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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Episode 05: Promise of Dandelion's Prayer
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
GN-001 Gundam Exia in metallic grey rollout colour scheme, armed with Proto GN Sword charged toward the incoming two GN-XII units. Although Proto GN Sword wasn't actually the proper main armament designated for Gundam Exia back then, it was the main armament this Gundam Exia posses when a young wishful fanfic writer known as Ave by fate encountered this Exia and made a fateful decision to become this Exia's Gundam Meister as well as after that transformed or reverted into his perfected younger physical appearance known as Innovator. At this moment, the said Exia's Gundam Meister in the middle assisting Celestial Being's Ptolemaios 2 and it's respective Gundam Meisters in a daring mission to take down orbital weapon known as Memento Mori. As Ptolemaios 2 advancing using Trans-Am system from Arios Gundam in order to reach firing range of Memento Mori, Ave on the other hand dealing with the pursuers of Ptolemaios 2 that happen to be two GN-XII units.
It was when the young wishful fanfic author trying to as quickly as possible defeat the two GN-XII units although armed only with Proto GN Sword proven to be quite difficult to deal with those fake solar furnace equipped mobile suits. “Damn!” Ave cursed as one of the GN-XII unit parried his Exia's Proto GN Sword using it's GN beam saber, meanwhile the second GN-XII positioning itself slightly further from Gundam Exia while aiming its GN beam rifle toward Gundam Exia that still busy dealing with the first GN-XII unit. “Huh! Five years older generation mobile suit like that Gundam would be proven nothing but small threat even toward our aging GN-XII units…here, I shall burry your existence from this reality!” the pilot of the second GN-XII unit readying its GN beam rifle before he pulled the trigger.
It was when a scarlet coloured GN plasma beam came out from the GN beam rifle only to hit the first GN-XII unit instead of its intended target. “What the! Where is he!” the pilot of the second GN-XII unit panicked as he tried to find out why Exia suddenly vanished. It was when all the sudden, Gundam Exia that happen coated with superficial pink reddish-hue colour charged with speed, firepower and performance three times of it's normal capability. “No way! How come this…” the disbelieved voice of the pilot of second GN-XII was cut short as Gundam Exia without waiting any longer using it's Proto GN Sword to slice the mobile suit itself into two. “HAPPENING!” a wailing scream could never be heard in the vacuum space as the second GN-XII unit exploded meanwhile Exia reverted back to it's metallic grey colour. “Those two already down…what an annoying enemies they are…and to be honest, I find it difficult to fight them simultaneously…I should train myself even more in the simulation…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he and his Gundam Exia begin on continuing the mission plan to rendezvous with Ptolemaios 2.
It was however after spending the entire GN particles by using Trans-Am system, Ave could only try his best to rendezvous with Ptolemaios 2 as fast as it would be possible, since his Gundam Exia's performance was reduced from it's normal capability until it's GN Drive completely recharging itself later on. “Damn! I shouldn't use this triumph card this early…now, I need to get used with reduced performance of my Gundam Exia…” Ave muttered inside his heart as the young fanfic author noticed the communication device of his Exia beeped. “Huh? Ah, Mileina…what's happening?” the young wishful fanfic author asked as Mileina Vashti replied back, unfortunately with very unclear voice since the communication showing static interruption happening in that moment. “Ave-san! Danger…approaching…don't…run…go…it's…aw ay…please! Meet…us…Earth!” Mileina's voice was broken due the static interference, although Ave somehow realized about what she tried to say to the young wishful fanfic author that happen to be Exia's Gundam Meister.
“Danger approaching? I wonder what does she mean by danger…and was she trying to tell me that Ptolemaios 2 was crash-landed on the Earth…? How about Setsuna F Seiei and his 00-Raiser Gundam?” those questions came out from the young fanfic author's mind as he trying to make extra precautious actions, knowing the fact he was really vulnerable on that moment. It was when for all the sudden, his Gundam Exia's sensor beeped indicating a single mobile suit flying over toward his direction in very fast speed. “Damn! I shouldn't think something bad would be happening to me! Now it jinx me to no end!” Ave screamed in anger and desperation as he readying his Gundam Exia's Proto GN Sword, waiting for the incoming enemy unit.
