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Episode 07: Hologram Summer Again, Tri-Hermes Black Land
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
“When I was still lived my life as a normal human, I always wondering…what if I suddenly given a chance to be a totally different person? I wondered, what if I suddenly found giant humanoid fighting machine such as Personal Trooper Gespenst, Dis Astranagant, or even Evangelion Unit to be piloted by me? I also wonder; if I could pilot mobile suit?” “As everything just small fragments of my dream, I remembered on how I adores the pure white seraph wings of Wing Gundam Zero Custom, or how magnificent power GX-9900 Gundam X and its satellite cannon yield…” “Because of that reason, I keep on searching for myself, what kind of purpose my existence is? I begin to create doujinshi as well as write fanfiction countless time. Although at the end, my hands never being able to held anything…”
“Until…I met Exia…”
Ave opened his eyes as he found himself sleeping inside his quarter inside Ptolemaios 2. He tried to remember about what was just happened as he remembered about the incident happened in Ayanagi City that prompt him to return to Ptolemaios 2 for the time being. “Somehow, it feel really nostalgic to return here…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he smiled alone. The young fanfic author took his Celestial Being uniform jacket; in this case, his uniform colour scheme is deep azure blue colour. “I wonder to where this cruiser will travelling to, and how's everyone doing when I was having a rest before…” wondered about few things, Ave left his quarter as he walked toward the crew and pilot lounge located not too far from his quarter/ room. As the young wishful Innovator fanfic author entered the lounge, he spotted Lockon Stratos, Lasse Aeon and Ian Vashti was there, having meal together.
“Oh! You finally wake up Ave! How's everything going? Did you sleep well?” Ian asked as Ave just smiled back at him while he took a tray with meal and drink on it for him. “I'm fine actually, and thanks to the rest I have…I feel more refreshed now…” Ave replied back as he took a seat not far from Lockon Stratos. “That's good to hear, and also it seems you really put a good use for Exia, although not as bad as what you did back then…” Ian replied back as Ave just laughed sheepishly. The young fanfic author remembered one of his battles just before L5 Campaign back then left his Gundam Exia heavily damaged. As he was separated from Celestial Being, Ave forced to utilize all resources available on his hands to repair Gundam Exia the best he could. Back then GN-001RE Gundam Exia Repair was used several times during skirmished against Aerogaters, before he reunited with Celestial Being once again and his Exia Repair was given proper repair and maintenance.
“Back then must be quite difficult since your Exia damaged pretty heavily and the only available weapon you have was broken GN Sword and it's GN beam gun/ rifle attached on its hilt as well…” Lasse commented. “Gundam Exia's left arm was lost and I use camouflage anti-beam coating sheet to hide the fact my Exia lost its left arm and gave my enemies illusion of Exia wearing cloak instead…and also, Exia's right eye remain gutted and replaced with glowing red eye sensor taken from Tieren type mobile suit…” Ave replied back. “But you surely pretty impressive as you fight well against those Aerogaters forces using poorly maintained Exia Repair…” Lockon commented as he grinned toward the young fanfic author, as Ave just smiled back at Lockon before replying toward his comment. “I try my best although it was harder back then, but thanks to Isara's effort to help me with repairing Exia the best I and she could…so I still could defend myself as well as protecting her until we reunited with Ptolemy 2 afterward…” Ave replied back as Lockon just nodded.
“Still, little girl Isara is really impressive as she could patchwork the damaged Exia by just studying the structure of the mobile suit's figure by herself alone…moreover, to be able to keep GN Drive stable and supplying every GN condensers located in every Exia's joints surely something that not normal girl on her age could do…” Ian commented back as Lasse nodded in agreement. It was when the automatic door of the lounge was opened as Linda Vashti followed by Mileina Vashti entered the lounge. “Papa! So you're here desu! The reconstruction of Gundam Exia is already completed…we need papa to help with final check desu!” Mileina muttered meanwhile Linda just chuckled as she smiled toward her daughter and husband. “Reconstruction of Gundam Exia?” Ave asked. “Oh, I haven't told you yet…when you arrive and fall a slept before, I and everyone else made a decision to upgrade Exia's performance to get as close as possible to the fourth generation mobile suit such as Setsuna's 00 Gundam…this suit will be far better compare to your already good old Gundam Exia…” Ian explained.
“I see…thanks a lot Ian for all the trouble…” Ave replied back as he thanked the middle-aged technician engineer of Celestial Being's Ptolemaios 2. “Don't worry about it! We fought together back then, even until after this brand new endless frontier being established, you still maintain contact with us and help us with information like what Wang Liu Mei once done to us…” Ian replied back as he nods meanwhile the others also agree with that. “More importantly, there will be more chances that Ave-san will fight alone due to his nature as freelance Gundam Meister and agent instead like other official Gundam Meisters here…for that reason, we gladly upgrade the performance of your Gundam Exia to assist you better…” Linda Vashti added.
