MARS Fan Fiction ❯ Rise of a Fallen Angel (Part II of the Angels Series) ❯ Qualified ( Chapter 2 )

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Okay, guys, here's the second chapter. I've sworn to myself that 1) this story will be better and/or longer than the other one and 2) that I won't quit in the middle. But it might take me a while to get chapters out, because I don't write many MARS fics. Also, I work on inspirations rather than deadlines, and sometimes inspiration is very….elusive. But just be patient, and the story will go on. That goes for all of my fics. Okay?
Oh, and by the way, I don't know anything about adoption. I've never been through the process myself, as the person being adopted or as the person doing the adopting. However, I have a friend whose brother is a lawyer, and another friend who knows tidbits about every subject under the sun, so they answered a few of my questions. But please, if everything is inaccurate, forgive/correct me.
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Chapter 2—Qualified
Kira was waiting for Rei in front of the hotel she was staying at when a taxi drove up and the driver ripped some money out of Rei's hand, shoved Rei out into the street, and sped off, yelling at Rei in some sort of foreign language.
“What was that about?”
“We had an, uh….disagreement about racing. We argued the whole way here. He hates my guts. I hope he dies. Where we headed?”
Kira shook her head, smiling. “Room 106. Are you sure all you did was yell at him?”
“I didn't hit him, if that's what you mean.”
“Promise? Because we've talked about your temper, and—”
Rei cut her off by putting his hands on her shoulders and pulling her in for a kiss. Kira's first instinct was to pull away and scold Rei some more, but she found that she couldn't.
After a few moments, Rei pulled away and gave her his trademark grin. “I missed you.”
Kira returned his grin with an adorable one of her own. “I know. C'mon, let's go up to the room and you can drop off your bag, and then we can go over to see Ms. Reese.”
“The woman who runs the orphanage.”
“Oh, right.”
“Thank you for noticing.”
Unfortunately, the adoption was not going to be as easy as they thought.
The meeting with Ms. Reese lasted less than an hour. Ms. Reese herself was a tiny, thin woman, only about five and a half feet tall, with shoulder-length auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a warm, gentle smile. She talked them through the entire process, explaining that it was not as easy or as quick as Kira and Rei might prefer. After filing for adoption, they would have to wait to find out if they qualified. If they did, they would then receive basic information about the child they wished to adopt, and then spend time with the child, so that the three would get to know each other. Ms. Reese also explained that she preferred the adoption to be by mutual consent of the parents and the child. The entire process would take three to nine months, possibly longer.
“Now, I understand that you live overseas,” Ms. Reese said as their meeting drew to a close. “There is an adoption agency in Japan that works with our establishment. I recommend that you go there and speak with Mr. Yuki Hirohito. Here…is the address…” As she spoke, Ms. Reese scribbled something down on a piece of paper. “And my business card. Call collect if you have any questions. If you qualify for adoption, you can return here to New York and I'll introduce you formally to Emily. Until then, like I said, call anytime.”
Nodding, Rei and Kira stood, shook the little woman's hand (she really was very small) and left her office.
“That could have gone better,” Rei commented.
“But it could have gone worse. I say we take her advice and meet this Hirohito guy. And if we decide we don't want to adopt Emily after the meeting, we'll walk in the other direction and I'll never mention it again.”
“Promises, promises,” Rei muttered, grinning.
Back in Japan
Kira ran breathlessly into the kitchen. “Rei!”
Still no answer.
“In here!”
Kira blinked. Apparently the words “plane ticket,” “leaving,” and “New York” had gone right over her husband's head. Shaking her head at the stupidity of men, she went into the living room.
Rei was sitting on the couch, Tatsuya was sitting in the chair across from him, and Harumi was stretched out lazily on the floor, staring at the ceiling. The three glanced over at Kira as she entered, blinking at the excitement that was radiating off of her in waves
Under normal circumstances, Kira and Harumi would have gotten in eighty or ninety words in the fifteen seconds since Kira had entered the room. However, at this moment, Kira completely ignored her friends' existences and waved a sheaf of papers in the air. “Rei, we qualify! Mr. Hirohito called me at work and told me we qualify for adoption and the paperwork was in the mail and I've got us booked for the six o'clock flight to New York so pack, because it's time to go!” Without even pausing for breath, she launched at Rei and threw her arms around him. “I'm finally going to be a mother!”
Though he looked more than slightly taken aback, Rei couldn't stop a small half-smile from touching his face. “Yeah, I guess you are.”
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Finally! I thought I'd never get this written…considering that it's only three pages long it took forever to write… I tried to make it as accurate as possible and that took awhile. Anyhow, here it is. Sorry it's so short! R+R please!