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Episode 04: Every Reason To Keep On Fighting
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
“Make sure the thing need to be changed is this world, not ourself…” that sentence somehow keeps on lingering inside Ave's mind as the young Exia's Gundam Meister took a deep breath while piloting his mobile suit Gundam Exia that now fully equipped with its Seven Swords. “Dad, I make sure to think carefully about your words and I finally find out…in order to change this world, one must change himself first…because of that, I made a decision back then to become Exia's Gundam Meister…discarding my old appearance and becoming Innovator…before return to establish endless frontier after previously involved in many wars, struggles and adventures…” the young fanfic author sighed as he muttered inside his heart. In the meantime, Ave glanced over the status over his request toward Uni Emirates of ORB to provide Kagami Hiiragi, her youngest sister and her best friend with variable mobile suits, in this case MVF-M11C Murasame units. The young Exia's Gundam Meister smiled when he noticed that his request already being approved.
“When I returned to my old home…Dad and Mom really surprised with my new appearance, moreover we have another argument over my plan that I would like to implement right after we defeat Entity of Darkness…Dad and Mom in particular really disagree with this endless frontier plan and worried about me for being naïve and used by my so called newfound friends from other countless universes I was visited before I finally return to my old homeworld…” Ave remembered about what happened around one and half month ago, when he along with other Alpha Numbers just returned from victorious battle against Entity of Darkness. “I remember how Dad, Mom as well as Big Bro and Young Bro really against the idea of establishing endless frontier in this world at first…saying that I'm delusional and being used or taken advantage by those people from different worlds…even after the defeat of Entity of Darkness itself…so, I decided to do it regardless by opening every possible Crossgate Paradigms toward my homeworld…” Ave remembered what happened as he reached Artic region where a dormant Crossgate located there.
“Ten days war…it was a war against local authorities led by corrupted UN government under United States and their allies…fortunately, I together with Alpha Numbers successfully convince Japan, South Korea, and China to remain neutral during the whole conflict…but, at the end…this conflict come to our favour after United States together with their UN coalition decided to use nuclear weapons against us…which obviously failed miserably, thanks to Neutron Stampede…” Ave chuckled as he remembered what happened before using his Gundam Exia to reprogram the dormant Crossgate Paradigm in front of him. “Unconditional surrender, and then the next day…the formation of Neo Arcadia Confederation was formed, where I decide to leave the election of my homeworld's representative to this Mirror Moon's Earth's inhabitants…although at the end, nobody being elected…” Ave sighed again as he remembered the day representatives from another realm need to represent his homeworld for the time being until Mirror Moon's Earth could come to conclusion on electing their own local representative.
“Well, only one and half month ago…finally Dad, Mom and all my siblings accepted this change, together with people that decide to have enough with injustice and oppression done by so called superpower holders back then…as majority accepted the change brought by joining Neo Arcadia Confederation, which I believe as the first step of future dialogue referred by Tieria or Veda…” Ave stared at the dormant Crossgate that begin to activate itself after the young wishful fanfic author using his Exia to boot-up the system within the Crossgate itself. “In the meantime, many dictators disguised as superpower world polices with their lackeys now becoming government of exiles…hide within the shadow and using terrorism activities to shake the stability of Neo Arcadia Confederation, while I hate to admit it…but I finally show the world about terrorism begin from those countries or organizations, people in my homeworld before seek protection from…” Ave remain silent as his mind drifted back on many riots happened back then after the existence of some shadow organizations resurface as the source of all tragedies happened in mankind's histories until nowadays.
“Philosopher…now, they obtain technology to use mobile suits and although their numbers decreased significantly ever since half month ago…the fact the still could mount terrorist attack during South Atalia's commemorate ceremony is something to be taken care of quickly…although it might sounds cruel, it would be better to uproot them as soon as possible than just defend ourselves while giving them chances to become stronger and stronger…” as Ave finished with his thought, he remembered the reason why he took a position of special investigator in the same manner to Mid-Childa's legendary special investigator Fate T Harlaown. To begin with, the young fanfic author never interested to rule or even becoming representative of his own homeworld, since he rather becoming someone that could protect the stability of this brave new world with all of his ability. For that reason, he was here at the moment as his investigation led him to the dormant Crossgate located in the Artic region of his homeworld. It might not be something that could be solved easily, as there are quite a lot of conservative people that still openly against his idea on establishing this new endless frontier as well as Neo Arcadia Confederation. But Ave still believed on what he already done as well as what he is doing at the moment would be the correct path to advance to another future dialogue as well.