“Well, thank you once again for all the trouble everyone…if I'm allowed to see the new Exia now?” Ave replied back as he asked. “Sure it is! Maybe you can help me with data gathering as well! Lockon, if you don't mind to become his mock opponent with your Cherudim Gundam?” Ian asked. “Eh, no problem with me old man…since I'm free anyway…” Lockon replied back as Ian just nodded and smiled in satisfactory. “I and Mileina will help with data gathering as well, since we are free until we rendezvous with Euclid…” Lasse added, as everyone seem agree with the decision. “Now shall we get going desu? Since, I bet Ave-san already wondering about what kind of new Exia will awaits him desu!” Mileina smiled as Ave just nodded in agreement as he replying back. “I wonder as well, what kind of new power, my Exia will yield…” Ave wondered inside his mind as he walked away together with others toward Ptolemaios 2's hangar area.
Kiev, in the meantime…
“Colonel!” Marie sobbed as she hugs the middle-aged man known as colonel Sergei Smirnov tightly, meanwhile Sergei himself just smiled back at Marie as he caressed at Marie's beautiful long silver hair. “You seems grow up to a beautiful woman, lieutenant…” colonel Sergei Smirnov muttered as he smiled toward Marie meanwhile Marie tried not to cry while nodded and smiled toward the once wild bear of Russia from 00 Region. “It has been a while colonel Sergei Smirnov…” Sergei turned his head as he saw Allelujah smiled at him and greeted him in the same time as well. “Oh, it has been a while as well Celestial Being's Gundam Meister…I never had any chance before to know your name young man…” Sergei replied back as Allelujah just nodded before introducing his name. “I'm Allelujah Haptism…and at the moment I'm no longer Celestial Being's Gundam Meister…” Allelujah replied back meanwhile colonel Sergei Smirnov just nodded in understanding.
“Colonel?” Marie asked. “I understand the question perhaps you and your partner Allelujah had in mind, since I suddenly appeared to be here alive, as I should be already killed back then during the incident happened at orbital elevator…” colonel Sergei Smirnov begin his story as both Marie and Allelujah just remain silent while listening to his story. “I was pretty sure that I died back then, but not long from the last thing I remembered before…I was wake up inside this mysterious chamber…and I met her, the one who brought my soul back to life…” Sergei paused his story as both Marie and Allelujah could only stared at him with slightly confused expression on their faces. “Her?” Marie asked. “She isn't human and she said she was in the middle of journey to find out about her own existence and asking her creator, the reason her creator created her…” Sergei answered as Marie just nodded as she heard Sergei's more complicated story.
“And then colonel Smirnov…you agree to help her finding her memories, creator as well as the meaning of her existence as well?” this time Allelujah asked. “Heh! That's perhaps the only one thing I could do, in order to repay her kindness for bringing me back alive…but, I believe I'm not the only one she brought back alive anyway…” Sergei Smirnov replying back. “Colonel, but I'm really grateful since she decided to brought you back alive…and you're here to protect us…” Marie replied back as she smiled toward colonel Smirnov. “I see, but I never expected the world I was once saw before now connected with many different worlds under the single banner known as Neo Arcadia Confederation…meanwhile, Celestial Being becoming autonomous regiment that could travel from one world to another with their special license…” Sergei commented.
“Many things changed, but there are still important things that remain unchanged…even until now…” Allelujah added as he smiled meanwhile Sergei just chuckled. “I see…I understand that feeling, Allelujah Haptism…and I should thanked you for protecting lieutenant Soma Peries and be her side always…” as Sergei finished his words, he walked away toward his Tieren Taozi. “Colonel!” Marie shouted. “Soma Peries and Allelujah Haptism, it's now your turn to protect this new world as well…I need to go now, but I'm sure our path will reuniting us again!” as Sergei replied back, his Tieren Taozi flying away. “He seems quite busy with something else, am I right Marie?” Allelujah asked. “You're right, colonel come back to make sure we are doing fine, before he continued his own journey…Allelujah, I won't say that I don't want to be with colonel at this moment…since he's already like a father for me…but, the most important thing, I believe is to be together with you and protect this city…” Marie replied back as she smiled toward her boyfriend, meanwhile Allelujah smiled back at her in return.
