Metropolis Fan Fiction ❯ A Difference ❯ From Bad To Worse ( Chapter 4 )

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Authors Note:
I was planning on waiting to write the next chapter, you know, to get some good ideas and a good plot for the rest of the story. But then I remembered how impatient I normally feel if a fan fiction writer doesn't do the next chapter. So, out of the kindness of my own heart, I decided to try and write the fourth chapter. I just now thought of the name of it and that helped me a lot with the idea of the chapter. Anyway if the chapter is bad forgive me, it's coming to me at the last minute but I'll try my best to make this chapter worth reading. Also if the characters are out of character it's because I'm experimenting. Enjoy!
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On the last chapter, Chapter 3: The Truth Revealed
He blushed but he hoped that his sunglasses blocked it. He wasn't used to acting or feeling like this. "Well…don't expect an apology every time I do something", he said firmly, trying to back up his kindness and make it seem like no big deal. "Umm…Rock?" Tima asked. "Yeah?" he answered. "Do you have anything to eat?” she said almost cheerfully, "I'm starving!"
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Chapter 4: From Bad To Worse
Now that Rock thought about it he was pretty hungry. He hadn't had a full course meal in days, but he wasn't about to say that he was hungry too. "I don't have any food, but I have a good idea where we can get some," he said as he walked over to her. Rock touched her arm to get her attention. "Can I trust you not to run away from me the first chance you get?” he asked. "Can I trust you not to shoot me?” she said smiling slightly.
It had been a month and Tima had tried to escape before, but now it was more like a game to them, it gave them something to do that kept the day exciting. He nodded firmly and then she said, "Then you can trust me not to run away. Do you have any money to buy food?" Rock smirked slightly after she said this "Of course not, about the only thing I got out of my job was killing robots, besides that I had my own room where my father lives." He said starting to walk away from her. "Hey wait for me Rock", Tima called, running slightly after him.
As they walked, questions started to flow into Timas head and she knew that Rock was the only one that could give her answers. She didn't know why she never asked before, maybe because out of all their conversations the question never popped up till now. "Rock?" Tima asked looking at him as they walked. "Hmm?" he mumbled. "If I was a robot…would you have killed me in the beginning?" she asked quietly, starting to wonder if it was wise to bring the subject up. He sighed, "I thought we were finished with that." he said, slight frustration in his voice. She went silent after he said this. "If I was myself I would've killed you in the beginning if you were human or not", he thought to himself.
He glanced over at Tima and noticed that she looked rather sad. "By the way you were acting when I first met you…I was surprised you didn't kill me when you had the chance… are you so cruel that you think you have the right to befriend me…then change your mind and kill me…?" she said, trying to hid the pain in her voice. The thought had just now hit her and when it did she realized that he was probably capable and was doing that to her. He stared at her, surprised by her sudden outburst. “Tima you should know me well by now, I wouldn't kill you now…because…you're…” he started, now thinking of the word. He knew the word, but he just couldn't remember what it was.
They both stopped and Tima, looking at the ground, her hair covering her eyes and her hands in fists at her sides. Timas words had hit him hard and he now realized that in the future he was probably going to be put in a situation were he'd have to make that decision if he wanted to or not. He knew that Tima had changed him so much after only being with him for a few weeks. He never put feelings or emotions into his thoughts before he did anything until she came along. He had learned how to numb those feelings after losing everything and everyone he could ever care or love about in the war, but now they were leaking out of the area where he had hid them in himself.
A small sniffle brought him back to reality and out of his thoughts. He looked at Tima sadly, noticing the tears rolling down her cheeks that he knew she was trying to hold back and she looked up at him, both sad and angry with him. "You were going to do that weren't you…? Weren't you…?" she asked, her voice shaky. He knew she was close to screaming at him. "Strange…I'm the one that triggers her sadness and anger when she does get upset.", he thought sadly. Suddenly Tima slapped him across his face, taking him off guard and knocking off his sunglasses. Then she ran away as fast as she could. "Tima! Wait! I told you that I wouldn't do that!", Rock shouted after her as she took off. He quickly grabbed his sunglasses off the ground and ran in the direction she took off in. By then she was gone.