“Report I received from major Guilliam yesterday told me about suspicious group of people with mobile suits crossed this Crossgate before the Crossgate itself become dormant afterward…although travelling using Crossgate should be common things to do, the fact those people piloting AEU-05G Hellion units customized for La Erde really a huge concern for me…” Ave muttered inside his heart while waiting inside his Exia's cockpit until the Crossgate to become completely activated and stable. The young fanfic writer remembered his past life bit by bit, as well as his adventures in many different worlds, realms and universes. It was certainly unforgettable memories for him, although for inhabitants of his homeworld, including his parents, it would only seems about six months passed ever since the young fanfic author made his decision to became Exia's Gundam Meister, for Ave himself, he already experienced countless different timelines together with Gundam Exia. Because of that reason as well, the young Exia's Gundam Meister made his decision back then to keep on protecting the stability of this endless frontier regardless, like what he already done until this moment.
“I wonder, what kind of world lies behind this Crossgate? Since, nobody walk pass this dormant Crossgate until recently used by those terrorists to secure their escape…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he noticed the portal in front of him and his Exia already fully activated. Right before Exia stepped in to the active Crossgate, Ave glanced over the screen of his mobile suit Gundam Exia's onboard computer as he noticed another new mail just arrived there. “This e-mail…” Ave's sentence was trailed off as he noticed the e-mail that just arrived came from his parents, eldest brother and youngest brother combined together as an attachment within a single e-mail. “I believe the news about the incident happened in South Atalia already arrived on their ears, if not because of that…they won't sent me an e-mail for all sudden…” Ave muttered as he decided to read the e-mail before stepping into the Crossgate in front of him.
In the meantime, back at Karafuto Base…
“Isara…I heard the unit we put a request at Celestial Being's Ptolemaios 2 finally arrive today?” Welkin asked as Isara turned her head toward her eldest brother before smiled back and replied. “Eeer…Niisan, it's actually already arrived here…” Isara replied back as Welkin stared in front of him only to realize his youngest sister already starting to work on reassemble the said unit known as MSJ-06YIII-B Tieren Kyitwo. “Ah, I see…I see…” Welkin paused his sentence as he stared at the reconstruction of Tieren Kyitwo that still far from being finished before he continuing his sentence. “This unit surely bring back a lot of memories…” Welkin muttered as Isara just smiled and nodded in agreement toward her eldest brother. “No matter how advance Edelweiss is…she could never fight in the vacuum space, and back then we are quite lucky Niisan, as Celestial Being involvement with Alpha Numbers manage to provide us with this unit so we can still keep continue on fighting alongside Alpha Numbers as well as Ave-san…” Isara replied back meanwhile Welkin just nodded in agreement.
“Tieren Kyitwo's cockpit system is similar to Edelweiss as both of us quite quick on adapting from ground combat into space combat fortunately…ne Isara…” Welkin muttered again as Isara just smiled back toward her eldest brother while nods in agreement. “Welkin, have you handed the report to first lieutenant Kyosuke? He asking about the report regarding routine patrol and training program for reinforcement Children from NERV…” Alicia Melchiott that just arrived sighed before informing her squad leader that also happen to be her love interest as well. “Report? Which report Alicia?” Welkin asked back with his clueless and innocent facial expression as usual. “Mou! Welkin! What should I do if you forget about that report! I already told first lieutenant Kyosuke that you have the report ready for him!” Alicia replied back as she pouted and half-shouting toward her love interest Welkin Gunther.
“Niisan, I believe you already finished the report yesterday night…and also, I wonder why you seem a bit not your usual self today…” Isara muttered as she stopped her work before staring at her eldest brother with serious concern on her face. “Eh, really? You two maybe just worrying about me too much…there is nothing wrong with me, and again I still can remember another research I need to do to certain animal in this Earth for another curriculum record I plan to teach in Dengeki Gakuen within incoming week…” Welkin replied back with a lot enthusiasm meanwhile Isara just remain silent and Alicia sighed in despair. “I…should know this kind of thing isn't new…and also, I should preparing myself…for this to be happening…it just, too much sometimes for me to bear…” Alicia started to put her right hand on her forehead as she somehow feel dizzy. “A…Alicia-san…please, be strong…” Isara whispered as she glanced at her eldest brother before sighed as well.