“I agree with you…” Allelujah paused his sentence as he saw survivors from Kiev waved their hands toward both Allelujah and Marie. “Although there are people who hate the existence of this new endless frontier…there are others who accept this change happily, and I want to protect those people with my strength…not as Celestial Being member or Gundam Meister…but as myself alone that love this city together with you Marie…” Allelujah finished his sentence as Marie just smiled and nodded back before she replying back toward Allelujah. “I feel the same too, Allelujah…” Marie replied back.
Back to Ptolemaios 2's mobile suit hangar…
“Wooow…this new Exia is surely different…” Ave made his remark as he stared in awe toward the enhanced version of his Gundam Exia meanwhile Ian Vashti just chuckled and nodded in satisfactory before replying back. “It's official name is GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II! We upgrade the suit itself with cutting edge technology we used when we creating successor unit such as Cherudim Gundam, Arios Gundam as well as Seravee Gundam while incorporating with fourth generation technology derived from 00 Gundam! As you can see, this new Exia is a cutting-edge top notch Gundam powered by single GN Drive ever created!” Ian replied back proudly.
“I see, no more external cable and there are extra vernier thrusters located on the back hips, and shoulders area of Exia…as for compensation, no more beam daggers equipment as only a pair of GN beam sabers located on the waist armor skirt of this new Exia…” Ave muttered as his attention later on was fixed toward Gundam Exia's new GN Sword Kai (Custom). “Did you notice that desu?” Mileina asked. “Yeah, Exia's new GN Sword is somehow bear quite a lot resemblance to 00 Gundam's GN Sword III…” Ave replied back. “GN Sword Kai…it's a new experimental GN Sword made based on 00 Gundam's GN Sword III data…theoretically, should inherent the same performance to the original GN Sword III as it could disperse GN particles more stable than Exia's original GN Sword…” this time Linda Vashti explain the nature of Exia's new GN Sword Kai toward the young wishful fanfic author, as Ave just nodded in understanding and awe as well.
“What do you think?” Ian asked, as Ave remain silent for a while before replying back. “I personally quite fond to this new Gundam Exia, although it won't be able to use the old Seven Swords equipment anymore…the fact the performance of the unit itself was enhanced to surpass third generation unit's performance really amaze me…and also I like the design of the new GN Sword Kai as well…” Ave replied back as Ian just laughed when he heard the young wishful Innovator fanfic author's enthusiasm toward his new Gundam Exia. “According to the theory data, the alternating speed between folding to unfolding GN Sword Kai when the Meister want to use it's GN beam gun instead have been increased as it would only took a fraction of a second in the process rather than two seconds for the original GN Sword or three seconds for Proto GN Sword desu!” Mileina replied back as she smiled toward Ave and everyone else present in the hangar area.
“Why don't you take it for a ride and do a mock battle with Lockon, so we can obtain some data from it?” Ian asked as he grinned toward the young fanfic author, meanwhile Ave himself just smiled back as he also thought about the same thing as well. “Oh, that's a good idea…I wonder how this new Exia will keep up against my Cherudim Gundam…am I right, freelance Gundam Meister-kun?” Lockon commented back as he grinned toward Ave. “I wonder as well, Lockon Stratos…” Ave replied back as he smiled toward Lockon before he took the helmet for his pilot suit and entered Gundam Exia's cockpit hatch. “Yare…yare, this will be a very intense mock battle I bet, na…Haro!” Lockon muttered back as his light-orange coloured Haro just flapping its ears before replying back. “Sure it is Lockon…sure it is Lockon!” Haro replied back.
“I'll help with data gathering desu! Lasse-san, could you help as well?” Mileina asked as Lasse just smiled before replying back. “Sure I could…” Lasse was also readying himself to gather some more accurate data from the mock battle of Gundam Exia against Cherudim Gundam. “Are you two ready?” Ian asked. “Be careful not to get too serious and ended up damage both mobile suits as well as injuring yourself…” Linda smiled as she reminding both Ave and Lockon as well to not get too worked up with the mock battle. “We won't, right Ave?” Lockon asked as he grinned toward the young wishful Innovator fanfic author as Ave just sighed before replying back. “Well, we won't injuring ourselves or damage these two Gundam units…but we will try our best to simulate the real time fighting condition for more accurate data…” Ave replied back as Linda Vashti nods in agreement. It was when both Cherudim Gundam and the recently upgraded Gundam Exia launched from Ptolemaios 2 for training mock battle and data gathering as well.