It was a black coloured Gundam Plutone that finally arrived in front of Ave's Gundam Exia. “What's the meaning of this…why Gundam Plutone is here, equipped with fake solar furnace…moreover, the colour is black!” Ave shouted inside his heart as the situation really confusing for someone that still new in this brave new world. The Black Plutone then aiming its GN beam rifle toward Ave and his Gundam Exia before begin its attack without even waiting for any longer. “Damn!” Ave cursed as he barely dodged the Black Plutone's attack, as it was proven difficult for the young fanfic author, since his Gundam Exia still waiting for it's GN Drive to be fully recharge after using Trans-Am system previously. “I don't have any long-range combat capabilities except GN vulcan cannon…which is pretty useless here! Damn!” Ave cursed again as he took covers behind Memento Mori's debris scattered in the area.
“GN Drive Tau…the fake solar furnace was used to power the Black Gundam Plutone over there…I wonder which genuine GN Drive used to power my Gundam Exia, since it shouldn't be exist to begin with…not in this universe at all…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he tried to calm himself down. The young fanfic author then glanced over the sub-monitor status screen indicating the recharge progress of his Exia's GN Drive is almost complete. “If I use Trans-Am system one more time, I might have a chance to defeat that Black Plutone over there…I need to process more cautiously than ever…” Ave muttered inside his heart as his Gundam Exia began to unfold its Proto GN Sword. As the young fanfic author noticed, the mysterious pilot of Black Plutone still unaware about his hiding place, as Ave took a deep breath while glanced over the countdown number that indicates how many second left before his Gundam Exia's GN Drive will be fully recharged.
It was when the young fanfic author once again activated his Exia's Trans-Am system as his mobile suit Gundam Exia leaped from it's hiding place, ready to slice the Black Gundam Plutone into two. “I hope I would make it on time, with this speed! Exia…please…grant me your true power and speed through this Trans-Am!” Ave screamed as he slashing down vertically his Exia's Proto GN Sword, meanwhile the Black Plutone just barely being able to turn its body toward the young wishful fanfic writer and his Gundam Exia's direction before being cleaved away vertically. It was however when the GN particles from GN Drive Tau for some unknown reason starting to engulf the entire area with scarlet-orange coloured GN particle bursts, which also engulfing Gundam Exia and it's pilot. “What the f**ck! The entire system of Exia isn't responding to my command! What the hell is going on here!” as Ave cursed the situation he was in at that moment; a blinding light flashed in front of his eyes and also engulfed him together with his Gundam Exia. The young wishful fanfic writer closed his eyes and unknown to him, as those scarlet-orange coloured GN particle bursts dispersed completely, he along with his Gundam Exia already vanished from the world he was at a few moment ago.
“So, that's what happened to Ave-chan basically…hmmm, he never told me before so I never really know about it…” Excellen Browning muttered as she was listening to Isara's story. “Ave always tell more stories to Isara for some reason, and I wonder why…” Alicia muttered as she smiled and glanced toward the younger Darcsen girl, meanwhile Isara just blushed slightly when she heard Alicia's comment. “Uhm, Alicia-san…I think Ave-san also told you and Niisan as well about what made him thrown to our world before…” Isara replied back as she tried to hide the fact that the young wishful fanfic author did actually told Isara more of his past stories compare to other people from Militia's Squad-7. “So, what happened next? Since, Oneechan curious about Ave-chan's connection with Dandelion flower as well…” Excellen suddenly asked with a playful tone on her voice as Alicia just smiled before she took this opportunity to tell her story about her encounter with the young Exia's Gundam Meister.
“I was part of Bruhl's town watch squad back then…” Alicia paused as she took a deep breath before she began to continue her story.
Meanwhile at South Atalia's Macross Capital City's pier area…
Guilliam stood alone on the edge of the pier as he stared over the sunrise as he glanced over his digital watch. “Bullet and Kusuha should be performing further investigation according to the lead given by me last night, I wonder how the event in this new young endless frontier will turn into…” major Guilliam Yeager muttered inside his heart as he glanced over the abandoned warehouse nearby before sighed and made a comment. “I know you two hiding over there after keep on following me since last night…I wonder, what kind of motive or purpose you two want to achieve from someone like me…” Guilliam made his remark as slowly two figures came out from the shadow. Guilliam in the meantime remain silent as his stare somehow become as cold as ice as he stared at two young females in front of him that happen no other than Interpol agent Chun-Li and her aide Cammy.
