Marvel Avengers Fan Fiction ❯ Marvel Imagines ❯ Confusing Terms ( Chapter 7 )

[ A - All Readers ]

Pairing: Thor x reader

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Thor, Y/N


You and Thor have recently started dating all thanks to the efforts of Clint who locked you both in a closet to get you to confess your feelings to each other, and his plan worked. Since then the both of you have been inseparable, much to the dismay of the other Avengers.


 Tony walked into the sitting room where you and Thor were cuddling on the sofa, his arm wrapped around your shoulders. “Guys, can you please go and be lovey dovey somewhere else please? It’s making me feel sick.” 


You rolled your eyes and smiled before bringing Thor in for a kiss. “If you don’t like it Tones, you know where to go. We were here first.” Tony put the middle finger up to you and smiled, leaving the room. You laughed at Tony’s childish response, you loved the jokey relationship you and he had but not as much as the one with Thor.


You leaned your head on Thor’s shoulder, sighing happily, and noticed some of his hair had fallen on his shoulders. “Hey Thor, can I play with your hair?” Thor turned his head to you, confused. He didn’t know exactly what you meant but what he did know is that he wanted you to be happy so he got up from his place on the sofa and walked away, leaving you very confused.


A few minutes later, Thor came back with a chunk of his hair in a bobble and a pair of scissors in his hand. He sat down next to you and cut off the chunk of his hair before handing it to you. You tried your best to stifle a laugh but you couldn’t help yourself. “Lady Y/N, why are you laughing? You asked to play with my hair so I gave you some to play with.”


You shook your head, still laughing. “Thor, baby, that’s not what I meant. I wanted to twirl and mess around with your hair still attached to your head. But, thank you, I really appreciate what you’ve done.” 


Thor slumped back into the sofa, clearly embarrassed. “I need to get equipped with Midgardian terms” You felt a small pang of guilt as you watched Thor’s demeanour slip slightly. You reached over to him, gently cupped his cheek with your hand and placed a sweet kiss to his lips.


“Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of them soon. I’ll help you, if you like.” Thor smiled at you, nodding his head. “I would like that very much, my queen.” He leaned in for another kiss before bringing you into his side for a cuddle, his fingers intertwined with yours.


You stayed like that for a while until you realised you still had the clump of hair in your hand. “Babe, are you gonna want this back or can I keep it?” Thor looked down at you, chuckled and shook his head. “You can keep it m’lady.”