The World of NOTES, to be exact Atlas Alchemy Academy located in Egypt…
“Sion-san…” a young female apprentice alchemist sprint toward the young female prodigy heir of Atlasia family as Sion just stared at the apprentice alchemist with her usual cold glance from her eyes. “What do you want?” Sion Eltnam Atlasia asked. “Eeer…eto…ano…” the apprentice alchemist known as Chiaki Kon, started to get very nervous as her face paled. “If you have something to say, you better say it outright…since I will be pretty busy with my research later on…” Sion replied again, as usual with her cold emotionless voice tone. “Eto…hiks…ano, gomenasai!” Chiaki Kon quickly bowed her head as she running away and crying. “Hey, wait…sigh…” Sion tried to stop the apprentice alchemist but she only could sigh, as she realized that she failed to do so. In the meantime, somehow she could heard people around her starting to talk, gossip and badmouth her for making a new apprentice in the academy running away and crying.
“It was a usual thing, I could never relate myself with others and no one would try to understand me…but again, not that I really care about it anyway…” Sion muttered alone inside her heart as she retracting her ether-lite wire away back to her golden coloured wristband located on her right wrist. “Eltnam, the name of the fallen nobility that I need to endure…for that reason, I don't really care about everything else…what I only need is to be the top one in Atlas as I finally achieved that, by using any mean possible in my disposal…” Sion muttered alone inside her heart before she entered her laboratory and locked the door from inside. The young Eltnam Atlasia alchemist walked toward her experiment table as she took a crystal vial with strange powder substance inside before she took a deep breath and sighed.
“I wonder what kind of decision he will made back then, since everything isn't over yet…since that day…” Sion muttered as she glanced over the crystal vial. “Dust of Osiris…” she muttered again and gulped. But it was her own conscience that told her not to do anything careless. “Damn it! Why I get worked out for just to make simple decision like this! Why I couldn't do anything even though all my calculation was done correctly and perfectly before! What happened to me…?” Sion sulked as she started to begin on hating herself for not being able to do anything, as she understand, no matter how hard she tried, there will be no answer for the question she had.
It was when Sion Eltnam Atlasia wondered, in order to find out the answer she sought before, she would required to walk to the same path her ancestor would do as well. Although she detested that path before, she understood the fact she would never had any option to begin with. Her search for the answer a year ago in Misaki Town was futile, as she found nothing from it, except what she really obtained finally just a pleasure for finally avenged her miserable fate toward the one causing it. Sion's calculated mind understand that her quest to find an answer already useless since the time she was bitten by TATARI. It was only her delusion that keep on telling her to find the cure she would never been able to find, no matter how hard she tried to find it. As Sion's mind drifted to what happened on her past life randomly, a soft knock could be heard as she startled when she heard about it.
“Uhm…ano, Sion-san…sorry for running away before, can I come in, since I have something that I need to ask you to…” it was Chiaki Kon's timid voice that could be heard came from the other side of the huge wooden door. “What is it about?” Sion asked, this time her voice tone wasn't as cold as before. “Uhm, it's regarding the Dust of Osiris and also…I want to report something else happening in Vatican at the moment…” when Sion heard the sentence from Chiaki, she quickly opened the door of her laboratory and grabbed the younger alchemist girl's shoulders tightly. “What happened! Tell me everything that you know from what happened in Vatican!” Sion demanded. “I…itai…Sion-san…it's hurt…” Chiaki's voice trembled as Sion realized that she might hurt the younger alchemist that tried to inform her something. “I…I'm…” Sion tried to apologize but for some reason she halt her sentence as once again thanks to her ether-lite, she could heard other people badmouthing her as well as Chiaki Kon for trying to get closer to Sion to take benefit from it.
“Just tell me what happened inside…” Sion replied coldly as she took Chiaki's right hand and entered her room as she once again locked the wooden door from inside. “Uhm…eto…Sion-san?” Chiaki asked as her voice still timid and trembling as usual. “Don't worry, I won't hurt you or angry to you…I just want some privacy when you going to tell me everything that happened…” Sion replied back with less cold voice tone, even lesser than what she already trying to do previously. “Uhm…it's about what happened in Vatican as well as…” Chiaki Kon began her story as Sion listened to her. It was when she realized, there never been any answer for her question, although no matter what, she still have no other choice except to keep on searching for something she already knew that she would never been able to obtain. It was when Sion's true journey is just about to begin.
Back to L5 asteroid belt area…
“Damn! The movement of this new Exia is surely a lot faster compare to the original version that already proven to be quite a threat! Haro! Please deploy GN Rifle Bits!” Lockon Stratos ordered. “Roger that! Roger that!” Haro replied back as Cherudim Gundam deployed its GN Rifle Bits, three of them. In the meantime GN-001REII Gundam Exia flying across asteroid debris as those debris proven to be a nice cover from Cherudim Gundam's long-range attack capability. “This Exia is really something…although I'm quite sad with the absent of Seven Swords…but surely, this unit really something worthy to gain from the price of Seven Swords equipment need to pay…moreover, it's faster and stronger…even without Trans-Am being activated…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he smiled alone as he readying his Gundam Exia's GN Sword Kai before charged toward Lockon Stratos' Cherudim Gundam position.