“Just what I expected from former Aggressor's member…major Guilliam Yeager, I apologize for not properly introducing myself and my aide, since our investigation supposed to be confidential…even for someone that came from regular military as well…” Chun-Li spoken as she smiled toward Guilliam, although her eyes still showing confident and pride she holds highly as member of Interpol as well as martial artist. “I see, I could understand how Interpol operated, but due all the respect…I would be glad if both you directly enquiry me about the matter both of you really want to know, instead eavesdropping over our confidential conversation as well…” Guilliam replied back with his cold voice tone that made someone like Cammy became slightly nervous, meanwhile Chun-Li somehow still unfazed and maintaining her composure.
“I once again apologized for our behaviour major Guilliam Yeager, my name is agent Chun-Li and this is my aide Cammy White…” Chun-Li smiled as she introducing her name. “Ni…nice to meet you too, Guilliam-san…my name is Cammy…” Cammy introducing herself as well, although she was very nervous, but the young female Delta Red known as Cammy White trying her best to conquer her fear as well as holding her pride and honour not only as Delta Red personnel, but also as martial artist like Chun-Li that already like a guardian and mentor for her. “I understand the circumstance on your side agent Chun-Li and Cammy White…now, if I could know more about what kind of information Interpol and Delta Red as well as M16 find very interested to know…I would gladly help if I could…” Guilliam replied back as Chun-Li just smiled toward him meanwhile Cammy took a deep breath of relief after hearing Guilliam's answer.
“If I heard everything correctly last night…about Freymont Industry, I heard they're producing old type mobile weapons instead trying to compete with other heavy industries by introducing cutting edge technology…am I right major Guilliam?” Chun-Li made her enquiry as Guilliam just nods, signalling what the female ICPO agent just said was correct. “Actually we just raided to smugglers on the same day yesterday, and among those items they smuggled…we found parts of mobile suits, especially AEU-05 Hellion type mobile suits, and also hidden in some of those mobile suits parts…there was a large number of opium being smuggled as well…” Chun-Li explained as she kept on staring toward Guilliam. “I see…agent Cammy White, what do you think about this case in your personal opinion?” Guilliam suddenly asked. “Eh?” Cammy that never expected to receive such question from Guilliam was startled in surprise for a while before swallowing her own saliva trying to give the answer that really base on her personal analysis and opinion.
“I…I believe, their main purpose not only selling those mobile suit parts to the terrorist such as La Erde, sir…I mean…with those opium, they might trying to take control over something else…something beyond what I could comprehend…” Cammy replied with her nervous voice as she glanced over major Guilliam Yeager. “That's a good deduction, although in various case, lack of actual fact and evidence could make that kind of deduction rendered useless…” Guilliam paused as he stared at Cammy before glanced at Chun-Li as well. “I…I'm sorry sir…” Cammy apologized as her right hand clenched over her deep red coloured long coat tightly. “You should be more confident toward yourself M16 agent Cammy, and moreover you could just call me Guilliam instead…but about your theory, as even it just a simple theory without any base…that's what actually I personally have a thought about as well…” Guilliam replied back as he smiled toward Cammy. “Thank…thank you very much sir, I mean…I mean Guilliam-san…” Cammy quickly replied as she smiled back toward Guilliam as well.
“What do you mean by you have the same deduction with Cammy as well major Guilliam?” Chun-Li asked as smiled toward Cammy as she glanced to the younger girl, trying to signal her with “Don't worry, you're doing a good job Cammy” through her smile, which the young M16's Delta Red girl understand as she smiled back and nods with gratitude. “Wether Freymont Industry was involved in opium smuggling or not, I find this kind of activity really matched with an ancient record I read before, when Tesla Leicht Institute trying to unearth certain ancient mobile weapons from the ancient time…” Guilliam paused as both Chun-Li and Cammy just stared at him with puzzled expression on their faces. Guilliam in the meantime just chuckled alone before continuing his sentence.