“Ano…did I do something wrong?” Welkin asked innocently; as again both Alicia and Isara only could sigh without even say anything. “Niisan sometimes…I mean most of the time is always like this, so…please understand him more, Alicia-san…” Isara muttered as she smiled toward Alicia, meanwhile the elite scout girl from Bruhl just pouted and glared toward Welkin. “Yahoo! Hey! Everyone, what happen?” it was a cheerful voice from second lieutenant Excellen Browning that could be heard as the second in command of ATX Team entered the main hangar area of Karafuto Base. “Ah, how do you do Excellen shoi-san…” Isara was the first one that greeted Excellen Browning as the young Darcsen girl bowed her head slightly. “Mou, no need to be so formal Isara-chan…I heard Welkin-kun and Alicia-chan arguing about something…so Excellen-Oneechan a bit worried about it, moreover if that problem happen to be a love problem…” Excellen answered back with her usual naughty voice tone, as Isara just remain silent although she blushed slightly when hearing how second lieutenant Excellen tried to tease both her eldest brother and Alicia Melchiott. “Of course it isn't something like that Excellen-shoi, and thank you very much for your concern!” Alicia replied back sarcastically toward Excellen that just grinned at her.
“Awww…don't be so shy Alicia-chan, if you keep becoming tsundere like that…Oneechan will surely take the cute Welkin-kun with me…tee hee…” Excellen replied again as she teased Alicia that started to get fumed. “Excellen-shoi! I don't think it was appropriate to say something like that, especially toward subordinate from Randgriz Militia of Gallia Liberation Force that not really part of ATX Team to begin with…” Alicia replied with a slightly angry voice tone can be heard from her voice. “Mou, what happen to this Excellen-shoi, she isn't different from captain Faldio back then! Welkin, you should say something!” Alicia complained inside her heart as she glanced toward Welkin Gunther that can be seen really interested toward something that Excellen carried with her when she arrived. “He is really hopeless…it's my fault to begin with to put too much hope into him…” Alicia sighed as she complained again inside her heart.
“Alicia! Isara! Come here for a second! You must see what Excellen-shoi just brought here…this really bring back memories!” Welkin shouted as Isara was the first one walked toward Welkin and Excellen meanwhile Alicia reluctantly following the Darcsen girl. “Alicia-san…this is…” Isara's sentence was trailed off as Alicia took a peek over the object brought by second lieutenant Excellen Browning. “Dandelions?” Alicia asked as she muttered when she stared at Excellen's hands. “Yes, these are Dandelions…what do you think? Pretty nice and cute aren't they? I remembered the hill over Bruhl once full with Dandelions when spring come…” Excellen muttered, as Welkin and Isara remain silent meanwhile Alicia's expression was a bit saddened. Excellen quickly realized that she might already bring back uninvited bad memories. “A…Alicia-chan, gomen ne…Excellen-Oneechan didn't mean to remind you with that…” Excellen apologized.
“Uhm, that's alright Excellen-shoi…moreover at the end, everything ended up happily for everybody…and indeed these Dandelions bring back memories, not all of them bad however, ne Welkin?” Alicia replied back as she smiled toward Welkin and Isara. “I remember on that day also the same day you mistook Niisan as a spy from Eastern Europan Empire…” Isara made her remark calmly as she smiled toward Alicia who blushed and tried to defend herself. “It can't be helped! He was walking around with notes in his hands, everybody from town watch will think of him as spy no matter what! It's also your fault as well Welkin!” Alicia replied back as she stared at her love-interest as well. “Eh? Is it my fault isn't it?” Welkin asked again innocently. “Mou, such an interesting story you three have there…is it also the same day you three met Ave-chan and his Exia? Why don't you three tell Excellen-Oneechan the whole story?” Excellen suddenly interrupted as she asking a question.