“So there you are!” Lockon shouted as he aiming his Cherudim's GN Sniper Rifle II accompanied by three GN Rifle Bits that simultaneously shoot toward incoming Ave's Exia. “Damn!” Ave cursed as he changed the course of his Exia movement as he maneuvers his Gundam mobile suit to dodges those rapid multiple attacks from Cherudim Gundam. “Take this!” as Ave dodged those attacks, he swept his Gundam Exia's GN Sword Kai and to Lockon's surprise, a sweeping GN particles crescent blade was thrown toward the direction where Cherudim Gundam located. “Haro! GN Shield Bit!” Lockon instructed as Cherudim Gundam deploy two GN Shield Bits that easily being cut off from the incoming crescent GN particle attack but in the same time halted the progress of the attack itself.
“Man! That's a waste! I already was hoping too much!” Ave shouted as he laughed meanwhile Lockon just smiled as well. “It's not that easy to fight against veteran Gundam Meister right!” Lockon commented back as Ave just smiled at him back before replying. “Sure you have the point here…but that attack I just figuring out a while ago, with proper training…I'm not sure if you could just use those GN Shield Bits to protect your Cherudim Gundam from it…” Ave commented back just Lockon just shrugged. “Well, when it's necessary to block it then I just block it…if I couldn't then I just dodge it and counter attacking…” Lockon replied back as Ave just smiled and nodded in agreement. “Well, since we surely already providing Ian-san and the others with enough combat data, shall we go back?” Ave asked. “I think, it would be a good idea…since we still need to rendezvous with Euclid…so we can't afford to be here for long period of time…” Lockon commented as Ave nodded back in agreement as well. Both Gundam Exia and Cherudim Gundam then finished their mock battle as they heading back toward Ptolemy 2, meanwhile Ian, Mileina, Linda and Lasse are still busy analysing the combat data they just obtained.
“I never expected to see Gundam Exia's GN Sword Kai could do something like that desu! Papa! It reminds me to that machine we encountered back then, virtuaroid Temjin Chief if I remember his name desu!” Mileina made her remark as both Ian and Linda just nodded in agreement. “Yeah, that kind of beam attack thrown from the slashing move of GN Sword Kai…really, it is something that we need to investigate even further…similar to what 00 Gundam capable to do after docking with 0 Raiser!” Ian answered back in enthusiasm.
“Still the output I notice is not as high as 00 Gundam's GN Sword III…” Lasse added as he brought the data as well as schematic of GN Sword Kai side by side with GN Sword III for comparison. “00 Gundam itself is powered using two GN Drives that simultaneously installed to perform Twin-Drive System…as it was already predicted before…it yields more power compare to mobile suit powered only by one solar furnace…although the appearance of Gaddessa back then proven the theory itself could be wrong…for Gundam Exia's GN Sword Kai…although the mobile suit itself is just an improved version of the original Gundam Exia, the achievement it obtain in this mock battle already better than what I personally predicted before…as if this unit is an intermediate creation that bridge the gap between third generation mobile suit to fourth generation mobile suit…” Linda Vashti added her thought as everyone there nodded in agreement.
“So, mama…that means Ave-san's Gundam Exia would have a chance of winning if we put it in duel against Setsuna-san's 00 Gundam?” Mileina asked as Linda just smiled meanwhile Lasse coughed and Ian laughed. “What's wrong with that question desu! It just my curiosity got me the best desu! Everyone so cruel desu!” Mileina pouted back when she saw others' reaction. “No, it's not like that…the reality is for Exia Repair II to be able to defeat 00 Gundam still impossible from this point, although if we research even further…Linda and I might would be able to create proper equipments for this new Exia in order to fight in the same fighting level of 00 Gundam…but remember Mileina, Papa talking about 00 Gundam here…not 00 Raiser Gundam…” Ian finished his sentence as Mileina just replied back while still pouting. “Hai…I understand…hai…desu…” Mileina replied back meanwhile Ian just sighed as Linda giggled when she saw the argument between her husband and her daughter.
“So, what do you think about the enhanced version of your Gundam Exia?” Lockon asked as he climbed down from Cherudim Gundam's cockpit. “Speed, agility, firepower and total performance was improved significantly from the original Exia…and also, I find out GN Sword Kai is surely more powerful and multipurpose compare to the original old GN Sword I used previously…” the young wishful fanfic author replied back meanwhile Lockon just chuckled while nodded in agreement. “Sure it is…sure it is…anyway, it is a good thing if you like it young Gundam Meister-kun, moreover I believe Haro also agree about it, na Haro?” Lockon replied back as he asked toward his light-orange coloured Haro device. “Sure it is Lockon…sure it is Lockon…” Haro replied back as usual while flapping its ears. “Well, the most important thing is I personally hope, this new Exia won't need to see any conflicts and fight for it like it's original predecessor…although essentially, they're the same machine…but, if indeed I need to fight using the new power of this new Gundam Exia, I'm looking forward to utilize it into it's maximum capability…” Ave replied back as he smiled toward Lockon Stratos, meanwhile Lockon just nodded in agreement as he heard the young fanfic author's reply.