“Have you two heard an old tale about Choukijin before…?” Guilliam asked.
“And then thanks to Ave's help together with his Gundam Exia's power…we manage to escape from Bruhl with most of the refugees from the town…” Alicia finished her story, as she stared toward Welkin, Isara and Excellen that still listening to her tale. “So…one humanoid mobile weapon could change the tide of war in your homeworld back then…I see, even though Exia only armed with prototype of GN Sword back then…” Excellen muttered as Alicia nodded in agreement. “And then together with Ave-san, Alicia-san and Niisan…we arrived on that hill, just outskirt of Bruhl…but also beyond Empire's reach on that time…” Isara added on Alicia's story before the Militia Squad-7's Valkyria took a deep breath and continuing her tale.
“In an instant…many lives was lost on that skirmished…not even a small battlefield, but on the other hand…I find it like a miracle when I saw another life was born in the same time as well…” Alicia muttered as everyone else stared at her before finally Welkin just smiled and adding his comment as well. “On that hill, there was a lot of Dandelion flowers, and then we saw Bruhl that was burned down by the Empire…but in the same time, we also realize…when the war is over, when the time for us to put our weapons down come…we have a place that we could call home to return…” Welkin finished his sentence as he smiled toward Alicia, Isara and Excellen. “Niisan, somehow…I could understand that feeling as well…” Isara added her comment. “But still…Ave is a very strange person even until now…he could just left us back then after helping us escape from Bruhl…since there will be no obligation for him, that still need to find a way to return to his homeworld…but he insisted to stay with us, enlisting himself together with Gallia Militia and fought together with his Gundam Exia for our sake as well…I wonder…” Alicia made a comment as she glanced toward Isara, Welkin and Excellen.
“Maybe because of love Alicia-chan! Excellen-oneechan always think that as the main reason for him and his Gundam Exia to stay back then…” Excellen commented as she smiled playfully as well while she glanced toward Isara. “Do you think so? I never heard Ave mentioning this love thing to everyone, right Isara?” Welkin asked as he stared toward his youngest sister. “Eh! Nii…Niisan…that's…” Isara's voice was trailed off, as she blushed even deeper meanwhile Excellen just grinned. “Ara…ara…Welkin-kun, you already have Alicia-chan…and it seems Isara-chan thinking for Ave-chan as someone really special ne…” Excellen made her remark as Alicia blushed as well before she glared toward Excellen before she open her mouth and replied sarcastically.
“Excellen-shoi! I don't think, that kind of conversation and teasing Isara would really be appropriate to be spoken here, in this place…to begin with!” Alicia replied back as she pouted. “Welkin-kun! It seems Oneechan just made Alicia-chan angry! Help me…” playfully, Excellen walked closer to Welkin and pleading for his help. “Angry? You're not angry at the moment, right! Alicia?” Welkin innocently asked. “OF COURSE I'M NOT ANGRY!” Alicia answered sarcastically before she pouting again, signalling that she was actually really angry on that time. “Ara…ara…” Excellen just muttered as she smiled when she saw Alicia's reaction.
“Excellen shoi-san…is it alright if I have some of the Dandelions?” Isara suddenly asked, as Excellen stared at the young Darcsen girl. “Ara? What it would be for Isara-chan? If Oneechan is allowed to know the reason?” Excellen asked the young Darcsen girl back. “I somehow remembered about how Feldt-san once taught me how to create ornamental flower inside a pure clear crystal compartment…It's like a miniature of ancient ship inside a bottle…but the flower itself will be kept frozen inside the crystal, as it's time stopped…I'm not sure how to describe it…but it's very beautiful Excellen shoi-san…and I want to use one of the Dandelion for the same purpose as well…” Isara replied back as she smiled toward Excellen. “Ara…may I know for whom this crystal flower would be?” Excellen asked although she somehow could guess for whom the flower inside the crystal would be. “It would be a secret Shoi-san…” Isara replied back again as she smiled toward Excellen, meanwhile both Welkin and Alicia just smiled when they heard Isara's answer toward Excellen.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the once dormant Crossgate, to be exact within Ayanagi City…
Gundam Exia dual wields its GN long blade and GN short blade while fighting against three Hellion units in the same time. In the meantime, the mysterious blue Persona together with Shin, Kanaru's, and Megumi's Personas also doing the best they could to fight the remaining other three Hellion units, as TakurÅ and Jun helping with the evacuation together with chief inspector Kunio ItÅ and investigator Tomohiro Narasaki. “What was those metal giants flying over fighting each other over there! We already got ourselves full with reversed cases happening here and now giant robots like in Japanese morning cartoon show appearing here!” Kunio complained meanwhile his aide Narasaki trying to keep him down. “Ano…Kunio-san, I think the pilot of the one that assisting us call his giant robot with the name Exia…” Kanaru explained as she took a distance together with her Persona's help from the incoming Hellion's attack.
