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These are some drabbles I did over at the H&E forums. The goal was to write a 100 word snippet based on the theme. It had to be narusaku and it had to be exactly 100 words. A few of the drabbles are connected and a few are stand-alone. Several have heavy innuendo.

Round 3 (02/2010):


She had done it a million times with him; no, more like two million. Why did this feel so different? Sure she was dressed to the nines and he was in the only suit he owned, but just because they were on a date at a fancy restaurant didn’t mean that they couldn’t act naturally around each other.



Naruto scanned over the menu in boredom before turning to Sakura with a grin. “Say, want to get some ramen at Ichirakus?”

Sakura breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. It proved to be one of their best dates ever.


A mixture of reds, greens and yellows littered the battlefield. Casualties lay forgotten over the soft earth. Some soldiers lay dismembered: cruelly scattered across the land. Others still fought bravely but none were a match for the all-knowing God watching over them. He controlled who lived or died. A maniacal laugh left his throat before an even greater and more powerful being stopped him.

“Minato! Stop playing with your gummy bears and animal crackers! If you want a snack, eat it,” Sakura sighed in exasperation. “I swear you’re more and more like your father everyday.”

“Sorry Mom,” Minato said sheepishly.


“Was Granny-Tsunade hitting the bottle when she assigned this?”

“Stop insulting your Hokage. As strange as it sounds, yes it is a valid mission. Somebody paid for this. Are you insulted that you have to do this mission with me?”

“Of course not Sakura-chan!” Naruto said. “Any reason to go on a date with you is fine by me, even if it’s for a mission.”

“Even if this is a mission, you better do you best to impress me.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

The Konohamaru corps watched the couple talking. They all smiled thinking this was worth the hundred ryou it cost.


He opened his eyes to see himself in a dark room with two doors. He figured that he had to go through one of these doors, but which one? The first door felt peaceful and comforting; the second felt wild and tumultuous. Naturally, he started to reach for the first door when a familiar voice coming from the second door stopped him.


She was calling his name. Without a second thought, he turned to the second door and opened it.

“Naruto! You’re back. I thought I’d lost you,” Sakura said biting back tears.

“You’d never lose me Sakura-chan. Never.”


“Okay, everything looks good so far. There are a few more tests left and then we’re done,” Sakura said. “Now Naruto, I want you to drop your pants.”


“Doctor’s orders, now hop to it,” Sakura barked as she eyed her teammate meticulously following her command. “Good, now turn your head and cough.”

With a heavy blush, Naruto tried to put his pants back on.

“Keep your pants on. I’m not done with my examination of you,” Sakura said as she locked the door with a mischievous look. “I’m going to need some samples.”

It was Naruto’s best physical ever.


He was furious. No, not just furious: frustrated. There she was wearing nothing but that revealing apron and a red bow in her hair but he wasn’t allowed to touch her. Why? Because that stupid apron had the words “Do not open until Christmas” written all over it and his delectable Sakura-chan wasn’t letting him open this present a day early.

So Naruto was left with no other option but to sit uncomfortably on the couch while he clawed impatiently at the seat cushions. However, once midnight struck Naruto was no longer furious anymore. Some things were worth waiting for.


Hopping back and forth between the front-lines and the medical ward, Gamakichi thought that he was delivering something important: something to tip the balance of the war. He was a bit perturbed when Sakura opened the scroll only to blush and giggle as if she were reading a scandalous love note.

Annoyed, he hopped back to his master with Sakura’s reply not even wanting to guess what the lovers wrote to each other. Whatever it was must have been good because upon reading the note, Naruto rushed into battle with a renewed vigor and ended the war well before dinnertime.


She watched Naruto hold their son as he cooed the newborn back to sleep. She had seen his hands do many things, but nothing was as touching as watching him with their child. It amazed her how her husband could wield such strength, wreaking havoc and destruction but was gentle enough to hold a baby with the utmost care.

Naruto put their son into his crib before turning to Sakura, “How are you feeling?”

“Tired, but happy,” Sakura said as she held her hand out to his, kissing his calloused fingers. “I love you Naruto.”

“I love you too Sakura-chan.”


Between the shots of tequila last night, Naruto was trying to remember how he ended up with a cat in his apartment. He was about to ask his neighbors about the cat when one of his neighbors got to him first and luckily for him it was hot girl he liked.

“Hi, I’m Sakura Haruno. I seem to be missing my cat, have you seen her?”