“Uhm, alright then…if Excellen shoi-san want to hear about the entire story, shall we let her know as well, Alicia-san?” Isara asked, as Alicia nods in agreement. And thus, the two young militia girls there begin to recount their experienced that brought them together with Isara's eldest brother Welkin as well as the enigmatic Gundam Exia's Gundam Meister known as Ave. As Excellen Browning really interested to listen to the story itself first hand, both Alicia and Isara begin their stories.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Crossgate Paradigms where Ave and his Gundam Exia entered before…
“Snow…I never expected, the other side of the Crossgate also covered by the white snow as well…” Ave muttered inside his heart as his mind remembered an e-mail he just received from his parents. “They're worried about my situation…the same on how Isara and the others worried about me as well…now just reminding me about I haven't reply the latest e-mail I received from Isara…as well as e-mail from my parents…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he sighed. “Well, I reply those e-mail later when I return from this side…I believe it won't take me too long…” Ave muttered again inside his heart as in the same time he activates Gundam Exia's optical camouflage. “Now a bit of walk on my part and I summon thee when I need thee power…” Ave muttered as he smiled while climbing down from Gundam Exia's cockpit.
“According to the data I obtained in my hand, it won't be too far from here…there should be a city called Ayanagi and I should be able to find information from there…” Ave muttered again inside his heart as he walked down across the snowy hill toward Ayanagi City. In the same time, within Ayanagi City, to be exact inside a private high school area known as Nagi no Mori high school, five high school students can be seen just came out from physical education indoor sport field as three of them are boys and two of them are girls. Although one of the boy, the youngest in the group have a very feminine gentle face that would be mistaken as girl if someone didn't look at him carefully and notice the fact he is a boy.
“Say Shin, so what you will be doing after this? I hope you didn't have any other activities since already have a plan to celebrate you and Jun's welcome party here…” Megumi, one of the girl with dark orange coloured hair reminded the Kanzato siblings, Shin the older brother and Jun the feminine youngest brother about the welcome party they already planning to have since a week ago. “Of course we are free, and also thanks a lot Kayano…for making an arrangement for us…” Shin replied back as he smiled toward Megumi. “Of course it's not for you only Kanzato-kun…but for Jun-kun as well…” the second girl with dark blue hair known by name as Kanaru Morimoto added as she smiled gently toward both Shin and Jun. “I understand and thank you very much for that Morimoto-san…” Jun replied politely as he bowed his head slightly. “Eeer! We better stop on talking about this thing and start to get going before dark! After dark, there will be many people doing that…so, it won't be exactly safe!” TakurÅ Sakakiba, the last guy with afro hair made a comment as everyone else remain silent especially Kanaru that breathed quite heavily for all the sudden. “TakurÅ! Did you always need to remind us about that shadow extraction thing!” Megumi scolded at TakurÅ as the said guy just made a Buddha apologize gesture quickly.
“Shadow extraction?” Shin asked. “Kanzato-kun still new here…we don't know how it work, but I personally find shadow extraction really addictive…” Kanaru replied as she smiled meanwhile Megumi quickly glared over Kanaru's comment. “Uhm, I'm sorry…Megumi…” Kanaru apologized as she looks like almost bursting in tears. “Now…now…Morimoto, hey Megumi! You make Morimoto cry again!” TakurÅ sighed as Megumi glared quickly toward her afro friend that standing nearby her. “Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't blame me for that! I'm just stating the truth here!” TakurÅ replied back as he tried to defend himself. “Anyway, Kanaru! You mustn't get involved with shadow extraction no matter what! I know how you really find it interesting, but after what happened before, I just can't let you on doing that!” Megumi continuing her warning as Kanaru Morimoto just reluctantly nodded.
“Shadow extraction…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he read on the headline of the newspaper. “Most of the victims are either found dead due reverse process or developing apathy syndrome…” the continuation headline of the newspaper made the young Exia's Gundam Meister think more about the headline he just read carefully. “I remembered, apathy syndrome was caused by the incident happened in the past…and the one I know briefly came from Persona 3 FES…but, this place Ayanagi isn't something that related to Gekoukan High School, Dark Hour as well as Tartarus…but maybe I could find a link that connect this city with those mysteries that should be only existed in Persona 3 FES' universe…” the young fanfic author muttered inside his heart as he remembered that he never get involved with anything related to post apocalyptic world depicted in MegaTen universes and it's spin-off since there was no Crossgate Paradigms in the past that would allow him to reach those said worlds or universes.