“Exia? Hey, little girl! Watch out!” Kunio warned as the Hellion tried to attack Kanaru using it's linear rifle, before Ave and his Gundam Exia rushed in front of Kanaru to protect the timid high school girl from the linear rifle's projectile. The young wishful fanfic author was just remain silent, as his Gundam Exia charged toward the Hellion unit that just trying to attack Kanaru. A few second later, the Hellion unit that tried to attack Kanaru before was fall motionless on the ground after being shredded away by Gundam Exia using GN long blade and GN short blade. “Uhm, Ave-san! Thank you very much!” Kanaru summon her courage as she shouted toward the Exia's Gundam Meister meanwhile Ave didn't replied back, except making his Gundam Exia nodded as a signal in order to say “You're welcome” toward Kanaru Morimoto.
“This Seven Swords equipment really making a lot of difference in the actual combat! After I return to Ptolemaios 2, I should try to persuade Mileina and Ian to keep on installing Seven Swords on my Gundam Exia…” Ave made a comment inside his heart as he notices Shin and Megumi finally destroy the remaining Hellion units. Fortunately, during the skirmish there was no one get injured except from the enemies' side. “So, how is everything in our side? And what is the identity found on those pilots of these transformable giant robots…cough…I mean mobile suits?” Kunio asked. “No one know, as they seem not from this world…but again, the pilot of Exia refuse to give us any detail and remain inside his own mobile suit…performing his own investigation on the remains of those fallen Hellions by himself…” Narasaki replied back as Kunio just glared at his aide before stared at Gundam Exia with unsatisfied expression on his face.
“He arrived for all the sudden and what happened in this city was a total chaos…worse than reversed incidents! I don't know what to write in the report for superintendent Akihiko Sanada!” Kunio complained meanwhile his aide Narasaki just sighed before muttered. “It's the same thing happened approximately six months ago…even though we finally being able to save chief superintendent Ryo Kanzato together with Kanaru Morimoto-san…the fact you still keep the report regarding the blue mobile suit away from Akihiko-san is the same with…” before Narasaki could finish his sentence, Kunio quickly grabbed his collar and glared at him before talked to his aide with intimidating and cold voice tone. “If you dare to mention the appearance of the blue mobile suit back then again in front of my face, you better ready for the consequences or else…I will definitely make sure you would never enjoy any bonuses for the rest of your career!” Kunio threatened as Narasaki just gulped before nodding in agreement very quickly.
“Blue mobile suit…there are a lot of blue mobile suits made in different universes…but if the appearance of my Gundam Exia really reminding them about that particular blue mobile suit, I have a feeling…that blue mobile suit might be GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F piloted by Meister 874…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he eavesdropped the conversation using Exia's built-in sound receptor sensor similar to how he heard Alicia's weather complaint a few days ago at Karafuto Base. “Both of you Sire…is that blue mobile suit really similar to my Exia?” Ave asked as both Kunio and Narasaki jumped in surprise when realizing their conversations was heard entirely by the young Exia's Gundam Meister. “Similar…but cough…cough…this one have two big equipments similar to sensor projector located on each of it's shoulders…the mobile suit itself armed with a big revolver rifle or bazooka thing…why you suddenly asking that…is the pilot of that blue mobile suit is one of your friend as well?” Kunio replied as he asking the question back.