Meanwhile in another world that not yet becoming part of Neo Arcadia Confederation, the world of Sol Ciel…
It was a small peaceful village or town known by name as Karulu. Within that small village, there is a small workshop where wooden music boxes were made from there. A young Reyvateil girl is the owner of the shop along with her love-interest that also once known as Apostle Knight of Elemia, they decided to live their life peacefully after the massive conflict happened approximately one year ago ended. Back then, along with their comrades, the Apostle Knight of Elemia together with three legendary maidens that happen to be Reyvateil successfully ended the conflict by purifying Mule once and for all. The three maidens Orica Nestmille, Misya Artcerc Lyune, and Syureria together with the Apostle Knight known as Lyner Barsett hailed as saviours of Sol Ciel as well as the legendary pillar of Ar tonelico. After the conflict ended, the Apostle Knight of Elemia decided to spend the rest of his peaceful time together with Orica, meanwhile Misya and Syureria respect that decision and the four of them remain good friends even until now.
“Lyner…how is the order those customers asked before?” Orica asked as she took a box of wooden music box to the display case as Lyner came out from the workshop and smiled toward his girlfriend. “Everything went fine and smoothly Orica! You no need to worry about that, since they really satisfied with the result of our craftsmanship!” Lyner replied back as he exclaimed proudly before Orica sighed and smiled back toward her lover. “Of course I always believe in you Lyner…” Orica paused her sentence as she ready to close the shop as the sunset already hit the village, meanwhile Lyner helped by sweeping the floor and tidying up those wooden music boxes to make them look neat inside the glass display case. “It seems really quick right…Lyner…” Orica muttered as Lyner stop what he doing and asked his girlfriend back. “What happened Orica?” the former Apostle Knight asked, as Orica just shook her head gently before replying back.
“Uhm, I just somehow remembering what happened a year ago and also Celestial Being that fight together with us…” Orica replied back meanwhile Lyner just remain silent for a while before adding his thought toward his girlfriend's reply. “At first, I thought they're just busybody organization that might stir up trouble here…but after I saw 00 Raiser and Exia protecting you, Misya and lady Syureria from Elemia Church…I understand the true nature of Celestial Being as well as their Gundam Meisters as they're fighting for something that they believe in, to become deterrent in order to protect this world as well as others…” Lyner paused his sentence as he smiled toward Orica before continuing his remark. “Strangely enough, I find out those members of Celestial Being are actually bunch of lovable individuals…as they're people with mixed personality that being brought together and what they did back then encompass everything I believed in beforehand…” Lyner finished his sentence meanwhile Orica just smiled back at her lover while nodded in agreement as well. “By the way, Misya was asking a while ago about the freelance Gundam Meister that pilot Gundam Exia back then…” Orica muttered.
“Ah! Gundam Exia's Meister…you mean Ave the wishful author right?” Lyner answered as he enquiry back to Orica, while Orica quickly nodded in agreement as she heard the name of Exia's Gundam Meister mentioned by her boyfriend, Lyner. “He's a strange one…but he helped us many time in the past before, and also protecting Misya and lady Syureria from our enemies when we search for Crescent Chronicle before…in the past, well…I personally like him and his Gundam Exia, together with other Gundam Meisters and Ptolemaios 2's crews as well…” Lyner added again. “I somehow missed Marie and Feldt…I wonder if they're doing fine out there…” Orica muttered meanwhile Lyner quickly nodded as he replying back. “Of course they will be fine! I heard and I know there are so many different Gundam units existed in countless multiple realms out there, but Celestial Being's Gundam units somehow the only one that real, alive and exist to protect their respective Meisters, as they choose their own Meisters and gave them authority to do what they deem right and must be done…so, I believe Ave, Setsuna, Lockon, Feldt, Marie, Allelujah and everyone else will just doing fine…” as Lyner replied back, Orica smiled at her boyfriend and nodded in agreement as well.
