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Desert Lily
Chapter 2: Encounter with Team 7

(Temari's POV)
"That hurts." Kankurou said after a little kid bumped into the two of us.
"Konohamaru!" yelled a blonde kid wearing an orange jacket. I realized that he was wearing the Konoha headband...
Kankurou held the kid by the collar, "That hurt you little peice of sh*t!!"
"Don't, we'll get yelled at later" I said, trying to make Kankurou stop.
I know Baki and Miyuri when they are outraged. I knew Miyuri and she's not going to like this... and Gaara too...
"I'm sorry, I was messing around..." I heard the pink-haired girl say...
"Hey, fatass! Let go of him!" the blonde yelled.
"Let's play a little before our boss comes." Kankurou said to me.
The blonde came charging up on Kankurou but then I saw kankurou move his fingers.
"Kugutsu no jutsu…" I thought.
"Leaf Genins are weak"
"Konohamaru-kun!" I heard the other two kids.
"Let go of me" the kid said.
"HEY!! YOU FAT PIG!! IF YOU DON'T LET HIM GO I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!! FATASS!! IDIOT!!!" the blonde kid shouted.
"This one really annoying" I thought.
"Hey, you're annoying...” remarked Kankurou
"Basically... I hate midgets... especially younger ones that are rude... makes me want to kill them." he said.
"Oh well... I'm not involved..." I said.
The blonde yells again, "YOU BASTARD!"
"Well, after this one, I'll take care of the other annoying midget." Kankurou said preparing to hit the kid.
I saw a rock hit Kankurou's hand and dropped the kid.
"What are you bastards doing in our village?" I turned to see someone up the tree.
"SASUKE-KUN!!!" you heard pink-hair squeal.
"He's kind'a cute...
"Ah, another guy who pisses me off..." Kankurou said.
"Get lost!" the other guy said.
Then the pink-haired squeals again, "KYAA!! SO COOL!!! GET HIM SASUKE-KUN!!!"
"Hey punk, get down here" Kankurou called for a challenge. "I hate show-offs like you the most."
I saw him put down Karasu."Hey you're even going to use Karasu??"
"Stop it Kankurou..." you heard a familiar voice.
I turned to my right to see Miyuri standing by the fence, opposite the other Leaf Genin.
"I leave you for a few minutes and I find you causing trouble"

(Miyuri's POV)
"I leave you for a few minutes and I find you causing trouble" I said the three.
I still really can't stand Kankurou, I really can't take my eyes off him even for a sec... trouble-maker..."
"You're a disgrace to our village..." I raised my head up a little to see who said that...
"Gaara...let me handle this, for once. Damn it."
"G-Gaara..." Kankurou stuttered.
"I didn't even notice he was there..." I realized.
"Losing yourself in a fight, how pathetic...."
"Why do you think we came to this village?" you said, returning your attention to the situation.
"Listen, they started it...” Kankurou reasoned out...
"Shut up... I'll kill you ..." Gaara said and a cold voice.
"How did I get stuck with them again...?" I thought…
"Sorry about this" I said with closing my eyes. I'd rather not bother looking at the genins.
I shot a glare to Kankurou.
"OK... I'm sorry." Kankurou said.
"I"m also sorry... really sorry..." next was Temari
Gaara turned to him too..." Sorry to you guys" and then disappeared.
I came down to rejoin the team."That guy... to think he managed to hit Kankurou with that stone..."
"It looks like we came a little too early but we didn't come here to play around"
"I know that..." Kankurou replied
"Let's go..." I said. As we were about to leave, the pinked-haired girl stopped us.
"Hey wait"
"What?" you said, not even turning around.
"Judging from your forehead protectors, you guys are ninjas from the Hidden Sand Village. Even though you are allies of the Leaf, shinobi are forbidden to enter each other's village without permission" she said "State your purpose."
I scoffed "Talk about clueless… You're right... we are from the Hidden Sand Village, and we're here for the Chuunin Selection Exam" I stated not turning around.
"...'Chuunin Selection Exam'...?" asked the blonde guy curiously
I sighed, “You really don't know anything…” Temari said.
“The Chuunin Exam is where outstanding Genins from Suna, Konoha and other neighboring villages assemble to take and exam to become Chuunin…” I began.
Temari explained as well, “The main purpose is said to be to improve relationship between the allies and the shinobi level but also each country likes to maintain power balance and-“
"Hey Konohamaru, you think I'll enter this Chuunin Selection Exam?"
"Bastard! You asked the question so listen till we finish!" Temari said angrily.
"This guy..." I thought, very annoyed.
"Hey you what's your name?" I heard the other guy come down from the tree.
"You mean me?" Temari asked excitedly.
Please tell me you don't think this guy's…
"No, the one with the gourd..."
"Sabaku no Gaara" Gaara stated "I'm also interested in you, your name?"
"It's Uchiha Sasuke.."
"...'Uchiha'?" I thought surprised, " he's the survivor?" I knew about the massacre so I couldn't help but to turn around...

(Sasuke's POV)
The other blonde girl turned around and I saw her scar, her right eye was paler than the other.
Must've been from a tough fight.
"What about you...?" I asked her.
"Suna no Miyuri…" she replied.
A smirk crawled into her face... "If you're planning to have a fight with me in the Chuunin Exams then I'm already telling you that it's not going to happen." she said confidently.
"Why are you chicken?" Naruto kid said mockingly
She scoffed "No... Only my team is participating" She said emphasizing the word `my'.
"'My'?” Sakura repeated.
"I'm the team captain... I'm already a special Jounin…“, she said as-a-matter-of-factly.
In a blink of an eye she disappeared then I felt something cold touch my throat.
What the-
“I would kill you right now. I hate being taken too lightly.”
Gaara was about to stop her, “Miyuri-“
Gaara frowned then I felt the kunai slowly pull away from my neck.
I felt a gust of wind behind me and she reappeared beside her team.
“Keep your cool. Don't make a big deal about that.” Gaara said as she walked past him.
“I will. Let's go.” She ordered and walked away, her team following her.
A special Jounin huh? Doesn't look it. That just made things more interesting.

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Author's Note: I got kind `a lazy when I wrote this and I'm too lazy to edit it more... the flashback series won't be until chapter yeah... un XD
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