“I'm not sure if I could give accurate answer based on that explanation…but I have a strong feeling, that unit belong to someone that I really know quite well before and that unit should be known as Sadalsuud…” Ave replied back meanwhile Kunio and Narasaki just remain silent before the former older man nodded.
“I see, thanks for the answer anyway…by the way, why don't you come down here as well since I have further question to you regarding to these Hellion units here…?” Kunio asked as Narasaki just remain silent when hearing his senior officer's daring question toward someone piloting superior giant robot known as mobile suit in front of them. “I'm sorry I couldn't do that…not because I don't want to…” Ave replied shortly. “Hmmmpff…what kind of cold individual you are…don't you think those high schoolers also want to say thank you to you as well? I bet it would be very rude not to meet them personally, especially after you really help and protecting one of them like what the blue one known as Sadalsuud did in the past…” Kunio replied coldly as Ave was just remain silent before he chuckled in the amazement when hearing that sentence.
“Meister 874…Hanayo…as I already expecting from someone like you, the one that doesn't posses any physical body like human being…but somehow more human than people I know from my own homeworld…moreover, she live up to the name her Gundam took upon…Sadalsuud, which would mean luck of lucks or hope of hopes…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he smiled alone, before he decided to reply back toward Kunio's remark.
“I understand that, and I was giving a very rude impression to you and others as well…I would like to apologize for that…but it was my organization's policy to remain secret as possible until the fateful day we should introduce ourselves properly…on the other hand, my reason to remain inside my mobile suit Gundam Exia is because I believe, we are not yet save…” Ave replied back as this time with more serious voice tone. “What do you mean by that? Do you mean; there will be more of these Hellions appearing later on?” Kunio asked, as Narasaki just remain silent. “No, it just I would let you and the other know honestly about this world isn't the only world exist in this infinite universes to begin with…and now many worlds including your world is in the verge of danger as I believe your world still never made any contact with other worlds except the appearance of Gundam Sadalsuud in the past, these six Hellions as well as myself and my Gundam Exia today…” Ave paused his sentence meanwhile Kunio and Narasaki trying to accept what the young fanfic author inside Gundam Exia's cockpit trying to say.
“Please let us know as well Ave-san, since we also want to try to help the best we can if our world will be in danger…” it was Jun who suddenly appeared as he asked as well, meanwhile behind the young feminine high schooler, his older brother Shin, Kanaru, Megumi and TakurÅ also can be seen standing there. “Everyone…” Narasaki stared in disbelief meanwhile Kunio just scratching his head before making a comment and sighed. “Yare…yare…” the old inspector muttered. “Ave-san…uhm, thank you very much for protecting me before…like how the blue mobile suit in the past save my life as well…when I saw your mobile suit…eto…Gundam Exia, I have a faith that you will save me like the blue mobile suit…Gundam…eto…Sadalsuud did as well…so, this time, let me and my friends help you as well in order to protect our world as well…” Kanaru replied with her timid and nervous voice, even with her timid personality, she tried to convey her feeling and determination that somehow made the young fanfic author smiled.
“She reminds me with Isara somehow, although Isara is a strong-willed girl instead of timid girl like Kanaru…” the young wishful Innovator fanfic author muttered inside his heart as he took a deep breath before trying to reply toward Kanaru and everyone else. “Kanaru Morimoto, Shin Kanzato, Jun Kanzato and everyone else…” unfortunately, before Ave could even start his sentence, his Gundam Exia detected incoming huge energy signature as the young fanfic author shouted to warn the rest of the people there. It was when Ave realised; his fear about the true impending danger is just about to begin.
To Be Continued…
ED Theme Song: Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru
Performed By: Kaoru Mizuhara
Used Previously on: Ga-Rei Zero The Animation
Preview of The Next Episode
Those who shouldn't be there now coming back to either help or haunt everyone who tried to live their life peacefully in this brave new world. The new circle of disarray, confusion, chaos and destruction is about to begin, before the revival or rebirth will also be signalling the new era for this young new endless frontier as well. As many people from many different worlds starting to realize the new crisis that just arrive and trying to defend themselves as well, reunion with old friends and new friends begin, as every different people have every different reason to keep on fighting for. Wether they fight for love, honour, family, friendship, destiny or all of them altogether, their fates will be intertwined to one another.