In the meantime, inside floating city of Platina, above Ar tonelico tower…
“Sigh…sigh…sigh…and sigh…I'm bored…” Syureria complained as she glanced over the massive hologram monitor inside her chamber. Her position as the sole leader of Apostle Knight of Elemia required her to keep on monitoring and maintaining stability of Platina, Ar tonelico tower as well as world bellow Platina that still exist within Sol Ciel's boundary. Although Syureria always put a serious to non-nonsense demeanour in front of her subordinates, including Lyner that both admires and respects her greatly, Syureria somehow feel really lonely inside her heart. She longed for the freedom both Misya and Orica had as those second and third generations Reyvateil never really been burdened with such responsibility on their shoulders, even when both Misya and Orica actually not really different with Syureria in term of being regarded as the new coming of three legendary maidens that will lead Sol Ciel into salvation together with chosen Apostle Knight of Elemia.
“Lady Syureria, are you alright?” it was a very polite and gentle voice as Syureria startled when she heard that voice and soft knock from her chamber's main door. “I'm fine, and the door is not locked…please come in Ayatane…” Syureria replied weakly as the massive ornamental wooden door creaked open. “Are you sure, you're alright lady Syureria?” Ayatane Michitaka, one of Syureria's most trusted knights asked with worried expression on his face. Syureria glanced over Ayatane as she saw the figure of very gentle almost androgynous young man wearing vermilion samurai armour bowed his face slightly to take a good look toward Syureria's condition. “Eeer, Ayatane…you no need to do that…since I'm fine, only a bit bored…” Syureria whispered back as her face blushed slightly as well.
“Forgive me for my rudeness lady Syureria, since I'm here just to check wether you are alright…” Ayatane replied back as he backed a bit before bowing his head again toward Syureria that decided to stretch her arms and made a loud yawn before smiled and replying back toward Ayatane. “Don't worry about that Ayatane, since you're always welcome here…” Syureria replied back as she still smiled toward Ayatane, meanwhile the androgynous samurai knight of Elemia just smiled back toward Syureria and nodded as well in agreement. “The situation now is really peaceful, and I remembered all tragedies happened back then…while it wasn't entirely Mule's fault to begin with…I never feel as guilty as myself for not being able to prevent tragedies from happening back then…” Syureria muttered as her face look saddened a little bit.
“Lady Syureria…”
“Ah…don't worry too much about what I just said Ayatane, I'm fine and I realize the fact I would never be able to change the past…and most importantly is to keep on moving forward to the better future, I believe that's the only way Mule could be redeemed as well as how to express my gratitude toward Lyner, Orica, Misya, and everyone else including those from Ptolemaios 2…” Syureria smiled back gently toward Ayatane as she leaning her slim figure on her seat as Ayatane's burgundy eyes meet with Syureria's azure blue eyes. “Those humanoid fighting machines known as mobile suit…to be precise Gundam, lady Syureria…there was a record about those mobile suit Gundam units' existences within Sol Ciel in the past…approximately one thousand four hundred years ago…but those record doesn't match with the one possessed by Celestial Being…Ptolemaios 2…” Ayatane replied back as Syureria nodded in agreement.
“Misya and Orica told me once, there are myriad different realms connected by Crossgate out there…I feel really ashamed for someone that supposedly leader of Apostle Knight of Elemia never realized the existence of these Crossgate Paradigms themselves…” Syureria paused her sentence as she stared at the ceiling of her chamber while took a deep breath and sighed. “Lady Syureria?” Ayatane asked. “There are many realms out there posses mobile suit Gundam units, or something similar known as Hűckebein…even Gundam itself bear many different personas depending from which universes they're came from…but no record could be found from those Gundam units belong to Celestial Being, which ironically came from the world which use the same numerical calendar to the one used by us in Sol Ciel…” as Syureria sighed again, she stared at Ayatane before blushed slightly and commenting her own comment before.
“Sorry, Ayatane…for talking way too much about this difficult subject, I believe you think I'm a very strange person…” Syureria muttered as her voice tone really low half-whispering toward Ayatane.
“There is no need to worry and apologizing lady Syureria…in fact, the information you just explained before gave me confirmation to the research data I obtained about these Gundam type mobile suits…although, the existence of Celestial Being's Gundam units still remain mystery until now…” Ayatane replied back meanwhile Syureria just smiled at her faithful knight before nods in agreement as well. “The most important thing I believe is, we shouldn't indulge ourselves to search the identity behind those Celestial Being's Gundam units…as long as their purpose for their existence serve noble deeds toward people from many different worlds, I believe that should be enough for me…as well as for everyone else…don't you think so, Ayatane?” Syureria replied back as she smiled toward Ayatane meanwhile Ayatane just smiled back at her before nodded in agreement. “I'm sure I would think the same as well lady Syureria…” Ayatane replied back.
