll be fine. Stop worrying!”
Rei smiled down at her. “Okay. But if your knee starts hurting, go sit down somewhere. I mean it!”
“Right, right. I'll see you when I get back. Remember, my plane lands at the airport at three on Saturday afternoon.” As she spoke, she shouldered a backpack and grabbed her suitcase from the kitchen floor. “I need you to come pick me up because Rumi and Tatsuya are leaving for vacation on Friday. I'll only be gone for a week and there's plenty of food in the fridge, but if you run out you can always order takeout. And please don't burn down our apartment building trying to cook—you just aren't cut out to be a chef so stick to simple stuff like soup and sandwiches, okay? That's nice and safe. Now eat your breakfast and I'll call you when I get settled at the hotel.”
“What about you? When are you gonna eat?”
“On the run.” And with that, Kira grabbed a stack of pancakes, kissed Rei on the cheek, and took a bite as she hurried out the door.
Rei shook his head slightly and smiled, watching from the window as Kira threw her suitcase into the back of Harumi's car and got in on the passenger side.
Since her car accident, Kira had made immense strides in her recovery. Her knee had, apparently, seen it's last surgery, at least until she was at ripe old age, and she was back to normal, with the exception of the way she limped slightly on her previously injured leg. However, driving had been a real problem. The first time she tried to get behind the wheel of a car after the accident, she'd frozen up and hadn't been able to move until Rei pulled her out of the vehicle. Eventually, though, she had gotten over her “phobia” and was behaving perfectly normally again. Well, as normal as the wife of Rei Kashino would ever get.
Still smiling, Rei finished every piece of food on the table, drank two glasses of milk, and then headed to the track.
This, he knew, would be a long week.
Six days later
Rei sat at the kitchen table, eating a sandwich and reading the newspaper, when the phone rang. “Talk to me.”
“Oh, hey, Kira.” He blinked and squinted at the clock. “What's up? Isn't it kind of late over there?”
“Yeah, but I had to talk to you now.”
Rei was, of course, immediately on edge and at attention. “What's wrong?”
“Nothing's wrong, I just needed to talk to you. Now, before you say anything, let me get it all out. You know how we've been wanting to adopt a kid, right?”
“Right. Well, I met someone at the opening of the exhibit, and she runs a small orphanage just outside the city, and she wanted me to visit them because she said I seemed like a `nice person', though only God knows how I could be married to you for almost twelve years and still be what other people call `nice', but that's besides the point. Okay, so, I went in there, but the thought of actually taking a kid home never crossed my mind until—”
“Until…what? Kira…you didn't…”
“No, I haven't actually adopted anyone yet, and let me finish. Okay, so, I was in the orphanage, and I was just about to leave when I came across the room where all the kids slept, and it was empty except for one person.”
“And that person was….?”
“A girl, about twelve. She was pretty, really pretty, but she looked….not sad, exactly, just….serious. When I went in, she looked up and gave me this look, like she was looking right through me, trying to find out everything there is to know about me, but she didn't say anything, so I left. She was…kind of scary, she was so…intense. Well, I asked the woman who runs the place and all she said was that the girl's name was Emily, that she was half-Japanese but goes by her American name, and that they've been having problems with that girl ever since she came to the orphanage, but she didn't say what kind of problems. Well, after I got back to the hotel it occurred to me that maybe all Emily really needs is…a home.”
“Kira, you're not saying…?”
“Yes I am. We've been talking about adoption so much lately and we could do so much for this girl. I can feel it. There's something about her…it feels…right.”
“But…okay, look, Kira, I haven't even met this girl. And even if I had, adoption….”
“Is a big decision and an even bigger responsibility, I know, but look, we have more than enough money to support her, we can pay for her school and everything, and she needs someone to reach out to her. You and I are pretty good at reaching out to people, so why not give it a shot? And….you'd make an amazing father, I think.”
“Look, Rei, the fact is, I want a family. Since the miscarriage, I've wondered what it would be like having someone to look out for, someone to raise and take care of and love. I want that. And we can do it. Please, just fly out here and meet her, and we can talk about it. Please?”
“Fly out there?”
“Mmm-hmm. Look, I've thought about this for five days and done nothing but think about it. After the opening of the exhibit I called the guys who ran it every day and told them I was sick and to call if there was a problem, and then I walked around the house and researched adoption and thought about adoption and talked to people who've adopted kids and talked to the woman at the orphanage and got all the information about the adoption process and it feels right. Please, just come out here.”
“…All right. I'll catch the early morning flight.”