“But on the other hand, I might also didn't really know a lot of things to begin with…the fact I have been in many different worlds doesn't mean I already seen all of them, as well as according Mid-Childa's Time and Space Administration Bureau…only around thirty five different universes so far formally joined this Neo Arcadia Confederation…” Ave thinking again inside his heart as he took a deep breath before left the newspaper vendor to find out more about Ayanagi City as well as searching about those suspicious mobile suits that made their escape to this dimension. “I might later suggested to major Guilliam and Mid-Childa's officials to formally contact this world and invite it to join Neo Arcadia Confederation as well…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he stopped nearby the crossroad where he noticed a group of five high schoolers walking together, crossing the road toward his direction.
“So, your power…I mean Persona never really listening to your command, eh TakurÅ?” Megumi asked as TakurÅ just scratched his head before replying back. “I wonder how you guys could control it easily, since it's really hard for me to do so…” as the afro high schooler commented, Megumi just sighed. “I'm not sure…somehow, it just went like that and it's easy in my case somehow…” Shin replied back. “Man! That's not really helping if you know what I mean…” TakurÅ replied back again. “Ano, why those things are called Persona?” Kanaru asked as she timidly stared toward all of her friends. “Now, that you mention it…I wonder as well…Kayano, do you know anything about it, that might help on answering Morimoto's question?” Shin replied as he asked the question toward Megumi as well.
“Eh? How I suppose to know about that Shin! How about you TakurÅ?” Megumi asked as her afro friend quickly replied back. “Not at all! Kayano, you suppose to know the answer will be no anyway…” TakurÅ replied back. “I think I might know why…Shin-niichan, if I'm allowed to try to answer…” Jun Kanzato suddenly replied as everyone else stared at the young feminine boy in the group. “Persona…I wonder what the true meaning of the name implies…but, I believe one of the meaning of Persona is like personality, so…it would be symbolising our personality…some people might call it as a mask, or a façade of our personality and shield to our weaknesses…so, when people feel weak, they will have a sense of longing over power that would make differences…in this case, the power people will obtain is Persona…” Jun finished his explanation as everyone there, including his eldest brother could only see him and remain speechless after listening to his explanation.
“Persona…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he overheard those high schoolers conversation. The young wishful fanfic author however didn't have time to get indulged into his mind any longer, as a sudden explosion rocked not far from where he and those high schoolers located. “What was that?” Megumi asked as her face paled. “I…I don't know! Do you think it those group involved on that explosion?” Shin asked. “Hey! What are you two doing? It's dangerous here, so we better find a safer place!” TakurÅ retorted. “I know that, it just…” Shin tried to argued back, but his sentence was trailed off when Kanaru pointing out to the sky above the explosion and six humanoid giant robots flying over the sea of flame nearby the destroyed building while begin their rampage. “Is that…Persona?” Kanaru asked. “No, it isn't…those six are steel giants from different realm and their existence would disturb the balance of this world…” Jun replied back as Kanaru, Shin, Megumi, and TakurÅ just stared at him.
“What should we do then? We can't just let them destroy our world!” Megumi complained as everyone else just remain silent. It was when a mysterious blue humanoid similar to mobile suit in size but slightly sleeker flying toward those six mobile suits. “That mysterious blue Persona!” Megumi was quickly pointing out her finger. In the meantime, both Shin and Jun just remain silent meanwhile the former muttered. “Ryo-niisan…” Shin gritted his teeth as he quickly run toward the direction of the explosion and burned down skyscrapers. “Hey, Shin! Shin! What the hell are you doing! Hey!” TakurÅ yelled, but Shin doesn't seem to hear or heed TakurÅ's warning. “Don't tell me…Kanzato-kun trying to fight by himself…” Kanaru's voice trembled as she fell to the ground. “Kanaru?” Megumi asked. “Damn! That idiot! We seems don't have much choice here, we need to help him!” TakurÅ instructed as Jun and Megumi nod in agreement.
“Kanaru…you can stand still right? Be strong!” Megumi helped her best friend to return to her feet meanwhile Kanaru nods weakly. “Still what the hell those steel giants are!” TakurÅ complained as he glared toward those six Hellion units that begin their assault against the mysterious blue Persona. “They're mobile suits…” Ave muttered as he open his mouth, drawing attention from TakurÅ, Jun, Megumi and Kanaru. “Who are you? Are you part of the group creating chaos over there?” Megumi demanded. “I'm special investigator…” Ave replied back as he shown the group of high schoolers his license badge with TSAB Long Arc and Celestial Being emblems embedded on it. “These kind of emblems, I never seen them before…are you part of the police forces?” TakurÅ asked. “No and I'm here to pursuit those mobile suits…it seems, I no need to wait for any longer…by the way, my name is Ave and may I know your names?” Ave asked. “Megumi…Kayano Megumi…” Megumi introduced her name. “Jun Kanzato…nice to meet you…” Jun introducing his name as well as he smiled politely toward Ave. “I'm TakurÅ Sakakiba…” the afro high schooler muttered. “I…I'm…my name is…Morimoto Kanaru…” Kanaru timidly introducing her name as well as the young fanfic author just nod after he begin to familiarize himself with those high schoolers' names.