“Oh, you mean her?” Naruto said pointed to the mystery cat.

“There she is! Thanks. How can I ever repay you?”

Naruto would tell himself later that sometimes it was okay to get intoxicated.


When Sakura took the part-time job as a waitress at the diner, she didn’t think that she would meet a cute guy. But sure enough she did. His name was Naruto and he was one of those regulars who only sat at her tables and ordered the same thing every night. He would sit and chat with her when she wasn’t busy and stay until her shift was over. He also tipped well. Sakura originally planned on quitting once school started, but she decided that she couldn’t leave because she kept on wanting to see him: it was her job.


There were the ones like butterfly wings: a gentle whisper against skin. And others like the burning flame of a raging fire: crackling in an orange dance of heat and passion. Some were sweet as honey: dripping with promises of enticing things.

She knew all of them by now having practiced them over and over ever striving for more. He still tried to discover new ones constantly experimenting with his beloved. Her favorite was their first and his was all of them. Both agreed that the one they shared in wedded bliss was the most memorable: filled with their love.


It was storming outside and the power to his apartment complex had gone out. Naruto was fortunate that he had a few candles burning to light the room. An old kerosene lantern burned brightly on the coffee table. Be prepared: that was his motto.

A light knock on the door and a few seconds later, Naruto came face to face with one of his neighbors. Her name was Sakura and she had a cat.

It could have been the lighting, but it looked like she had a slight blush to her face as she asked, “would you light my candle?”


She used to play with Barbie dolls. Sakura was loathe to admit it now, but there was a time when she actually enjoyed dressing up the plastic blonde-girl. She would always pair Barbie up with her one true love, Ken. They were the perfect couple. It was so much easier to play make-believe and picture her future husband as caring and doting like Ken was to Barbie. But Sakura quickly got over it. Ken was a little too fancy-pants for her. However, it didn’t stop her from etching whisker marks on her Ken doll’s face and dying Barbie’s hair pink.


Tsunade had told her the original necklace could have purchased a mountain or two, which was the reason why she decided that homemade was going to be better than anything store-bought. It wasn’t like she had the deeds to a few mountains lying around to buy another like his old one. It was the thought that counted. The fact that Naruto treasured her gift as much or even more than the original made her heart swell. And from that day forward, Naruto always wore the necklace made of dried cherry blossom petals and fox fur encased in a silk bag.


It was her duty as the priestess of Konoha to protect the people. So Sakura became the sacrificial offering to the Kyuubi. She was able to convince the demon not to eat her and instead keep her as a companion. Eventually the great Kyuubi agreed and let Sakura live in his den. The demon eventually morphed into a human for Sakura and spent his days and nights with her; forgetting his days of pain and malice. And so it was told that through love and compassion, a priestess of Konoha was able to outsmart the Kyuubi who terrorized no more.


“A little more to the left. Yes, right there.”

“You’re so tense Sakura-chan. Just relax.”

“Oh Naruto, how do you know where to move? Are you psychic or something? You keep on hitting the right spot.”

“I can predict your needs. I’m also an expert when it comes to your body. There isn’t an inch of your skin that I haven’t mapped out.”

“Then can you guess what I want now?”

“You want it faster and harder.”

“Ah! That’s it! Harder Naruto. Just a little bit more. Yes!”

“All better?”

“Yes. That itch on my back was getting really annoying.”


Sakura ignored Ino as she grabbed at her hand. Of course the first thing that Ino did when she found out that Naruto had proposed was to inspect the ring. Sakura didn’t know how many carets the ring had, but Ino wanted to know and so the first moment they had she dragged her into a jewelry store where the jeweler and Ino were inspecting the ring.

“Congratulations Miss Haruno, your fiancé picked out a high quality ring here.”

Even though Sakura didn’t care how expensive the ring was it still felt nice knowing Naruto wanted the best for her.


He noticed that she liked to wear red. She had on a red sweater when she first came to his apartment searching for her cat. Another time she wore this sexy red skirt during that crazy storm that knocked out all the electricity. She wore other colors, but he thought Sakura looked best in red. He wondered if she owned other articles of clothing that were red; clothing that should be hidden underneath her skirts and sweaters. After a wonderful date where Naruto complimented the red dress she wore, Naruto learned that night that yes, her undergarments were red too.