Rock sighed, put his sunglasses on then pushed them up on his head, and rubbed his cheek a little bit. "Why am I the victim here?" he said aloud as he started searching for Tima.
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Snow began to fall as Duke Red's car came to a stop in front of the hospital. Kenichi liked to visit his uncle often, at the moment he was staying in an apartment that the Duke paid for, but everyday the Duke would take him to see his uncle because it was so far from the apartment complex. Sometimes Kenichi would stay there for hours at a time.
Kenichi got out of the car and he closed the door. Then he ran to the entrance of the hospital and the automatic doors flew open as he ran in. He was in the lobby.
The truth is that they had moved his uncle, they had called and told him, but they hadn't told him what his new room number was. He walked up to the check in desk where he found a teenage nurse, reading Teen Magazine, had on her headsets, and chewing bubble gum. "Umm…excuse me." Kenichi said. He looked at her nametag and it said Anne Morgan. "Excuse me Miss Morgan, but could you tell me where I can find Shunsaku Ban?” he asked.
After a few moments of silence Kenichi started to wonder if she had heard him. He was about to repeat his last question. Without looking up from her magazine she pointed to a computer. "Go look it up, I don't get very good pay as it is and I'm not going to play secretary when I need to catch up on my reading.” she said, putting some Pocky in her mouth.
Kenichi walked over to the computer. On the screen it said, "Welcome to The Metropolian Hospital! Please type in the name of the person you are looking for in the blank below. Thank you for using our computers!" Kenichi typed in his uncles name and a second later the screen showed his uncles room number and what hall he was down.
Shunsaku, Ban
Room number: 777 on hall: D7
It was a very big hospital so he printed a copy of the information so he wouldn't forget it.
There was a map of all the rooms, floors, and halls on the wall of the lobby. A look of confusion suddenly popped on Kenichi's face. "This place is so big…where am I supposed to find Uncle Shunsaku…?", he asked himself a little annoyed by all the maps. There were at least 15 floors that patients where on because there were 15 maps. He looked at each one carefully, looking for the hallway D7. By the time he found it he thought at least 10 to 15 minutes had based. Kenichis uncle was on floor 14. He was starting to get frustrated though because there weren't any elevators in the lobby. He walked out of the lobby and looked down a long white hallway. He ran to the end of it and noticed the elevators. "Finally", he said with a sigh of relief. Kenichi walked over to the elevators and pushed the up button.
There were hardly any people around because the hospital in Metropolis was pretty expensive to get into and most of the people that fought in the war for their revolution were dead. Any of the people that were in it and alive were very lucky.
The elevator door opened and Kenichi step inside. There were actually 20 floors.
"Maybe, the other floors are for x rays and stuff like that", Kenichi thought to himself.
He pushed the button that said 14. The elevator started to go up. In a few moments Kenichi was on the 14th floor and was looking for the D7 hall. It took him a full 5 minutes to run around and find it. He walked down the hall and found his uncles room. He opened the door and saw his uncle still sleeping in the bed with small tubes connected to his wrist. Kenichi walked over to a chair that was next to his bed and sat in it. As he began to relax he realized how tired he was. He closed his eyes and in minutes he was fast asleep.
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Tima was sitting in an alley and sighed. It had been at least an hour since she ran from Rock. "I just need some time to think", she thought to herself. Her stomach rumbled and she frowned a little. "Quiet tummy", she whispered and patted it gently. "Why did you do that", she said to herself. "Rock was about to get you some food and then you start to think about what might happen, don't do that anymore", she sighed after she said this. "I guess I should look for him…he'll probably threaten to kill me or something.", she said and laughed a little after she did. "If he does I won't be surprised.” she chuckled. Tima got up and went on her search for Rock.