“By the way, I overheard all of you talked about certain power called Persona before…could you guys lend me your strength in order to close this case as quickly as possible? I myself possessing mobile suit as well and we could work together to protect this city!” Ave spoken, as those four high schoolers in front of him remain silent for a while before Jun took initiative to reply back. “We try our best…Ave-san, you too please protect this city as well…” Jun Kanzato replied back as the young wishful fanfic author just nodded quickly in agreement. As TakurÅ, Jun, Megumi, and Kanaru run to help Shin on the fight against those six Hellion units, Ave quickly summoned his Gundam Exia as the mobile suit itself discarded it's optical camouflage before flying toward it's Gundam Meister. “Those six Hellions that major Guilliam mentioned before now is right in front of my eyes, the case happening in this realm should be closed easily…but why somehow I feel there was something else happened beforehand already being plotted and by defeating those six Hellions only will lead me and the others into bigger problem…” Ave muttered inside his heart as somehow he feels uneasiness when he finally aboard his Gundam Exia.
Meanwhile, somewhere in Saitama Japan, back to Mirror Moon's Earth…
“That special investigator Ave surely sent us something nice…na Kagamin…” Konata muttered as she standing right in front of three variable mobile suits Murasame that just arrived and now stationed on the courtyard of their best friend Miyuki's mansion. “I didn't ask for this actually…I hope what happened in South Atalia would be my first and last time on piloting giant robot…” Kagami muttered back as she seems quite unhappy about it. “But Oneechan back then was really cool…she took out five Hellions just by herself…” Tsukasa Hiiragi remarked meanwhile Konata just grinned. “Oh…perhaps, those skill from playing shooting game finally really paid off…” Konata replied sheepishly as she grinned toward Kagami, meanwhile the older Hiiragi twins just sighed before replying back.
“It's not something fancy like that Konata…piloting that mobile suit is scary, different from Burning PT arcade game we played before…” Kagami replied back as her expression saddened slightly. “Gomen, I talked too much as usual…” Konata apologized. “Uhm…it's alright Konata, anyway…since these three Murasame already here…I don't think, we especially myself could run anymore from not wanting to pilot mobile suit anymore…” Kagami replied back as she smiled toward Konata before glanced toward her youngest twin sister Tsukasa as well. “So, that will decide everything then…how if we start on forming a group piloting these Murasame by three of us only…like those Astray Angels or something like that?” Konata asked in enthusiasm. “Ano ne…Konata, this is not video game or something like that…when you pilot a mobile suit there will be no extra lives or health bar…if you get defeated then you will be killed…” Kagami sighed as she replied back toward Konata.
“Oneechan, so there is no rapid fire button as well?” Tsukasa suddenly asked. “Eh?” Kagami stared at Tsukasa as she slightly surprised by her youngest twin sister's question. “Wooow, nice job Tsukasa!” Konata praised as she gave the youngest Hiiragi twins a thumb-up with her right hand's thumb. “Rapid fire button? The controller isn't like turbo button from Famicom's controller!” Kagami replied back as she deep down inside her heart feel quite irritated over Konata that somehow manage to steer the mood even influencing Tsukasa as well. “I see…I see Kagamin…it's a normal button you need to press in order to make the mobile suit shoot their attacks…that's why, you should remind me to bring thirty centimetres plastic ruler with me when I pilot that unit three…” Konata replied jokingly as she pointing out toward the third Murasame unit with number three insignia embedded on its' right shoulder.