Meanwhile, somewhere else…
“It seems they still didn't notice the reason behind all this chaos not a simple thing could be predicted by normal human being…” Reborns Almark muttered as he grinned evilly. “I never thought that you will give up from plotting over what you think at the moment, right…Reborns…” it was Regene Regetta who commented toward his leader from their previous life, even though deep down inside his heart, Regene doesn't really like Reborns at all. “The legacy of Aeolia Schenberg should never been trusted within the hand of mankind…yet, Veda made that decision back then…but now, I don't think we required Veda's help at all…” Reborns replied back as he grinned toward Regene. “So, do you think you could defeat not only Celestial Being but also other factions from different universes that band together under the single banner of Neo Arcadia Confederation's Alpha Number 01: ZEUTH?” Regene asked before Reborns just giggled and replied back.
“Those small vermin thought they could control these universes and also that fanfic author Innovator proven to be the failure of natural born Innovator to begin with…not to mention the Kurdish boy…” Reborns replied back. “I don't understand what do you say Reborns Almark…the amount of people now starting to become natural born Innovators begin to increase…as I hope you don't forget Chall Acustica as well…” Regene answered back as Reborns just chuckled before replying back. “At the end in the previous conflict, the existence of 00 Gundam and Exia proven to be the decisive factor why Ptolemaios 2 won the war…but, this time everything won't be the same as we have support from that person…” Reborns replied back as Regene just remain silent before commenting on Reborns' remark.
“I never trust Vindel Mauser to begin with…he had his own hidden agenda if we are not careful around him…” Regene replied back meanwhile Reborns just chuckled before replying back. “A mere human, no matter where he came from…he will be still a human…he won't be the one that using us, but we will be the one who using him in order to gain Aeolia's inheritance…” Reborns replied back as Regene just remain silent while his mind thinking about what happened in front of him. “Everything starting a new here…those who already gone now back to life with their new agenda to make up the old one…I shall watch even further and see, until how long he would be able to progress with this new agenda…and also those people who will be there to assist him…” Regene muttered back inside his heart as he walked away leaving Reborns alone in his chamber. Deep down inside his heart, Regene realized about the new chapter of war and bloodshed that would lead humanity from different worlds to advance to the next level is just about to begin.
Moreover, Regene just smiled alone as he realized that he really looking forward for the fate of humanity to change once again.
To Be Continued…
ED Theme Song: Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru
Performed By: Kaoru Mizuhara
Used Previously on: Ga-Rei Zero The Animation
Deep down inside Veda's chamber, Tieria Erde opened his eyes as he still wearing the same purple coloured Celestial Being uniform. “Veda told me…everything is just about to start…” he adjusting his glasses while walked toward the young woman in front of him. “I know that you should go now, since you must assist him instead of staying here…” Tieria muttered again. “Is it really alright for me to do that? Tieria…moreover, who will be here if something bad happened?” the young woman asked back. “Don't worry, Veda isn't as fragile as you thought, as I'm here now…everything will be fine…I have your GNZ-007 Gaddess unit ready for you…so, it's time for you to pursue what you're looking for…and be with him…” Tieria replied back, as after trying to argue back, the young woman reluctantly just nodded and replied back while smiled toward Tieria. “I will do my best, and I will let him know that you're doing fine Tieria…” she replied back as she equip her pilot helmet before walking away toward the direction where her GNZ-007 Gaddess unit located. In the meantime Tieria just smiled back as he chuckled before walking away to the opposite direction.
“For every person, they deserve a second chance…and I hope, you can find your own path as well as happiness with him…” Tieria muttered back as he stared toward Veda's structure above him. “Mileina…it won't be too long, I promise I will be back to Ptolemaios 2…until then…please wait…” Tieria smiled as his figure disappeared behind the shadow, only leaving trails of sparkling emerald green GN particles around.
Preview of The Next Episode
As La Erde trying to mount the third strike toward Mirror Moon's Earth in order to create chaos and disorder within the central of the new young endless frontier, the true evil controlling everything behind the shadow begin to unveil their identities. In the meantime, Ptolemaios 2 and Euclid trying to return to Mirror Moon's Earth as fast as they could, although it would still required time to do so. It was when, the defense of the young endless frontier was left to the local regiment together with ATX Team from Karafuto Base and others who still staying back in the blue star of hope, no matter what happened. On the other hand, Mishima Zaibatsu under the direct order of their new leader decided to declare war against space colonies and as the chaos thickened there, the true enemies begin to process their first major strike toward Mirror Moon's Earth as well as other different worlds altogether.
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“If good only a façade made by human to conceal their despicable desire, the meaning of evil lies to the sincere heart for human who accept their fate for being what they are, since the most noblest wish of human as well as the most despicable desire of human stem from the same root as well…” by: Kotomine Kirei