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Rock had actually found Tima not to long after she settled down in the alley. He decided to let her find him, or was it because he was used to the game of cat and mouse? He smirked a little. "A small innocent joke should be ok, about the worse she can do is take my gun and "try" to shoot me", he thought to himself as he watched her silently. He couldn't help but chuckle as he watched her talk to herself. When she got up he was ready. He wasn't in the alley, just against the wall that was next to its entrance. Rock held up one of his hands and made it look like a gun. "Anyway", he thought, "this'll give me a good laugh at least." Tima started to walk towards the only way out of the alley, which was where he was. When she was at the perfect spot he jumped out put his finger inches from her face and said loudly "bang!"
The second Rock had jumped out Tima froze and screamed when he said "bang". The alley was dark so Tima didn't know that the guy was Rock. She screamed for several seconds and just as she was about to turn to run away, Rock grabbed her by her shoulders, laughing at how funny it all was. Tima was trying to get out of his grip.
When she started to hit his arms he said, "Tima! Tima calm down it's me!" She stopped immediately, he let go of her shoulders, and she stared at him in utter shock. Rock laughed at this because this whole thing was just so funny to him. "You idiot!” she said, after she over came the shock. "You scared the heck out of me!" she almost screamed it.
Rock was still laughing so hard his stomach was aching. "You're too much! This is just so funny!" he said between laughs.
Tima had an anime sweat drop going down the side of her face and had an annoyed look, one of her eyebrows slightly twitching. She said, almost calmly "If you don't stop that right now, I'm going to hurt you." This made him laugh even more and Tima just stared, and then started to laugh herself. Rock stopped laughing and just looked at her because she was still laughing. "What's so funny?" he asked. She caught her breath and said, trying not to laugh "It's just always look so serious...and then just a while ago you're dieing of that's just funny!" she finished and started laughing again.
This time he was the one with an anime sweat drop rolling down the side of his face and an annoyed look on his face, and one of her eyebrows slightly twitching. He said, almost calmly, but with a hint of annoyance in his voice "If you don't stop that right now, I'm going to eat all the food right in front of you and talk about how good it is." That shut her up. "Alright I know exactly where we can get food." Rock said as he began to walk. Tima was walking next to him.
Rock rubbed his arm where Tima had hit him, she could really hit hard when she wanted to. He stopped when Tima looked at him. "How can we get food anyway?" she asked curiously. "Do you remember that hotdog stand you ran by when you and that boy were running from me?" he asked her. She nodded, "A little bit" she said "but it's kinda hard to notice anything when you're on the run." "Well, you're going to do a little acting so I can grab the stand", he said and smirked a little."Me? Act?" she said in bewilderment. Rock nodded."If you want to eat then yeah, faint in front of the stand or something." He said as they walked up some stairs.
Before she knew it they were near the hot dog stand. Rock took off into a crowd of people and then Tima saw him behind the hot dog stand. Tima walked over to the fat man that owned the little hot dog stand. She cleared her throat and said as loud as she could "Ahhhhh!" she screamed and pointed at the guy that owned the stand, "he touched my breast!" Rock managed to hold back his laughter and just grin. He could laugh about it all he wanted after they were through."How the heck did she think of that?" he asked himself.
Right after Tima had said that men came out of nowhere and grabbed the fat man. "Wait a second! I don't know what she's talking about!" the fat man shouted as they dragged him away. The hot dog stand was the kind that could be pushed around like a grocery basket. Tima went next to Rock laughing her butt off and then Rock started laughing too as they took off with the stand as fast as they could back to the lab. When they finally got there, out of breath and grinning at each other, they started to laugh again. "How the heck did you think of that?" he asked between laughs. "I don't know it just came to me", she answered, still laughing. After a few minutes they stopped laughing and caught their breath. They both stared at the hot dog stand in awe.
"It took awhile but we finally get to eat", Rock said opening the container the hotdogs where in. Both of them stuffed themselves with hot dogs and by the time they were done eating it was dark. They were both very tired after the long day. Tima yawned and laid down, curled up a little. "Goodnight Rock…" she murmured as sleep took over her. Rock laid down about 3 feet away from her "Goodnight Tima…" he whispered quietly. "Being around her should never get boring…" these were his last thoughts before he let sleep take it's course.
To Be Continued…