It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to her. He always had a knack to be a complete idiot at the simple things, but a savant at the more difficult jutsu. He was twelve when he mastered the Kage Bunshin. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Naruto had finally mastered the Flying Thunder God technique created by the Yondaime. What she didn’t intend was for him to use his mastery of the jutsu to create seals that would transport him into the bathroom every time she needed to shower. Turns out perversion was another thing he mastered.


She was telepathic. She had to be. Every time he felt bogged down by paperwork, she would come in with his favorite brew of tea and a nice steaming bowl of Ichiraku’s ramen. When he wasn’t busy doing paperwork, she knew how to end one of those boring meetings he had to attend as Hokage before it was unbearable. He never had to say or do anything to prompt her, she just knew. When he asked her one day how she did it, she supplied this flirtatious response:

“Is it a crime for me to tend to my husband’s needs?”


“You missed a few forms Naruto,” Sakura said as she leaned in.

Naruto stared at black lace while replying. “Sorry about that, my undersight.”

“You mean oversight?”

“Yeah, oversight! That’s what I meant,” Naruto laughed with a blush.

Sakura readjusted her loose, low-cut shirt and crossed her legs as she sat in the chair directly across from him. She knew what she was doing to him. The short mini-skirt was working. Sakura re-crossed her legs and smirked behind some reports as she heard Naruto’s pen stop.

He certainly was keeping his eyes on something: something black and lacy. Undersight indeed.


He found out many things about her over the years. She loved cats, loved to wear red and more importantly loved him. They had moved into his apartment recently and he was surprised to be learning more and more about her. Apparently, Sakura was a real virtuoso at the piano. He had found the sheet music lying around and she confessed that she hadn’t played in years. But he wanted to hear her; and so they found themselves at a music store while her fingers danced across the keys similar to how they would dance across him. Sakura was amazing.


Sakura loved to cook. She also loved to experiment with new recipes. She wasn’t a bad cook, but she lacked in intuition and technique. That’s the reason why many of her friends were wary whenever she said she had a new recipe to try out: it was hit or miss with Sakura in the kitchen. Luckily for her, Naruto was always ready and willing to sample her food.

“So Naruto, what do you think?”

“Wow Sakura-chan! This is the best sponge cake I’ve ever had.”

Sakura sighed. “They’re supposed to be waffles.”

“Oh . . . well, they’re still good.”


His skin was surprisingly smooth for being as weathered as it was. The scars on his body gave him a certain character that she adored. She took advantage of their position to study every curve and contour of his bare chest. When Naruto took a deep breath, she would marvel at how his ribs stuck out like a xylophone. Sakura giggled, tempted to tap her fingers along them to see if she could make him play for her.

A hand shot out and caught hers before she could move, “you still want more Sakura-chan?”

“With you, I’m always craving more.”


She should have known better but she couldn’t ignore the yowling screams of pain she heard in the woods. That’s where she found the injured fox hiding in the bushes. Sakura didn’t think that the animal was anything but an injured fox. Well, now she knew better. Because the fox had somehow transformed into a blond-haired, blue-eyed naked man who was now towering over her body; pinning her hands to the bed.

“Thank you for your kindness human. How can I ever repay you?”

Sakura swallowed hard. He wasn’t going to let her escape clothed or with her innocence intact.


“You shouldn’t be here Naruto, it’s dangerous.”

“Princess, how could I not be here? I live to serve you and you only.”

“Don’t remind me of my title.”

“But that’s what you are to me.”

“It’s because I’m a princess that I can’t be with you. Father would never allow his daughter to marry a zany man like you; even if I wish it.”

“Then fly away with me.”

“You can fly?”

“Court jesters aren’t there for mere jest. We have magic on our side: magic and love.”

“Then take me away. Let me be yours.”

“As you wish, Sakura.”

Reunion (Bonus Drabble): Chapter 484 setting

He had saved her. He had saved her. She was supposed to be protecting him, not being held tightly to his chest. A part of her was glad to be in his arms: rescued by the one she was growing to love; another part wanted his forgiveness for what she almost did.

“Naruto,” Sakura said in a whisper.

She wanted to say more . . . so much more. But it wasn’t the right time, not with Sasuke so close to the edge. Now they had to fight and this time she was going to be fighting for Naruto’s sake.

A/N: If one or more of the drabbles have inspired you and you’d like to expand on them, feel free to write away. All I ask is that you ask permission first. I may have plans for a few of them.