“KONATA!” Kagami glared toward her best friend meanwhile Konata just pretending to be scared. “Ugu…” the blue haired short girl replied back. “But, why Kona-chan choose the third one?” Tsukasa asked. “Well, the Murasame with number one on it's right shoulder should be for the group leader…and the chief brigade would be Kagamin, undisputed tyrant!” Konata replied back. “What do you mean by that!” Kagami complained back. “C'mon, it just a nickname showing how influential and undisputed you are Kagamin…the second one is Tsukasa's due the fact, she's the chief's youngest twin sister…so, if the chief need a shadow warrior…she could use the second unit as shield…” Konata added her explanation again. “I'M NOT THAT CRUEL!” Kagami shouted as she glared toward Konata that just laughed. “And then…since the third one doesn't have any pilot…I will be the one that piloting it…” Konata finished her explanation. “And then…what is the meaning behind the third number?” Kagami asked. “Nothing…there is no meaning at all…” Konata replied innocently.
Meanwhile on certain high school located in Mirror Moon's Earth as well, known as Yagami High School…
“Neesan…we better hurry, if we don't want to be late…” Yakumo Tsukamoto muttered as she finished preparing bento boxes for herself and her eldest sister, Tenma Tsukamoto that just running down through the hallway of their house. “Yakumo! I told you to wake me up! Ugh!” Tenma complained as she displaying “almost crying” facial expression on her face. “I'm sorry Neesan…since you told me before not to disturb your nap, and we still actually have a bit of time before the meeting started…” Yakumo replied back with her elegant voice as usual. “But still…” Tenma pouted. “Anyway Neesan, I already packed our bento and as usual Neesan's favourite curry rice and banana daifuku is there as well…” Yakumo replied back as she smiled toward her beloved eldest sister meanwhile Tenma's expression changed from sad into happiness in instant.
“Before Eri-sempai also called on the phone as she told us about something important she would like to discuss during the meeting…and Harima-san also be there as well…” Yakumo spoken. “Is Karasuma-kun will be there as well?” Tenma asked. “Eeer…I don't know about that too much Neesan…but, Suo-sempai and Takano-sempai will be there as well as this meeting will discuss about what will happen in the future after all…” as Yakumo finished her sentence, she took those wrapped bento with her as she smiled toward her eldest sister. “Shall we go then Neesan?” Yakumo asked. “Uhm! Of course! Although, I feel really bad when I heard Karasuma-kun won't be there…but if Yakumo is with me, I will be fine!” Tenma replied back as she smiled toward her youngest sister before both of them left their house to the meeting place designated by their best friend, Sawachika Eri.
Meanwhile, somewhere unknown…
“Everything still moving according to the plan we predicted before…and both Freymont Industry as well as La Erde of the Philosopher proven to be a useful tools for our plan as well…” a mysterious figure muttered as someone just smiled when he heard about that comment. “I believe all the plan you and I have could be the one that would be proven useful and accurate on reformatting this faulty endless frontier and left us as the sole heirs of these countless universes as well…I believe that's the destiny of those who surpass Innovator already…” the other mysterious figure replied back as he smiled toward the first mysterious figure. “You no need to worry, everything will work according to our plan…moreover, what will you be doing for that person? Do you think he still be useful for us?” the first mysterious figure asked.
“Oh, you mean him…don't you worry about him, since he already surpassed life and death twice since his third resurrection…I would like to let him handle the thing later on as well…” the second mysterious figure replied back as he smiled toward the first mysterious figure. “And also, I don't think it would be necessary for you to have access toward Veda anymore…” the first mysterious figure muttered. “There is no need, I will destroy it…as there is no use for that super computer that at the end only merely an AI without any freedom to choose…” the second mysterious figure replied back. “It's settled then…I shall observe everything little bit more, and I hope you won't disappoint me…Reborns Almark…” the first mysterious person muttered back as his figure disappeared behind the shadow afterward.
“Don't worry about that…for the cause of universes with eternal conflict, I won't disappoint you…Vindel Mauser of Shadow Mirror…” Reborns Almark replied back as he disappeared behind the shadow as well.
To Be Continued…
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It was a small promise made by him and his friends back then over the hill filled with blooming Dandelions. As, the grim situation approaching Mirror Moon's Earth and other universes as well, his friends still remembered about the small promise to return to the place everyone called home, when their fight already done and peace finally arrive. It was a small promise that renew everyone determination to fight for those they hold dearly, as well as for the ideal they believe in. Next Episode on End of The Eternity F.F.G's Episode 05: Promise of Dandelion's Prayer…
“We didn't struggle just to hold on our lives, since a new life was created as well…” by: Alicia Melchiott