It was also when the young Innovator fanfic author and his Gundam Exia reunited with his old friends from Ptolemaios 2, Krung Thep's Fereshte as well as his two close friends, Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy that made their decision to fight alongside Celestial Being again.
On the other hands, old friends that shouldn't be there, old adversaries that shouldn't be there anymore, suddenly appeared in front of them, as if everything already being plotted by someone beforehand and the gear of destiny already turning to the point of no return.
Next Episode on End of The Eternity F.F.G's Episode 06: Rondo Of Fate…
“Colonel, why are you here? Allelujah please tell me, this is not a dream after all…” by: Marie Parfacy
Special Database From VEDA/ Tieria Erde
GNY-001F2 Gundam Astraea Type-F2
GNY-001F2 Astraea Type-F2 was built under supervision of Chall Acustica, Ian Vashti, Linda Vashti and also Ruido Resonance as well. This unit actually came from the idea given by Ave to enhanced the fighting ability of outdated second generation GNY-001 Gundam Astraea to par against third generation Gundam series such as Gundam Exia by using spare-parts leftover from the development of GN-001 Gundam Exia itself. Astraea Type-F2 performance is somehow comparable to Gundam Exia piloted by Ave as its armaments still unchanged from before. The only thing was changed from the original Gundam Astraea is the mobile suit colour scheme from original colour scheme of Gundam type mobile suits into scarlet colour scheme used by Astraea Type-F2 nowadays. The name Astraea derives from the goddess Astraea, who associated with the Tarot card of Justice from twenty-two Major Arcana in Tarot.
GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F
Enhanced version of the original GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud previously piloted by Gundam Meister 874. This Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F was undergoing significant armor upgrades, as a second sensor shield is mounted on Sadalsuud's right rotatable shoulder dock. On the armaments side, there wasn't any upgrades made so far as the unit itself is still armed with Revolver Bazooka, although additionally could be armed with optional armament such as GN Sniper Rifle previously used by GN-002 Gundam Dynames. The name Sadalsuud derived from Tarot Card The Star, one of twenty-two Major Arcana in Tarot. Sadalsuud (سعد السعود literally means Luck of Lucks in Arabic) also known as Beta Aquarii, the brightest star in the constellation Aquarius, which is associated with the image of water bearer.
GNY-003F Gundam Abulhool Type-F
Upgraded version from the original GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool piloted by second generation Gundam Meister Marlene Vlady. Transformable mobile suit that could took humanoid form as well as fighter mode based on F-22 Raptor. Abulhool Type-F could only utilized its plasma engine instead of GN particles during fighter/ flight mode and was once used to conceal the fact; this unit is indeed a Gundam. The name Abulhool came from Arabic origin known as Abul-el-Hool literally meaning “father of great fear” used once to refer the Great Sphinx. The name itself proven to be true during the Ten Days War happened at Mirror Moon's Earth, as Marlene Vlady using her original Gundam Abulhool destroyed twenty six F-22 Raptor units from United Nation Air Force within five minutes.
GNY-004 Gundam Plutone
The very same Gundam Plutone piloted by second generation Gundam Meister Chall Acustica. This unit served as the testbed for a new technology to disable enemies' GN Drives or GN Drive Taus as well as other mobile weapons by using installed system within the unit itself known as Trial System. In the same time, Gundam Plutone also the only Gundam unit so far equipped with Core Fighter unit that could eject itself to ensure pilot safety during emergency situation, as well as being equipped with self-destruct system as well. Designed specially for Chall Acustica, Gundam Plutone so far only could be piloted by Chall alone, although sometimes Chall could use the docking port on it's onboard computer system to ask for assistance by using devices such as Haro or Hanayo. The name Plutone itself associated by Tarot card Judgment, one of the twenty-two Major Arcana in Tarot. In the meantime, Gundam Plutone itself armed with standard armaments such as a pair of GN beam saber, GN beam rifle, and E-Carbon GN Shield.