Metropolis Fan Fiction ❯ A Difference ❯ Orders ( Chapter 6 )

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Authors Note:
Sorry guys, school's been murder and starting high school…well…it is fun but tiring, not a very good excuse I know. The last chapter just came to me so it helped me get a lot of good ideas. I'm hoping to make a lot of chapters for this story, cause it's a pain when stories end at like…5 chapters. And I'm sorry Kenichi fans! Enjoy!
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On the last chapter, Chapter 5: Brain Wash
Kenichi's eyes opened, but by one look at them you could tell he wasn't the real Kenichi anymore, just a mindless puppet. "Kenichi" Duke Red said, "What are your orders?"
Kenichi answered, "To find and kill Rock and to return Tima directly to the Zegerate"
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Chapter 6: Orders
Tima's eyes opened slowly, adjusting to her surroundings. She sat up slowly, wiping at the sleepy sand in the corner of her eyes. Tima crawled over to the hot dog stand that her and Rock had stolen the night before, and got on her knees, reaching for a hot dog. She grabbed the first one her hand came across and took a bite out of it, chewing it slowly and enjoying the taste of it. Tima than sat Indian-style and continued to slowly eat her hot dog.
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Rock had actually woke up about ten minutes before Tima did, but just decided to lay there with his eyes closed because he wasn't ready to get up for the day at that moment.
He relied on the darkness he saw behind his eyelids, remembering his childhood before Duke Red had taken him in. He had only met Tima a month before, but she was the only friend he had, and he knew he would have to tell her the truth about him if he wanted their friendship to last.Rock felt a little bad because Tima knew nothing about him, but was happy to know that so far in their friendship she trusted him.
"A friend?" Rock thought to himself, "I promised myself that I wouldn't make another friend…that if what accord in the past happened again, I'd never be able to forgive myself…" That was the reason he had become the monster that everyone thought he was, the reason he threw away his feelings and became emotionless, so that he wouldn't have to worry about failing to take care of another loved one again.
Rock heard Tima stir in her sleep, heard her sit up, knowing that she was awake. "I can't, I won't tell her about my awful past now…not now, I need to wait and tell her not now, but soon." "I don't want her to know about my pain…don't want her to feel the pain I went through by hearing that dreadful story of my life…but I have to tell her soon, if I want to or not…" Rock opened an eye, watching her crawl over to the hot dog stand and get on her knees to reach for a hot dog. He guessed that she wasn't ready to get up either, but what she was doing basically meant that she knew she'd have to get up sooner or later. He sat up and just watched her as she sat Indian-style and began eating her hot dog.
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Tima thought she heard Rock move as she ate her morning meal. She looked from her meal to depths of Rocks navy blue eyes and smiled a bit. "Good Morning Rock", she said, reaching up and grabbing a hot dog from the stand and tossing it at him. He caught it and bit into it with ease.
She was glad that she had got a bad first impression on him when she first saw him; after all he was trying to kill her as she and Kenichi were running from him in Zone 3. "This is the real Rock, a boy with the eyes of someone that had been through death, that had seen the worst of the worst and survived it." "When I look into those eyes...I can see that he has a deep dark secret that he probably hasn't told anyone about." The story behind those eyes was the reason that Rock had begun killing robots in the first place. "If he hadn't of found out I was human…he would have killed me from the beginning, maybe it was robots that caused this secret to happen to Rock", Tima thought sadly. They continued to think to themselves as they ate their breakfast, Rock thinking of his past and Tima thinking and somehow knowing that Rocks childhood was probably an awful one.
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Kenichi was now the leader of the Mare Dukes in place of Rock, since Kenichi's conscious had been erased; he was now a living, emotionless, killing machine. His orders from the top had been to kill Rock and to take Tima to the Zegerate. Kenichi knew that they were somewhere in Zone 1, because that was the only place that they could really hide. Kenichi had on a new change of clothes, the Mare Dukes symbol on his right arm, they Mare Duke uniform, and to finish it off he was wearing sunglasses that looked a lot like Rock's, except they were a little smaller. He had a gun holster around his waist, with a gun tucked safely in the holder of it. Kenichi's conscious might be gone, but his mind still remembered everything of his life. He remembered the burning of Doctor Loughton's laboratory, how it had left it to nothing put a pile of ruble. That would be the perfect spot to hide if you where on the run, so he began to walk in the direction, seeing the ruined lab in the distance.
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Tima had finished her hot dog and Rock finished not too long after her.They both got up and stretched, waking up every nerve in their bodies.
Rock suddenly froze and stared in the direction of what he thought to be the sounds of footsteps. "Rock, what is…?" Tima began. Rock put a finger up in her direction to silence her. After a few seconds Tima began to hear the footsteps too. Rock grabbed her hand and ran behind a huge pipe that was big enough to hide the two of them. The footsteps could be heard more and more clearly as they waited, and it then stopped about fifteen feet away from the pipe that Tima and Rock were behind.
Tima took a small peak at the mysterious person that had caused them to flee behind their hiding spot. It was Kenichi, when Tima saw this she was filled with joy and ran from behind the pipe. Rock tried to grab her, and managed to grab her wrist but he was also pulled out from behind the pipe in the process. "Kenichi!" Tima shouted cheerfully before Rock pulled her back by pulling on her wrist. Tima was about to protest, but Rock spoke before she could. "He's not Kenichi anymore Tima." Rock said as he glared at the slightly smirking Kenichi who was now taking off his sunglasses and putting them in his pocket.
Tima had moved towards Kenichi a few feet before she started to believe Rock, Kenichi wasn't like this, she had never, ever seen that look on Kenichi's face before. Kenichi took his gun out of its holster and aimed it carefully in their direction, aimed right at Rock's chest. Tima saw this and her eyes widened. "Kenichi…what happened to you…?", she whispered, but it was loud enough for him to hear. Kenichi looked over at Tima, he's finger on the trigger of the gun and it still aimed at Rocks chest, Rock not moving because he was worried Kenichi might shoot at Tima if he did move. ”Kenichis dead, and what's happened to me is not what you should be worried about Tima, what you should be worried about is what's going to happen to you after I kill Rock and take you back to Duke Red." Kenichi said as he pulls the trigger and Tima's scream is heard.
To Be Continued…